SmaKare Game Review: Secret Pet ~In Heat~


Amagawa Matsuko has been going out with her boyfriend Reito for 6 months but one day he wants to break up. He doesn’t give her a reason and just dumps her on the spot, leaving her to go home and cry. She goes back home and is comforted by her pet dog George. Her parents own a pet shop so she also has a pet cat, parrot, pot belly pig and a black lop ear rabbit. The next day she wakes up to find that her loveable pets have turned into 4 HOT GUYS YEAAAHHH and of course being her loveable pets, THEY ALL FIGHT FOR HER AFFECTION! \( ^o^)/ Now Matsuko gets to choose which one of her furry friends she can get cozy with to forget her jerkass boyfriend.

pig01Assam – Assam is the pot belly pig but despite being a pig, he’s actually very clean and proper. When asking him why he became human, he responds it’s because he wanted to become her lover. Assam is like bffs with George, Matsuko’s golden retriever who is the only one out of all the pets to stay in his animal form. Generally Assam tries to get along with everyone but realizes he can’t be too nice and has to stay competitive for Matsuko. One day after her teaching job, her ex Reito walks her home because it’s late. However once they get to her apartment, he suddenly grabs and hugs her apologizing for being a douche. Assam comes to her rescue and tells Reito to GTFO but then he gets really jealous. He takes Matsuko to her room and  goes then throws away any photos or presents that Reito ever gave to her.  After this he pushes Matsuko down on the floor and they have sex. Sadly the next morning, out of guilt Assam crawls into the animal cage with George. Turns out when the pets are in heat well as all animals they get really horny and since Matsuko’s the only メス in the house… 😆

pig02Rize also reveals that whoever Matsuko doesn’t choose will die because that was the price they paid for turning into humans. That night everyone goes to bed tired and upset so Matsuko talks to Assam. He apologizes for his awful behavior but she’s like “hey dude it’s okay I enjoyed humping you because I love you.” Assam’s like !!! and the 2 of them kiss through the bars of the cage~. (Where have I seen this before :lol:) The next morning Matsuko announces to everyone that while she loves Assam, she still loves everyone else as her adored pets and wants to save them. So then George goes and drinks the Cutinos stuff to turn him human. Turns out he personally knows the contractor for all the pets and he convinces the guy not to kill everyone. Sadly there’s no revelation or explanation and everyone is saved… But they all turn back into animals except Assam. He ends up living with Matsuko as her lover happily every after?? Err yes that was rather abrupt and weird for a happy end.

cat01Ruhuna – Wow this name is weird but anyway, Ruhuna is Matsuko’s pet cat. Like most cats, Ruhuna is a tsundere and when translated into human HE’S A TSUNDERE IKEMAN YEAAAAAH. Some senpai from Matsuko’s college club tells her that the reason Reito broke up with her is because his dead ex-girlfriend’s ghost is haunting him. Suddenly Matsuko’s college club member starts bullying her mostly because of jealousy towards Reito. The pet dudes keep cleaning it up but Matsuko catches on. They decide to be safe to walk her to & from her job but eventually they settle only on Ruhuna so she’s a bit more comfortable. When Reito finds out that she’s getting bullied he feels bad but the moment that Matsuko mentions his dead girlfriend Hitomi he rages at her. Matsuko runs off crying and is comforted by Ruhuna who tells her that he loves her not like a pet but like a MAN! Matsuko’s like yea I’m over that Reito loser and the two of them kiss. ( ≖‿≖) And so they catch the senpai writing shit all over Matsuko’s door and tell her if she does it again they’ll report her to the cops.

cat02The senpai just gives some bullshit story about how she needed to use Matsuko to get Reito to go out with her. Anyway after the dumb bitch leaves that night Matsuko and Ruhuna admit they’re both in love and screw all night long. The next day Reito’s ass shows up and admits to Matsuko that the only reason he went out with her is because she looked like his dead girlfriend Hitomi! Good riddance to that dbag.Matsuko starts crying and Ruhuna gets pissed so he punches Reito in the face. m9(^Д^)プギャー  Since the pets are gonna turn back into animals soon, they all decide to have a memorable time and go on a picnic together. After the picnic they get home and run into Fumio, the dude who turned them all into humans. He tells them basically times up and so they all return to being pets with Matsuko never finding out who or what he is. Of course as with the previous route, Ruhuna remains in his human form but inside he’s still a cat so all he wants to do is lay in bed all day and cuddle with Matsuko. Being a human too now though, laying in bed means TIME TO SCREW YEAAA and so Ruhuna and the rest of the pets live with Matsuko happily ever after XD.

