Male models are hard lol.

Dance with me baby
Dance with me baby

So today I embarked on an adventure to make a male model on Party Castle lol. I was gonna be a cheapass and use someone else’s face/hair but …I just felt I’d be too much of a cheapass if I did that. Unfortunately I have no idea how to draw hot guys so my guy looks like a grown dude with a shota face 😆 Oh well at least my “revised” waiter outfit from Pangya came out well. The male models on PTC have really FAT pant legs so I couldn’t get the same look as Kaz from Pangya. I decided to sorta improvise and gave him some stripes of sorts on the side lol. Oh well I think it came out fairly well either way. One of my friends was squealing to buy it before I even finished writing the description for it 😆 This guy will be my model for any future male clothes. If anyone has ideas/suggestions on what I could make with this guy I’m all ears. I have plenty of ideas for girls but for guys…. 😐 yea. My only idea at the moment was Soul from Soul Eater and some misc Kaz outfits.


Pangya 4koma #120

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In Japan when a girl has a breakup with her boyfriend, she usually cuts her hair. Poor Cecilia. 😆