Otome Game Review: Dance with Devils

So because AmiAmi had a turbo-sale on their ebay store, I managed to snag a copy of this game for only $53 for the LIMITED edition box that included the preorder bonus drama CD too lol. But yea I mean I guess I shouldn’t be surprised why they gave it such a huge discount – because after watching the anime, the game becomes somewhat predictable. If you’ve seen the anime you basically already know the story so there won’t be too many spoilers here. The basic story is our heroine Tachibana Ritsuka possesses the forbidden grimoire inside of her and anyone who gets a hold of it will attain enormous powers. Due to this she now has the vampires & devils fighting over her. Also unfortunately (?) there are no musical numbers within the game. 😂

2016-08-17-125132Nanashiro Mage – Mage is the oresama tsundere aniki so while he’s all oraora at first, once he falls for Ritsuka he starts to babble nonsense and blush like a dork. (ㆁωㆁ*) Because Urie lies to him, Mage gets the idea that if he kisses Ritsuka he’ll get the grimoire out of her body. 😂 And so after stalking her for days and being kicked away by her pendant, she drops her guard when she runs into some mafia dudes that Mage saves her from. That’s when he kisses her but is like hey wait, where my grimoire at? XD Ritsuka gets pissed upon hearing this and runs off. She later finds out from the other guys why he did it and he finds out it was a joke. Despite this he realizes he kinda liked kissing her even if it didn’t give him the grimoire lol. So then the vampires kidnap her and Azuna and mage runs to kick their asses. They also finally save Ritsuka’s mom. After bringing her home Mage starts to question his goals and feelings for Ritsuka. (ू•ᴗ•ू❁) One day at the beach Mage reveals his whole family was killed for trying to overthrow the dark lord Maxis. He’s done a lot of hard living trying to grow up on his own….then he heard about the grimoire and decided if he got hold of it he could rule the underworld. Ritsuka tells him he can rely on her and he’s not alone. This lights a fire under his ass and he kisses her in the beach sunset.

2016-08-17-125134Ritsuka or her pendant don’t push him away so he realizes she’s fallen in love with him. The school festival rolls around and Ritsuka was supposed to dance with Mage but got captured by the religious wacko exorcists who claim she’s being fooled by devils. Mage and co rescue her and Mage takes her back to the dance hall to dance with just the 2 of them. After they dance Ritsuka says she heard from the exorcists that in order to get the grimoire you have to kill her and get her blood. Mage says that he’d rather not have the grimoire than have her die, because he’s fallen in love with her. Ritsuka’s mother then admits that her father is a devil and Ritsuka is only half human. She also says that Lindo is her cousin,  not her brother. In fact Ritsuka’s father is the guy who killed Mage’s family so Ritsuka doesn’t know how to break the news to him. She ends up avoiding him and making him confused and frustrated. Ritsuka chases Mage down and confesses that she’s the daughter of the former dark lord Maxis. Mage is surprised but says it’s fine since it’s not like she’s loyal to a father she thought was dead all her life. Human End 1: Mage gets into a fight with Rem saying he refuses to let Ritsuka die for the grimoire. Just then Lindo comes in like a wrecking ball,  ready to exorcise them all.  😂😂 After Ritsuka tells him that basically Mage saved her from the crazy exorcists who wanted to kill her, he calms down & apologizes. In a timely fashion, the exorcist cult shows up saying they want the grimoire and they will kill Lindo too for uncovering the truth.

2016-08-17-125140They take Ritsuka hostage in exchange for saving Azuna who was taken hostage. She then uses her powers to distract the exorcists and Mage defeats them. Since it’s Ritsuka’s birthday,  the grimoire vanishes but Mage don’t care cause he got a hot babe by his side now. 😏 In the epilogue, everyone loses interest in Ritsuka since the grimoire is gone and she spends time being raburabu with Mage (much to Lindo’s dismay 😂😂). In the end Mage asks Ritsuka to marry him. Human End 2: Everyone including Ritsuka gets hurt bad (or dies) so she kisses Mage giving him her blood and the power of the grimoire before she dies. The exorcists try to finish Mage off, but now with the powers of the grimoire he’s invincible. He then wanders the world in despair destroying everything because he misses Ritsuka. Devil End 1: Rem’s daddy tells him to bring Ritsuka to him because they find out that she’s the daughter of the infamous former  dark lord Maxis. When Rem tells everyone, he finds out that Mage knew all along about how to get the grimoire out of her. They get into a fight as usual since Mage didn’t wanna kill her. Rem locks up Mage in the student council office with Shiki monitoring him….while he and Urie kidnap Ritsuka and bring her to the underworld to get killed by multiple demon families. This was all decided because Mage was Ritsuka’s boyfriend and Rem’s daddy was scared that some day Mage would obtain the grimoire and take over the underworld. Mage manages to break free and runs to go save Ritsuka but she’s been turned into a lifeless doll thanks to Urie forcing her to sit there seeing nightmares for several hours.

2016-08-17-125210Urie and Shiki show up and they end up fighting saying that Mage is basically being a traitor.  Ritsuka hears Mage calling out to her so she snaps out of her trance, runs after him and helps get him free. Unfortunately he and Ritsuka both get captured by Rem’s dad to perform the ceremony to get the grimoire out of her. Mage gets beat up badly but comes to save her anyway. Rem changes his mind,  cuts off her chains to help her escape, with Urie and Shiki helping out too. Mage then has to face off against Rem’s dad who is the current dark lord. After Mage defeats him,  Ritsuka’s grimoire powers disappear. Ritsuka thanks him for protecting her and kisses him on the cheek while he babbles in embarrassment in front of the other guys. 😂 In the epilogue, Mage becomes in charge of the underworld and works with the other guys to change the way things are run.  Ritsuka comes to visit him once in a while so they can have their ichaicha time together. He asks her to marry him so she can be with him all the time. Devil End 2: Ritsuka’s grimoire powers drive all the guys mad and they can no longer control their urge to ravage her. Mage is the only one still in his right mind but he fight all of them.  Rem manages to get a hold of himself and gives Mage and Ritsuka a chance to escape. Once they run away,  Mage dies after Ritsuka’s grimoire powers vanish. Roen shows up asking if she wants to go back to earth, but Ritsuka asks him to kill her instead so she can join Mage in the afterlife.

