Play music in the woods with Poupee Girl

Where's Bambi?
Where's Bambi?

Ahh latest Poupee event is “fall”. The weird part is though instead of getting some kind of fall fashions, we get musical dresses. 😯 In addition to that there’s also musical instruments you can buy such as flutes, violins and saxophones. The background of MyHome changes to a fall themed forest full of furry creatures if you put on your musical-wear. I guess they like to listen to you playing your ronery violin in the middle of the woods. 😆 The stuff was expensive as shit. Just for the hat, dress and violin I blew like 500 ribbons ><; Also there were no matching shoes!! What gives Kath? 😐


4 thoughts on “Play music in the woods with Poupee Girl”

  1. oh my gosh! I have bambi on my background. It showed up today! *__________* Its so cute!

  2. No there isn´t any fox at all but I wished it, since it´s a wood and I love foxes and so on. But maybe the bunny wouldn´t sit there so calm if a fox came around.

  3. Don´t worry, more things will come tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

    Iam so happy about this event!
    It´s at least a very beautiful and lovely one.
    And the ribbon-items look far better than the jewel-items.

    The background is so georgeous!
    But I miss a fox hiding behind the tree 😀

    Your doll looks so great!

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