Pangya 5th Anniversary Project Details


Edit2: Thank you to Failstar for editing the post. P.S. I’m not a guy. 😆

Completely unexpected – 4gamer has posted detailed information about the 5th anniversary project so since this is really cool stuff I decided to translate. Please for the love of god do not copy/paste and steal this information. If you want to spread the love, link back to this post. This took me a long time to translate and put together so I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Please note 4gamer mentions that the schedule/updates/development that I will translate below can be changed at ANY time. This is basically like a timeline/plans for what they would LIKE to implement. Bugs can arise etc so you just never know, but it’s definitely exciting to see what they have in store for us. The plan is to bring in a new feature every 2 weeks beginning August.

Project 1: New Course Eastern Valley
Apparently Eastern Valley is still a temporary name and it has a possibility of changing. I doubt it at this point though since they have a few logos and stuff in place already. The course will have bamboos and pandas and really large fairways so that way beginners can get pars very easily. However because of cliffs and waterfalls ranging in the 10y elevation that will be the challenge to get a high score. Unlike lost seaway, there will be no boosters to send your ball flying so people with high drives will obviously be at an advantage. The difficulty rating for this course will either be 1 or 2 stars. (I’m predicting 2 personally.)

Project 2: Title System
In the first half of September they will implement the title system. Basically when you “achieve” a certain goal, you will get more new “options” to choose as your title. For example say you hit a new long distance record you’ll be able to put “longest drive is xxx yards” in your title. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to change the title with pang for stuff like records/pang or whatnot, but I think for custom titles like “Nukonuko ni shitenyanyo” (thats the title I want 😆 ) I believe you’ll have to pay cookies. In addition titles are not permanent so you can put them on, change them and take them off anytime. It doesn’t change your stats in any way, just a visual thing.

Project 3: Cut In System
This name is kind of weird but here’s the deal. The cut ins will have custom images and voices made by users. So say you hit a power shot, but the window blows it into OB – now’s your chance to cut in! Using one of these “cut ins” you can say instead get a chance to chipin instead LOL. The cut in cards will start out with designs drawn by the development team, but they plan to in the future allow users to draw on their own designs. So it’s kinda like a new self design system for lucky chances or something xD This is definitely a great system for those who don’t really know how to calc and could use all the help they can get (me). For calcers this might not be such a great feature since they have everything planned out in their heads already. The items will cost various pang amounts. For example a “chip in chance” will be 30,000 pang (ouch), a power shot miss (so say you miss pangya on your power shot you can cut in and it won’t miss) will cost 24,000 pang. Also each cut-in will be only applicable to a specific character so if you buy Arin’s cut-in you can’t use it while you are playing with Kooh.

Project 4: Recycle System
To be implemented in the first half of October is the recycle system. The gms have listened to the players demands, particularly veteran players, who have too much shit in their myrooms that they can’t do anything with – i.e. replay tapes and crap cards.  They haven’t decided what they will recycle the items into. Recycling them into pang may affect the game economy. They are also considering allowing players to recycle unwanted cards to try to get better cards. They haven’t decided what they will recycle replay tapes into, but all recycling will most likely be done through Caddie’s magic box.

Project 5: Items that change your appearance in chat rooms
This is to be implemented in the 2nd half of October. Basically these will be silly items that will do things to your character in the chatroom such as increase size of your character by 4 times, increase your speed so you can run around super fast, make your character sparkle, make the color of your chat text in gold (altho if you hax your registry this can be done illegally…lol). There might be more stuff but the way you get these items is as a “special bonus” prize in a tourney. I guess this is to prevent like 20 people walking around like giants in a room lol. I don’t know how permanent these items are but I’d imagine they would be only temporary. Also for project 5 is the 5th anniversary event – there’s no details about this yet but it will be in the first half of November.

stophotlinkingplzLong Term Updates
And now for the long term updates. The schedule for these has not been decided and for all we know they could change/not be implemented but here they are anyway cause it’s pretty damn cool.

Project 1: Caddie Play
Just like in Pangya PSP, it will allow you to play as your caddie! At the moment the caddie level cap is 4, but if this were to be implemented, they would remove that limit. They don’t know how the hell papel will hold a club tho so this feature may be far in the distance from implementation xD.

