Otome Game Review: Kare to Kare no Hazama De

This is another rehash. The opening of this game is JP’s favorite. 😆 I also love how in this game it’s all ages but there’s still a sex scene!! That’s how all otome games should be! Just for the record the DX pack (and this OP movie) comes also with Kare to Kare White Labyrinth which I will post in a separate post from this one (possibly tomorrow). This game is specifically to the high school arc and the wedding bonus arc. Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Kare to Kare no Hazama De”

Pangya US Update: Let the grind begin!

Oh shit, so much for otome gaming orz
Oh shit, so much for otome gaming orz

Wow so I guess the 3 week wait gave us a massive update. Haha lol everytime I bitch about Ntreev they give me an awesome update, coincidence? 😆 More update info after the cut.

Edit2: Due to popular demand (and my harassment) they added a 3rd server Titan Boo (about time). But then when I was playing a 6 hole game with friends, they said 5 min before shutting the server down that titan boo will be shut down for a bug fix. Like geez could you tell us this maybe 30 min in advance not 5??! WE used time boosters and made it with like 60 seconds to spare =_=; No consideration. Also the alpha is still messed up. Oh well I only bought Kooh’s outfit since there’s no problems with it, and it’s probably the only one I’ll buy.

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