Otome Game Review: Tsubasa no Oka no Hime ~ A red & blue moon -finite loop-

I had no idea what to expect going into this game other than it had some pr0n. Unfortunately after finishing 1 route, I realized that was a good thing as pretty much that’s all there is to this game. The setting is about a woman named Vivian who lives in a huge mansion and cannot leave the town she is in. The reason is because  she was born from the red & blue moon and every time she turns 19, on the day of the Fennec Axis(?) she fights with this erojiji named Dowth (who’s actually just a tsundere jiji in love with her) and then she turns into a baby. She’s repeated this cycle 99 times so she’s actually 2000 years old even though at the beginning of the game she’s “18”. Not much going on here except porn & badly directed fight scenes but let’s move on!

Christopher Luckenbooth – I believe Chris is supposed to be the “main” hero of the game as you can complete him from the first play. He also has the most amount of endings in the game….but despite this, in his route Vivian screwed other guys and poor Chris didn’t even get to get laid until the very end (´・ω・`;). Chris comes to Vivian’s place to train to be a butler but the poor guy keeps getting made fun of by everyone there. The fairies keep teasing him and making him get lost around the mansion and all the ladies there make fun of him because he’s an obvious virgin 😆 He falls in love with Vivian pretty quickly and I guess the frustration of her doing it with other dudes gets to him that he keeps having orgy dreams about her 😆 So then a bunch of pointless events happen and all of a sudden I guess we’re near the end of the game so Chris is like ZOMG VIVIAN I KNOW ITS BEEN LIKE 3 MONTHS BUT I LOVE YOU and Vivian’s like “I think I like you the most out of my boy toys too” so Chris finally gets to score. So then Chris decides he has to return to Landen and graduate from school so he can become a super butler but he’s all upset that he’s leaving Vivian and that she doesn’t stop him before the Fennec Axis night. On his way he notices the red & blue moon and worries about Vivian so he rushes back and runs into midst of battle where Vivian is fighting Dowth with Hakkaku & Petunia.

Tees also dies because he’s actually part of Dowth so he gets sucked into him, and Edrick dies protecting Vivian. Chris then has 6 endings even though there’s only 3 original Cgs…the rest are repeats. After defeating Dowth Vivian’s about to disappear and Chris cries a river but then suddenly she doesn’t disappear because she’s magically become human! So then Chris & Vivian get married & live happily ever after. End 2 Chris doesn’t marry her and instead ends up being her butler forever until they both get old & die and their spirits are taken to heaven by the dragons & fairies (zomg I cried for some reason (´;ω;`) ). In ed 3 there’s no CG but Chris returns to Landen meh. So when you do the 2nd run of the game (again pointless new dinner/sub char scenes) Chris now takes Vivian’s powers to “hold on to” until she needs them and she becomes a human and marries him (ed 4) or he stays her butler forever (ed 5). In Ed 6&7 it’s the same thing except Tees is still around and Vivian doesn’t become human. In the harem end Vivian tells Edrick not to die and tells Dowth she’s bored of fighting him so suddenly everything miraculously works out and Vivian’s back to having her man harem tend to her every moment. Blah. It all just felt so anti climatic to me…even though it was Chris’ route (??) I felt like it was everyone’s route especially with that final harem end. If you do all the Chris ends it unlocks the final Chris CG which is kinda cute and probably the only reason to bother with all the repeat endings.

