PangyaUSBR Update: Scratchy Card Disaster

What the fack kind of combination is this?
What the fack kind of combination is this?

Today Ntreev USA released the first Scratchy Card. Pardon me but why the fuck would you mix Kooh’s Elf Ears, Nuri’s SSAF and Cecilia’s wedding dress??? If you’re gonna mix rares at least have them for 1 character? If they continue to do this no one (particularly older players) is gonna spend any money on this system. In addition you can no longer purchase scratchy cards from the shop. You can only obtain ONE for every $1 you spend on premium items (WTF?) or in S4 you can get them dropped via treasure system or approach mission. Also on the forums a GM confirmed that the rates are the same as Korea. Wait the rates on Korea are fucking low as hell but at least on KR you can buy/sell/trade your winnings in the shop. We’re overflowing with hackers and shops aren’t even available and this is considered fair? I’m sick of them comparing us to Korea when the server balance/statistics of the players are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. 😡

Sigh well if you have nothing else to do there’s always this stupid event:

Save 32,000 pang!
Save 35,000 pang!

They had a similar event back before Season 3 came out where you could win Kaz. Unfortunately the Lucia you win is just the no-clothed Lucia, not like an entire package (like Japan, sigh I miss JP Pangya.) Is it worth the grind? Um no. However, I have 400 pang masteries I need to kill before we get Season 4, which is apparently coming on July 9th. The reason being is I”m afraid that all my gifts are gonna get lost in that fucking post like they did when Japan got S4 sigh. Also why isn’t there an S4 closed beta? Are they just gonna let us beta test shit and lose our items then go “oops sorry it’s a beta!” What the fuck is this shit.

On top of all of this, we still have hackers and BR spam everywhere. Sigh. What a disappointment. But maybe I should be happy that I won’t need to waste anymore money on this game -_-;

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  1. Sorry, I posted on another account I have, apologizes:

    In my post on Tiki’s SpellBook I started how angry I was at this. I’ve pretty much found the eCard system to literally be a huge aspect of the game for me, this just takes it all to hell. I love how many bitches and complaints they’re getting in the forums for this dumb move. This will not fly, and I swear if they care at all about losing a good portion of their audience (making all those transfer USELESS) they’ll change this crap.

  2. ahh okay *deletes your duplicate*
    yea I agree. I never played ecard much on A18 but I have to admit the system there was 10x better. I never thought I’d say this but Ntreev is making OGPlanet look good…confirming something my friend said a couple months back “Ntreev will be 100x worse as a publisher than OGPlanet” which is pretty damn sad.

  3. Well, I guess some of us had our hopes high considering. If Ntreev doesn’t realize soon what’s happening… they’ll be losing a lot. x-x;

  4. You makes so laugh when you’re angry XDDD!!
    I was angry too but now that I read I smile a little and I mean it. That’s great xD

    Especially : “Also why isn’t there an S4 closed beta? Are they just gonna let us beta test shit and lose our items then go “oops sorry it’s a beta!” What the fuck is this shit.”

    But yeah. The new scratch card system is just shit and I already get an argument with friends who weren’t ok with me.

  5. Jorik> LOL oh how do I agree with you…

    Main> Seriously just stick to Japan. If I had the option, I’d go back to Japan pangya too. This fucking blows beyond belief. But I’m glad my posts amuse you, and they probably will as long as I play on PangyaBR.

    Kana> JP and I were thinking it may not cost that much to run the stupid server which is why they can just be so lax and not give a shit about their customers. They will always have noobs and idiots who will spend money (especially once season 4 hits they’ll be making the big bucks) so they have nothing to worry about. And now that they’ve shoved google ads into the forums (lol also ads with hacks in them) they got even more revenue!

  6. “lol also ads with hacks in them”

    That’s bollocks and you know it. Big difference between an ad for a game where you pretend to be a hacker, and an ad for real game hacks.

  7. hm well I wouldn’t know that. The ad just said “hacker” on it to me, how should I know what it is? Why would I click on an ad that has that word on it when the server’s biggest problem is hackers?

  8. There is an old saying in my language “only pigs don’t change their minds”, that sums up Ntreev’s GMs pretty accurate. They don’t give a shit about players opinions, they forgetting that they are biting the hand that feeds them. I stuck some candies for Season 4 exp grinding, if they don’t transfer giftboxes to S4 – screw them I quit playing PangyaUSBR and focus on JP/KR.

    PS. Or try a real golf instead, my brother just bough a full clubset today. XD

  9. Abi> hahaha I have like wii golf and I suck at it so badly so real golf is definitely not for me (also it made my arms hurt lol) Indeed they do bite the hand that feeds them. However I have a feeling it’s not the GMs themselves. While there are some obnoxious Gms, I think most of them are probably just sayins “yes sir” to their boss who is making decisions poorer than OGPlanet.

