Otome Game Review: Eikoku Tantei Mysteria ~The Crown~

Emily Whiteley’s parents were killed when she was 4 years old and she was saved by her butler Ralph Pendleton who rescued her from the burning house. He took her to some house in the boonies and raised her along with some other house servants until she turned 16. After solving the mystery of a lost cat for the queen, Emily is given a special crown to be the queen’s official appointed detective – along with Herlock Holmes, the son of the famous Sherlock Holmes. She moves to London and enrolls in a special detective class at the Harrington academy. While she studies to be a better detective, she’s also working on solving the mystery being her parents’ murder – which was written off as a “fire accident” 12 years earlier. This is the PS Vita port of the 2013 PSP game.

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Android Otome App Review: Noraneko to Koi no Renkinjutsu

Translating to “Alchemy Love with  a Stray cat” this is like some complicated RPG version of neko atsume. 😂 Official site with download links is here however those outside Japan will probably need to use QooApp to bypass the gaijin block.

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My Top 10 Otome Game Heroines

My favorite non-otome game heroine ( ≖ิ‿≖ิ )
My favorite non-otome game heroine ( ≖ิ‿≖ิ )

Alright we know there’s a terrible stereotype that otome game heroines are emotionless flat doormats with no eyes or any sensible decision making capabilities. So here I am to bring you 10 ladies who I think deserve mention for breaking this stereotype and generally being an awesome character that makes the game a lot more enjoyable to play. Continue reading “My Top 10 Otome Game Heroines”

The Top 10 Notorious Oniichans I’ve Encountered in Otome Games


Brother double feature! Following the otoutokun game, by popular demand I’ve decided to do the top 10 oniichans that we all love to hate (or maybe love to get locked up in the uguu cage of love??) No otoutokuns allowed here, must be the older brother figure! Please be forewarned that there will probably be some spoilers for the games they come from so read at your own risk!

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