Otome Game Review: Eikoku Tantei Mysteria ~The Crown~

Emily Whiteley’s parents were killed when she was 4 years old and she was saved by her butler Ralph Pendleton who rescued her from the burning house. He took her to some house in the boonies and raised her along with some other house servants until she turned 16. After solving the mystery of a lost cat for the queen, Emily is given a special crown to be the queen’s official appointed detective – along with Herlock Holmes, the son of the famous Sherlock Holmes. She moves to London and enrolls in a special detective class at the Harrington academy. While she studies to be a better detective, she’s also working on solving the mystery being her parents’ murder – which was written off as a “fire accident” 12 years earlier. This is the PS Vita port of the 2013 PSP game.

mysteria180Akechi Kenichiro – Akechi comes on a boat with Kobayashi from Japan to learn about London. He’s surprised to see that western ladies can not only attend school but are more open in their communication than the GREAT YAMATO NADESHIKO that he is used to.😂  He and Kobayashi both enroll in Harrington school to learn to be detectives so they can assist in the various cases going on in Japan at the time. Also they’re childhood friends so Kobayashi often calls him Ken-chan. Akechi is an extremely serious study nerd who thinks Emily is cute the moment he meets her. Has never even held a girl’s hand but one day accidentally has his hand land on Emily’s boob and he freaks out & runs out of class. 😂😂 He lets himself get intentionally captured by those who intended to abduct Emily. He manages to fight off most ppl there with his sword skills but Kobayashi and Emily break in to help him. Since Emily is nothing but a cheerleader, Pendleton is there with her kicking ass lol and later rages at her for getting into a random guys carriage without thinking.  😑 Unfortunately Emily sticking her neck into things she shouldn’t is the staple of this game….like a mouse who runs into a sticky trap and has to be freed by someone because she can’t actually get herself out. ┐(´д`)┌ヤレヤレ Before coming to London,  Akechi got into a fight with his kendo teacher. It’s cause he saved a child from being attacked by some rich dude…but the teacher raged at him and told him to apologize to the rich guy or he’d shame everyone etc. Akechi was like umm wtf I’m not apologizing to a child abuser so the sensei kicked him out. Nobody took Akechi’s side except Kobayashi. 😢 So then a bunch of racist fucks at the school make up lies saying that Akechi is responsible for a bunch of petty theft crimes so he’ll get kicked out of the school. Emily and Kobayashi are furious that such blatant lies are good enough to warrant his arrest. Akechi expected this so he complies with police and goes to the station. Emily won’t have any of this so she decides to go to the police station to prove his innocence. She gets him out and he thanks her and says he’ll repay her…so she asks to join him and Kobayashi in finding the people responsible for blaming him for the crimes. They find the dudes,  Akechi beats them up and then he…tends to their wounds lol 😂.

mysteria192They are so impressed with his ikemenlyness they ask to be his pupils lol. He has to refuse cause he already has Rick (some random shota from the school) as his pupil. Akechi & Kobayashi realize the guy they’re working for,  Dehal, every customer whose problem that they solve ends up disappearing to his church cult. Meanwhile Emily is a sad panda cause Akechi said she’s unfit to go to Japan with them ( but it’s cause he’s scared of her getting racism backlash there.) One day she goes to his place to apologize for listening in to his conversation by accident. She instead sees Dehal and decides to follow him only to find some kind of underground battle arena where he’s commanding kids to fight to the death. Before she can run out to tell Akechi and Kobayashi she of course gets drugged and captured.  ʅ( ´_ゝ`)ʃ Kobayashi tries to find her and gets captured and thrown into the same cage as her lol. Akechi finds them both and gets them out. Unfortunately Dehal managed to slip some drug into him and he can barely stand. Akechi asks Kobayashi to get out and call the police here while Emily takes care of him. Unfortunately she gets captured yet again!  She and the other kids are taken to some boat and Akechi and Kobayashi sneak on it to save her. They run into the main bad guy named Polock (however you spell that) and he says Dehal was his servant. Polock then asks if Akechi will join him but he refuses. He then fights him and wins cause Emily ran over and tossed Akechi his sword. Unfortunately Dehal is still around and he shoots Akechi babbling that now That Polock is down,  the ship and all its value is his. Akechi manages to defeat Dehal thanks to someone knocking his gun out of his hand. Good end: The ship crew turns the ship around to return to land and while Kobayashi takes care of the kids. Emily offers to take care of the gunshot wound on Akechi’s shoulder. She tells him to call her Emily and she calls him Kenchan 😂😂😂. Seeing him half naked Emily’s like <●><●>  before hugging him from behind & confessing her love for him. Before they get randy, Kobayashi bursts in and cock blocks them by accident before awkwardly leaving the room.  😂

