Android Otome App Review: Noraneko to Koi no Renkinjutsu

Translating to “Alchemy Love with  a Stray cat” this is like some complicated RPG version of neko atsume. 😂 Official site with download links is here however those outside Japan will probably need to use QooApp to bypass the gaijin block.


The game story is pretty basic…all your stray cats have turned into 2D mans and they all want your affection (particularly that Norwegian forest cat yandere 😂). In order to proceed with their stories, you have to do favors for them (which usually requires you to use alchemy to make them a toy of some sort). Once you succeed in doing so, you get their next story chapter. The materials required to get these items come from missions you send your cats to but in order for them to succeed and bring back crafting items…they need some GOOD GEAR.

As usual the best gear comes from cash lottery but you can still get decent free gear from the in-game-currency lottery so you can basically play this for free. All the cash stuff does is allow you to buy food that your favorite catboy likes the most and allows you to bring your cats back from the missions faster (instead of say waiting 12 hours.) As someone who doesn’t mind leaving the cats on hour long missions, playing for free actually fits me better.

You can also craft foods your cat likes and you can see this in the profile section, the more paw prints the more favorable the food is…so you don’t ALWAYS need to get cash food to attract your favorite cat. Also right now there’s a login campaign going on where you get a bit of daily free cash so I highly recommend just using that cash to only buy the food your fav catboy likes. Once you craft the items your catboy asks for you will get a story and sometimes..a CG (*´∀`*)

In order to get your catboy to ask you favors, once you put his fav food out, he’ll come to the yard and then you poke him and pet him until it fills up the pink gauge bar and he’ll ask you for an item.

There’s several cat breeds, all with different seiyuu voicing a few lines here & there and I believe each one has 20 chapters of story. Obviously as you get to higher chapters, you will need more rare items so eventually it becomes a time sink…but again as someone playing this casually on the side it’s not so bad at all. So if you’re a crazy cat lady like me or want a bit more to do with your cats than what neko atsume has, then give NoraKoi a shot!


2 thoughts on “Android Otome App Review: Noraneko to Koi no Renkinjutsu”

  1. Thank you for your review 🌟 !

    I really like the oncept of this game, it’s so cute!
    (But as a cat lover, I don’t know if I’m objective).
    I always wanted a Norwegian forest cat, may be it’s for me to have one 😂 ?
    I think I will give a try, I didn’t really liked Neko Atsume & it doesn’t bother me either to wait ~12 hours.

    Do you have a favorite catboy 🐱 ?

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