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Otome Game Review: OZMAFIA!!

Our heroine has amnesia and finds herself in a familiar town full of mafia families. She gets picked by one of them, the Oz family. They’re not just any family though, they are the Wizard of OZ characters, with the leader being the Lion Caramia, and his two right hand men the Scarecrow Kyrie and the Tin Man Axel. They give her the name Fuka and from that day on she spends her days being a freeloader and interacting with other mafia families in town. Spoilers immediately following the jump so skip to my final thoughts if you’re still playing/planning to play!

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OZMAFIA Unboxing


Ozmafia doesn’t have a limited edition but I instead opted to get this from Seagull shop so I could get my hands on the cute mouse pad (cause the Rei Ayanami mousepad I got from Neowing got…erased after 3 weeks of use lol.)

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