Pangya 5th Anniversary Project: New Course “Eastern Valley”

valley01Well looks like I lost Rich’s naming contest but anyway. 😆 Pangya Japan’s 5th anniversary is November 11th and by then they should be releasing this new course on their server. I’m assuming Korea will be getting this as well but I cannot confirm.

There will be 5 new additions to the game:

1. New Course “EasternValley”
2. Title system (temp name)
3.  Cut In system (temp name)
4. A new recycle system (temp name)
5. Items that allow you to change appearance in the chatrooms (maybe you can look like a caddie!)

I wonder if recycle system means you can recycle old cash shop items you no longer want? Or perhaps recycling gacha rares you don’t want (like uncle daisuke’s wet suit 😆 ) The course is supposed to be beginner friendly so I’m gonna assume it will be a 2 or 3 star. There’s no other info in the press release but I’m sure during the next few months we’ll be hearing more about it. I’m not sure if this is considered “season 5” or not as they didn’t specify it – but I wouldn’t be surprised. This is pretty exciting! 😀

14 thoughts on “Pangya 5th Anniversary Project: New Course “Eastern Valley”

  1. haahhaha oh yes the shota! I mean it’s gotta be a shota cause at the moment every female has sort of a “male” to compliment her except for Kooh!

  2. I have a feeling Korea should get this course first before Japan. I also assume that if all the info of this new course keeps coming from Japan, then the producers of Pangya JPN must be behind all of this. We thought of this too, but what do you think of it now?

  3. I’m not sure what to think. On one hand I didn’t expect the press release to come out of Gamepot…but Ntreev. So much for that. IN addition Korea is adding their “natural” server, but I’ve heard nothing of the sort being added to Japan meaning that Japan might not even be getting a server like this (everything is nerfed anyway, how much more natural could you get lol)

    I guess we’ll have to see. It’s possible that Japan is doing a lot of custom stuff because they rack in the money and they keep their players happy by *gasp* actually allowing them to win rare items instead of keeping the retarded mentality of “rares are supposed to be rare and not everyone will obtain one” bullshit that ntreevusa keeps spewing out of their mouth.

  4. I’m looking forward to play on Eastern Valley with its wacky avatars. 🙂 Japan could use some recycle system for gacha rares considering that they can’t be sold. Actually its a rather cleaver system witch those rares, even if you win a rare for character that you don’t have/like/want. In most of the cases (IMO) you will probably buy this character anyway, thinking “might as well buy Fat Bob if I have a wet suit for him, cause it would be a waste not to use it”. :>

  5. I’d LOVE to change a rare against another O_O Bye Bye Max’s Snowflower, Hello Lucia’s one xDD !

    And as a side note Abi-kun I totally agree with you. Japan is the only serveur where I have all the characters because I don’t want to have a set in the “etc” box when I spent money to get it anyway.

  6. the passworded entries are just Pangya Japan updates that I do for my friends who actually play on the server (hence why the password.) If you’re still interested in seeing that I’ll email it to you.(sine I know you from the US forums.) Anything thats like “public updates” like this one will still be publically readable.

  7. that’s not a season5. korea will be the one responsible for the season5. it’s just a part of pangya japan’s 5th anniversary. kinda odd because japan will get this major update first than korea. hope they will release it in korea too, soon.

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