Japan Cafe Tour 2017

No need to review Mister Donut becuase it was amazing and I miss it very much (´;ω;`)ブワッ

So as I mentioned in my last post I was in Japan and now that I’m back it’s time for a review of the many themed cafes that I’ve visited.

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Bright Shadow: King of Gacha

Again, I don’t play Bright Shadow anymore but I’m subscribed to either the Gamania or Webmoney newsletter so I get this stuff in my email…

What has science done...
What has science done...

Ikkitousen collab gacha….really? I mean is BS so desperate for players & money they’re trying to lure people in by having a gacha full of ripped skirts and huge breasted ladies? The fact that all the BS chars look sorta “loli/chibi” style it looks even fucking weirder that they have these giant portruding breasts. It’s like someone glued watermelons to their chest or something 😆 Next thing you’ll know they will do a queens blade collaboration… 🙄 I don’t expect this to ever reach the US version of the game though. 😆

Pangya Japan to get Vocaloids Kaito & Meiko


kazkaitoNOOOOOOOOOOOO GEEZUS JAPAN WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME T_______________T While I think Ceci fits Meiko well…why Kaz with Kaito? Because of the K? I always thought Max fit the role (and personality) a lot better…^^; How sad, Max and Lucia don’t get to be Vocaloids…unless they make Max as Gakupo and Lucia as Gumi?? 😆 Sighhhhh and in the mean time the GMs in th US server are telling us to “report non english speakers and hackers.” Right let me sit there allll day reporting MORONS instead of actually PLAYING the game. 🙄

LH x BS Campaign

Play Lucent Heart & get useless items!
Play Lucent Heart & get useless items!

I should probably stop moaning & groaning about Bright Shadow’s events but I mean this one is just like REALLY stupid. They want you to register a new account with Lucent Heart, then play 10 hours and reach level 20. Once you do this you will then get a stupid pet on Bright Shadow which does absolutely nothing (sorry Elephant-kun but my devil at least gives me magic +20 🙄 ) The prize you get on LH is even uglier so I imagine no one from LH is going to want to suddenly go & play BS. I mean I like Bright Shadow so I am going to be playing Bright Shadow. Why are you telling me to play ANOTHER game? 😯

I realized BS’s events are really stupid and mostly cash lottery items, but at least the game itself is redeeming enough that I can ignore this factor and enjoy the game as is (at least for now.)

aisp@ce Celebrates Comptique’s 25th Anniversary

comptiqeventFinally ai sp@ce will be having an event that isn’t going to last 1 hour and be during the time that I’m sleeping or at work. 🙄 The event involves you and your charadoll receving a Comptiq 25th anniversary tshirt as well as a poster for your in game apartment. Event will be held from 12/9/2008 – 1/13/2009 Japan time after maintenance. To participate, visit Akihabara and walk over to the Gamer’s store. (For those unfamiliar it’s very close to the NicoNico video board) There you will talk to a dude named “コンプ25周年を祝う男” and receive the t-shirts for you & your doll plus the poster. What’s going to be on the tshirts you ask? *points to the image above* 😀 (For those unfamiliar with the characters, they are Minato and Yuuhi from Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka.)