2016-08-17-125040Sogami Urie – I thought Urie would be good since he seemed like the smooth talking prince type but I guess typical of Rejet to crush those hopes & dreams. 😂 Urie is an incubus so his specialty is wooing the ladies and then of course, stealing their souls and jumping in/manipulating their dreams. He flirts with all the girls at school and Ritsuka feels awkward seeing this. His harem rages at her and chases her but he doesn’t exactly fend them off either. ( ¯ ¨̯ ¯̥̥ ) Honestly he felt fake and full of shit most of his route. 😅 Sadly even though I didn’t trust him,  Ritsuka does and of course he takes advantage of her and tricks her. He hypnotizes her to only think of him but she still calls out of her mother every once in awhile. Meanwhile Rem’s dad rages that Urie got his hands on the grimoire before his son did. The gross hypnosis love slave play continues until Urie gets bored of Ritsuka being like a live blow up doll. In fact the real reason he wanted Ritsuka was to show off to Rem but Rem didn’t give a crap lol.😂 Eventually Ritsuka snaps out if his trance and he’s pissed and admits he was lying to her the whole time. (눈_눈) In fact she builds resistance towards his bullshit despite not having her pendant. Just then Ritsuka gets news that Lindo’s been badly hurt so she agrees to do what Urie says, if they help save Lindo. Despite this Urie is still buttmad that Ritsuka won’t fall for him out of her own will. He gets so mad he even goes to bang his school harem to release his frustration. He also gets jealous that Ritsuka cares so much about her oniisan. 😂

2016-08-17-125049Urie then reveals that his devil dad was a manwhore and screwed a ton of other women and got them preggo. So now Urie has a ton of siblings but he barely knows any of them. His mom got sick of that shit and left him for another man too which is why Urie turned out the way he did. His mom then said she wished Urie was never born and got mad that he turned into a manwhore like his dad. So then Urie realizes in fact he’s all dokidoki for Ritsuka because she’s the only one who’s resisted him up until now! Well okay whatever floats your boat dude. He confesses his love to Ritsuka at the school festival and for whatever reason she’s in love with him too! After avoiding his fan girls, they dance in the garden until Jek bursts in. They beat his ass until he reveals that you need to kill Ritsuka to obtain the grimoire. Unlike Mage though, Urie has no issues with killing her to obtain it and says he’ll make her see a “nice dream” so she dies painlessly. HOW SWEET OF YOU. (눈_눈) He does try to give her a chance to run away but Ritsuka stays to try to get him to tell her his true feelings. But he continues to be stubborn and even strangles her with his whip to show that he’s this bad guy who she needs to run away from. Despite this,  Ritsuka doesn’t give up telling him to tell her his true feelings and stop running away. Eventually he gives in and confesses he doesn’t want her to die and is gonna dump his childhood friendship with Rem! 😂 Human End 1: Rem hears all this and he’s not pleased. He chases them both down and badly beats up Urie.

2016-08-17-125114Thanks to Ritsuka’s pendant they manage to temporarily escape. Eventually Rem catches up to them and they have a long battle in which Urie says he didn’t want to lose against anyone in his feelings for Ritsuka. And welp they take so long,  the clock strikes 12 & the grimoire poofs. Rem, Shiki and Mage leave since they no longer have a use with Ritsuka. In actuality it’s a fake clock noise cause Rem gave up realizing his childhood friend finally has something he wants to fight for. In the epilogue, Rem complains for staying too long on earth for Urie’s sake 😂. He’s forgiven his childhood friend and they’ve gotten Ritsuka’s mom back. Urie says he doesn’t mind losing to Rem in shougi as long as he has Ritsuka. Human End 2: Urie dies being defeated by Rem. Ritsuka makes it past the grimoire deadline but she’s trapped dreaming an eternal dream with him in a coma.  Lindo rages that this happened but Azuna says that Ritsuka is probably like that on her own will. Devil End 1: The king of vampires, Nester comes to the school saying he wants the grimoire so vampires can take over the world. The dude is too powerful so Urie & Ritsuka run away per Rem’s orders. They run into Lindo and he admits he knew about Ritsuka’s grimoire. Urie admits that he loves Ritsuka and that he wants to save her. Lindo tells them to run to his secret hideout and kill time until her birthday passes. Urie and Ritsuka end up going to some hidden cave where Lindo used to do his exorcist training as a child. They find the diary of Ritsuka’s grandpa where it’s revealed that she’s half devil.

2016-08-17-125118They figure there might be a way to get rid of the grimoire out of her by having her no longer be “half” (which is the requirement for having the grimoire inside her). Urie says he can turn her into a devil like himself but she would no longer be able to live like other humans. Of course the way to do this is to bang her so they screw in the cave and she becomes a devil,  with the grimoire immediately vanishing. ♪…(/ω\*)) Unfortunately it turns her into a love doll again who only does what he tells her. He then takes Ritsuka around to see if anything can spark her memory but nothing works. Just then Rem & co bring back Ritsuka’s mother in hopes that seeing her would bring her memories back. They bring the mom back home but seeing both Lindo and her mom does nothing. So as a final attempt, he takes her to dance in the school garden, and kisses her like in some Disney movie.  😂 This is super effective and she gets her memories back like magic! ☄ In the epilogue Ritsuka joins Urie together in the underworld and moves in with him. His family isn’t too pleased that their son is dating a former “human” lol. It’s ok though cause Urie gets to bang his waifu in hell happily ever after 😏. Devil End 2: Nester shows up and he’s buttmad that Urie let his grimoire vanish – so he kills Ritsuka (still in her doll like state). In the epilogue Urie gets pissed and kills Nester  – before passing out and dying himself. Personally I enjoyed Urie’s devil end a lot more, probably because he felt a lot more sincere in it.

2016-08-17-125219Natsumezaka Shiki – Shiki is my guilty pleasure, mostly thanks to Hirarin’s outstanding voice acting. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) That said, the poor guy only really gets the best development in his human route and his devil routes are basically a regression in the wrong direction. Well Rejet had to assign someone to take one for the team, so they chose him as the victim. 😨 He’s similar to Laito from Dialovers (same seiyuu didn’t help) because he’s kinda both DoS and DoM at the same time. He’s also in the art club but often finishes a painting then immediately destroys it.He ends up convincing Ritsuka to stay with her at her house to protect her from the vampires.  He also sticks to her like glue at school and uses her to pleasure NTR himself from his fan girls 😂 He feels like he and Ritsuka have stuff in common because they’re both “alone”. By that he means they got to where they are not by their own will. Shiki was an angel who was thrown out of heaven & became a fallen angel in hell.  Meanwhile Ritsuka became the vessel for the grimoire all cause her mom banged a devil. When Azuna hears that Ritsuka’s been living with Shiki she gets really mad that she wasn’t told anything.  Ritsuka says that she felt left out since both Azuna & Lindo are overprotective  exorcists and would never let her live with a devil.  They can’t see eye to eye and as their friendship grows apart, Ritsuka’s relationship with Shiki grows closer. She even lets him sleep in bed with her after she sees him having a nightmare about losing her.