Project 2: Open League
Basically it would be a weekly event where you sign up and duke it out to get rank points. Based on your rank points you then get placed with people who have the same amount of rank points which basically allows you to compete against those with a similar skill level as you! You’d get your rankings up during the week and the final competitions would be during the weekends. How awesome is that? No word on prizes and stuff but my guess is – standard trophies.

Project 3: Changing eye colors
Funny I remember this being suggested on the US server but looks like there’s finally plans to implement it! They say an eyecolor changes the entire face of someone – or in Kooh’s case, makes her look like an evil vampire loli. Looking forward to this change, I think Kooh would look nicer with blue eyes (to match the blue hair I gave her lolol)

Project 4: Special Boss Course
As everyone plays on the Pangya server, the special course gauge will fill up. Once the gauge is up 100%, a special bonus course will appear for a limited time. The course will be one of the random courses in the game but the appearance will change. For example if you get Blue Lagoon – the water will turn from blue to red (lolol) 😈 In this course will also be a “boss”. To defeat the boss, everyone must cooperate to get negative scores. The higher the negative score the more “damage” this boss will take. Stuff is still in development for this system, but it sounds freaking awesome. This and the open league definitely promote cooperation between players (something that would never work on a server full of obnoxious Brazilians who call Americans idiots and spam aff/noob in every sentence.)

Project 5: Super Shuffle Mode
Currently the pangya world has 15 courses and 270 holes. With this super shuffle mode you will be thrown from hole to hole and course to course in 1 game. While this may increase loading times if you jump from 1 course to another, they are definitely working to try to minimize this issue. The super shuffle mode will be for 17 holes only – the 18th hole will be a special hole. This special hole will be…in space lol! It will be like a pachinko slot where you’ll have a ton of holes on the moon and you’ll be able to get a hole in 1 fairly easily lol. This is so freaking awesome, I hope it’s on their priority list. I facking love shuffle mode xD

Project 6: Natural Server
Similarly to what is going on right now in Korea, Japan plans to open up their natural server as well. From what I’ve read on everyone’s twitters it’s basically Wind Hill the server. The wind will not be listed but it will show “degrees of strength”. In addition you won’t be rewarded for chipins as much as for putts for example. I’m definitely looking forward to trying out this server as I’ve been playing in 1600 x 900 and I pretty much eyeball everything now anyway. XD

The article concludes with explanation on why this is “Season 5” but yet its not. In the past all season updates were basically throwing a ton of features at the players at once. This of course caused overwhelming but in addition to that caused a ton of bugs. The system admins would have to fix multiple things at once rather than only 1 thing if they had implemented 1 feature at a time. This is why Season 5 technically will be implemented on a biweekly basis so that players can learn about the feature, enjoy it, test it out and have anything needed repaired without causing a week of downtime (*cough season 4 2008).  Of course the actual “Season 5” may implement a new character or something and preparations for that are also underway.

And so this concludes the plans for Pangya’s future. Korea will probably be getting these features as well. US? LOL I wouldn’t be surprised if it shut down by next year. At the moment I heard that GOA will soon be getting season 4. This will put GOA at an advantage as they have shops open, they banned the countries that cause the most problems, and their papel shop rate is significantly higher (1/50 win chance.) All the europeans would leave USA, go to GOA and pangya USA would really turn into Pangya BR lol. Oh well, this is no longer a concern to me, as I am done with that server. I hope you enjoyed this update. 🙂


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  1. Boss course sounds damn interesting. In fact all the long term updates are awesome. I really wish I could play JP right now… what a shame. That’s probably the only server where I would have fun playing… Ah well. The search goes on.

  2. I would do everything just to play pangya jp once and understand the language fully. But this miracle will never happen.

    So yeah it sounds like a real great update!
    Iam happy for you to play pangya jp!
    Enjoy the new things and please please update your blog with your experience so everyone who cannot play can “enjoy” it, too.