Edric Bran Clonmacnoise  – If you think Chris’ route was short Edric flew by me so fast before I knew I sat there wondering what even went on in his route. Edric was basically a knight assigned to protect Vivian in the past but he got hurt in battle and was supposed to die when he drowned in that lake. Vivian I guess was in love with him or something so she gave him some of her magic powers in order to keep him alive. So basically now Edric is an eternal zombie and he’s been with Vivian for like 800 years as she goes from baby – 19 year old cycle. Needless to say Edric is a bit jealous and posessive of Vivian so he had to instill it in himself that she just loves dick, no matter who it belongs to and so he has to just shut up and deal with it. In reality Edric only wants Vivian to himself  and often he contemplates killing both Vivian and himself because the angst just gets the best of him. His sexual tension is so bad that at one point Tees pins him down to the bed while Vivian has her way with him (by also shoving her fingers up his ass) but that doesn’t stop the 2 of them from not talking to each other. Later on they make up and then have some makeup sex while Vivian comments that he’s gotten “better” since his first time 😆 The end they fight the erojiji as usual, and Edric doesn’t die and instead Vivian turns into a baby and they repeat the cycle all over again. Meh…I actually really thought Edric was |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  but yea his lack there of anything for a route…In other news for once Yusa Kouji was on the end of the rape stick 😆

Tees Finvarra – Ugh if Edric’s route wasn’t empty enough, I don’t even know what to write about Tees except, fucking! Lots of fucking! Also Tees is a pedobear! He freaking waits for Vivian’s hormones to start acting up everytime she’s reborn and then takes her virginity 😆 Tees has so much freaking ero in the game that there’s literally only 4 safe CGs I could even use for my post. Fortunately not much to write about so I only needed one… Tees is like the head cook I guess so he’s often making various dinners for everyone. He’s the master of the kitchen so he gets pissed when Vivian comes into it saying she wants to cook (by cook I mean destroy) his workspace! I mean the only highlights of this guys route are Vivian grabbing his cock while he’s peeling potatoes and then making him stiff and then going “lol I’m bored bye”. So then that night he takes his revenge and crawls into her bed and screws her too. They both refer to his cock as his “pocket monster”. You will never look at Pokemon the same way again m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ The night before Fenix Axis Tees is all like “oh noes Vivian I’m scared so I have to fuck you like 100 times until you pass out!” If that wasn’t bad after they defeat the erojiji, they both end up humping for eternity as they float away into the sky~ (*´∀`*)ノ。+゜*。……………..(ノTωT)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・おらっ~ I give up lol, if Tees wasn’t any indication, this is just a やるゲー。

Grim Hakkaku Capelthwaite – Hakkaku’s route was short but sweet. Sadly the ending was Edel Blume level balls and the fact that as a human he was an ossan made some serious scenes look ridiculous. So basically that CG at the beginning of the game that shows loli Vivian with some dead shota & dog next to her…this route throws the spoiler right in your face: The dog is actually Hakkaku and the shota is actually Petunia. Turns out I guess Vivian used some magic powers and merged them with some other spirits or something which is why Hakkaku (originally Kohaku) became a dragon wolf thing and Petunia (originally Cecil) became a loli. The names Hakkaku & Petunia were given to them both by Vivian so of course both of them love her very much and owe their lives to her in the same way that Edric did. Hakkaku is the loving wolf who all the kids love to play with, he often loves swimming in the bath with Vivian and he loves pure love stories. The reason he turns into this bald ossan is because he thinks monks are cool and thats why he tried his best to look like one 😆 Fortunately, this route had no ero scene! Yippie! Who the freak wants to see that. Hakkaku bakes Vivian a birthday cake and pretends that the 2 of them got married and so after the erojiji battle they magically float away to the dragon country where they live happily ever after. Lol I don’t even know…Edel Blume quality ending. Maybe it was the same writer ┐(‘~`;)┌ Hakkaku was cute being all like wai wai and stuff but that was only during his wolf form. Once he became an ossan I was like (ಠ_ಠ).