2016-08-17-125228But yeah all the cute stuff was indeed too good to be true. 😂 On the night of the dance party, Shiki tricks the vampires and allows them into the school to kill people but also then has the exorcists come and exterminate them.  Basically chaos ensues all for Shiki’s entertainment as he watches from above with Ritsuka in his arms.  😅 He says he did it to betray Rem cause he didn’t wanna be apart from Ritsuka. He wanted her to feel the same sense of despair as himself so they’d be closer to each other.(Turns out Shiki is Iwasaki Daisuke himself 😂😂). Sigh and so Azuna and Lindo get mixed up in this mess while looking for Ritsuka…and Azuna ends up getting killed. Shiki then reveals that he was kicked out of heaven for killing his fellow angel ( even though Shiki claimed he saved him lolol.) Ritsuka is in despair to the point that she blames Azuna’s death on herself and Shiki is orgasming that she’s fallen to his level.  \(´◓Д◔`)/ He also doesn’t give a rats ass about the grimoire and he just wants blow up doll Ritsuka instead. Ritsuka is so shocked from the PTSD that she ends up in a lifeless trance alone at home, until Shiki comes to play with her. ʅ( ´_ゝ`)ʃ Some days later Ritsuka snaps out of it and checks her phone and finds an old voice mail from Azuna asking to make up – before the dance party massacre happened. Ritsuka tells herself she’s not gonna stay broken – much to Shiki’s dismay. He gets mad and feels “alone” again so he decides to attack the exorcist base where Azuna and Lindo are in critical condition.

2016-08-17-125230Ritsuka refuses to be pushed around by this dumb ass so she clings on to him as he flies into the air. Lmfao you go girl! 😏 Before she can reason with him after they land, Jek shows up but when he attacks Shiki, he just sits there lamenting how good it feels lol. Ritsuka gets in the way cause she doesn’t want Shiki to die, but Shiki protects her and uh gets one of his wings chopped off. He refuses to give Ritsuka to anyone cause she’s the only person who’s ever given him the time of day. Ritsuka uses the holy ring her brother gave her to defeat Jek and knock him off the building they’re on. She then takes him to the school infirmary to tend to his broken wing wound. While there Ritsuka explains that just cause she’s not on the same level of despair as him,  doesn’t mean she’s gonna leave him. While Ritsuka leaves the infirmary to get a drink, Shiki thinks about everything and how she cried for him.  He gets some pain in his heart which he doesn’t realize is his love for Ritsuka and wanders around town depressed as to why the pain in his heart doesn’t feel good like it usually does. While Ritsuka goes to look for him,  she gets kidnapped by Roen (who at this point is listed as mystery boy.) Shiki tries to fight him but gets hurt badly and that’s when Roen announces how they’ll kill Ritsuka for the grimoire. Seeing Shiki get hurt over and over Ritsuka unleashes her grimoire powers forcing Roen to make a quick exit. After she wakes up, she finds a crying Shiki next to her whose wounds have already healed.

2016-08-17-125232After some hugging, Rem comes in and Shiki goes to talk with him about what happened while Ritsuka rests. Afterwards he comes back and they come to the conclusion that they can be “the same” by both having feelings of love for each other. What a concept!  And so they end up kissing  and when Ritsuka returns home,  Shiki takes care of everything for her. Human End 1: Ritsuka’s grimoire powers begin to go out of control so the angels from above decide to interfere to stop it. They’re also unhappy that the grimoire has fallen into the hands of Kirael aka Shiki’s former angel name. Also apparently cause Ritsuka accidentally drank some of his blood during their kiss, it’s causing a bad reaction to the grimoire. Roen rescues them all to safety and that’s when he reveals how to get the grimoire and that Shiki knew all along. Shiki grabs Ritsuka and they run for it. They get surrounded by angels and devils and then Ritsuka’s powers go berserk. Despite this Shiki still tries to calm them down and gets skewered like a bbq chicken saying it’s ok cause he loves pain.😅 So because Shiki takes all the damage from the grimoire he protects both Ritsuka and the world from destruction, but its too much and he dies.  Because he protected the world,  the angels give him one more chance and revive him as an angel.

2016-08-17-125243Unfortunately he has to return to heaven now to do his angel duties. In the epilogue,  Lindo & Azuna both recover back to full health. Ritsuka misses Shiki but one day comes home and he’s there waiting for her.  He says he was kicked out of heaven again cause he drew all over the elder angel’s face 😂😂😂😂. Heaven said he’s not fit to be an angel or a devil so they make him human so now he & Ritsuka can live happily ever after. Human End 2: Exorcists go around killing random people they think have the grimoire. Ritsuka’s powers go out of control, destroy everything and she becomes broken again. Shiki flies her into the sky until the angels zap them out of their misery. Devil End 1: Azuna dies and one of the exorcist nurses gives Ritsuka her old knife as a keepsake. Shiki then turns into exactly what I expected him to and gets all horned up from seeing Ritsuka depressed over Azuna’s death. Ritsuka starts avoiding Shiki cause it reminds her of the dance party and starts killing everyone who she talks to out if jealousy – claiming her misery is arousing to him. 😅 He kills all the other devil guys by tricking them so they never suspect that he’s the one doing it. He brings Mage and Urie to her house and kills them right in front of her. Ritsuka then asks him to go with her to her grandpa’s old house so she can separate him from hurting anyone.