mysteria199The ship ends up docking in India and when they go to check on Polock and Dehal who they thought were captured,  they find them all dead from gunshot wounds in their cages.  They hand them over to India police to take care of the rest. Akechi is now wondering who did this and I’d it’s the same guy who freed Akechi and Kobayashi. Akechi mentions he received a letter from Japan asking him and Kobayashi to return home to assist with some investigation back there. A few days later a ship going back to England comes to take the kids + Emily back. Pendleton crawls out from under a rock too and says he’s here to take Emily back.  Akechi however says he wants to take Emily with him to Japan. Emily is all packed and ready to go to the land of the rising sun. Pendleton is mad but eventually gives in and lets her go. At night on the ship Akechi confesses his feelings to Emily directly and kisses her. In the after story Emily arrives in the Japan with Akechi but she’s told to basically stay in her hotel room the whole time. She barely has any time with Akechi or Kobayashi and no one tells her anything. When she tries to escape the hotel police stops her and they won’t let Akechi see her because she’s “important guest to the government” wtf. A few days later they’re invited to a party by the government but you have to bring an escort of the opposite sex. So in order to go, Akechi has Kobayashi crossdress as a girl so they can get in, in the hopes they can meet Emily there. 😂😂😂 Emily finds him at the party but doesn’t realize the “girl” he’s with is just Kobayashi in drag and gets really upset rofl. To make things worse she’s just shuffled around by the government guards and they wouldn’t let Akechi get near her. Kobayashi also says he overhead that they’re sending Emily back to London in 3 days. That night Akechi climbs up to her hotel window to see her cause desperate times call for desperate measures! The body guards catch up so he takes Emily and they run and hide thanks to Kobayashi and their friend Chie. They eat various Japanese foods, and smooch by the sea…until the cops catch up to them and finally they give up. Fortunately the lead cop, Fujita Goro says he knew Akechi’s sensei so he promises to go easy on them. And so Emily returns alone to London but she’s depressed without Akechi. But surprise, both Akechi and Kobayashi sneak on the ship to return with her – thanks to Pendleton lol. He also says they have been awarded special merit for saving the kids captured by Polock. I really wish they cast Miura Hiroaki in more otome games…I really like his voice ;_;.

mysteria231Kobayashi Seiji – Basically same route as Akechi but when Akechi rejects her, Kobayashi dives in for the rebound.  😃 After graduation he comes to Emily’s house to show her some hand fireworks before he returns to Japan. He says that once he becomes a great detective and returns to England, he wants her to be his assistant  in the future. Emily says she’ll be waiting for him and calls him Seiji kun. Sad end: After graduation everyone sees Kobayashi and Akechi off as they return to Japan.  Emily gives them some baked tarts she made as a goodbye gift.

mysteria235Sara Marple – Sara is Emily’s classmate and a kuudere detective who wants to follow in the footsteps of her grandma (right outta them Agatha Christie mysteries.) Emily & Sara become bffs baking sweets together and hanging out kyakya ufufuing desuwa. Holmes asks Sara to keep Emily away from being a detective so she won’t get involved in dangerous crime solving. Sara then asks Emily to be her assistant mostly she can watch over her also cause Emily wants to learn from her when she opens her own detective agency. This sub route is like the only route where because Sara keeps an eye out on Emily, Emily doesn’t get captured by some evil dooers. 😂

mysteria080Normal End – Someone sends a bomb to Emily’s house but Pendleton tosses it outside so it blows up there. She ends up telling Holmes and Watson about it so they decide to act like her body guards to help figure out the perpetrator. Ultimately it just ends up looking like she’s got a 3P man harem 😂😂😂 So then the bomb is sent to her classroom and Holmes throws it out the window in time. Emily decides to stop going to school until they find the criminal, but her friends tell her they’ll help find the person behind it.  And so at the school performance an ex prisoner  General Moran comes to the school but Holmes’ dad Sherlock shows up suspicious of his actions. After their performance, Watson and Holmes find their classmate Slater tied down with a ticking bomb attached to his body. Turns out Moran did this and Slater is brainwashed into thinking that Moran is this lord & savior of London. Holmes decides he’s gonna try to dismantle the bomb. Just then daddy Holmes shows up telling son he’s using an outdated bomb dismantle manual.  He tells junior to step aside and he successfully dismantles it. After this Holmes rages at Slater and demands he tell him why he did what he did. Slater doesn’t answer cause he’s poisoned himself out of anger for being pathetic and he dies on the spot. They also claim that Moran was found dead but his body goes mia. Slater’s family takes his body and has a private burial. Holmes & Watson then do a private musical performance just for Emily.

mysteria066William H. Watson Jr. – Watson is obviously the original detective Watson’s son. He became a detective cause of some girl he knew when he was younger who was trying to rescue a trapped animal. The animal died and Watson was upset that he couldn’t help her or save the animal. So then he came to London to see if he could find the girl and help her solve her “case”. He figured if he became a detective he’d meet her again since she was going to be one.  Upon hearing this story, Emily gets really upset inside…not knowing that girl is her 😁. So he’s pretty much had a crush on her all these years and became a detective for her. 💕 THIS OF COURSE MEANS ONCE YOU FINISH HIS ROUTE IT’S SO PAINFULLY OBVIOUS HOW MUCH HE LOVES EMILY AND I FEEL LIKE I’M NTRING HIM THE WHOLE GAME (´;д;`)ブワッ So then Herlock Holmes is set up to be wrongfully accused of murder by someone from the Spellbound organization who wants revenge of daddy Holmes. Herlock is arrested and in the meantime Sherlock says he is gonna work on proving his son’s innocence.  He won’t let little Watson help cause his son would get mad. Meanwhile Emily gets attacked by some goons cause she’s a rich ojousama hanging on the East side of London  (which is apparently the bad side) & as usual Watson has to fight them all off so she can run away. She of course runs right into Jack..the ripper (well not really but more on that in Jack’s route) and he attacks them for seeing him on the “job”. (Somehow of course they don’t recognize him as their classmate 😅. )