parrot01Raming – Raming (lol that name) is Matsuko’s pet parrot. He’s probably older than she is so when he becomes an ikeman he sees her as a little sister rather than a love interest. He’s sort of like the big bro and takes care of everyone, breaking up their fights. To get back at Reito, Raming tells Matsuko to pretend that they’re lovers and make him jealous. He tells her to get closer to him, link arms and even “practice” kissing. Matsuko at first thought of Raming as the older brother but then starts to realize dayum I wanna hit dat (and for some reason I kept imagining Raming being voiced by Suwabe :lol:). Even though at first it’s all pretend, Matsuko starts falling for Raming, but he keeps his feelings hidden and pretends that she’s like a little sister to him. When they run into Reito they do their plan to pretend to be lovers but Reito knows that Raming is just Matsuko’s pet since she revealed it to her childhood friend. He tells Matsuko that he wants her to be happy with someone but Raming is not that someone. Matsuki slaps Reito telling him to GTFO and runs home.

parrot02At home Raming comforts her and then admits that he’s actually loved her for a while but didn’t think he was good enough since he’s after all, her parrot lol. Needless to say, they end up screwing and like with other pets, his parrot wings popped out of his back. That must have been a feathery mess afterwards :lol:. The next day Matsuko’s chlidhood friend tells her that according to Reito, all of her pet mans are cursed and will die within a week’s time. They then realize Rize is missing and run to find him. Turns out he’s with Fumiya whose real name is Charm and he is actually Georges twin brother. He was also a golden retriever and got turned into a human because he was in love with his owner. By now I pretty much figured out that his owner was Matsuko’s neighbor and Reito’s ex girlfriend who died in a car accident. Anyway they don’t reveal anything else as usual and besides Raming all the pets return to their animal forms. Matsuko and Raming live happily ever after though unlike the other 2, his ending doesn’t end with them screwing lol.

bun01Rize – Rize is Matsuko’s loveable pet bunny but as I learned from all the other routes he’s REALLY REALLY possessive of her. Since he knows Matsuko is heartbroken after being dumped by Reito, he offers to help her forget him by having her fall in love with him instead. They go to the park together where he makes her a flower hairband while she takes a nap. He then nags her to let her take him to see her university and she agrees cause she can’t resist her bunny man’s requests. So then all the other pet dudes get pissed that Rize is always running off and hogging Matsuko so they don’t have a fair chance. He says that he don’t give no fucks and the hell with everyone else. Matsuko gets pissed at his selfish attitude and slaps him, but he is shocked and hurt so he runs out of her apartment. Eventually they find Rize and bring him back home but then Rize takes them to Fumiya. He asks Fumiya to cancel everyone’s contract but his own so they can at least remain with Matsuko as her pets. After they turn back into animals Rize tells her he had 3 days to spend with her before he disappears. Matsuko hugs him and cries that she loves him and doesn’t want him leaving her. Rize hugs her back and the two of them kiss while crying together. But then Fumiya shows up like a cockblock and announces that as long as Rize is with Matsuko, and they get all lovelove and touch each other…Matsuko’s life span will diminish until she dies.

bun02Matsuko then finds out that Fumiya is Charm, aka George’s twin bro and he’s butthurt that his owner Hitomi died so Rize must feel pain in the same fashion! The alternative is for Rize to disappear in 3 days so Matsuko and Rize spend time together but don’t touch each other and it becomes heartbreaking and awkward for the 2 of them. At school, Matsuko asks her club senpai about Hitomi and finds out that both Hitomi and her dog Charm died after being hit by a car but at the scene, Charm’s body was never found. So then Rize starts to get sick due to lack of life energy and he avoids Matsuko so she doesn’t die. When he’s dying in her arms Matsuko is like screw this, I want my bunneh to live so she kisses him which instantly revives him back to health. They then to go the park where the tree that turns pets into humans is growing. They chop it down and burn it which apparently breaks the curse so Charm can go to heaven with Hitomi. He also goes oh btw if you guys are in love then bunny boy won’t die so the 2 live happily ever after with bunneh boy alwasy asking for sexual favors from Matsuko threatening that if he don’t get sexual healing he’ll die! 😆 Hm Rize was bratty in every route so I didn’t really like him and he looked weird in his CGs so I guess his route didn’t really change my mind about him either.

rei01Reito – Reito is the ex-boyfriend who dumps Matsuko with no rhyme or reason. Of course after playing the other guys’ routes I kinda figured out the reason but at the same time, his reason for dating Matsuko pissed me off :lol:. Eventually though he gets all jealous of Matsuko’s pet harem and admits that he still loves her. He then tells her that he received a death threat in the mail saying if he didn’t break up with her, then she’d be killed. Terrified he didn’t know what to do which is why he suddenly broke up with her but he could never forget his love! So yea that’s what I figured and now I think back, for 4 routes this poor guy was tormented while we got it on with our furry friends HAHAHA. He gets his game back though cause they end up getting back together and humping but the next day are faced with the reality of raw eggs and paintballs all over his mailbox. Reito knows who it is but he refuses to tell Matsuko for her “safety” so Rize goes and digs up info and finds out himself. He tells Reito that he’ll tell Matsuko everything but Matsuko wants to hear the truth out of Reito’s mouth. Since he refuses, she gets pissed off and runs away from him. So then he comes after her and admits in front of her pets that the person sending the threats pen named herself under the name of his ex g/f who died 2 years prior. He then says that it’s someone’s terrible practical joke and that he only loves Matsuko. He then shows everyone who the criminal behind the letters is, the senpai from the club and she admits to it but promises to stop saying she wanted to break up Matsuko and Reito. However the surprise is, she’s actually working for someone else but refused to say who.