2016-08-17-125312He agrees but Ritsuka is on edge the whole time trying to monitor him 24/7 and barely gets any sleep. Needless to say when she finally falls asleep, he gets bored and decides to go bring her her dead brother to horrify her. You know like how a cat brings its human dead mice & birds.😨 But yeah he gets bored & decides to go kill her mom too. Ritsuka follows him to vampire HQ and brings Azuna’s knife threatening to kill him. And sooo because he threatens to kill the mom, Ritsuka  ends up stabbing him in the heart and he dies in his bdsm happy trance. 😨 Devil End 2: Roen offers to kill Ritsuka so she can be away from Shiki but Shiki is on to everything and he won’t let anyone lay a finger on Ritsuka. Shiki then kills Roen, and Ritsuka’s mom too. In the epilogue he continues to endlessly kill everyone she ever associated with ( including her classmates) to get  reaction but Ritsuka is so broken she becomes an unresponsive lifeless log. 😑 Guess he didn’t think his cunning plan all the way through. I never really did understand why Shiki was kicked out of heaven the first time. It just sounded like he was a sadist who killed his friend for no apparent reason and claimed he was “saving” him but they didn’t really go into greater detail. So honestly it’s hard to tell if he was truly a victim, or he’s just insane to begin with and brought everything upon himself. That said, his story in the DWD manga was so cute…(*´ェ`*)ポッ Was well worth the Kindle purchase for me!

2016-08-17-124953Tachibana Lindo – If you thought Shiki was bad Lindo is just wtf. Ok here’s my reasoning, Shiki hurts mostly people AROUND Ritsuka so he felt LESS terrible to me than Lindo who basically directly hurts Ritsuka lol. He’s so gross and clingy and the entire bullshit of “We’re not blood related….we’re cousins” is just dafuq. Also Ritsuka turns into this helpless moeblob in both of his endings and he only encourages such behavior which felt like a huge step backwards for her. Lindo is an exorcist along with Azuna but wanted to keep it all a secret from Ritsuka until he was forced to exterminate some vampires in front of her. Roen ends up revealing himself to Ritsuka and telling her the truth about Azuna, Lindo and the exorcists. He tells her the reason anyone got close to her is cause of the grimoire. He tells her he grimoire is not a book but a power inside of Ritsuka herself. When Lindo goes to rescue her he gets so mad he unleashes his vampire powers. This causes Ritsuka’s grimoire powers to go berserk too. After Ritsuka gets home Azuna and Lindo confess the truth that Roen told her. They then apologize for lying to her but say they just wanted to protect her.

Roen traps them in a contained space and after fighting him for a while,  Lindo unleashes his vampire powers. Ritsuka is shocked to find out her brother is half vampire. After they get out, Ritsuka’s like nooo niisan come back to your senses! And so thanks to imouto love power Lindo returns back to his normal self, but he’s horrified she’s seen his vampire side. Lindo decides to confess that he’s half vampire and that he’s trained his whole life to suppress that side of him. He tells Ritsuka that they’re not blood related but then says that they’re cousins. Last I recalled cousins were related by blood??? 😂

Because the grimoire power gets too strong Lindo’s ability to resist his vampire urges begins to weaken. He starts avoiding spending too much time with Ritsuka so he doesn’t ravage her. 😏 After the school dance party, Jek shows up revealing that Lindo’s dad is the king of vampires, Nester. Ritsuka says she doesn’t give a crap cause she believes in Lindo. A huge fight happens and Azuna holds some guys off, while Lindo takes Ritsuka & runs. Lindo takes her to the exorcist base and decides it’s safe to keep her there until her birthday passes. Meanwhile he asks the exorcists to perform a skin burning ceremony with “holy oil” (wut) to help suppress his vampiric urges. 😅

2016-08-17-124957The exorcists then trick Ritsuka  and say they’re going to purge her to “save humanity”. They start whipping her telling her to confess her sins of having the grimoire. 😑 Fortunately before they really hurt her, Lindo comes running & he’s like wtf are you all doing to my precious imouto!? He fights them and for some reason Shiki, Urie and Mage show up as back up which helps Lindo & Ritsuka escape. Lindo also realizes the exorcists always thought of him as a monster. They run & hide at a shrine and Lindo tells Ritsuka how his mom went nuts cause he was half vampire.  She began to deny that he’s her son and then killed herself. So then aunt Maria adopted him as her own son. Ritsuka’s grandpa figured that Lindo’s vampire urges were awakening so he put him through “tolerance” training. Then his vampire urges come through again and Ritsuka’s all its ok if it’s you oniichan.💖 After they both confess their love Lindo says he’s gonna try to hold back. After a while an earthquake happens so they leave the shrine. They run into Azuna & Rem who tell them there’s rabid vampires on the loose that they need to join forces to put a stop to. So they all run to vampire HQ to defeat Lindo’s dad Nester  – who is a gross wrinkled gge.

2016-08-17-125012Human End 1: Nester is tough to kill cause well he’s invincible and cannot die lol. Nester tries to make Lindo succumb to his vampire urges but thanks to Ritsuka’s kiss, he gets a hold of himself. After defeating gge, they rescue the mom and go home. In the epilogue,  grimoire power vanishes and without their leader the vampires peace out. Rem & co return to hell effectively getting rid of all cockblocks between Lindo & Ritsuka 😂. And so flash forward,  Lindo & Ritsuka get married lol I love how the incest route gets the wedding end \(^О^)/. ALSO I DON’T KNOW HOW MANY YEARS LATER THIS IS BUT SHE STILL CALLS HIM NIISAN AT THE ALTER 😂😂😂😂 Rejet oniichan bias is strong. Human End 2: Ritsuka’s mom goes cray strangling Ritsuka telling her to give the grimoire to Nester. They also bring the dead bodies of Azuna & Rem saying Rem protected Azuna. 🙁 The mom’s been turned into a vampire so she sucks the blood from the dead bodies and the horror makes Ritsuka’s powers go berserk. They run away to the school and lock the doors to get away from all the rabid vampires running after her. To their horror they find the other devil guys lying dead inside. Ritsuka decides that her dying is better so she jumps out the classroom window and dies. Lindo however can’t live without his imouto so he uh lives with her corpse and acts like she’s alive…ewww lol.\(^О^)/ Meanwhile all the ppl turned into vampires bang on their door but Lindo ignores everything except his dead imouto lol.