  10. Hinano> I suck at real golf too but it’s fun regardless if you are a pro or a complete noob. Recently I tried to make some shots using I7 on my yard but hit it too hard and the ball went over the fence, luckily I didn’t brake anything 😀 . I need a bigger yard or a real golf course probably ;] .
    BTW Lucia cost 35K 😛 .

  11. Seriously I wondered, why should I spend anymore cash on PangyaUSBR (This name have a nice ring to it, heh.)

    With the new scratch card system, it makes me wonder does Ntreev wants to squeeze all their players money dry before going “Sorry but we’re closing our servers due to the amount of hacking.”

    I’m stuck with no golf to play on other servers. Maybe I should just stuck with my psp and play pangya portable on it. At least I do not have to handle hackers, frustration and madness.

  12. yea you know honestly I enjoyed my time on Pangya Wii A LOT. It was loads of fun until it got so hard I couldn’t continue playing it. Sadly I do not have a PSP but maybe I should consider buying one instead of spending anymore money on this stupid server.

    OGP was the same way no? They told us nothing is closing nothing is closing then lol 2 months later “server is closing.”

    At the rate things are going this server is starting to look like Albahack18 again…it’s only a matter of time before the only servers left to play on are JP (ip ban), Korea (need to be a citizen) and GOA (lol need to be a noob even if you don’t calculate)

  13. Just Keep Complaining XD
    Maybe they’ll change it back to the Old A18 System

  14. Blazegreg> No, they won’t. You really think Ntreev gives a shit about their players at this point? All 53+ pages of complaints in that papel shop topic didn’t do shit except make Loki give more witty answers. They only want one thihng: $$$$$$

    I really wonder, do the people behind NtreevUS(BR) really think they’re doing a BANGIN’ JOB? I suggest everyone to not waste their money on this shit server even though that’s a no-brainer.

    NtreevUS sucks and can die along with PanyaUSBR HUAEHUAHWUHEUAHEUAHE AFFFFFZ.

  15. Yea Miki pretty much responded for me. If they really cared about players opinions we wouldn’t continue to have shitty papel shop rares. I know hackers are difficult to deal with, but they could be a lot more enforcing with the AFFRONALDO spam in games and lobbies.

    It’s sad that Ntreev is quickly reaching the incompetence level of OGPlanet. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing “Come back to Pangya” events followed by 2 weeks of double pang & exp…and well you know what happens after that…

  16. And we jolly well have to use proxies to hack into servers to play, or hunt a Korean ID to play…or…well dump calculators into the incinerator to play (:

    It’s just disappointing to see such a wonderful and recreational (Relaxing) game, to close down because of incompetent GMs and childish hackers.

  17. When asked about Scratchy rare trading in lounges, Loki responded.

    “Not *yet*.”

  18. wow, it almost feels like NtreevUSA is robbing us more then i thought OGP was. like seriously, outfits in the shops that should be FREE when you buy Pangya PSP, and now scratchy card, which, in order to play you have to give them more money. If the rates are the same as korea then we’re screwed. If they’re going to make us pay four times as much as e-cards used to be they could at least raise the chance of getting a rare.

    (OGP was 1 ecard for every 5 astros. 1 dollar’s worth of astros was 20 astros. it used cost 1/4th of a dollar for an e-card, now we have to spend a whole dollar for an e-card.)

  19. Wally> yea they’re making OGPlanet look good, I never thought that was possible!

    Anon> Loki is so full of it. A month ago he clearly stated that Scratch Card rates would be “higher” because they would not be “tradeable” in the lounges. lollol

  20. The only ntreev wants is money , money and more money… Easy to explain High rates of S.Cards = a good amount of money , Low Rates of S.Cards = A lot i mean a lot of money, is greediness nothing more and nothing less, i saw someone spend like 150$ and got nothing :S .

    Thats why they prefer keep the actual rates of S.Cards and prolly if we got luck (or maybe not) trade the S.Card rares in Lounges, if they stay with this shitty system ,i think i am not the only one quitting from US and stick in Pangya Kr .

  21. It’s funny how much the GMs are just passing around bullshit. It’s just… now I don’t know, I really am surprised and I think they’re going to keep it up until any logical players are gone. The fact we haven’t received anymore responses in the Patch Notice thread kind of hints to that.

    I don’t care if eCard rares are tradable, it’s always been a feature that would be nice, but in comparison to price… that needs to be fixed. I’m also getting annoyed of the users trying to defend them because they don’t like/use the eCard system as is. If they don’t put their hard earned money into it, then don’t put your two cents into it. I mean seriously… it’s also the same as users comparing Trickster and Pangya which are VASTLY different games. :/

  22. I didn’t go steal someone’s KSSN so I don’t have a Pangya KR account. If I had a working VPN I’d fucking go back to Pangya Japan, I’m fucking sick of the US server being beaten like some kind of a battered wife. Ntreev seems to want to be on the same level, if not worse than OGPlanet at this point and the way they’re going they will be there soon!

