Uta no Prince-sama Idol T-Shirts Unboxing


Soo remember this from April Fool’s? Well in case you didn’t know, Broccoli actually turned this into reality and I decided to buy a couple shirts! 😆

The shirts are MEN’S SIZE S so in case you were wondering these aren’t for me! They are for my husband! 😆 In fact we both sat down in front of Broccoli’s store and picked them out together \( ^o^)/. I personally like Tokiya’s dumb penguin shirt but he said he didn’t want a penguin shirt so we settled on Otoya, Natsuki and Sho’s based on design alone. We had trouble picking between Sho and Camus but settled on Sho because I didn’t like the puke green color of Camus’ shirt. The reason we only picked 3 is because I used Yokatta Web for the proxy to order the shirts for me and they have a 3 items per store  = 700 yen fee so I figured it was cheapest to just go with 3. So in the end aside from the T-Shirt cost I only paid about $30 for fees & shipping (EMS) so it wasn’t too bad!

Also the hello kitty Tshirt is an actual Uniqlo Women’s Tshirt in size S that I wear to compare to the size S of the UtaPri shirts. Seeing the comparison, I can only imagine that the Tshirt buyers in Japan are probably using them as night shirts because they’re huge! XD Unfortunately you can no longer buy these from Broccoli because they are sold out. They were a pre-order only item that you could only get if you placed your order before June 9th. Anyway I think this is a great thing and I heard they were really running low on shirts due to too many orders. I hope they consider putting out more stuff like this but in a broader scale (like to Animate or something) rather than keeping it store only. Sometimes I think if Japan stopped the whole “limited edition/limited to one store” mentality, they’d probably be swimming in money :lol:.


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  1. Hi there, it seems that it´s possible to buy the shirts again ^_^ I asked this friend to help me buy these but he told me that is not possible to order outside Japan. Is that true? If not would you mind telling me how you did your buy? Thanks.

  2. I think it’s because most Japanese women don’t have big boobs so it looks ok on them but I think if you have a larger chest, no matter what tshirt you will, it will always make you look large lmao XD (at least that’s how it is in my case lol)

  3. I think it’s cause most men tshirts are like that? And yea the shirts are like really wide so it doesn’t look good on a female body lol
    I never put it on myself but I do have a few “big male” tshirts I wear around the house from when I was a camp counselor.
    Needless to say, I wear them only around the house lol.

    The shirts look great on him though which is all that matters to me in the end xD

  4. Oh right, seeing as how Miyano looked good in it plus the pictures Broccoli put with girl and guy models on their blog site, I guess it’s just me who looks like a big fat blob T___T

  5. I just got mine as I ordered it within the extended pre-order period. -_______-

    The collars щ(ಥДಥщ) Why the hell are they so high up!!! ಠ_ಠ I understand it being big but when I noticed the tiny collar I was like wtf can my head fit through it? Isn’t it worse for guys then -____- It’s kinda strangling me now and the shirt is… unflattering for my body. Makes me look bigger and way fatter because of the material I think. T-shirts -3- Did you try your husband’s to see how it looks like on you though? If the collar was lower and bigger it would probably look better so -____- Broccoli. I like my starry sky t-shirt better and its lighter material ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  6. Well damn, those are actually really nice designs. If only they were in actual lady’s sizes, I’d buy them for myself. And if Japan stopped limited edition runs of everything.

  7. yea cause it’s small in Men’s size S XD
    and yea at like Uniqlo Japan I had to get a turtleneck in size L even though in America the Uniqlo turtlenecks I get are always size S so I imagine petite Japanese girls are probably swimming in those shirts. someone once mentioned the idea is that they are “boyfriend shirts” so it’s like you’re “wearing your prince’s shirt” rather than wearing the “same shirt as them” xD

  8. i don’t think they have an english site. last I heard Broccoli actually closed their USA office (idk why)
    and yes I am watching Brother Prince, I Played the game so I feel obligated 😆

    I just don’t update the anime blog anymore. The audience there is pretty much dead due to us never updating and all my personal readers are now here

  9. そうそう!私ツイッタまとめ見たので開ける前にちゃんとテープの写真とったよ♪

  10. haha yea though honestly I think if it was for myself I wouldn’t have ordered them. I rarely wear tshirts except at home when I’m cleaning and bleach sprays all over me 😆

  11. Haha yeh Japan wouldn’t have to worry too much on money if they just got rid of their “limited edition” mentality. Would have been awesome to get one of these shirts even if they are freaking huge XD!

  12. シャツの袋の止め方で このキャラは几帳面だからきちんと端が折れているとか 梱包に関することで盛り上がってたよ(^^♪キャラがTシャツを梱包していると妄想している女子がたくさんいたよww着ているところも見たかったな(・∀・)ニヤニヤ

  13. Fu-fu-fu… It is all going according to Dejiko’s evil plan-nyo. To turn men into yaoi material for doujinshi-nyo.

    And where in Broccoli do they have an English site?

    Speaking of manly harem… aren’t you watching Brother Prince? 😛

  14. I bought UtaPri’s Tshirt too, but for me XD
    I bought Cecil’s Tshirt, but I still want to buy Otoya’s Tshirt too =3
    Very nice!! =D

  15. Wow for a small, that is really big. Especially when I always heard that asian sizes are super petit compared to NA. Unless it’s for girls to swim in for a night shirt or they figured only girls with fatso boyfriends would buy it, the sizes are dumb.

    Otherwise I really like Otoya and Natsuki’s design. Hopefully they are decent quality and don’t fade/rip in a few wears.

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