Party Castle: Self Design the Game

my first creation!
my first creation!

Today I received a key to the Party Castle closed beta that I signed up for a month ago. I’ve been eyeing this thing since back in March because it was supposed to be some kind of a game where you draw a character then you import it into the game and boom your character’s in 3D. Well it’s like that but not quite. If you’re familiar with Pangya’s self design and IMVU, it’s basically a combination of the two.

Erika out on the town
Erika out on the town

The difference between this and IMVU is, everyone in IMVU looks like a facking creeper because I think they only all get 1 body type to work with. With Party Castle, you get to customize your body model! You can also pick male or female. I started with female because I wanted to make Erika 😆 You can change height, weight, thickness of arms/legs, and even breast size lol. I dunno why though, no matter how big or small the boobs are, they jiggle as much as Lucia. You’ll see it in my video at the bottom 😆


So here’s the way it works. At the moment all closed beta participants got 30,000 points for signing up.  I’m not sure how it will work once it’s in open beta but we’ll see.  In addition you get points for taking a daily photo and commenting on other people’s pictures/designs. Anyway you can use those points to buy blank models!  The best part about those models is there’s a lot more you can do with them than say the self design in Pangya. How in Pangya you’re stuck with making a bootleg skin color to say make a sleeveless dress – but here you can literally erase the color so that it becomes transparent like in my Erika dress above! In addition you can purchase plain old square models and erase stuff to make whatever you desire – for example the nekomimi that I made for Erika’s head. (I couldn’t find a model to make her ribbon unfortunately.) You can also export and import pngs and targas into SAi, Photoshop etc and edit it there. I find this really convenient because the tools within the program aren’t so great. You can then display your stuff to get points or you can actually sell them to those who are not artistically inclined 😛 Anyway here’s a video of the basic interface and game:

Sorry about the crap quality – fraps really didn’t like this thing lol. From some of the available “motions” you can tell this game was created for otaku xD Well it was originally advertised on Pixiv and when I applied for the beta they asked if I had a Pixiv account. Maybe my art was good enough to pass 😆 Anyway so far it’s a lot of fun. It takes the entire concept of Pangya’s self design and expands it without tearing my wallet since all the stuff can be bought with ingame currency (That may change once the game goes live though.) It’s very much like Aisp@ce and I bet you can probably make half the outfits Aisp@ce makes you pay for. Actually a few people already did. Since this is a closed beta everyone’s making copyright shit left & right. There’s a ton of Vocaloid stuff, I saw a Rena from Higurashi, and even a Donald 😆 It’s a lot of fun especially since a lot of Japanese are really creative when it comes to this stuff. I haven’t seen there be any rules about this but again we’re in closed beta so who knows.

At the moment there’s a campaign going on that if you login and go into a certain chat room between 9 and 12midnight you will receive 500 points. Sadly that’s morning my time so maybe I can at least do this on Saturday & Sunday mornings. Anyway this is really enjoyable. I might end up uninstalling aisp@ce for this because this is pretty much exactly the same as aisp@ce since it’s basically ‘avatar chat’ but at least here I can let my creative juices loose. On aisp@ce I end up picking the crumbs out of whatever crap clothing they let us buy with dere points. The only thing I’m looking fwd to on aispace is that shooting game that they’ve been talking about for the last 5 months. I wish they’d release the damn thing already 🙄


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  1. Mmhmm…I can only understand moonspeak to a certain extent, so how do you actually insert new textures? That is the only thing I can’t figure out =/

  2. sorry I won’t be doing that. If you can’t even get through the signup, you won’t understand how the program works anyway so no point in wasting your time trying to sign up ^^;

  3. Um, If you dont mind do you think you can make a tut on how to join about 5 of my friends and i want to join but we cant seem to get pass the password and the question part.

    Please and thank you

  4. well it’s in closed beta for now so you wouldn’t be able to register anyway xD; I’ll post any news about the game since I’m actively playing it now. At the moment there’s not much to do except make clothes & take photos of yourself lol

  5. Looks awesome. :O I remember clicking on the ad on pixiv and wondering how it worked lol. I might try this one once it’s out of beta.

  6. Meh, my post got eaten… Anyway I wanted to say, that Erikatan with jiggling boobies is very… disturbing @@ but also very tempting for an erojiji like myself XP Hope to see a new chara from you soon. ^^

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