Music Game Review: Project Diva X

Technically I didn’t complete all the trophies, but at this point it’s just a grind fest for items so I figured I can post enough of a review to describe the game itself. Miku & friends are back to dance and sing on flashy stages one more time.


The game is similar to all the previous Project Divas but there’s a few differences:

  • Double-scratch (the star icon you either touch with 2 fingers or press on both joysticks) is gone. I guess there was enough complaints that Sega got rid of it. Honestly it didn’t really bother me that much because I like the joysticks anyway.
  • The currency system is gone. Now you basically play a song – receive outfit/accessory/presents at random. Sometimes you will receive the same item so you are not guaranteed a “new” item every time.


  • There are now 5 elements – cute, cool, beauty, neutral and chaos. Each song corresponds to a certain element, and now each outfit and accessory also corresponds to this element. By wearing certain accessories and outfits, you can “raise the voltage bonus” for that element to help you clear songs easier.
  • The voltage system: In previous Divas, if you mess up while playing the song will just kick you out as “missxtake” and you have to start over. This is no longer the case. In order to clear a song, you have to reach the required amount of voltage per difficulty level (easy/normal/hard/extreme). If you can reach that voltage level, doesn’t matter if you mess up or break all your combos. You can now reach these levels easily by using outfits that boost your voltage bonuses with the proper elements attached to them. This makes clearing songs a lot easier than any previous Diva game.
  • The introduction of quests. In order to spice things up a bit, they added what I call Miku Quest. It’s similar to the quest system that Taiko no Tatsujin had, though a bit less RPGey. This time you have “concerts” with Miku & co. to learn about various elements and by completing these quests you can earn rare outfits and accessories. In order to unlock the quests, you must fill the “jem gauge” in every element. There are 5 elements and each gem must be filled 7 times. Once again though you can fill elements quickly by using outfits/accessories to boost your bonus. The maximum bonus that you can boost with all your items is up to 60%. (I have tried to go above this but it would not go beyond 60.)
  • There’s also a new button pressing motion called “Rate Up” notes which increase your voltage rate and must be pressed simultaneously really fast. It’s quite similar to the Taiko no Tatsujin part where you have to just press all the drums really fast all at once.

How to Grind Efficiently ✔

Let’s face it, there’s a lot to do. You have to get outfits, clear all the songs, increase voltage to fill up your gems, get accessories that increase voltage and get presents to raise affection of all the characters. It’s a lot to do at once, so the best thing to do is multi-task! ∠( ゚д゚)/ First what you want to do is bookmark the Diva wiki and open the presents, accessory combos and and outfit pages under the Diva X section on the left.

This Miku outfit has a very high chance of rare outfits dropping and gives the cute element bonus.
This Miku outfit has a very high chance of rare outfits dropping and gives the cute element bonus.
  • Use outfits that increase rare drop chance only on songs that HAVE a rare drop. A lot of outfits in the game are a “random drop” BUT each song has its own “rare” outfit. For example 愛の詩 has its own rare Miku outfit while 卑怯戦隊うろたんだー has multiple rare outfits for everyone (the power ranger suits.) By using a “rare up” (and the higher the level the better they go from 1-4 with 5 being ultra rare or DLCs) outfit, you will get the outfit from that song very quickly. Sometimes you may even get rare outfits that are “random drops” while grinding for the ones that belong to the song. While grinding Renai Saiban, I ended up getting 3 rare Miku outfits, before the one from that song finally dropped for me.


  • Use outfits that “increase chance of a NEW outfit dropping” when you already got the rare outfit from a song. Ok so you played LOL -lots of laugh- enough times and got Miku’s dress but you still need a few outfits for Luka! Oh look you have the level 1 outfit for Luka to increase drop rate for her clothes. Bam put that on and start spamming whatever element song that outfit belongs to to start stocking up on her stuff. What I basically did is I went into each element section, checked which of my vocaloids had the highest level of “new outfit drop chance”  and would basically spam them in that section to increase my voltage AND get them new outfits at the same time.
  • Periodically check your accessories. You can wear up to 4 accessories at the same time, but depending on the accessory combo, you can go from 6% bonus to 40% bonus. That’s a lot of bonus!! This makes a huge difference when you need to clear a quest that requires you to play a medley of 3 Extreme songs and you just need every bit of voltage to help you.
Gogo Kaito Rangers!
Gogo Kaito Rangers!
  • In regards to group songs – the bonuses on the other characters only appear to count during  event quests like special lives. I experimented a bit and it doesn’t appear that the skill bonuses of other characters matter – only the bonuses/voltage of the main character seems to make a difference when you are just playing quest songs to raise voltage.
  • Present items appear to not be random. Certain presents drop from certain songs. In order to complete the event master trophy, you need to make sure you get every present that has an “event” attached to it. That said certain events can trigger with multiple characters but as long as it’s not listed as “multiple instance” on the wiki, once you get it one character that’s enough. For example an event of Luka drinking cream soda doesn’t need to also be seen with Kaito and vice versa. So now as part of your multi-task grinding, grind songs that will drop items that give you events, using outfits that increase “new outfit drop rate” in an element that you get voltage bonus in. That’s the key! As you get each element filled you will receive a gem which will usually trigger some kind of new event quest. Definitely do every event quest that you have because they do give you outfits and sometimes room decor which is part of another trophy you will need. Also remember that some quests require you to wear a certain “element outfit” so don’t just focus getting outfits for only one character! For example I have a quest now I can’t do with Rin because I somehow don’t have a single beauty outfit for her. Go figure. Also unlike last game, there’s no time limit on presents. You can spam the characters with presents non stop to increase their affection – but you will get more if they “ask you something” and you fullfill that request. (For example Miku saying she’s hungry for some sweets and you give her cookies will raise more affection than if you were to just give her cookies randomly.) Additionally unlike f and f2nd the events will trigger immediately after you give the character the event item. You don’t have to now just ~leave the item in a room~ and keep waiting for the stupid event to trigger which is a time saver.