Petunia Strawberrycandle – Since I was pretty much spoiled by Hakkaku’s route, Petunia’s route left me even more depressed & disappointed. So Petunia is obviously Cecil who Vivian found as a shota buried in the snow in the winter with his dog Kohaku. She then dragged him to her mansion as a “play toy” because she thought he was cute and he might be a nice sex toy when he grows up HAHA 😈 So of course at first Cecil was like wtf but then he fell in love with Vivian and was always jealous of when she and Edric were together. Apparently Cecil was Edric’s age so I guess if he hadn’t died that night  they would have been around the same age now. Anyway after Cecil & Kohaku died, Vivian merged him with her sword which was actually the arm of the king of fairies. I guess because of her sloppy magic Cecil then got a loli body too but he still had his “male” brain so to this day he’s been in love with Vivian but what can you do when you’re a loli! So he decided to pretty much become Vivian’s #1 servant and that’s why only he & Kohaku are allowed in the bath with her or sleep in bed with her (for reasons that aren’t sexual anyway..) Cecila hates Tees since he takes Vivian’s virginity every time. He would have rather left that up to Edric but yea Edric’s kind of a pansy so…. 😆 The ending for Cecil was creepy as pretty much he & Vivian were frozen in time and Cecil said when they wake up he hopes that he’ll turn into a guy or some crap. BAH! SO MUCH WASTED POTENTIAL. Glad there was no ero scene…well if they turned Cecil into a hot dude I wouldn’t have minded sigh… (´・ω・`;)

Dowth Moddey Dhoo Barguest – Ugh I just kept zoning out in Dowth’s route because…really, do they think we’re gonna be interested in some 75 year old grandpa!? Just like with Petunia, they could have easily pulled something out of their ass to make him look younger…but no. Once an erojiji, always an erojiji. Thankfully you are safe to know that he had no ero in his route but it’s because of this dickface that poor Cecil ended up as a loli!! Ugh ( ಠ益ಠ ). Needless to say I hated him before and his route didn’t make me hate him any less. Making him a tsundere ossan near the end isn’t gonna change my mind either Snapdragon ( ´_ゝ`). His ending is another ballser with them floating away together into the sky as husband and wife (umm ew.) I went into the omake only to find out they didn’t even voice the characters. I pretty much rage quit the game then & there.

Needless to say I am not amused with this game. I didn’t really have any amazing expectations but seeing how the art, setting & music were so nice, the fucking shit story just annoyed the hell out of me. Okay I’m not really one for great stories. You can throw these chars in a school setting and I’ll be happy but pretty much the “thing” that catches otome gamers…it just wasn’t there. Let me start by saying the game was written by one of Alice Soft’s eroge writers (btw don’t bother going to their site as they blocked foreigners lolol). I guess he’s only good at writing porno cause he sure as hell can’t write otome! The “heroine”, if you can even call her that, Vivian is pretty cool but you just can’t understand what she feels. Overall my only impression of her is that she loves dicks & alcohol (and apparently expensive cigars too.) I felt like I could understand the thoughts & emotions of the male characters here more than her and so I’ve concluded this is really an eroge with 6 male protagonists all going after 1 girl ( ´_ゝ`). The game also reads from a 3rd person pov 100% of the time so it feels like I’m reading some harlequin romance novel. For example in an ero scene they will be like “and Tees felt like blah while Vivian was feeling like blah”. Like great, what is this some Naruto fanfic? 😆 They also shoved in over 25 (I lost the exact count) random side characters who’d then have scenes with other side characters and I lost track of everyone except Riru, the trap, only because he was voiced by Kishio Daisuke. Some of the choices in the game are just 1 choice which is like “why even have a choice…just continue with the dialogue” orz. Because the game was too busy having Vivian fucking everyone, there was literally only 1 kiss CG with Christopher for the WHOLE GAME. THIS IS AN OTOME GAME LIPS BEFORE COCKS DUDE. Some of the erocg direction was totally something you’d see in an eroge…if you saw them you’d know what I mean (ಠ_ಠ). There was just no cohesion between the beginning & end…or rather they thought out their intro & conclusion but had no idea what to do inbetween so that’s where the random chars whose names I can’t remember would show up. Speaking of names…for some reason the GUI had no name box so aside from the main cast I had no idea who anybody was. At the beginning I would have a hard time remembering even the main cast’s names and when they threw in side characters in a CG I had no idea which one of them was talking (not that I really gave a fuck.) Overall I’m just very disappointed with this game. On Amazon this game’s dropped to a 3 star rating as well and I’ve googled up reviews of Japanese fans and they pretty much feel the same way I do. You just don’t feel like you’re playing an otome game but instead reading some trashy romance novel…but I’m pretty sure romance novels had beefy hot mans not 75 year old grandpas for you to get with…(lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!