mysteria073Watson gets hurt and after they escape doom, he begs Emily not to go out alone cause Jack might come after her again. A few nights later Emily has a dream about when she met Watson in the past trying to help a trapped animal on her own around when she was 8-9 years old. They ended up making a small grave for the dead animal and she told Watson she has never talked to anyone outside her house. He then gave her a small flower ring he made to make her feel better. ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶♡ Emily wakes up and remembers the story Watson told her and wonders if that boy in her dream was him. When she tries to talk to him about it he keeps giving her excuses and running away. Eventually Jack comes after her again but since she’s near Watson’s agency he saves her in time (again…😅). Jack mumbles out that he’s just being used by General Moran. Moran then shows up calling Jack a useless sack of potatoes and Sherlock shows up to help as well. Pendleton is there too but he was hiding the whole time waiting for a good time to jump out. After this, Emily is taken to Watson’s place where he hugs and nearly kisses her until Pendleton cockblocks and takes her home. Watson asks him to take care of Emily because he doesn’t feel like he’s able to do so. For the next few days Emily spends her time cooped up at home with Pendleton watching her 24/7. Watson talks things over with Holmes Jr. (who apparently has been secretly helping with the investigation) and gets the encouragement to get Emily out of her house. He comes to her window and tells her to jump out so he can catch her 😂. Somehow Pendleton doesn’t catch them in the act (or maybe he did but he’s letting it slide for the sake of 青春~XD).

mysteria085But as usual Emily is captured by Moran but right before he shoots her, Watson comes to her rescue. He then shoots Moran, saves Emily and gets his long awaited kiss with his first love. Emily also remembers that he’s the boy from her childhood. Moran is arrested by the police but Jack goes mia. Good end: The queen awards Watson with the special crown ring saying he’s an official detective appointed by her just like Holmes & Emily. Pendleton allows Emily to return to school as well but only when her wounds fully heal. Unfortunately her relationship with Watson has kinda been in limbo so Sara encourages her to take action to progress it. 😏 So Watson continues to visit her daily to tend to her wounds and one day he sits down and tells her he loves her. He asks her to tell him her feelings directly and Emily tells him she loves him too. The following weekend he takes her back to the village where they first met and he gives her his detective ring to hold on to. He says that she’s the reason he became a detective so Emily gives him her ring to keep I’m exchange. Sad End: Watson tells Pendleton to take care of Emily and she & Watson return to just being friends. However Watson says when he feels more confident to protect her, he’ll tell her his feelings. After story: For some reason  they changed only Watson’s sprite in the after story. I can only think it’s because their photoshop file containing his sprites got corrupt or something. 😅 Honestly I prefer his original sprite cause the Oyayubihime artist draws more manly than the original Mysteria artist. But the bigger issue is that it looked out of place compared to all the others.  Rumors are flying that someone has seen general Moran’s ghost running loose. Emily asks to go with Watson promising that she will try not to get captured. They find some underground religious cult & then Emily passes out. Eventually the cops arrive and Watson takes her outside to calm down from the flashbacks of her parents murder. He tells her while she was out cold she was calling for her parents. They end up making out and falling asleep on some grassy area of the park 😁.  Pendleton tells her the next day the ghost rumor is fake and she’s too naive to have believed it. Also Emily gets sick so Watson brings her flowers as a visiting gift.

mysteria024Herlock Holmes Jr. – Herlock is obviously the son of the famous Sherlock and his pride is over 9000 so he gets really annoyed when people associate his success to that of his father. So when he’s accused of murder, he wants to solve the case himself, without dad’s help. Even when Sherlock offers to help and give leads, Holmes Jr. is super stubborn and it takes Emily and Watson to get him to get over himself. Holmes Jr. is not only blamed for the first murder, but the upcoming party they go to, the party host is murdered and they blame him again! Somehow midst everything they get involved with Lupin stealing things and find out he’s working for Spellbound. Eventually Sherlock gets wrongfully arrested so now it’s all up to Holmes jr. During the night of Lupin’s next warning, not only does Lupin get away with the jewelry he steals,  but he also -you guessed it- kidnaps Emily. (  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  ) Pendleton bitch slaps the pride out of Holmes and he asks Watson to finally help him get a hold of everything and get Emily back. Meanwhile Lupin has Emily captured, Holmes sends him a message challenging him to a duel to get Emily back. Lupin reveals to Emily that Moran faked his death and made a fake grave. He claims he has feelings for Emily and then tells her to wait at his hideout while he goes to fight Holmes. Somehow in a miraculous stroke of luck, Emily manages to escape her hideout but instead of idk running to the cops telling them where Lupin’s hideout is or something…she just runs to be Holmes’ cheerleader in his riveting chess game against Lupin. 😂 It ends quickly with Lupin giving Holmes a hint about how to prove his and his dad’s innocence and saying he’ll come back to fight him for Emily’s heart next time.  (๑ -∀• )♡ After he leaves Emily starts bawling about how she was a useless sack of potatoes so Holmes gives her a hug. I guess by now he’s deredere enough that her usual nonsense is just uguu moe to him 😅. She cries until she falls asleep in his arms and he carries her home.

mysteria030Good End: Holmes leaves a message for Emily telling her to stay away from his investigation cause obviously she’ll just get herself in trouble. So then Holmes & Watson go mia leaving only some bloody hair behind. Emily decides to go save them but at least she has ultra butler Pendleton and her classmates to help her out. Holmes finds the Spellbound group and demands they release Watson. They want to break Holmes jr. Arms cause Sherlock caused general Moran to lose one of his. Generally the entire plot is Moran being buttmad at Sherlock and hellbent on revenge. Once Emily and co. Arrive they go with Holmes to rescue the captured Watson. They get him out (thanks to his amazing acting of playing dead) and then run after Moran. Emily runs into Moran who whales that he went to fight after his wife died but Sherlock took it all away from him when he convicted him. Before Moran can strangle her to death, Holmes comes to her rescue babbling that once again she went off on her own and got captured. 😂 Emily figures this is now  a great moment to confess her love to Holmes before he fights Moran. I guess this gives him waifu strength and he kicks Moran’s ass. Before he’s arrested he confesses that James Moriarty is the guy behind it all.  He then jumps off the building and kills himself (for real). Sherlock’s innocence is proven and he’s released but Emily knows that this whole thing isn’t over. Sherlock tells Herlock that he’s proud of him and the way he handled this case. Herlock finally admits he respects his father as a detective, even if thinks he’s a crappy dad 😂. Meanwhile Pendleton tells Emily that she no longer has to keep their promise of never being alone with Holmes jr. With this,  she rushes to school  to return him the gloves and confess her feelings once more.

