Otome Game Review: Storm Lover 2nd

Storm Lover 2nd is as you can see a sequel to Storm Lover/Storm Lover Kai!! This time however it features a new heroine and a new set of guys, with the exception of Nanao Shiina from the previous games. Our heroine Arashiyama Mari, has just moved to town and starts her 2nd year of high school at St. Louis High. Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Storm Lover 2nd”

SmaKare Game Review: Secret Pet ~In Heat~


Amagawa Matsuko has been going out with her boyfriend Reito for 6 months but one day he wants to break up. He doesn’t give her a reason and just dumps her on the spot, leaving her to go home and cry. She goes back home and is comforted by her pet dog George. Her parents own a pet shop so she also has a pet cat, parrot, pot belly pig and a black lop ear rabbit. The next day she wakes up to find that her loveable pets have turned into 4 HOT GUYS YEAAAHHH and of course being her loveable pets, THEY ALL FIGHT FOR HER AFFECTION! \( ^o^)/ Now Matsuko gets to choose which one of her furry friends she can get cozy with to forget her jerkass boyfriend.

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Uta no Prince-sama Idol T-Shirts Unboxing


Soo remember this from April Fool’s? Well in case you didn’t know, Broccoli actually turned this into reality and I decided to buy a couple shirts! 😆

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Final Fantasy 14 Beta Phase 3: Weekend 2 Impressions

Has anybody seen my pants?
Has anybody seen my pants?

Alright so there was another FF14 beta this weekend so since stuff wasn’t wiped yet I decided to continue on and try out more stuff in the game.

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