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  1. I didn’t read all of it since I’m still in lolol debate on just trying it but.

    EW IF THEY HAD THAT JIJI WITH ERO I’D NEVER TOUCH THIS GAME LOL. I think it’s still pretty bad they gave him a route.

  2. Ah, I think this is the one where I saw some “juicy” scenes right before you cut the stream each time.

  3. Rich> yep that’s the one 😆 I think I became better at catching them when I got xsplit again xD

    Keo> yea reading my final thoughts is safe if you plan to play the game..but yea I don’t think he needed a route… I was just zoning out & reading the web because I couldn’t give a shit about him lol

  4. You forgot to mention the SWEET ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC that played everytime the erojiji showed up even though it was inappropriate

    Man, I… I really like this art, but wow I feel bad for you having to endure this 😦

  5. Mai> I didn’t really like that music actually! If anything I liked the ero scene music! but then I got all scared thinking that there would be some ero scene every time it came on and be shocked that there isn’t (like in Petunia & Hakkaku’;s routes xD)

  6. Haha I was just kidding I thought it was cool at first, but then it got really annoying ;w; I hope the next game you play is mildly entertaining compared to this!

  7. LOLOLOLOLOLOL this game sounds fucking retarded but hilarious at the same time. All i’ve been hearing from most ppl is that Vivian is the most「男前」of em all and dat it’s just fucking and some more fucking.

    accurate enough xD

    shame though, the art seems damn nice. and wtf 75yr old erojiji do not want.

  8. The tides have turned, Yusa Kouji. The tides have turned…. XD

    Lol I laughed so hard when Vivian raped Edric lol I love Edric but I just thought it was kind of ironic xDD

    Anyways, I still don’t know what the F happened during this game, and I don’t plan on going back and trying to figure it out lol xDD

  9. What. I don’t even…

    The bald ossan wolf just makes me sad. Personally thought his seiyuu was really funny when he sang, then he transformed to… that look. Sigh. And he looked so fluffy under the wolf form as well – -;;;;;

    Next game is from icing candy? The one that did bloody call?

  10. I’m glad I decided to skip on this game XD
    Hope Alicis will actually be good, since I pre-ordered it… still waiting for it to arrive.

    For this game… I think I might as well just download the CG pack or something, doesn’t seem like I’d miss out on anything XD

  11. It’s sad that you were disappointed in this game… (I wonder why they didn’t hire a woman for the writer orz or play an extremely popular otome game to see what makes them so popular with girls LOL)
    It’s nice to know that they didn’t give the old man any ero scenes…that would be so disturbing.
    At least you enjoyed Chris…CUTE GENKI CHARACTERS FTW! XD

  12. I can feel the pure disappoint just from this post.;_; Interesting concept and nice art, but NOPE.

    Also, I think the writer is a girl. No dude would ever use that blog theme.

  13. Oh god, this game…

    Watching(?) the recordings felt like a really bad immitation of Queen of Darkness mixed with Kuro no Juujika as I ended up multi-tasking as well just to bear the constant repeats of the SAME music that went from kinda cool to just irritating.

    Guess the SS on the website that looked like bad fanfiction should’ve been a warning sign…

  14. domshiki> I’d seriously love to see your review on this game, it would probably be funnier than mine…but I guess that would require you to sit through this garbage 😆

    Mimi> I agree on that one xDDD For like the first time ever! Nothing happened, we’ve been Edel Blumed.

