2013 April Fool’s Roundup


I hope you guys enjoyed the stuff here but as I do every year, here’s a round up of what game companies are up to for April Fool’s!

Karin brings us an actual otome game called Psychic Rain XD. It’s about a girl who’s got psychic powers and everyone thinks she’s a monster and bullies/ignores her except for the 3 bishies who love her of course ;D


For an April fool’s game this is pretty damn nice O_O:


Why not just expand the story and make this into a real game cause lol dayum dat art. Btw looks like childhood friend shota-kun is unobtainable! Only yandere-kun and tsundere-kun are available bachelors with CG ends XD. If this wasn’t enough Karin’s going all out and are releasing an ANIMAL version of their latest game Mysteria:

Also instead of releasing Danzai no Maria director’s cut they’ve released Danzai no Klaus DC:


Otomex brings a site for an R-18 game about a girl who just looooveeess dick. No really she does:


Uta no Prince Sama x UNIQLO (omfg I’d actually buy one. Make it happen UNIQLO lolol)

priqlo02 priqlo01

Ren also joins Broccoli’s ZX card battle game:


Otomate as usual goes all out with their multiple collab of parodies with all their games so here’s just a gallery of stuff I personally found funny based on games I’ve finished ;D.

Brothers Conflict goes gender reverse with Sister’s Conflict!


There’s also an Asahina bakery:


Looks like honeybee had the same idea as Broccoli lol


Yandere Heaven also goes gender reverse:


Miracle Train goes Miracle Dribble aka 六本木のバスケー!


Not otoge but since I had it last year…the Hadaka Shitsuji team decided to take a break from BL and release a yuri game:


Ozmafia Jam:

mafiajams02 mafiajams

Storm Lover 2nd Voiced Webcomic 8D The voices were fun even if the comic was a rough sketch lol.


The guy in Double Score who will never have a route gets a banner…www


Broccoli invites you to enroll in KamiAso’s school


Even though I haven’t logged into Pangya in ages, the characters will still hold a place in my heart. Also fuck yea Kaz x Lucia xDDD



Megami Engage is letting you have a choice of visual novel side man characters.


The cast of Storm Lover 2nd, Koishiba and Hatsukare come together to make SKH48!


After some hours of voting here are the results:


Looks like except for the gaijin dude from storm lover, all the other guys I voted for won. (Though tbh I randomly voted for the Koishiba guy even though I know nothing about the character lol.)

Arcana Famiglia x PeroPero Danshi xDDDDDDDDDDD

On the topic of peropero, the actual PeroPero danshi site also did a genderbent April Fools parody:


Prince of Stride characters characters turned into doggies:


Wataru has hijacked all the characters on the brothers conflict website.

The dude from Princess Arthur scribbles all over the game promo pic


Operetta releases an R-18 otome game that’s about a plain heroine with her ordinary life and the 2 guys that she does absolutely nothing with. (One of the exciting events is them staring at walls and laughing heartily :lol:)


TwoFive is releasing a game where you battle with old GGEs


Some pharmaceutical association is releasing an app with sexy doctors to help you study for your nursing exam (???)


HGLab (the bl company behind the game with the 2 weiners) releases NIHONHAZARD and it even won the ホモォ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ awards


Quin Rose actually did an April Fool’s parody this year featuring their newest game (Romeo vs Juliet.) They also announced a visual fanbook for Diamond Alice – but this is actually not a joke.


Nitro+Chiral looks like a website from 1997 that sells parts.


Gree game Beast Harem turns into a crossdresser ONEE club.


That about covers it. There’s a few I didn’t add on here which were just blog posts rather than images (looking at you Rejet). Pretty big pile of stuff this year, lookin’ fwd to what stuff we get to see next year =D.

