Dot Kareshi ~Densetsu no Otome~ Unboxing


Not much to unbox here but there’s something better that came along with it :mrgreen:

And since I’ve been complaining about my PSP not reading UMDs and freezing I decided to get a new one! Also because I was tired of the boring black one from USA I decided to go and import a red one from Amazon Japan :mrgreen: It cost approx $30 more than a US one and with shipping tacked on about $45 more but whatever it’s pretty and red (✧≖‿ゝ≖).


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  1. Yeah, the yen value makes a huge difference. I’ve been surprised that it’s been on the higher end lately. When I was in Japan last year it was so low, like low 80s and even high 70s. I lost a lot in the conversion rate. So now every time I shop around for games and see in the mid 90s to 100, I get so excited that I want to buy everything.

    At the time I bought it, I got it for around $160 with free shipping, so I guess it worked out. The Japanese one I was looking at was maybe $10-15 cheaper. I don’t really recall anymore. I just didn’t know the mechanics of the PSPs at the time. I probably should’ve considered that if I’m buying the device to play only Japanese games, perhaps I should’ve got the Japanese system. But I shouldn’t really say anything. I haven’t really encountered any problems yet…I say the “yet” a bit hesitantly though, haha.

  2. aha thanks ;D

    I thought about getting that one but since the yen value went down (it was about 100 when I bought it) I realized that getting a PSP alone is cheaper even when you include things like shipping.
    It’s only 13,500 yen on Amazon Japan (for pink, red, and blue) and it’s maybe about less than 2000 yen in shipping so you’re probably paying around $155 or so instead of paying $200+ for a PSP with some game you’ll never play 😛

  3. That’s a mighty nice looking red PSP you got there 😉

    When I first bought mine, I actually bought the blue one that came out with Invizimals (which I never played) because I figured that if I’m going to buy something like this, I better get a nice one. With all the O and X button switching you walked about, it makes me wonder if I should’ve bought the blue Japanese one instead. Since the one I bought was limited edition and stuff, it actually was more expensive than a Japanese one, I think, haha.

    Unboxings are so exiting. Makes me want to buy more new games.

  4. Could you recommend me a proxy service or a forwarding service that you use? Thank for telling me, i love reading your reviews also

  5. haha thanks ;D I’m missing a bunch of bonus voices cause I blindly clicked my way through, hoping to find a guide so I can fill in the gaps ;P

  6. Can amazon japan ship the red PSP to outside of japan because i’m having the same problems with my black PSP

  7. love the dot kareshi and dat new red psp.
    black psp, you’ve done your deeds. it’s time for your master to move on to the new one
    hope you enjoy the game! can’t wait for your review soon XD

  8. umm vista or VITA? and certain PSP games can be bought from PSN but not that many at the moment. I got mine on Amazon

  9. thanks! and since it’s Japanese finally the O = for yes and X = for no. I can’t stand how that’s totally the opposite on the American one!

  10. do you know if the psp disc games can also be played on the vista? Also where did you get your psp?

  11. Pretty red PSP! Reminds me of my old Gameboy SP 🙂
    What are you going to do with the old PSP? Keep it around for ~memories~?

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