mysteria033Unfortunately things get hairy when MacKenzie sensei’s cat shows up and it has Holmes’ detective ring that the police took from him. While looking for the cat Emily and Holmes get intentionally locked on the roof together by all their friends so they can get some alone together. 😁😁 Holmes figures it out, but it’s effective since it gets him to confess his feelings to Emily and make out on the rooftop. (Also Emily cries for the 100th time cause Holmes turned her into a moe blob.) Also for some reason Holmes looked way better in  his cgs than his sprites. Sad end: Herlock loses his chess game against Lupin and tells Emily to stay away from his detective work.  Sherlock is released due to lack of evidence but Moran is still on the loose. Emily and Holmes Jr. Just become classmates. After story: Holmes decides he can’t hold it in and needs to bang Emily right in his office while Watson is out. 😂 Watson returns back and can see through all of Holmes excuses to cover up wtf they were doing 😂😂😂. But then Watson tells Holmes he’s so smitten with Emily he can’t focus on his detective work. Holmes decides to distance Emily away from his investigations which upsets her and makes her friends nag him for being insensitive. Emily fakes illness to run from home and go to Holmes’ investigation site…where of course he finds her. Of course she starts crying again and he’s like sighhhh but Watson tells them to make up later cause there’s a bomb threat to take care of first. 😅 This is a tough one cause they find the bomb is strapped to a rat on the loose. They manage to catch it and stop the theatre from blowing up. Afterwards Watson leaves them alone in the office to have make up sexy times 😂. The next day Emily announces that she’s opened a detective agency with Hudson, in the same building as Holmes so now he can’t get away from her during his work! 😂😂😂😂 God, Herlock acts like he’s not interested in anything except detective work, but give him Emily and he’s the lewdest of them all!!

mysteria147Jack Millers – You would think that Jack is well Jack the ripper but in fact he is not. He attends the detective school as a spy for Spellbound, and looks like he’s in desperate need of sleep, coffee or both.  Unlike the actual Jack the ripper, he for Spellbound killing whoever they assign him to kill (such as traitors to the organization.) Similar to Watson’s route, Emily runs into Jack on the job and he has to basically kill anyone who sees him doing what he’s doing. However now that I’m on his route, he wavers and tells Emily to run away and not tell anyone about what she saw. They changed his voice actor from a guy who voiced several chars in their previous games to a random noob. Honestly I don’t mind unknown voice actors as long as they do a good job but I felt like Jack’s new voice actor just sounded BORED or half asleep when voicing him. You can hear the comparison of his old seiyuu with his new seiyuu in these videos. So eventually Jack stops coming to school and Emily tries to figure out his whereabouts. Rumors at school start circulating that he’s jack the ripper but Emily defends him saying it’s not true. (•́ω•̀ ٥) Meanwhile back at the ranch, Moran tells Jack he must kill Emily and he has to do it or he’ll betray him…the man who adopted and raised him!  Sigh poor Jack. He thinks about it but can’t bear to kill Emily because she’s like his only friend. And so one night Jack visits her room because of a letter she left for him.  She asks why he didn’t kill her and he says because she’s an important friend to him. Emily then just asks if he’s jack the ripper in the newspaper and he says it’s not him.  Emily shows him the letter she got from jack the ripper and he says it’s not him.  He tells her that someone(Moran) is out to kill her, so she needs to run away asap. Their moment gets interrupted when Emily accidentally knocks over her vase and Pendleton comes running pointing a gun at Jack. Pendleton announces that Jack only enrolled at the school as a spy to collect info and to stay away from Emily.

mysteria155Despite Emily’s efforts to defend him,  Jack says it’s fine and runs off. When Pendleton shoots at him Emily holds his arm down and he misses. After this Holmes and Watson find an alibi that proves Jack is not the one behind the ongoing murders but there’s still a murderer on the loose they need to catch. So because Jack won’t kill Emily,  Moran tries to kill him instead. But Jack kills him first and Moran dies babbling that Bradley,  the true murderer, will kill Emily in his place.  Moriarty,  the true leader of Spellbound, is pissed that Moran is dead but Bradley is super buttmad Moriarty senpai won’t notice him.  He then decides to kill Emily so that Moriarty will recognize him as a loyal underling. 😅 And so Jack faces off against Bradley but then Holmes comes to help him. Meanwhile Emily runs away with Pendleton to stay safe. Unfortunately the stupid Scotland Yard arrests and imprisons Jack while Bradley is still running loose. While Jack is on death row, Emily visits him saying she’ll catch the real Jack the ripper, free Jack and open a school for children of east London. Meanwhile, Emily tells Pendleton she wants to act as bait for Bradley since he’s after her anyway and then have Pendleton + police catch him. She says she’s doing this with the onset that she may die and she’s prepared for it. Jack overhears about Emily’s plans from the prison guard and figures even if he escapes now they’re gonna put him on death row regardless but he wants to save Emily. He manages to trick and take down the guard and escape to find Emily and Bradley. He runs into Pendleton who tells him to respect Emily’s wishes to prove his innocence…and the two have to waste time fighting over Emily’s suicidal decisions ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Pendleton then stops fighting him and asks him to instead stalk Emily while she goes around to the sites of where the prostitute murders took place. And so on the night of the baiting, Emily goes around praying at the murder sites and then is attacked by Bradley. She gets separated from Pendleton but Jack grabs her hand and runs away with her – though Bradley catches up not too soon after. Bradley rages that he is the son of some dirty prostitute and he wants to kill 1500 more to show to the queen how dirty and terrible London is. And so Jack has to fight off Bradley while protecting Emily. Watson & Holmes join him as back up and eventually defeat him, but cause Bradley is high as fuck on all sorts of drugs he thinks he won before he dies from stabbing himself. Good end: After this event everyone wingmans Jack into staying at Emily’s place for the night and he’s so embarrassed he babbles incomprehensibly. 😁