Now the Bad Stuff

Obviously while I think the game is fun, there’s definitely a few annoying and frustrating pitfalls which could be the reason why it got so many really low reviews on Amazon.

  • No more story based videos. In previous Diva games, PSP inclusive, you had a lot of videos that told a story. Stories about the world ending, people getting hit by busses, running after cats, flying into space, fighting with samurai swords in the woods, you name it. This time all of this is gone. It’s just a bunch of songs where all the vocaloids dance on various stages with flashy lights – which sometimes also makes the buttons really hard to see. Biggest offender award goes to 終極のメドレー where I literally would miss buttons because I couldn’t see wtf was going on.


  • The game shuts off anytime you open up any other app in the Vita. I don’t know why this keeps happening but say I take a screenshot, then go to open the Vita twitter app to tweet it – I get the warning that Diva X has to close. Why? None of my other Vita games ever did this unless I opened up content manager or something. Very strange. On that note, if you try to take screenshots during event scenes, the event scene immediately stops. Wtf?? Fortunately you can always go back to the event album but how many times do I have to do this just to take a few screenshots from 1 event? So stupid.
  • You have to clear all those horribly fast Miku songs in 1 Extreme mode medley in order to get the room decoration collector trophy. The struggle on this is so real for me. I need 200,000 voltage and the best I’ve been able to get (with Ultimate Miku outfit that increases the voltage notes by 5%) is 184k 😨.  I’ve given up for now, but I’m also only at 55% for the bonus accessories as I do not have the full Neutral accessory set yet so once I get that to 60% I guess I can try again. Just that bit of a push may help me get there but we’ll see. Also you can’t use help items in quest mode, only in Free play mode. Btw Free play mode is completely useless other than playing each song on hard/normal once just for the trophy. You don’t get items in it at all so I don’t even know why they bothered to include it.

  • There’s now 10 levels of affection for each character and there’s a trophy for each level 10 reached. The presents give very little affection, and if you give the wrong present when requested you LOSE affection. Reaching affection for each character is very grindy and very slow. Before you used to be able to poke/pet the character to raise the affection but now the only way to raise it is via requests (that are random) and present spam. This can be very tedious when you have to do it for 5 characters!  Grinding for presents is a pain in the ass too. I’ve played songs I don’t really like several times over on Hard Mode (to increase the amount of items dropped you get 4 in Hard and only 2-3 in Normal) and it still didn’t drop before I gave up and moved on to other songs for a change of scenery. (;^ω^)
  • You can’t carry over data from any previous Diva games. The good news is, if you were a cheapass and never bought a lot of the previous DLCs though, I think all of them are now included in this game that you can get as a random drop for free. I got Miku’s, Len’s and Kaito’s animal pajamas which I never bought back on f2nd but hey now they are free…so I guess not a huge disaster.
  • There’s very few songs besides Miku’s. Pretty much most songs feel like Miku songs while the other characters maybe only get 1??? Or otherwise they’re a group song WITH Miku rather than their own. In that sense, it feels disappointing. A lot of those sacrifices were made for the Medleys instead and honestly – I only feel like I like the Chaos song medley out of all of them which features mostly Rin & Len songs.
Aww (ノ´∀`*)
Aww (ノ´∀`*)

So overall, I think if you like Vocaloid and enjoy playing Diva games, it’s worth the buy. If you’re a hard core collector and want to get every trophy/title/achievement – you might go crazy from this game. I think it’s best to play this game in moderation, on & off in between other games, slowly working on your voltage while unlocking outfits. In about a span of 4 days I managed to get 4 crystals from every element and unlock about 50% of all the outfits and 75% of all the accessories. I decided to take a break to work on the new otome games that arrived instead and because the 終極のメドレー was too frustrating for me. Maybe eventually I’ll get some more trophies later in the year as this game has a high replay value for me – but only when I play it on & off. I’m secretly hoping they will release a Neutral DLC that will give you crazy Voltage bonuses so I can finally clear that stupid song (;・∀・).

