Poupee Event: Honeymoon in Hawaii

Yes I happen to have a neck cramp right now ;-;
Yes I happen to have a neck cramp right now ;-;

It’s that time of year for Katherine to release swimwear. She’s calling this the “honeymoon” event to follow the June Bride event. I dunno for my honeymoon I went to Disneyworld and I never once wore my swimsuit lol (but mostly cause it rained on a daily basis.) Lots of swimwear and hawaiian dresses in the shop, most of which are hideous so thankfully you won’t have to blow all your ribbons. I only purchased the bikini above along with the flower sandals. I still have 2 swimsuits from last year so I doubt I’ll be purchasing anything else from this event. Now’s a good time to save ribbons anyway for the new summer yukatas 😛

3 thoughts on “Poupee Event: Honeymoon in Hawaii”

  1. again Yukatas? x.x nooooooo!

    I wanted to wait for the limited swim suits. (what I always wait for)

  2. i mean i don’t know but july 7th is tanabata in Japan so I’d be surprised if we DIDN’T get some kind of yukatas

  3. T_T your right.

    and still Katherine does everything to make us poor! I hate her!!!! >.< But I do not see any sense in buying a swimsuite just for one event. So maybe saving my ribbons for another (5th) yukata. XD

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