mysteria162That night Jack tells Emily that he was a prostitute baby thrown into a homeless shelter. That’s where he met Bradley and eventually was adopted by some army soldier. He taught Jack how to use weapons and that’s when Jack realized his adoptive dad was a criminal, General Moran. He also mentions that a cop once saved him from a violent drunkard so he wanted to someday become a policeman too. After realizing Jack has to get arrested tomorrow he kisses Emily and confesses his feelings to her.  And so despite Jack supposed to be executed,  somehow instead he….becomes her butler. 😂😂😂 It’s all thanks to Pendleton as usual lol. Sad End: Jack kills Bradley but dies himself and the next dat Emily is mad the newspapers don’t credit him for saving her. A few days later they have a funeral for Jack. After Story: Emily & Jack work on building a school on the East side of London. They continue to attend school together though Jack has an important job of waking up Emily who’s falling asleep in class. He acts so butlery that she gets a bit sad. One day Pendleton brings Emily news of an arranged marriage proposal saying the guy is interested in funding the east side school as well. Jack is visibly upset by this but keeps his feelings inside. Emily gets pissed saying she loves him but he just says that he is only her butler. Emily then agrees to see the omiai dude, Howard  (?) And he’s interested in helping with her school even without the marriage plans. Now Emily feels bad cause Howard isn’t a bad guy but she still has feelings for Jack. That night Jack comes into her room hugging her and apologizing that he loves her but he just wanted her to be happy – since she can’t really marry him and would be “single” forever. Emily says it ain’t no thang and then he gives her a ring he bought with his first salary. Just then the cute moment is interrupted when Jack realizes the milk man stole the homeless shelter plans from Emily. He gets them back but acts like she just misplaced them,  but Emily knows he got them back for her. She refuses Howard’s marriage proposal and lives happily while keeping her relationship with Jack a secret. This was kinda bittersweet but really cute though I’m saddened no kiss cg in the after story. 😯

mysteria096Jean Lupin Jr. – The song of the great thief, Arsene Lupin, Lupin Jr. is pretty much an ikeman like his papa. Beta nerd by day, sexy ikemen thief at night who steals Emily’s first kiss.  ♪(๑ơ ₃-)♡ He has to pretend to be this nerdy dojikko at school (and he’s an amazing actor btw) so nobody knows his true identity as gentleman thief. He sends a notice saying he’s gonna steal her photo of her parents with the young queen at their graduation from Harington. The night of his planned theft, everyone gathers at Emily’s place,  including beta Lupin. Ryan accuses Lupin of being the real Lupin so Emily tries to defend him by stretching his face to show he’s not wearing a mask. Lupin then uses the excuse of dropping his ring inside the house to get away so he can change to his thief self 😂. He spreads a sleeping gas all over the house that smells like roses so people don’t think anything of it until it’s too late. Just when he thinks he got the photo, Emily intercepts with a gun to his face. Holy shit Emily why couldn’t you be this awesome in the other routes lol. But yea lol sadly Lupin manages to trick her and steal her photo – and when she wakes up beta Lupin is right next to her. Eventually he reveals her identity to her when some rapists attack her and he has no choice but to come out of his disguise to save her. After this his dad’s like son, I am disappoint cause he picked Emily over his identity. But he forgives him cause he’s an oyabaka apparently 😂😂😂 and thinks his son is the cutest little thief.  After this Lupin stops coming to school and the excuse everyone hears is he injured his legs and can’t walk. A few days later Emily runs into him at the aquarium and he says he’s a man on a mission so he don’t have time to play school anymore. He then tells Emily how his mother helped his dad Arsene Lupin in his thief work,  but because of not being careful enough she got fatally injured trying to steal information from Spellbound.  Lupin had a fairly big oedipus complex so after mom died, he got so depressed he began to learn to steal stuff to bury the hole in his heart.