15 thoughts on “Music Game Review: Project Diva X

  1. you played it really fast! but yea there are ups and downs in this game and you mostly said it in the whole post. no more based stories. also been trying to find out how many levels to max their affection and 10???! that’s insane. and I’m kinda done with the grinding voltage for crystals. I thought I could plat this since there’s no way I’m repeating PDF2nd just for a trophy but PDX is a lot harder to grind items as well since I think there aren’t any specific list which items comes from which songs? not sure though lol

    1. yea I was just grinding through all weekend xD yea the wiki said the max affection is level 10 and I was like wtf…I barely just got Miku only to 5 and the rest to 2-3…..shit takes too long lol. I’ll just eventually get more trophies when I get more of my otome games cleared out lol

  2. I’ve never played a Miku game, but since my bro got a 2DS, he’s been thinking about getting this game. Glad it sounds like it’s functional, but if they took away the story based songs he’s likely to be disappointed. Though, maybe some people found the sword fights etc to be just as distracting? Who knows…

    1. This game is for the PSVita though, not 2DS (or maybe you meant 3DS?) so he’d need that too. Sometimes some of the story based videos distracted me too haha cause I’d always wanna see what’s going on but it was never as distracting to me as the flashing lights in a lot of the stages in this one :T Thank god a lot of quests allow you to pick the stage so I often pick a stage that’s as least flashy as possible (like the dark alley one lol)

  3. I almost got this game but after the complains + DLC to get every costume, I decided not to get it. It’s sad to see that they decided to remove the story based videos because that’s was one of the reasons why I love Project Diva and I’m not even a fan of vocaloid.
    I guess I’ll wait for the Arcade port for PS4 that’s coming out this year…

    1. yea if you want every costume it’s probably gonna kill you lol

      wow arcade port for ps4? D: kinda jealous lol I don’t have a ps4

  4. I really like this game for the upgraded graphics and changing modules in game. But I hate how I almost couldn’t screenshot things. >_< I screenshot a lot so not being able to screenshot is quite frustrating. And I certainly wouldn't want to go through all the cutscenes to get them. orz

    Yeah, I sort of miss story-based songs. I liked the stage designs (sometimes lol) but it's just like that, the vocaloids dancing.

    Thanks for the wiki link! Now Kaito wouldn't have a D: whenever I give him presents. www

    1. yea that was so annoying a lot of cut scenes gone to waste because screenshot = SCENE OVER I don’t understand why its like this at all.

      1. Have you tried delaying when you press the start button so that you register the PS button first? I’ve noticed that when you do the PS + Start screenshot command, it’ll sometimes act as if you pressed start before taking the screenshot. You can get around this by pressing the PS button and, while holding it, pressing the start button right afterwards and then releasing to take the screenshot. This way, the system will register the PS button first and will have already realized you’re going for the screenshot by the time you press the Start button. Since holding the PS button is just programmed to bring up a menu after a few seconds, nothing extra will happen.

        Also, regarding the whole “not being able to use apps” thing, this seems to be a thing with recent Vita games where the system is allocating the power usually set aside for background apps into the game to push the limits of the Vita. I’ve noticed it myself with Trillion: God of Destruction and Superdimension Neptune Vs. SEGA Hard Girls and I’ve heard of some people running into it on recent visual novels.

        Oh, and I don’t know if you’re still going for it, but good luck on that trophy grind and the Ultimate Medley. I’ve heard that this platinum is significantly harder and longer than the previous two. Can’t wait to do it when it comes over to America (after leaving the JP version of F2nd half-finished and only completing it when I bothered to get the English version from Gamestop, I’ve decided to just wait for the localizations of the new games from now on with the exception of Future Tone, which is wonderful if incredibly expensive, and with none of the stupid grind trophies the series is known for recently except having to watch 78 PVs).

        1. yea sometimes I do that but sometimes start buttons do other things. it really varies but it hasn’t really worked.
          the thing with closing the game while opening other apps – it’s only happened to 2 vita games for me – all other vita games I’ve played this has never happened so I imagine it can be easily avoidable if programmed right.

          I already finished the Ultimate Medley but sadly I didn’t get the outfit. I probably won’t even get the platinum but I’ll try to get as much as I can I guess lol

  5. I love miku games! I have them all! even the one for the 3DS. It looks like there’s a lot of dialogue and text in “X” (and my japanese is not that good….yet) so I’ll wait for them to release the game in the US. I can’t wait to play this game! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about PROJECT DIVA X.

    BTW, I saw the reviews on AMAZON JAPAN and they weren’t good at all. I don’t care! the game looks pretty fun for me so I’ll definitely buy it.

    1. the reviews are bad cause people don’t wanna grind costumes with RNG and cause all the story based videos are gone. but if that doesn’t bother you then yea the game is totally fine.

  6. You’re right Hinaho. I really liked your review. There’s no better review of this game right now. I was able to understand all the good and bad things about the game. Looking forward to the next music game review (I saw there’s a lot a otome games reviews but since I’m a guy I’m not really into otome games) Thanks for the wonderful review.

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