2016-08-17-125019Devil End 1: After rescuing Ritsuka from the exorcists, Lindo takes her to grandpa’s old house for refuge and tells her to never go outside. 😅 To make sure she doesn’t ever leave he locks her inside the uguu house of brotherly love.  He tries to confess his feelings for her, but Ritsuka brother zones him.  😂😂 Unfortunately it seems like by not accepting oniichan’s love,  his vampire urges go out of control! One night he decides to go for the gold & jumps on her in bed. He says he’s given up holding himself back and that he’s in love with her. Ritsuka is like nooo niisan go back to your old self and he says that Ritsuka isn’t looking at his real self,  just like his mom. Just then the exorcists burst in trying to kill Ritsuka and Lindo goes to fight them. After he kills a bunch of them he drinks their blood to stop his cravings – but nothing satisfies him like imouto chan! Just then it’s midnight,  the grimoire powers disappear and Lindo decides to stick his fangs into Ritsuka’s neck.  Ritsuka gives up on “niisan” and just does whatever Lindo says. 😒 He becomes the vampire king and makes Ritsuka his slave waifu/blood bank lol. ʅ( ´_ゝ`)ʃ Devil End 2: Lindo plans to suck imouto dry until he gets a hold of himself and stabs himself in the heart. He says he’ll never return to his normal self and he promised to protect her, even if from himself. Before he dies he says he wished Ritsuka saw him beyond just a brother. In the epilogue Ritsuka’s loved ones are all dead so she decides to go study overseas. It’s hilarious that the plot of Lindo’s route is “If imouto won’t notice me, I will turn into a vampire and FORCE MYSELF ON HER!!” Also I discussed this on twitter with someone and we both realized that he keeps calling her imouto imouto, but he only stays sane when she agrees to no longer ~be his imouto~ lmao. 😂 Whatever Rejet you can have your fun. Still not as bad as Masato.

2016-08-17-124841Kaginuki Rem – Oh Rem you poor soul, the poster boy who gets essentially screwed in every route including his own. I’ll be honest I feel like I got to know Rem’s personality better in the anime than the game. The game was busy having Rem hide his feelings or be cockblocked by niisan and the few moments he had were wedged into the brief devil/human conversations. (´・ω・`) He got a lot better endings than most of the guys but it was as if to make up for the lack of anything in his route. Also he’s childhood friends with Urie, but we never saw any flashbacks or any kind of “close bonding” between Urie and Rem in either his route or Urie’s. (Although in Urie’s it was mostly his inferiority complex towards Rem.) Rem also tries to charm his way to get info out of Ritsuka but does it in a classier way than Urie lol.Despite everything though,  Rem starts to care about Ritsuka beyond just a grimoire connection source. He ultimately falls for her when she praises him for trying to follow through his mission to get the grimoire & fight the vampires. They have many shoujo manga moments like bumping hands while picking up papers or having him catch her when she trips & falls. 😂

2016-08-17-124851So then Roen kidnaps her and puts her in an enclosed dimension until her birthday to make sure no one else gets their hands on the grimoire. Rem saves her (again cause this has happened twice earlier lol). Ritsuka asks why Rem ain’t locking her up some place and he says he’ll just watch over her and beat up anyone that attacks her. She gets sad and lonely and meanwhile Rem goes to emo off on his own about how he can’t get Ritsuka off his mind. (∗ˊᵕ`∗) Before the school festival,  Roen tells Rem the method of obtaining the grimoire from Ritsuka & he’s heartbroken. He even lies to his dad saying he doesn’t know how to get the grimoire. So at the dance party Rem & Ritsuka get the crowns in their drinks and end up as king & queen of the night. They dance together much to oniisan’s dismay. After the dance Jek attacks them and Azuna ends up dying. Ritsuka passes out using her powers and Rem comes running and he’s mad. He defeats Jek and Lindo is in despair that he and Azuna weren’t enough to protect Ritsuka on their own. Rem brings Lindo & Ritsuka to his house to keep safe from all the vampires.

2016-08-17-124855Ritsuka ends up falling asleep on Rem’s shoulder, but meanwhile Lindo overhears Rem’s underlings talking about killing Ritsuka on the night of the full moon. Lindo then bursts in during a cute hug with Rem & Ritsuka demanding that they leave immediately claiming Rem is gonna kill her.Rem has no idea how his underlings have gotten the word about obtaining the grimoire but he then confesses his love for Ritsuka, saying he can’t bear to kill her no matter what his “duties” are. Lindo gives up (finally) and lets Ritsuka talk to Rem so Rem uses the time to once again confess his love to her. After this, Lindo agrees to join forces with Rem to protect Ritsuka until her birthday passes. The other guys say Rem is a shit for asking for an exorcist’s help to kill vampires, and they’re shocked that Rem is in love with Ritsuka and ignoring his father’s orders. While no one’s looking, Jek brings Ritsuka to see her mom and then captures her for Nester. Thanks to the strap Rem gave to Ritsuka though,  he and Lindo are able to track her down to vampire HQ. Human End 1: Rem goes to defeat Nester on his own but then the other guys come help & bring Lindo who defeated Jek. They say that they’re not following Rem’s orders but they want to help too. 😊

2016-08-17-124923Before he goes though,  Nester curses Ritsuka so Rem looks like Nester and Lindo looks like Jek to her. Ritsuka goes crazy from the curse and the grimoire powers go out of control. Rem tries to get close to her but Ritsuka stabs him in horror as he professes his love to her. After he kisses her, she manages to snap out of it and then the time passes & the grimoire disappears. In the epilogue, Rem’s dad is pissed his son failed to get the grimoire. Rem apologizes to papa and asks him to forgive his relationship with Ritsuka. Rem decides to stay on earth with Ritsuka and all the other guys decide to hang out there a bit longer (sans Roen). Thanks to them though, they keep cockblock niisan away so Ritsuka & Rem can have their ichaicha time. Human End 2: After defeating Nester, Rem hugs Ritsuka goodbye and returns to hell saying one day he’ll come back for her. Lol the most tame of all bad ends 😂. In the epilogue Ritsuka returns to her normal life with mom & Lindo. Devil End 1: Ritsuka stays at Rem’s house while he & Lindo go invade vampire HQ. While they’re gone,  Rem’s dad takes the appearance of his son & kidnaps Ritsuka \(^О^)/. DAD NTR!!!

