Pangya Japan to get Vocaloids Kaito & Meiko


kazkaitoNOOOOOOOOOOOO GEEZUS JAPAN WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME T_______________T While I think Ceci fits Meiko well…why Kaz with Kaito? Because of the K? I always thought Max fit the role (and personality) a lot better…^^; How sad, Max and Lucia don’t get to be Vocaloids…unless they make Max as Gakupo and Lucia as Gumi?? 😆 Sighhhhh and in the mean time the GMs in th US server are telling us to “report non english speakers and hackers.” Right let me sit there allll day reporting MORONS instead of actually PLAYING the game. 🙄

16 thoughts on “Pangya Japan to get Vocaloids Kaito & Meiko

  1. I don’t know that there were so many Vocaloids @_@, (not a fan of plastic voices and niconico flood of strange videoclips) but I have to agree with you, while Cecil looks pretty yummy, Kaz looks totally ridiculous ^^.

  2. THE FUCK O_O; More vocaloid again ?!
    Isn’t it pushed a little bit too far ? XDDDD

    Anyway I think they are both not very pretty to me 😦
    And I don’t play these two so I stuck with Lukarin + tunas :33

    Who is Gumi btw ? Too see if she could fit Lucia as you say :33

  3. Woé~ I do love Ranka and Gumi’s design. Nakajima Megumi is a pretty talented seiyuu too. Anyway I’m not so sure It would fit Lucia very well.

    In any case, I agree that Kaito should be for Max but I assume it’s for fanservice purpose since Kaz is more popular…

  4. I think that Kaz was a great as a Lelouch, they are both so emo XD . If they will ever make a Sheryl look-alike vocaloid Lucia would be a perfect candidate to tahe her role. 😀

  5. Ceci looks awesome in that Meiko outfit 8D
    But yeah, Max should have been Kaito. >:

    GAHH DO WANT >-<

  6. Just Keep Ranting and getting mad Hina
    something will happen!
    If Hina gets Mad Enough Maybe The Gms will start doing something unexpectedly good 😀

  7. hahaha at the rate that they’re doing such a “great job” don’t think I’ll be ending my rants anytime soon

  8. おっと。最強のゲーム用マグロが獲れちゃいましたよ。

  9. Kaz as Kaito!? Bleh, Kaz would make a better Gakupo then a Kaito. But i must say, cici’s Meiko costume suits her well. I’d buy that Meiko outfit just to try the hair on with other clothes 😛

  10. Sorry I’m such a mongrel xD
    But are these version like, fanmade or official? O___O

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