    SilentWolfie> Yep bloody call people. I have high hopes for this game since I liked BC a lot. I also liked Hakkaku in his wolf form, he was quite cute! I don’t know what the staff were thinking regarding his human character design…

    sharakael> yea since the art is the best part of the game, downloading the CG pack might be all you need to do xD

    Hazuki> I loved Chris a lot too. He was making me moeee all over the place…..I just wish he didn’thave all those scenes that hinted BL with Tees orz;;

    spadey> oh really? Well then I guess this “girl” only knew how to write eroge lol… you never know he could be one of those feminine Japanese guys though xD;

    Koori> glad I didn’t play either of those games you mentioned then as I’d be pretty annoyed too xDDD I didn’t read any of their SS on the site but the short dialogues with the CGs seemed interesting…so much for that I guess xD

  15. Oh, god O_O This game sounds like an absolute waste of time. Heh, why do even bother to create an otome game if you have nothing to offer to gamers, only some stupid porn =_= I know it’s foolish to search for a common sense in R-18 otome but why couldn’t they make it interesting at least -_-‘ I saw a couple of CGs and I was like “…OH HOLY MOTHER!!!” Thanks, but no, I guess I’m getting too old for this stuff XD And wtf is this erojiji’s route? what balls were the creators trippin’, are they serious about this kind of relationship o_O

  16. brain> lol yea I don’t even know. I don’t mind porn as long as we also get romance but this game just didn’t seem to care…actually I don’t even know what the game was trying to accomplish aside the porn. The porn scenes were the most detailed/well written ones in the whole game!

  17. This game sounds like crap. But lord. The art is gorgeous! Who is the artist? I’ve been surfing the internet in vain trying to find the CG Pack for this game. *__*

    Is it worth it to play this game if only for the CG’s?

  18. I’m kind of undecided to be honest…
    Some CGs were nice but for example in Tees they were mostly ero, and not even like “romantic” ero just…porn meh. The Cgs of the old man I did not want. The hakkaku Cgs he was a bald man I didn’t really want either. Edric & Chris’s as well as Petunia’s CGs were alright though… but it was kind of a drag so I wouldn’t recommend playing it just for the art. You’ll get bored really quickly (or you could see if you can find someone’s save file lol)

    Amazon lists the artist as 圷よしや and background artist as 天草紫

  19. I was so looking forward to the game because I heard the heroine was different aka not the usual heroine weak damsel in distress. Didn’t know it was this different lol >.>

    It’s actually kind of worse knowing she just loves sex and I think I’ll just be content looking at the CG whilst burying the story somewhere else XD

    Such a pity… The art and colouring were really good. Too bad the story is not D:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts of the game :D!

  20. she’s certainly different…to the point that she feels like an NPC in her own game or something 😆 Yeaaa other than her loving to jump up on dat dick, I didn’t really gather much about her. I don’t think there was a single scene where she cried except the very first CG when she was a loli

  21. SO DISAPPOINTED I was actually looking forward to this game because of the art and Chris but now… FML no thanks =__= it’s games like these that make me want to just make my own otome games dfudshfs

  22. Please excuse this late reply– I just found this game through your “Recommended” post (thanks for that, by the way!). I understood it’s a love-or-hate kinda thing… and after playing, was surprised to find that I really enjoyed it!

    I agree that the overall story is lacking/confusing. For me though, the “parts” outshone the “whole.” The quirky character interactions & side-chara stories were a fun (and often hilarious) read. I enjoyed the slice-of-life feel, and the freedom of being able to “explore” Wingfield in-between my chosen guy’s route. And of course, the voice acting and overall art was superb!

    The game was definitely different, and refreshing from the norm of strictly linear stories. I feel like people should try it/ judge for themselves first, before writing it off solely for lack of plot. =)

    (Oh! I think “day of Fennic axis” might actually be “day of Phoenix”? Due to the whole rebirth thing… but who knows, haha!)