    The thing with GOA is: I don´t want to spend 170 euros again for the cash shop to have kooh, kaz and everything I have at Pangya US now and I don´t want to loose those items.
    That´s why I won´t move fully when GOA gets S4.
    (I haven´t played Pangya US since more then a week >.> oh well, there is nothing to play for)

  3. Wow so much stuff going on with the 5th anniversary, I’m just starting to grasp a tenth of it right now, like always great translation Hinano ^^. As for the cards I’d very much like to recycle my useless special cards for some chara cards with a permanent stats upgrades…

  4. Nah, i think in 3-5 Months everything will get back to normal on Pangya-Us. ;] They really want to fix the bugs and hackers permanently, thats why they have taken out the gift function and psqares. ;]

    All features is awesome! This post make me hysteric. And big thx to Hinano for the great job of translation.

  6. @Black2key either you are naive or sarcastic, PangyaUSA is a nonexistent front for the server known as PangyaBR, and nothing will ever change it as long as NtreevUSA is running it.

  7. Lol, no:
    November 2009: Crowns in Papel Shop.

    December 2009: eCard Magical Uniform for Kooh, Hana’s animal suite, and Elfen Ears for Cecilia.

    January 2010: Sorry Pangyateeers, we have messenger feature disabled. We hope to have this feature restored as soon as possible.

    February 2010: We have awesome update for you! Feathers again in Papel Shop available.

  8. Oh don’t say that. I think NTreev will be able to come up with decent content sometime soon.

    Honestly reguarding how was Goa and how is Goa now. It gives you hope.

  9. @Mainlless
    Yeah, you right. I need to insert somwhere in between of my list a NEW EVENT:
    The Guilds is return!*
    * only for brasilian players, coz we are curently ban all players with this stupid hax reports from USA region.

  10. And that is why PangyaUSA is so poorly run, cause NtreevUSA thinks only about player’s money not about players themselves.

  11. /the last message was a reply to Hinaos Updateplan..
    It took me 13 minutes to write that, or i should have refreshed the page. ;3
    @Mainless: Thats good, stay positive :]

  12. Main doesn’t care he doesn’t even play on the US server 😆 Hate to break it to ya Black but most readers of this blog dislike the way Ntreev is running things and are pretty much sick of the US server. It’s true as long as Ntreev is making money they will continue but how long can they make money if the players are getting sick and quitting their server?

  13. @Black2key
    Once I thought the same thing about OGPlanet:
    “They do get money. As long as they get money OGPlanet will continue their service with pangya”

    But now I do not buy it! How can we get something new, if there are bugs everywhere?

    I would even pay them more money for the fixing of all lags, bugs and broken features in this game.
    The new contest for pangya developers, fix this bug and I’ll pay for it.

  14. SUPER SHUFFLE MODE SOUNDS AWESOME. I love Shuffle, so this is completely win for me. I hope they’ll implement this; I’m more excited about that and the Boss Mode than anything else (though a red Blue Lagoon sounds scary as heck). A recycle system would be really useful too.

    I think the Cut In system sounds kinda iffy, though. If you’re scared of landing into OB, just bring a Mulligan Rose with you. *shrug* I don’t get how OB would magically give you a chip-in chance, and I’m not sure if it’s really fair that way. The un-miss Pangya option is right up my alley, though, lol.

    …Are GOA’s Papel rates really 1/50? T__T *sigh*

  15. i haven’t tried GOA papel myself but from reading the goa players blogs, they get the rares fairly easily. Apparently GOA used to have shit rates like we do but they complained and their dev team actually listened.

    Regarding the closing of USA server, yes OGP didn’t renew contract with ntreev and since hanbit soft went bye bye most likely that was the reason for the closure. However since NtreevUSA is a child company of Ntreev Korea, they probably won’t be closing anytime soon. I mean basically ntreevusa is just there for extra revenue. the gms probably send emails to Korea telling them that the players want features ABC and if this is in the best monetary interest of them then it will be implemented. Since korea is busy with the natural server (and now possibly the open league according to Tomato), they really dont give a flying shit about USA. That’s why stuff is being implemented but nothing is getting fixed.

