FFXIV Early Access Disaster

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Android Otome Game Review: Kaseifu-san! ~Tokimeku★Ikemen Danshi Ryo~


Shinohara Ayame’s apartment building burns down and she and her brother are left homeless. Her brother goes to share a room with his childhood friend Hideya (who is also Ayame’s first love) but Ayame gets a chance to live in a dormitory thanks to her uncle. The catch is, it’s an all male dorm and she has to basically be their housekeeper in return for room & board.  She transfers to Fujisaki Gakuen and now has to take care of 5 beasts! All the guys are stereotyped based on animals so we’ve got a lion, a bunny, a monkey, a dog and a bear.

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FFXIV Beta 4 Weekend


Well now that Beta 4 is here, Alvaro is gone and instead I got Heinz 😉 Decided to spend most of my weekend playing this cause my brain was fried from otome games after Shiratsuyu. ( ≖Д≖;)

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Otome Game Review: Shiratsuyu no Kai

Ichikawa Tsuyuha is a photography student in a slump who hears voices calling out to her, so she always goes out to random places and often gets into some predicament, much to the dismay of her babysitter Shin. One of her adventures leads her into the woods one day where she runs into a bunch of high school teenage boys. Since apparently they all like dem older ladies (and by older I mean only like 1-2 years)  they invite oneesan~ into their wood shack to tell scary stories! The stories aren’t actually scary and after getting locked in the shack, they discover a hidden passageway  through the wardrobe which leads into some underground dungeon. After discovering the bloody remains down there, our heroine  starts having TV signal problems which turn into a pattern of blackouts. Turns out visiting this place has caused a cursed seal to appear on her neck in the shape of a creepy hand. In other words, welcome to the Japanese rendition of Are You Afraid of the Dark!

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