Prius Online hates foreigners =D

Bye bye Prius~
Bye bye Prius~

Looks like the comment someone made on my post a couple days ago was not a lie. Gameon is indeed against foreign players. It appears that multiple English speakers who formed an English speaking guild all got banned.  While there is currently no non-JP IP block (like Pangya), I saw their terms of service and found this:


So basically if you register an ID outside Japan and play this game outside Japan, you are breaking their TOS. It’s only a matter of time before GameOn does what Gamepot did with Pangya and just completely ban foreigners so we’re forced to play on a VPN. Of course playing this game without a VPN is laggy enough, but with a VPN it will be even more unplayable. I’ve been lagged to shit to the point of getting completely kicked off the server, and JP kept getting lag-killed. I have a funny feeling that they must have some kind of IP throttle in place so that JP IPs get top bandwidth while any other IPs get crap.

Because I never spoke in English publicly and never joined any English speaking guilds, (as well as having a JP nickname) I was not banned. However the game has become so laggy and unplayable that after all this new information, this is a good time for me to quit playing. While this game was enjoyable, and I do not regret trying it out, all good things have to come to an end.

Not sure what I’ll be doing now, Pangya? 😆