rei02After Rize’s attempt to feed the Cutinos (potion that turns pets into humans) to Reito, everyone goes to see the guy who gave them Cutinos in the first place: Fumio aka Charm. As I mentioned in the other routes, Charm is George’s twin brother who was supposed to die in the same accident that Hitomi died in. Reito then reveals that Hitomi was his ex, Matsuko’s friend and the owner of Charm. Charm then says that instead of dying with Hitomi, he was forced to wander around like a ghost and he feels like Hitomi is all alone without him. That’s why he raged when he found out that Hitomi’s lover Reito now found himself a new girlfriend and says that Reito should just pray to Hitomi and think only of her for the rest of his life. How about no little dog? Matsuko then says that she loves Reito and she won’t break up with him no matter what. Charm then rages and tries to shove the Cutinos down Reito’s throat to turn him into an animal but suddenly the ghost of Hitomi appears. She tells Charm to stahp and he turns back into a wanchan and disappears along with Hitomi holding him in her arms. Hitomi tells Reito to become happy and after she vanishes, a few days later Reito and Matsuko visit her grave. All the pets turn back into animals while Hitomi and Reito continue their ichaicha raburabu life. ( ఠ‿ఠ ) Well I guess by the time I got to Reito I kinda guessed what the deal was but the deus-ex-machina Hitomi end was really anti-climatic :lol:.

Bad goggie!

Ok so admittedly I liked the story because the art was great, hooray fuzzy pets and the heroine having eyes in the CGs.  The ultimate ending was kind of a cop-out but I guess mobile games can’t get too deep? What’s kind of annoying though is the instances of a CG wouldn’t display in the gallery. I always assumed they would (since they did in other games) so I didn’t bother screencapping. Due to this I missed one of Reito’s kiss CGs after I finished his route. (´・ω・`) Overall I think all the guys were pretty charming except the bunny cause he was just too bratty for me. I think the cat, the parrot and Reito were probably my favorites. Overall I’m enjoying D3p’s games and they often have events where you can earn a lot of tickets so I’ve been able to read 6-8 chapters a day which helps me get through these faster than other mobile games.  They don’t have that many games in their library but they do keep adding new ones and since it takes me 2-3 months to play each one, I think I’m probably set until like the end of 2014 at this rate :lol:. Additionally I kinda wish the games came with default heroine names…each time I have to use a name generator to generate some name lmao. Also, oh my god I didn’t even realize the “in heat” tagline until writing this post, no wonder they’re all so horny`;:゙;`;・(゚ε゚ )ブッ!!


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  1. hm…. Assam looks like Natsuki and Ruhuna looks like Tokiya from Uta no prince sama

    O A O

  2. Aw man I always hated that sometimes the most good looking guys in games never get routes 😦
    Too bad there’s no route for George lol

  3. I used to do that but I guess for blog sake/review sake I try to vary it up. Otherwise everyone in my reviews will just be called Mary Sue 😆

  4. I usually come up with a name I like and stick it through the games, unless it’s obviously not going to fit. Just think of it like you’re playing RPGs set in Japan. Sometimes I even do it with games that have names, because omg SOME OF THOSE NAMES. (Koi, Takuyo? REALLY?)

  5. not really lol, he’s just the mediator to stop his ghost brother from being a complete douche.
    it’s a shame though, I would have loved a George route! 😛

  6. yea I think the next game I started she has eyes too. I prioritized eyed heroines over the non eyed ones 😆
    i think android phones are pretty cheap nowdays (if not free?) so try looking around =D

  7. wow a phone game o-o but yeh the plotlines lol~ oh well.
    Does George even serve any real purpose in the game though besides as being only a being related to a key character in the plotline lol?

  8. Hurray! The heroine has eyes!! God, this is a MIRACLE! 😀 Ahahaha… Horny pets… LOL And Ruhuna, you lovely cat tsundere… wwwww Man, I really wish, I had a smart phone. x’D

  9. … Kemonomimi… tasty animal ears… cannot… resist. butamimi.
    It reminds me of a show where the owner had pets. which all died but came back reincarnated. As a bunch of lolis.
    /me hums shippo. watashi tenshitachi.

  10. I swear I’ve seen this same game somewhere… Is it just me or does the whole thing with the guys as pets sound like the Korean otome game Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You. The heroine finds a bunch of pets in a basket. Then one day they magically turn into humans.

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