mysteria093Emily demands that he give her back her photo or she won’t stop going after him. He’s like ok catch me if you can baby 😉. Of course trying to chase him she ends up falling off a cliff but since he’s in love with her,  he jumps to save her. It begins to rain and they’re both soaked from the river they fell into with Emily being out cold. Lupin takes her to a nearby cave to dry off. He also goes to beat up some wolves nearby but when he returns he finds Emily is on the verge of death from hypothermia.  He gets terrified because it reminds him of his mother right before she died. Desperate times call for desperate measures so Lupin strips himself and Emily to give her his body heat.  (*//艸//) Emily wakes up and shits bricks that she’s naked next to him (but because this game is Cero C he’s still got his pants on) but then they both fall asleep in that position. 😏 The next morning Emily thanks Lupin for saving her even though he injured his foot. He then tells her if she wants to be happy to forget about him and disappears from her sight….or so she thought cause the next day he’s back in her class 😂😂😂. Emily is furious so she drags Lupin out of the classroom to talk privately. She rages on why he lied to her and he’s like welp I’m just a lying thief, it’s what I do! He then tells her not to get involved with him as she would just get in his way.  After he leaves her upset, Emily runs into Papa Lupin who pretends to be a new gardener the school hired.  😂😂 He then hints to her that Lupin loves her but he is afraid to get closer to her for the fear he might lose her like his mother. Meanwhile Lupin is after the leader of Spellbound,  Moriarty,  because he killed his mother. He gets into an argument with his dad for not taking revenge for mom. Papa Lupin says that he’s a thief,  not a murderer and by doing this revenge thing,  Lupin is not only hurting his deceased mother but also Emily. Lupin doesn’t care and goes after Moriarty anyway but when he’s about to shoot him,  he suddenly realizes that he’s no different than Moriarty by doing this.  Suddenly he hesitates and in that moment Emily shows up and tells him not to kill Moriarty and become a murderer like him.  Emily says she got info from papa Lupin and that Scotland Yard is on its way to arrest him. Just then Moriarty takes Emily hostage and asks Lupin to join him instead. Good end: Because of Emily’s indirect love confession, Lupin gets a hold of himself and returns to being the bad ass thief that he is. He tricks Moriarty and uses the moment to free Emily and get his mother’s necklace back. Just then papa Lupin bursts in and says that his wife only loved him,  not Moriarty. He then praises his son for being an ikemen like him and tells Lupin to get Emily out.

mysteria132Lupin takes Emily to the park where he first kissed her and gives her back her parents photo – but he burns off the sides leaving only her parents and the queen. He then gives her his mother’s rose quartz necklace  (which means true love), kisses her goodbye and disappears again. After this Emily keeps having dreams about Lupin leaving her and barely eats anything out of depression. Eventually Emily returns to school and runs into Lupin disguised as MacKenzie sensei 😂. He reveals himself because Emily calls him out and the whole class is like wtf. He then literally sweeps her off her feet for a lunch time flight in his arms.  He takes her to a rooftop where he confesses his love is stronger than his desire for the rarest treasure. He then kisses Emily so hard she nearly faints. ♪…(/ω\*)) Sad End: Lupin delivers a huge bouquet of roses to Emily and she says she vows to someday catch him. After story: Emily finds out someone stole her family’s items during the fire and is trying to auction them off. One of the spoons was made for Emily’s birthday when she was young so she wants to get it back since she thought everything burned in the fire. Lupin hears about this and of course he’s willing to steal it for his bae. (*・∀-)b Emily tells him not to steal and tries to talk to the collector who has her silverware but the dude, who is some money launderer, just knocks her out and locks her in some basement. 😐 Fortunately her boyfriend and her butler both come to rescue her and get her silverware back. After Lupin gets her out, he brings her to one of his hotel suite hideouts to make lovin all night. Well actually he just kisses her and then when she falls asleep he brings her back home. He also leaves behind her silverware and a rose.  Papa Lupin then calls his son a beta for not going all the way to bang Emily and Lupin jr tells him to stfu. 😂😂😂😂 Honestly it’s really obvious the game is super biased to Lupin and I’m ok with this cause he’s so sexy BUT…the マザコン thing is such a turnoff 😨…I mean I guess all little boys kinda really wanna marry mommy when they’re little but honestly it was hard for me to tell whether or not he actually got over that since it was really the only reason he began to steal stuff. I guess I can safely assume the moment he laid eyes on Emily, his heart beats for her instead of mom.

mysteria032Truth End – God this was just the worst truth end out of all of Karin’s games I’ve ever played. Usually their grand endings will wrap up the whole story nicely but this just felt half assed and unfinished! Count Beckford sends Emily a message asking for her to save him from death.  She finds him and hec tells her that everyone in that school photo st Harington all had “accident deaths”(which were really planned murders) and everyone but him was dead.  So he’s lived in fear all these years and now someone’s finally out to get him.  Suddenly gunshots come flying and Holmes bursts in saying Beckford wanted to get her killed. They run away and then run into James Moriarty who says Beckford intended to kill Emily and asked Moriarty to help him. Also turns out that he’s been in cahoots with the queen for his great plan to protect England’s cultural heritage by constantly creating criminals to catch to keep news active.  Harington school was all part of it with their detective track. Those who tried to find out the truth, aka Emily’s parents, were murdered. Moriarty just wants Herlock to join his team and promises to let Emily go if he does. They drug up Holmes too but he refuses Moriarty’s offer. Just then Jack and Watson show up as backup but Moriarty then brings out Lupin and tells him to stop them. Lupin tells Moriarty that he’d rather pick the hot babe over creepy gge and betrays him 😂. Meanwhile Holmes is high as fuck and Moriarty says that he wants there to be danger in the world or else he gets bored from not solving cases. After escaping they run into Pendleton who finally reveals the truth.  He says Emily’s parents did a lot of work helping the poor children of London. He formed an organization – the ppl in that photo – but then found out someone was stealing the money for their own use.

