Poupee Honeymoon Event 2013


Swimsuits this year are hideous so I opted out for stuff from previous years. I wonder if there will be more stuff coming? It didn’t seem like it from the blog post but you never know I guess. I sincerely hope there’s more since the ribbon section is a joke.


4 thoughts on “Poupee Honeymoon Event 2013”

  1. oh wow really? I just read the blog and wow they’re shutting down jewels.
    That can only mean that they’re gonna close the service soon. I wonder why they won’t bother announcing service closure then?

    and oh I didn’t know the beta’s back. yay! I need a break from Storm Lover 2nd before I go insane orz (at work today though :()

  2. I don’t know if you have read it yet, but the new blog post on PG implied that it’ll be closing soon. I’ve played PG since 2010 so I’m really sad about this orz

    Btw this weekend FF14 beta test has already started and looks like it’ll be much longer than just 2 days. Have fun playing ^^

  3. Is your favorite color yellow?
    Also what zodiac are you? You seem to be very picky about fashion
    Don’t have to say just curious :p

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