    Kana> people who defend Ntreev are fucking idiots and the kind of fucking idiots Ntreev needs to constantly pour money to keep the game (and their greed) running. I’m in such a foul mood I played a couple games after work and got pissed off and quit. I didn’t get the stupid Lucia coupon but since most of her items would require me to buy ntreev cash anyway I don’t fucking want in the first place.

  23. Guess Who I saw Today~♪

    Thank you whoever sings that song 😀

  24. I’ve found it to be a fun game to stalk the forums. I really want to defend this, I do. The US account has always been my main, and while I won’t be signing in until I see a change. I want to get a response from a GM that isn’t sprouting about it being free or their lackluster comparisons.

  25. Hi Hinano,

    Check your email (the one I have anyway)!

    I guess I was wrong: Ntreev US is fail after all when it comes to Pangya ;(

  26. Kana> I still stalk it at work cause I get really bored lol but after that I don’t even look at it. I don’t even want to participate in threads anymore as it’s completely pointless and it feels just like back on A18. I /quit.

    Misuzu> thanks I got your email and responded ^^

  27. meh, almost on university break and these shocking news T_T

    why they cant just change from free to play to something like…

    lets say, you gotta buy something first. then its f2p afterwards? (if you create an acc, its free trial for 2 weeks? )

    that would cut out a lot of AFFFsss

    well, if you think about it, its bad for an unknow game, since it would lower the average number of players online. but pangya is already well known so its ok to do that

    maybe games that are starting now could keep on ‘open’ until it gets up to a certain number of players. then switch to ‘paid’

    oh well, 31 posts… more popular than a forum flame!

  28. Yesterday a friend and I played our asses off to get this damn pop idol card but it hasn´t shown up yet, at both of us. (and there are still people who get it at the first whole!)

    Gladly I don´t care about the scratchy card since I only played it once before at Albatross 18. Even I do not play the papel shop again. I had no luck at Albatross 18s´ papel shop so why should I have it at PangYas´. The same with the scratchy card.
    Just stopp scratching to boycott it. This would work for the whole game. If more and more people stop playing maybe Ntreev begins to think about it. (Well, I guess not yet. It´s too early)

    But I think they invent this system just because most people will pay for lucia and her clothes and new club sets and so one. So they thought “we give them the cards for free then”. So as an addition when people buy cookies in two weeks when S4 comes.
    (do you get what I mean? sorry for my bad english.^^”)

    Nevertheless I do agree with you in all points, this system seems to be wrong at all. (why didn´t they just take the old system over?)

  29. Kana> Great post, I hope they take it into consideration but I have low hopes that anything will be changed =v=;

    berz> I suggested that to them like 20 times but they keep going “no no no this game is free to play we can’t do that blah blah blah”

    Fuchs> I played 2 9h vs with my husband and 1 18h tourney didn’t get crap. I thought about it really hard and I’m like you know what? Fuck it. All my girls currently have a feather therefore they are all at an advantage over Lucia. Why should I use Lucia who doesn’t have a feather? in addition my Arin & Hana both have crowns which give the little bonus pang. Also Hana and Arin and Ceci have motion items in S4 while Lucia doesn’t. Therefore Lucia is at a complete disadvantage. In addition all her worthy items are cash so…I’d have to spend money on Ntreev and they’re acting like asshats so I really don’t wanna give them too much right now ya know? So actually I’m glad I didn’t get her, now I won’t be tempted to use her or get stupid cash items for her. I think I’ll stick to my Kooh and Arin and eventually I’ll self design a yukata for Hana to make her useable as well. I’m looking forward to her Umbrella motion item ^_^

  30. Yeah, I understand you. I hope everything comes out at the begining of S4 and not half a year later. (I do want to see all new animations)

    And I understand you stick to Kooh and Arin. Arin is so sweet and Kooh so cool! I love them both. (and Kaz, not to forget)
    I did get the card now and surely I play Lucia to see her animation and so on.
    And your point makes me thinking maybe not to buy so much with cash. I just thought of my own greediness to have everything but you make me think of it twice.

    You can design more than a shirt, right?
    Dresses, yukatas, skirts, but even shoes?

    (I try to get Hana soon, ´cause of that wonderfull yellow swimsuite I have TWICE for her.)

    Sadly I do not own anything rare at all. u.u
    Do you have all characters?

  31. you can only design tshirt & skirt for girls and tshirt & pants for guys but if you work around with it enough you can turn a skirt/shirt into a dress ^^

    i only have feathers for all the girls right now. I won some of them on A18 and bought some here from friends. i also have a mask for arin.

  32. lol coupon poped up on the third tourney XD
    like.. lets say 38th try?

    and i was just thinking as i missed pangya on the 2nd hole: ‘oh gee i ruined my score already wtf, and is that coupon thing working on tourneys’

    a few ppl that i played with already got theirs so, maybe its not that hard to get

    well, its 35k saved =p

  33. I am so annoyed that I didn’t get a Pangya Korea account(T.T) Or if that Pangya Japan took off its IP Ban(T.T) This server is failing…

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