mysteria001That someone was Beckford and when Emily’s parents found out they were immediately killed. The criminal was sent out by Moriarty from his Spellbound criminal organization. That night Pendleton grabbed the young Emily and ran through the underground tunnel with her. The money Beckford was stealing was probably funding Spellbound. In the following years,  Beckford killed everyone else except himself of course then tried to act like he’s next while the real target was Emily. Some days later they supposedly find Beckford died in a fire but the body is so mangled they couldn’t confirm if it’s him and he’s probably still on the loose. And so time passes and everyone has a Christmas surprise  party for Emily lol. Umm ok well that was rather disappointing. 😞 After story: Emily has a dream that everyone attends the queen’s party but Emily is grabbed to dance by Moriarty’s son Edward and then runs into Herlock’s cousin. She stops going to school cause she’s really sick and she is upset that there is intentional crime being created just so it can be “solved”. Emily feels like everything she’s done up to now has been a joke. Pendleton then asks her friends to help her stop being depressed so she can leave the house. So they come up with this idiotic idea to bring out Emily’s PTSD by lighting a fire outside her bedroom window.  This gets her scared so much she’s like omfg I don’t wanna die and runs out where everyone is like Lol you finally came out! Sigh only Watson thought this was a stupid idea. 😐 …and for some stupid reason Emily thanks Holmes for his brilliant idea. Jack gets imprisoned and beaten for being a traitor and told to return to being Spellbound’s killing machine. ╮(´-ω-`)╭ Lupin returns to his homeland in Paris and laments about how he misses Emily until he runs into Moriarty Jr. In the meantime everyone gathers at Emily’s house to say that they plan to go their separate ways. Watson and Holmes go to war with their fathers and Emily plans to follow the whereabouts of the holes in her parents murder. Sara plans to study with her detective grandma. Hudson cries that everyone is leaving but Emily tells her they will study and grow up so they can put an end to Spellbound for good. They all make a promise to meet again in 2 years. At the end there’s a brief trailer for a sequel to this game but looks like the Oyayubihime artist will be doing all the artwork this time.

I have a thing for beta-Lupin, don't judge me (*ノ∀`*)
I have a thing for beta-Lupin, don’t judge me (*ノ∀`*)

I am..just so disappointed oh my god Karin what happened to you! 😨 First of all Emily, the heroine of this game, IS SO ANNOYING. Normally my heroines range from kick ass awesome to mediocre/standard/boring but Emily went the extra mile to irritate me so frequently! It’s like she tries to be a good proactive detective and I’m like ok cool you go girl do your thing. But then she…gets captured. Over. And OVer. AND OVER AGAIN. And most of the routes just circulate around her doing something stupid that she can’t handle, and having one of the guys or her SUPER BUTLER PENDLETON SAVE HER ASS. Jack’s and Lupin’s route are probably the only routes where she actually felt like she wasn’t being a complete idiot and I really liked her cheeky interaction with Lupin (but lol Lupin bias all around.)

On the topic of her Butler, in several routes he basically was hiding in the shadows spying on her to make sure he didn’t need to jump in at the right moment to save her. Because of this, I just started to assume that HE’S JUST SITTING THERE CREEPING ON HER 24 HOURS A DAY. Every time she was alone with some guy I just assumed PENDLETON WAS WATCHING LIKE A VOYUER CAUSE HE CANNOT TAKE HIS EYES OF HIS OJOUSAMA. (◞≼◎≽◟◞౪◟◞≼◎≽◟) And despite all this we got 0 INFO ON HIM. NOTHING! All we know is he saved her and he’s her butler and he’s got superman powers to kick the ass of any foe who attacks Emily. Yet we get no history and not even his age! What the hell??

Because of some drama with Marvelous Entertainment, Karin probably had to change artists and voice actors for some of the characters. Now since I never played the PSP version the voice actor changes didn’t REALLY bother me (other than being upset that they removed Kimura Ryohei – but his replacement was totally fine as Watson so it wasn’t so bad.) I really didn’t like the new voice actors for Jack and Sara Marple as they both sounded extremely bored most of the time because they didn’t know how to properly voice quieter characters. I preferred Sara’s old voice actress because she was better at doing that kuudere voice than her new one. That said I actually like Emily’s new voice actress way more than the old one. Now the bigger problem was the artwork. The original artist had a more “smooth/cute” style to her art so when they hired Shiroma (the Oyayubihime artist) to do the new CGs/sprites for the Vita port…let’s just say it’s quite awkward.


Come on! Why did only Watson get a new sprite!? Is it because your sprite file got corrupt/deleted and you couldn’t get in touch with the original artist so you have the new artist draw a replacement?? This was so disappointing for me because Watson is my favorite character and his cute adorable original sprite was part of the charm. Shiroma’s sprite art makes him look too much older than he is (which is ok for the upcoming sequel that takes place a couple years later) but it doesn’t work for this game… :/ And if you’re gonna change the sprites just go ahead and change all of them. The CGs in the after stories are drawn by Shiroma anyway, so may as well just change all the sprites too right? ショボ──(´・ω・`)──ン  Anyway I honestly preferred the original artist (except Holmes looked hotter in his cgs than his sprite lmao)…and so did a lot of Amazon Japan reviewers who were also upset with the artist change.

Complaints aside I did enjoy some of the routes and character romances in the game. Akechi, Watson and Lupin were my favorites. Jack’s route had too much sadness and drama and Holmes is such a douchemuffin – acting like he don’t want no womenz then the moment he gets with Emily he becomes a horndog 😂.  And as usual the game is super biased towards Lupin (just like Code Realize har har) but Lupin was so hot I can’t complain. The after story bias was blatantly obvious because Holmes and Lupin got the best ones. Akechi’s and Watson’s was just “WTF” and Jack’s felt kinda open ended and sad. (´・ω・`) As far as system goes, I praise Karin for their “jump to next unread dialogue/choice” feature and the nice “voice” save feature.