34 thoughts on “2013 April Fool’s Roundup

  1. Oh God, this post made me giggle quite a bit. xD Some of these are just fabulous. Though I’m disappointed with you, Rejet. ~glares~

  2. Aaah~ thanks for sharing! Wow, a lot of effort was taken for some of the pranks… I wish some of them were real, though~ Karin’s “Psychic Rain” actually sounded fun… and Otomate Island~! X3 Ozmafia jam sounds yummy~

  3. Surprisingly, I’m most impressed/loled the most with Kamigami no Asobi, a game I’m not remotely interested in.

    It’s the language choice bar on the top right, man. WHAT IS THIS ATTENTION TO DETAIL. When it comes to making April Fools’ jokes, it’s the little things that count!

    1. haha I didn’t even notice that!
      I thought Karin’s game was great I mean they created a whole game with beautiful artwork just for this day!
      Also I loved arcana’s peropero thing lmao

      1. The Karin game did cut corners a lot artwise—–photograph backgrounds, quick ‘n’ dirty lighting effects—–but damn, did it cut corners NEATLY. XD

        Also, I never expected to see the word 名器 in relation with an otome game heroine, even if it’s just an April’s Fools day. XD

        1. I seriously didn’t even notice the photo backgrounds. They seemed okay to me? The weird black & white stencil backgrounds in Amnesia were a lot more jarring lol

      2. That’s why I said they did it very neatly. It didn’t stick out at all! Still, a lot lower budget than proper illust backgrounds, though. (Although illust backgrounds these days tend to pretty much be based on filling in 3D models, anyway.)

        I used to be an artist once upon a time, so I notice these things pretty fast. >_>

        1. omfg I was an artist too (/points to my fugly april fools pic) but I guess I’m a fail artist lmfaoo that or maybe I’ve played so many games everything just…BLENDS IN to me lol

    I was looking forward to their April Fools, but I guess Karin’s game makes up for it 😀
    Anyway, I would buy some of those UtaPri shirts (pretty please??)
    P.D.: OMG ぺろぺろ男子!

    1. yea their april fools were just blog posts about drama CDs….I was hoping something funny with dialover at least oh well.
      since Broccoli loves to market anything I get the feeling those utapri shirts might become real lolol

  5. hahahahaha XD
    very nice XDD
    Yeah, I’d totally buy UtaPri’s Tshirt hahahaha

  6. It’s a good laugh until I wish some of this stuff wasn’t actually an April Fool’s joke! ;-; Also highly entertained by Sister Conflict since he’s got all the bitches and doesn’t care! Haha

  7. Psychic Rain was a pretty nice even though it was kinda short, but amazing for an April fool’s joke. I also hope it becomes a real game lol

    1. it also further tells me that Karin’s games are all made for PC and then they PORT it to PSP – hence why all the directors cuts later lol

  8. Ahh, seeing the BroCon boys gave me nostalgic feels. (´ ▽`).。o♡ Wataru with lipstick though…LOL.

    Arcana Famiglia PeroPero Danshi made me lol, though it makes me sad how they forgot to add the mark on Luca’s tongue. xD

    Ozmafia: They should have just put a release date as an April Fools joke because really, when are they even going to release that game lol.

    1. well they finally announced brocon anime for July of this year so even if the 2nd game is in limbo at least we’ll have the anime? 😆
      and oh wow I totally forgot about Luca’s tongue seal, and I guess they did too.
      lol Ozmafia…I’ve kinda given up even tho I really like the op movie!

  9. /crying. The Sisters Conflict and Yandere Heaven got me man. I was lookin at Sisters Conflict and my comments were just “DAYUM SUN, THIS BITCH BE PIMPIN WHAT DA BALLS~ The character design is actually extremely well done OTL

  10. God…Ikki’s everywhere…I was like what…what….what…..? I LOVE THEM FOR DOING THIS!!!! and of course you for posting it~

    Oh yeah, I have a question…..I really love Kazuki Yone’s arts…they were AMAZING! And I heard she quit otomate…..do you know recent news of her? ((I tried searching but failed D: I thought you might know…anyway Thanks!~

  11. OMG!!!! THIS IS SO COOL AND can you please recommend me any english version otome pc games? and with the reverse harem genre

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