    1. Maybe it is – I don’t know much about that stuff so I had to just base it off whatever Katakana they were babbling out XD; You could be right!
      I’m glad you enjoyed it – I kinda feel like I wish there was more to it (especially poor Petunia)..it almost feels like an unfinished game? I also wish I could understand Vivian’s feelings more since I felt like I was almost playing as the guy she was going after than as her haha. I think with a bit more polish it could have been a much better game but it’s nice to see that some people still found it good!

  23. “I felt like I was almost playing as the guy”
    Oh my god, yes. When it was time to make the first decision between 待機を命じる and 帰宅を命じる in Christopher’s route, my first thought was “wait, why would Chris order Vivian to do something, isn’t he the freaking butler? Σ(ಠДಠ;)”
    I swear I was confused for a few seconds, lol.
    Though I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing in this game. It’s just… different from what we’re used to in otome games. Besides, the amount of fucking, the bald ookami, the loli-actually-a-shota and many many other things were much more disturbing…

    And is it really that hard to create a heroine that would be somewhere in between 男前Vivian and the clumsy retard we usually get to play as…? (ಠ_ಠ)

    Also, I wonder what was Yusa Koji’s reaction when he found out that this time “he” is going to get raped in a
    otome game. (´∇`*)ふふ~

    1. he probably smiled and laughed like a happy ossan that he is and did his job lol. pretty sure he’s like the opposite of all the roles he does lmfao.

  24. I know the story seems not very promising and all, and when I first clicked on this I did not expect so much pr0n. But, I do kinda want to play it. >_< I don't normally play games with heavy Hcontent but where can I buy this? I've looked on cdJapan, amazon, ComiComi.
    Where do you find these types of games? ;-;
    The art just looks so pretty~
    And my curiosity is just getting the better of meeeee~

    1. I actually had a friend rip this game for me and I think she bought it on amiami at the time but these games go really really fast. If you don’t preorder or order within a month of the release date consider it gone forever ^^;
      It’s really not that great of a game lmao. The art was beautiful but that’s all it had going for it!

  25. I STILL wanna play this game though >_///< (Gin & Lau!!).
    Anyway, at first I thought 青島刃 is Yuusa, but I found in a blog that said it's an alias name of Narita Tsurugi (never heard of him).
    Guessing their alias names surely giving me a headache =_=

      1. Really? Narita Ken? I thought I saw Narita’s name on yaoi games (R-18). Maybe he used alias on otoge?
        Dang….my REAL question and thought didn’t show up here! I have to type again >_<
        I'm sorry, I got this problems sometimes when I'm posting comments =_=
        Anyway, my question is, what exactly is Yuusa-sama's alias name? Your tag for Yuusa Kouji goes to UTM and Tsubasa, but when I checked on official sites, both games don't even have 1 same seiyuu. I was like "Whoa…so which one is it?" I got confused.
        So far I only played 1 otoge, which is KuroKin, so I don't get to know his alias name.

        1. sorry i don’t really keep track of eroge name pseudonyms ^^; i only know Toriumi’s “Sakiware Spoon” because he’s in practically every game

      2. Ahahaha…..but you sure does know if the rappist is Yuusa though ^^;
        Well, I’ve never heard Yuusa’s rappist voice, so I should play one which he is in. Hmm….maybe DareUra would be good.
        Anyway, I would know if Yuusa is playing a role on usual anime/games. Ah, there’s one game called Duel Love (maybe you know), he played as a nerd, quiet, innocent, and NEVER been in love student, which is VERY cute >///< My heart exploded when he said "I made this amulet special for you, but I don't know the reason why I want to make this only for you. Do you have any idea?" Kyaaaa~~~~~ I wanna eat him (a.k.a smooch his cheeks!)
        I also only know for Kishio Daisuke, Toriumi, and a very few which I just know recently.

  26. Wow I agree with you, I thought the girl was such a ho too XD if i remember correctly like most of the stuff she did when with the guys was cockteasing. too bad since she looked really cute…and ironically pure lol. Also her relationship with Edrick reminded me strangely of Haji and Saya in Blood+
    And what does “m9” and “ww” mean? You say them a lot in your reviews.

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