  16. Wow I would be very interested in the Open League.. seems fairer that way. Still about it since Pangya USA seems to be just updated to Season 4, might be a while until USA sees this.. >_<

  17. Actually, I don’t know about the rates, but there’s currently a new set every month so goa players are like :

    “Gaz mask ? That’s ugly and useless”. And you can get one for like…30k ? XD

  18. I hope the new course is atleast 2 star, if its too easy it gets boring.

    The goa papel rates aren’t that good. I won 1 feather from 700 tries when they were in the shop. At ogp i was 10 from 1000 and now at ntreev since the recent update i’ve won 5 feathers from 300.

  19. You´re so mean! T______T
    I cannot play anywhere else pangya than US and now you say it´s going to end soon. T____T *cries and hides*
    It won´t be like that!!!
    Because I play it! xP

    Some people are easily hurt by this sentence.
    I spend so much money and effort in it. It can not be shut down! T_T

    You must see the positiv things. >.< *pointless searching*
    But you were so right, there is nothing to play for at the moment.

  20. She simply says that her blog is the wrong place to “think positive” about Pangya US because she already gave her chance to them and got disapointed so…

  21. Mainlless> I know that. That´s why I love to read her blog but it still crushes my heart to hear that again.
    I still have hope, at least a little bit.

  22. Okay, it was clearly asked politely not to have the entire blog entry copied and pasted, completely subverting the hard work put into translating it, so I took it down and left the linkback (And I’m sorry someone didn’t do it earlier :/)

  23. Ntreev US closing? And GOA would go well? Are you

    I think the size of Ntreev USA server is about 3 times of Europe’s. Although GOA’s French block is often full at night, I am not very optimistic. Why?

    – most people who can speak English play in US server.
    There are actually many EU players in
    – the content of GOA is not very updated. People who
    have spend money in US server will probably not
    spending money again.
    – GOA need to pay sales tax, unlike the US server, so it’s more expensive to play there.
    – I bet the chance of scratch card will be the same
    as the US/KR version. They can’t sell scratch card
    directly like A18 or JP server.
    – They kick out all cheaters and some casios
    – I think Ntreev may not give the best for GOA. They
    may just want GOA to expand its pangya userbase,
    and use their sister company to capture more EU players in the meantime. I am thinking that the time GOA get S4, US server may get the new “S5” contents already.

    As well as Ntreev US get the more updated content.
    People will always be there.

  24. The Moderator of Ntreev USA PangYa forums has fixed so that it doesn’t have any contents that is copied and pasted from your post here. Instead they give the link to this site. You can check it out.

    With that resolve, your rant can be removed from this post.

    Apologies for the problem, and thanks for the news.

    (My nick on that forums is Winshley)

  25. Failstar> Thank you for removing the post. I appreciate it.

    k-tuin> USA isn’t selling scratch cards directly either in case you haven’t noticed 😆 You are right as long as ntreev gets more updated content people will flock there but I also know a lot of friends who quit usa server because the hacker/brazilian problem was just unbearable. They didn’t go play on GOA though.

  26. @Hinano – No problem..No clue where the heck people were getting that you were male though O.o;;

  27. I dunno I thought the fact that I played OTOME games and the blog title “if its not cute its not good enough” was a dead give away 😆

  28. What’s an OTOME game ? Ah I’ll google it.

    Looks interesting. Maybe I’ll try one… and I’m a very manly man… Emphasis on manly. 8) Okay maybe not so manly 😦

  29. So in “Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!!”
    I have to make a candy addict become beautiful so all the shallow bishie’s will like her?
    Where can I find such game.
    I’ve always wanted to become a person who makes other persons be better looking persons.

    Oh wait, it’s in Japanese. Damn.

    But really. I’m hecka bored and would actually try it if I could read Japanese LOL

  30. Hey. =]
    Thanks for this update, i appreciate your effort.
    I wish i knew Japanese. D=

    I guess you’re right about the end of USA server.
    Some Brazilians aren’t helping at all. ^.^;
    As for me, i’ll just stick to the Korean server.
    Ngreedy-USA spoiled the fun as well…

    Anyways, good luck with your blog, have a nice day. =D

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