But as usual with all Karin games: tons of choices and all of them have a 10 second timer. Annoying because you have to be ready to know what your next choice is but since they had a “jump to previous” choice feature, even if you messed up or ran out of time, you can go back and do it again…which honestly defeats the purpose of timed choices anyway. I kinda wish they would drop this shtick from their games already. Since a sequel has been announced I’m kinda torn. I want to reunite with all these characters and see the final conclusion of the terribly-open-ended-finale of the game…but the original artist won’t be there, and I’m still disappointed at Jack’s voice actor lol. But maybe I will get it just for Watson and Lupin, we’ll see though. I used to really cheer on and recommend highly all of Karin’s games but after Oyayubihime and now this…I’m a bit hesitant to do so anymore. Would I recommend this game over the PSP edition? Yea because you can be on the nice big screen with a PSTV and also unlike the last Vita game, the sound quality was really crisp this time around. However at this point it might be good to wait for the sequel because the game really ends up unfinished.  There’s a lot to the mystery of the evil organization that was left unresolved and the grand finale after story introduced 2 new characters that we know nothing about! Hopefully by the time the sequel comes out though, I’ll still care enough to get it and this game won’t end up forgotten in my head along with whatever mediocre crap I sit through in the next couple years. (;´∀`)


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  1. It’s so hard not to like Lupin. xD

    Ugh still no info about Pendleton in the port. >_< I didn't know that this have added scenes and an upcoming sequel. O_O But then again, I wasn't /that/ interested in this one ever since I heard that they changed voice actors on some characters. I quite liked the original cast in the PSP game.

  2. Lol guess Japan really likes Freud’s “ideas”
    And YAS. Maybe he’ll be fanservice that pops into the sequel?
    Ugh that stinks. I’d think Karin would do well with otoge considering (imho) it seems they try to tell decent stories.

  3. ☺I’m 100% totally agreed with you Lupin is so gosh darn cute, i enjoy how his father like to brag about how awesome his sex life with Cardia was(Coincidence i think not). Personally i’ll put it on my buy list because the plot is very pleasing it give me Ashita No Nadja feels a little bit also dafuq is wrong with them to bring PSTD to the poor Emily by light up a fire she’s ain’t a dog for the fuck sake 😑.

    I think than the sequel worth it beside the art is not that bad if you forgot
    Watson sprites but they have worth between us.

  4. Yea I’ve been on a streak of mediocre games for a while but I think it’s finally been broken thanks to Kenka Bancho Otome!

  5. Darn it, I was so excited to read this one as I’ve been looking for more otome games to play whilst I am stuck holding the newborn. What a disappointment.

  6. Yea the extra ends were just made up plot/nonsense nothing revealed or solved anything so probably not worth it for you to bother with lol…also you’d probably get annoyed at the voice changes since you played the PSP version. I am sad about Pendleton, I wanted at least some after story with him….other than him being a dick and bringing out Emily’s PTSD (wtf)

  7. yea I’ve seen this come up a lot recently and it’s soooo….yea no :/

    But Lupin is so hot I managed to push this aside XDDD And yea Beta Lupin so fucking cute. I’m kinda afraid he won’t really be around in the sequel but we’ll see lol. I dunno why they’re pushing BL but I can only guess it sells better than their otome stuff? 😦

  8. The only mystery was what happened to Emily’s parents but it wasn’t that big of a mystery I guess…so in that sense yea. I don’t mind long games if they are written well (ironically MoshiKami was long but resolved everything despite the gross contents.)

  9. Hahahahahhahahahaha I was wondering if I should get this after full comping the first one on the chance the loose ends were covered in the new material. Judging from the extra bits you wrote about I guess it was correct to assume it wasn’t worth getting. ( ´˂˃` )

    I’m pretty pissed they didn’t reveal anything about Pendleton even in the port and didn’t even cover any of the loose ends though. ◟( ‾᷅⚰‾᷄ )

  10. What is up w/ otoge and Oedipus Complexes?! Rofl, besides that I figured Lupin was gonna be bae 😉 and I’m so glad he was! I thought Jack was also Jack The Ripper so that’s a little disappointing. Beta Lupin is the BEST I can see why you like him so much.

    I also find Karin’s timed choices a little annoying (more so since I’m like “Wait! I was still trying to read that!”) and it’s disappointing to see they’re now turning to BL and other things. Is their company not faring well?

    Anyways, thanks for ur awesome reviews as always, and hopefully one of ur next games are better!

  11. I’m glad that I kept forgetting about this one. I think one of reasons for that is that I doubted there would actually be a “mystery” in it. I think I got tired of long-ass romance with pages and pages of copypasta in which not much actually happens. Which is why I actually enjoyed shortness and high pace of Period Cube and Shirayuki, even though some parts feel rather abrupt in Cube. I had fun, hope it won’t be as bad for you as you’re expecting!

  12. I am honestly shocked about the truth end. Karin usually wrapped them up well in their other games so I just don’t understand what happened here. It’s like they ran out of budget/time or something or they intended to do a sequel from the start so they didn’t bother to do anything deeper in the truth end…I’m not sure. Very sad honestly lol. And oh god..1 year later I am still sad about Possession Magenta.

  13. unless you played the PSP version you probably won’t REALLY notice the voice changes (they are consistent throughout the whole game) ….but the art is what changes within the game so that may really irritate you lol

  14. Thank you for the review!
    That sprite change would bother me to no end. One thing I don’t like in a game is inconsistent art.
    It seems like the past few games featuring a mystery plot that are not fleshed out well (when I read your summary of the true end of this game, I immediately thought of Possession Magenta). It sucks ’cause mystery could be a good genre for otome games to do.

  15. I love detectives, so I’ve had my eye on this game for quite a while. Art and voice changes really bother me though so I’m feeling kinda conflicted.

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