2016-08-17-124929Ritsuka feels something is off so she tricks into having him admit he’s not Rem, but Rem’s dad and he wants the grimoire. Just then Rem returns,  horrified that his dad has his bae. The dad then takes Ritsuka to hell with him despite Rem’s attempts to stop him.When Rem finally makes his way to dad, he reveals that her mom got tricked by dark lord Maxis to have a half demon baby to harbor the grimoire powers. Rem is like yea and?  And continues to fight his sprite less dad. After they defeat dad, they return back to Rem’s house and then Ritsuka’s grimoire leaves her body. In the epilogue, Rem says he’s been assigned new leader of the Arlond family & needs to return to hell. He asks Ritsuka to come with him and be his half demon waifu…and he ain’t taking no for an answer. ヾ(*´∇`*)ノ And so some time later they get married. Dat Rem bias is stronk. Devil End 2: Rem’s dad uses an illusion of Ritsuka to trick & kill Rem cause he’s an “embarrassment to the family”. He drops off a dying Rem next to Ritsuka and after Rem dies, Rem’s dad kills her to obtain the grimoire. Before she goes, he grants her wish and creates an illusion of Rem to see her off. Honestly I kinda hyped up Rem a bit because I liked him in the anime and I thought he might have a really cute route buuuut yea, poor Rem. He even has this sad look on his face everytime he kinda sacrifices/gives up in other guys’ routes all because of his hidden feelings for Ritsuka. It was honestly a shame.

2016-08-17-125319Roen – Well I somehow ended up saving the best for last because Roen literally had the best route/development for both himself and Ritsuka in the entire game. Roen is the Pomeranian wanchan who is actually the great demon dog Cerberus. He served under Ritsuka’s father Maxis. Apparently Maxis saved him from a bunch of devils who were killing all these Cerberuses, so he’s super loyal to him. Roen’s goal is to revive the former dark lord Maxis so he wants the grimoire inside Ritsuka. They try to keep Ritsuka surrounded by a holy barrier at home but Roen just teleports through it like Swiss cheese. He tells her not to get captured by other devils or vampires. Meanwhile Rem & co try to get Ritsuka despite pledging a temporary truce with Lindo. However since Roen is op, he manages to ward them all off. Eventually Roen reveals to Ritsuka about how she’s Maxis’ daughter and that’s why the grimoire is inside her and why her brother trained to be an exorcist. Roen also reveals that Rem’s dad defeated and sealed off Maxis and then adopted Roen to serve them. So after Shiki messes with them, Roen uses up his powers and turns back to his fluffy dog form. While Lindo is gone on exorcist business,  Ritsuka’s at home with the fluffy wanchan. (´,,•ω•,,)

2016-08-17-125326He takes advantage of her weakness to the fluffy doge and jumps and licks her face XDDDD. She then floofs him and brushes him despite his internal complaints. Meanwhile Ritsuka just wants to enjoy having a fluffy pet doge 😂😂. One day she goes out to buy some dog products for Roen at the department store and leaves him outside. An exorcist attacks him claiming he knows Roen’s a devil but before he can stab the poor pooch, Ritsuka runs out, throws some dog milk (???) all over the guy, garbs Roen and runs. While she runs and hides in some alley, Roen’s powers come back and he teleports them back to her room. He says Ritsuka is being too naiive and nice to a devil who plans to kill her for her grimoire but she just wants to be friends with him 😂. At the dance party Ritsuka is upset and Roen notices so he teleports them to the student council office (which is empty) and dances with her. Ritsuka doesn’t understand why he’s being so nice to her if he’s gonna kill her anyway, and well honestly Roen has no idea himself. After the dance Ritsuka is captured by vampires and Roen is pissed. He goes and beats up Jek and rescues Ritsuka. Ritsuka complains that he’s saving her but he’s gonna kill her anyway. Roen then admits that his desire to kill her is vanishing and he doesn’t want to lose her.

2016-08-17-125328They rescue the mom and return home while Rem & co help Lindo & Azuna. Roen tells Ritsuka about his past and when she mopes about her mom not waking up,  he kisses her ╰(´ิ∀´ิ)╯ヒャホー. Just then Maria wakes up as if magic lol. She then reveals that she still loves Maxis and that in fact they were in love,  and not just him tricking her into having a grimoire baby. He originally came to study under Ritsuka’s grandpa and one day Maria found out Maxis was a devil. Despite this they still fell in love and he knocked her up. She also said that Maxis spoke well of Roen while he was away from hell. Also apparently Maxis had no idea his baby would inherit the grimoire and once Ritsuka was born,  he realized his family was more important.  As he lived more on earth he began to lose his magic powers, and grandpa was against their relationship. Meanwhile in hell they got mad that the dark lord isn’t living in hell like he’s supposed to so he was forced to return and leave Maria & Ritsuka behind. Roen then realizes that Maxis asked him to protect Ritsuka and Maria, not revive him with the grimoire by killing his daughter. Roen has a meltdown and realizes everything he did up to now was a waste. After he runs off to be sad in the rain, Ritsuka chases him down, confesses her love and kisses him. HELL YEA GURL. 👏👏

2016-08-17-125336She says if he has no place to go he should just stay with her family and protect her like her dad asked. Human End 1: Roen gives in and confesses his love to Ritsuka agreeing to stay with her. As they return home,  Rem & co are there and they’ve taken Maria as hostage in order to get Ritsuka. After seeing Roen’s resolve to protect the girl he loves, Rem gives up & leaves. Urie later comforts him saying he knew Rem had the hots for Ritsuka. Poor Rem 😂. In the epilogue Roen “punishes” Ritsuka for not waking up, with kisses. \( *´ω`* )/ 💕 Human End 2: A bloody Rem comes to Ritsuka’s house telling them to run away. Just then Rem’s angry dad comes raging at his son and Roen for being traitors. He kills Ritsuka and leaves but Roen cannot accept her death. He decides to spend the rest of his life caring for her and her dad’s grave( at least I assume it’s a grave and not a rotting corpse lol.) Devil End 1: The exorcists attack Azuna and Lindo, kidnapping Ritsuka this time instead. They chain her down and stab her while Azuna & Lindo beg them to stop. Just then Roen shows up and sets them all on fire, freeing Ritsuka. While Ritsuka tries to free Azuna & Lindo one of the exorcists attacks her. Azuna jumps in the way and gets killed which enrages Ritsuka and she unleashes the grimoire on all the exorcists.

2016-08-17-125352This causes her to awaken her demon blood and have a telepathic chat with daddy. Once she wakes up, she becomes a cool composed demon lady that Roen panics why she’s willing & ready to die as long as her mom is rescued.She also says since Roen is special to her, she doesn’t mind giving him her life for the grimoire. The unstoppable RitsuRoen team beat up any remaining exorcists and invade vampire HQ to save Maria. Devil End 1: Ritsuka ain’t having some vampire GGE kill her or her wanchan bae, so she uses her grimoire powers and kicks his ass. 😏 Unfortunately because he hid his heart in another place it doesn’t kill him.  Instead he brings Lindo,  his son,  to be his attack zombie. Lindo manages to get a hold of himself a bit & asks Ritsuka to kill him. At one point Ritsuka and Roen teleport & have a chat with her dad. Roen says that he wants to protect her and not kill her for the grimoire anymore. Dad’s like hohoho I approve of you wanchan 😏🖒. Ritsuka’s like ok well in that case I guess I don’t wanna die either xD.

