Game Review: Girlfriend of Steel 2

Hi guys this is my final game rehash post. Any game review posts after this will be new ones. I’m in the process of finishing LoveRevo so expect the review up for that sometime by the end of the week ^^. I couldn’t find the actual opening of this game (I don’t remember if there even was one) so here’s 3D eva chars dancing to Hare Hare Yuukai XD. Continue reading “Game Review: Girlfriend of Steel 2”

Poupee Event: Honeymoon in Hawaii

Yes I happen to have a neck cramp right now ;-;
Yes I happen to have a neck cramp right now ;-;

It’s that time of year for Katherine to release swimwear. She’s calling this the “honeymoon” event to follow the June Bride event. I dunno for my honeymoon I went to Disneyworld and I never once wore my swimsuit lol (but mostly cause it rained on a daily basis.) Lots of swimwear and hawaiian dresses in the shop, most of which are hideous so thankfully you won’t have to blow all your ribbons. I only purchased the bikini above along with the flower sandals. I still have 2 swimsuits from last year so I doubt I’ll be purchasing anything else from this event. Now’s a good time to save ribbons anyway for the new summer yukatas 😛

The Comprehensive List of What is Wrong with PangyaUS

My feelings on the current status of the US server.
My feelings on the current status of the US server.

A lot of my friends who are very casual Pangya players (on & off) have been saying lately they want to spend money and see if they can try their luck with the dumb scratchy card. I keep telling them not to fuel Ntreev’s greed and that it’s a blatant ripoff. They still do it, fueling greed and basically making honest players feedback turn to rubble. If you’re a new player to Pangya US I hope that you find this post and that it is of use to you. This is a comprehensive list I came up with of problems plaguing the server, and the fact that nothing has been (and probably will not be) done about it.

  • Hackers
  • Foreign language spammers
  • Shop system disabled
  • Papel Shop odds significantly low
  • Scratch Card system is a disaster
  • PangFBI
  • Spam-ads on the forums
  • Overpriced shop items
  • GMs who are clueless of game mechanics

I’m sure there are other minor problems but the ones I mentioned above are the major ones. Detailed thoughts after the jump. Continue reading “The Comprehensive List of What is Wrong with PangyaUS”

PangyaUSBR Update: Scratchy Card Disaster

What the fack kind of combination is this?
What the fack kind of combination is this?

Today Ntreev USA released the first Scratchy Card. Pardon me but why the fuck would you mix Kooh’s Elf Ears, Nuri’s SSAF and Cecilia’s wedding dress??? If you’re gonna mix rares at least have them for 1 character? If they continue to do this no one (particularly older players) is gonna spend any money on this system. In addition you can no longer purchase scratchy cards from the shop. You can only obtain ONE for every $1 you spend on premium items (WTF?) or in S4 you can get them dropped via treasure system or approach mission. Also on the forums a GM confirmed that the rates are the same as Korea. Wait the rates on Korea are fucking low as hell but at least on KR you can buy/sell/trade your winnings in the shop. We’re overflowing with hackers and shops aren’t even available and this is considered fair? I’m sick of them comparing us to Korea when the server balance/statistics of the players are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. 😡 Continue reading “PangyaUSBR Update: Scratchy Card Disaster”