Otome Game Review: Asaki, Yumemishi

I finally got to play Asaki, Yumemishi, which is an all-ages Otome Game. That means no horrible porn or numerous rape scenes that otome games are infamous for. -_-;; The game works in a point pattern where by going to an area with the guy you’re aiming for, you’ll earn points and then therefore get his “route”. This is actually a really easy way to make a visual novel without having to worry about trying to tie characters stories together while you read it as a “novel”. Something to consider if you ever want to make your own VN ^^. Anyway this post is really long and contains MAJOR spoilers so please read at your own risk.

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Pangya USA Season 4 Trailer leaked!

Reasons why I think this is real:

  • The uploader’s account name is “Pangya” and their only 2 videos are S3 and S4 trailers. The descriptions are also kinda cut & dry rather than “YAY LUCIA <3333” or some other crap like that.
  • The original Korean trailer at the end only had Arin dancing in a piano dress, the Japanese trailer had all 5 girls with Lucia in her wedding dress. This one has the 5 girls, but the names are the Korean/US names at the beginning so this isn’t the JP trailer for sure.
  • At the very end is the obvious Pangya US logo! All other trailers had the word Pangya in Korean or Japanese but this is our English Pangya logo!!
  • The post author just confirmed that that account is the official Pangya US account. If they were lying Ntreev would probably go after them for impersonation or something me thinks.

Ntreev Viral Marketing: Success. 8)