Get your free aisp@ce poster!


If you login to Aisp@ce for the next couple days, you can get a free Really? Really! (Some stupid Shuffle spinoff) poster if you go to the Shuffle Island school. Come to the fountain there’s a girl there with pink hair and a Shuffle uniform who will give you the poster if you talk to her. My room is starting to get pretty filled up with posters, I guess I’ve been on Aisp@ce for a pretty long time. A few months ago I recall logging on and talking with random Japanese who were surprised that I had been playing for that long (if you whois someone you can see how many days they have been on aisp@ce since they first logged in.) Too bad they don’t know that I hardly ever log on unless there’s an event like this. ^^;

Brief Pangya Japan update

Sigh :(
Sigh 😦

So if Arin as Luka wasn’t enough, this week Japan is bringing back Miku, Rin & Len outfits for sale once more for those who missed them. This way you can collect them all. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t play on JP anymore or I’d probably be completely broke ^^;. Actually I haven’t really been playing Pangya recently because of the following reasons:

  • Papel shop rates are still low with nothing in sight of them being changed or any bugs being fixed.
  • We’re still in beta without any updates since May 22nd
  • Apparently Rookie server has turned into Ronaldo-aff land, but don’t quote me because I can’t get in there anyway.
  • Hackers are still at large, albeit they are sneakier now so they fall under the radar 90% of the time now
  • Personal shops are still disabled with no ETA on when they will come back (if ever at this rate)
  • Apparently people with stolen accounts still have not gotten them back.

So since Ntreev hasn’t done shit in almost 3 weeks (I doubt there will be an update this week either) I’ve just been playing Otome games. I’ve got one I’m playing and 4 on the waiting list so that will keep my mind off Pangya for a few weeks. (-ω-。)