2016-08-17-125402After confessing their love,  Ritsuka & Roen return to find Lindo trying to fight off Nester’s control of himself. Ritsuka then figures out where Nester’s real heart is and stabs it with a knife,  permanently destroying him. In the epilogue, Ritsuka is now a devil and so she and Roen return to her father’s old castle in hell to wait 615 years for him to awaken. Fortunately at least she has her beloved ikemen  wanchan beside her.  ( ื▽ ื♡) ホホホ Devil End 2: Nester turns Maria into his vampire slave. Ritsuka gets so angry at this she merges herself with the grimoire and destroys every vampire. After this she becomes the dark lord with her loyal doge Roen forever by her side, while she has an uncontrollable thirst for destruction. 😈 HELL YEAH RITSUKA. The devil ends here were my favorite cause the whole game I sat there wondering “why doesn’t Ritsuka ever just take the grimoire powers on her own? she’s half devil, she can do it!” Glad FINALLY in this route that she did, but too bad I guess she became a murder craving killing machine but at least she has a cute loyal doggy by her side. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✨

I want a fandisk with basically this kind of stuff in it (´・ω・`)
I want a fandisk with basically this kind of stuff in it (´・ω・`)

Honestly, it wasn’t all that bad. As far as “oh noes this must be full of yanderes Rejet game” it really didn’t feel that way at all. The vampires and exorcists in the game were probably a lot worse in my mind than any of the devil guys. There’s still a good chunk of blood and violence though but most of it wasn’t directed at the heroine so it didn’t feel as offensive as Rejet’s other “masterpieces”. That said, because I saw the anime a lot of the plot was already spoiled so it wasn’t as interesting as it could have been. Some routes were much better than others in terms of character development and some characters had endings that were a lot worse in the “devil” route. If you aren’t a trophy completionist, all the human endings are happy endings, and if bloody/violent stuff bothers you, just skip the devil ends for Lindo & Shiki. My favorite character is Shiki because I am weak to those lone wolf types (and Hirarin’s voice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) but I think the best route in the game hands down was Roen’s. Mage’s route was pretty cute too though. Urie and Rem were the biggest disappointments and Lindo well….Rejet didn’t add him to that Oniichan April Fool’s joke for nothing. 😂😂😂😂 Also to get the platinum Rejet thought it was hilarious to make you open & close the game 100 times to get various “cards” which were just screenshots from the anime. (눈_눈)

What a useful system and adds so much to the game! (눈_눈)
What a useful system and adds so much to the game! (눈_눈)

Anyway overall if you have some extra time/money I’d give this game a play whether or not you’ve seen the anime. The dummy head mic feature in the game was really nice and worth it especially if your favorite seiyuu is in here. If you haven’t seen the anime I think I’d recommend playing the game first and then watching the anime after so you don’t spoil everything. For play order personally I’d recommend Urie→Mage→Shiki→Lindo→Rem→Roen.


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  1. Yeyy another one who loves Shiki! I’m slowly moving through his route (he’s my first one) since I don’t know how to read Japanese so I’m relying on tumblr translations QwQ

    But it’s nice to know that there’s someone who likes Shiki too! And Hirarin! ❤ ❤

  2. ok let me take all the games and put them on a scale and then I’ll see what other options usps has besides priority mail. (Priority mail has tracking numbers while anything else I believe does not.) I’ll email you with all the info in a day or so.

  3. Depending on the price for the games I would be interested in all you mentioned esspecially ReBirthday Song. If you want to sell preorder Cds/ Drama Cds in general or extras you don`t need anymore I would be really happy to buy those as well. I love those goodies.
    The shipping costs are higher than I expected. I buy a lot from Japan and use EMS, SAl etc but also bought from USA a lot. Maybe there is an a bit cheaper and still safe alternative?
    Maybe it would be easier if you write directly to my email adress.

  4. your English is fine, I only mentioned Germany for the purpose of shipping calculations 🙂

    As far as photos I have my original unboxings:
    https://breadmasterlee.com/2014/12/27/unboxing-prince-pia-carrot-animate-set/ (I still have the big felt banner to include too btw lol)

    I don’t remember if I have all the preorder drama CDs that came with those games (I threw a lot of them out) but I can check. Pretty sure the limited edition CDs are still in tact.
    And obviously I would combine shipping in bulk for you (I’d probably need to get a decent size box but maybe I can do a flate rate box like this? https://www.usps.com/international/priority-mail-express-international.htm
    (A medium flate rate box is like $66 while a large flate rate box is $86 not sure how big of a box I’d need)

    Let me know which games you’re interested in, and I’ll send you an email with prices/shipping costs 🙂

  5. Thank you for the very fast and kind answer.
    I read “book off” in some of your texts right now but I don`t know that shop. You would have found a good customer in me for some of the PC games you mentioned to have sold there.
    I would be interested in buying games from you. Could you send me prices and maybe photos to my email address?
    Would Paypal be okay for you?
    Don`t worry about the higher shipping costs I´m used to it. I often import games or products or use a proxy for preorders.
    I hope to find someone who sells Dwd together with its extras and Cd´s because although my proxy is good for expensive things and preorders for small items it`s just too expensive. For example if I would be lucky and get my hands on a CD for 50Yen with all the additional costs it would be over 30€ total.

    You`re right I´m from Germany. Please forgive my weird english. I do my best.

  6. If you meant Rem’s dad, he’s the current demon Lord but yeah, he doesn’t get a sprite despite being one of the main Villains, not to mention Maksis didn’t get a sprite either :/

    Only Nesta, the Vampire King and Lindo’s dad got a sprite.

  7. Seeing comments like yours is a huge motivation for me, always a pleasure that my ramblings make someone’s day better 🙂

    I’m not currently planning to sell DWD and a lot of the games I didn’t like that were for PS Vita I actually already sold off to book off. Only PC games I have left at this point is ReBirthday Song, Clover Library (First game), Double Score and Prince Pia Carrot that I’d be willing to sell. Not sure if you’re interested in those or not. Also based on your email are you in Germany? The shipping for that would be a bit pricy probably but I’m willing to work with you if you are interested in buying any of those games. Let me know and I can contact you via the email you left here.

  8. Hi Hinano,
    I follow your blog for quite a while now and I really enjoy reading your reviews.
    We seem to have the same taste according to games so trusting your opinion never was a bad choice for me. It was a real bad time for me so I never commented but you often made me laugh so much and cheered me up. Thank you a lot for your hard work! 😀

    Would you tell me if you would like to sell “Dance with Devils”, the CD or other games, maybe for PSP/Pc (if you still have some)? Sadly I didn`t know about the ebay shop of AmiAmi…have to look for it…
    I hope it is okay to ask you and I did not overread something.

    P.S.: I can`t wait for your review on Collar x Malice.

  9. I’m actually sad about Urie because I really like Kondo Takashi and I had this “I hope he turns out cute like Subaru from Dialovers” mentality …boy was I wrong lmao.
    And yea Dialovers was a lot worse than this game. Actually compared to other rejet games this was on the tamer side, save for those few Shiki endings.

  10. Yay! I’m glad you reviewed this after all! I decided to skip the anime after skimming through a few initial episodes in order not to spoil the game and yeah, I’m glad I did. I didn’t see many otoge anime adaptations, but those I’ve seen (Hakuouki and BroCon) were good at leaving out enough of the “good” stuff, I don’t know why the team for this one figured they’d reuse so much. Or add musical numbers. Pretty sure that crappy animation hurt CD sales more than it helped.

    I actually expected this game to be darker, so while I guess the fluff made it palatable for the wider audience, it was a bit of a disappointment for me. I skipped DiaLovers because what I’ve seen of their take on (very) dubiously consensual S/M goes over my tolerance levels, and name-calling outside of few very specific contexts is a HUGE nope for me (I know “bitch” is more like “slut” in Japanese than what it is in English, but I can’t get over it, and there’s no explanation for “no-tits” anyway), so I was hoping for a dark supernatural game that wasn’t plagued with my squicks and it looked like this might be one but it didn’t quite hit the spot. Oh well, Rejet should still be around for a while.

    I wish I could have gotten more into Rem’s route since it’s a big one, but the start was so boring and he came off as stereotypical nice OTP guy. I just skipped Urie because I’m not into manwhores or sex demons and he didn’t seem to have any other qualities and it doesn’t look like I missed much. I was also okay with Lindo as far as creepy oniichans go, being a fan of supernatural genre in general inhuman urges make for a good explanation (not a healthy relationship, but I wasn’t really expecting it in a game like this), and I can see how the idea of his sister hanging out with devils would be absolutely horrifying from…well, a lot of people’s standpoint, really. Pretty sure most average family members would be tempted to not let you run around unsupervised if you kept hanging around, well, devils, even after being explained they want to capture you and use you in unspecified ways and having no reasons to believe they might actually like you. So even the obligatory lockup didn’t feel as fucked-up as usual. And he actually feels sorry about most of his fuckups after seeing how they turned out badly until he fully goes over the edge of sanity in Devil route (and even then, there was that one end), which is also an improvement over the usual “for your own good” yandere. As for the “not related”…I can’t remember the actual phrase, but the point is that cousin marriage is a-okay in Japan, so it doesn’t ring as incesty as it might to us? It’s not necessarily that common, but it doesn’t seem to have taboos attached to it as it has in most of Western culture (no old time church bans etc.), even in places that technically allow it nowadays. Not sure if it counts in this case since they’re both obviously into it, but. I’m pretty much with you on Mage (adorable), Shiki (guilty Hirarin pleasure) and Roen (probably the best route, even though the character is not really my type on his own).

  11. yea I bought it last minute at a sale and it wasn’t so bad. I think some things could have been better but I’ve played worse stuff this year (aka the current garbage im wasting my time with)

  12. Oh, I thought you would never review this! What a pleasant surprise 🙂 it’s strange that they took out the cheesy singing, thought they would include that and I wouldn’t have minded (especially not that pomeranian singing song lol).

    Shiki’s route sounds not bad, he was my favorite, and I’m surprised Roen of all people got the best route (love the Devil End 2). Poor Rem lol why is Rejet treating their poster boy like that xD

  13. Oh wow… back when the anime was still airing my friend kept urging me to give this series a chance, but I had zero interest 😂

    I’m quite surprised the plot is pretty decent. I think I’ll be getting this just to play Roen’s route xD
    Thanks for the review

  14. Yea I feel like he got way better treatment in the anime than the game so I was a bit disappointed. He got 2 kiss CGs but in one of them his eyes were open so ??? lol. I actually didn’t mind not having the cheesy singing but it’s also been a while since I saw the anime that the gap was long enough for me to forget that it was like lol

  15. Wow Rejet actually hooked me on this franchise rofl after I saw the anime. Rem you poor baby I’m so sorry you were cockblocked all by Lindo. I really liked him in the anime so I was really hoping for some good moments in the game. Such a shame. Does he get a good kiss CG though? Or is it only the marriage one?
    And YAY!! I was so interested in Roen so I’m so glad he has a great route. And dummy head mic? 😉
    Lol damnit I actually wanted the cheesy singing in this game bc the anime was so stupidly amazing with that in it.
    And lol no sprite for the evil vampire king?

  16. I totally should’ve played the game before watching the anime…I got so bored in Lindo & Rem’s routes after already knowing the gist of them from the anime 😦 I still have Mage & Roen to play but surprisingly I had a lot more fun w/ Shiki & Uriel routes (pbly since I don’t knw their story to start w/). I love Hirakawa too!! Shiki is so damn cute&adorable&huggable after he got past the whole yandare DoS part! XD

  17. probably game first then anime to “complement” it. the anime aired fall 2015 so it’s not that old but not that recent anymore either I guess it’s almost been a year now lol

  18. *crawls out from under rock*
    I’ve actually never heard of this title lol. so I read the introduction only.

    Which is better, the game or the anime? though it could be hard to answer since you did one then the other. xD or maybe its kind of the same experience? I played Hakuouki before seeing the anime (since I only found out it existed thanks to searching “Saito Hajime”) and playing the game would have been wildly different had I seen the
    show- which I’m totally biased against now and haven’t bothered to finish watching. xD I should tho…

    then again I might not have time for either. too many games to finish. but I’m still curious what you’d recommend to someone that has never seen it.

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