Otome Game Review: A Troll’s Fairy Tale


S-morishita had come to me asking me to review her one-man NaNoWriMo game and since it’s not too long, I decided to give it a shot :D. It’s a free English otome game and can be downloaded from her website. The story is about our heroine Acacia, a troll, so she’s not exactly the most beautiful princess in the world. She’s 25 years old but still hasn’t found the man of her dreams and her mom’s getting naggy about marriage. She’s got a younger sister Alaqua, and when they were younger, their father ran away with some fairy homewrecker. Due to this her mom wants her to marry some rich guy but Acacia wants to marry for love – like in a fairy tale. In fact she figures the best way to snag a man is through his stomach so she improves cooking skills every day working at a bakery with her mother. Only text spoilers ahead, no CG spoilers!


Damine – The Unicorn Prince and well pretty much full of himself and full of girls hanging all over him. He gets on Acacia’s nerves so badly she punches him but well punching the prince is kinda bad and rumor spreads about it fairly quickly. Still the dude likes them feisty and doesn’t give up on our violent heroine. 😆 He asks her to bake him a pastry to give to a girl, but she purposely makes him a gross one so the girl he gives it to rejects him. Acacia sees all this from far away and rofls as she scrambles before he can rage at her for trolling him (hey trolls gonna troll!) At the meet & greet the next day he makes fun of her and chases her down in the woods but then apologizes and promises not to tell anyone about her fairy tale romance hobbies. That night she goes out for a walk alone and hears people from the party saying shit about her calling her fat & ugly. However Damien tells them to STFU and stop saying shit about her behind her back. Acacia is so happy that someone actually stood up for her that she decides to bake him something as a thanks. At the meet & greet that evening, Damine has an drinking contest with some troll to impress Acacia and he wins – but gets extremely drunk. His friends beg Acacia to take care of him because if he comes back home that way, the king will rage at him. Acacia takes him home and her mom & sister purposely ~disappear~ to leave her and Damine alone. After he finally sobers up in the middle of the night, he wakes up asking why she didn’t go to his castle ball. Acacia doesn’t answer and he gets frustrated and leaves.


That day some other trolls say shit about Acacia’s mom and family so Acacia goes out to the woods to clear her head. She runs into Damine and his dumb friends but ignores them and asks him to hang out with her because she’s lonely. LOL IDK WHAT SHE’S THINKING AND WHY HE’D AGREE BUT since he obviously likes her, he agrees making a deal with her that she’d do what he asks later on. He takes her to a waterfall where they kyakyaufufu all night and while she feels better, the next day Acacia gets sick. So then Aeron comes over to their place the next day, apologizes for his mother’s rude remarks and suggests that he and Acacia flirt publically to make Damine jelly. Well it kinda works cause when he comes over with medicine for Acacia, he’s pissed that she’s playing around with Aeron outside when she should be laying in bed recovering. The thing is though, when Acacia confronts him he just goes “oh I just wanted to be friends!” and Acacia realizes she’s fallen in love with him and it was all one sided! This is all obviously a lie cause Damine is dumb and can’t be honest with his feelings 😆 He makes Acacia promise that she’ll stay at the ball after bringing over the baked goods. She goes to the ball but seeing Damine with random hoes and Aeron forcing himself on her, she gets sick of it and runs off to the woods. Damine comes after her but Acacia tired of his half assed shit demands to know why he’s constantly doing nice stuff to her. Damine admits he was afraid to make the jump with her because he was such a manwhore but seeing her with Aeron pissed him off that he couldn’t handle the friendzoning anymore. He then apologizes for being a butt and asks Acacia to marry him. She agrees and suddenly his mom shows up and is like FUCK YEAA PARTAY.

Edavine – Edavine is a fairy dude that finds Acacia’s lost diary in the forest and makes fun of her love for romantic fairy tale endings. He always argues with his parents and since Acacia’s dad ran away with some fairy ho, her mom  isn’t exactly approving of any more fairy men around her or her children. He has a hard time remember names (or maybe he purposely tries not to) so he ends up making up random nicknames for everyone. At the meet & greet ball he dances with Acacia but Aeron keeps cockblocking them every time and pissing both of them off. The next day Edavine stops by her room (since he can fly) and Acacia ends up spilling her feelings to him about how her father cheated on her mother and left them but she couldn’t do anything. Just then, the mom comes in, sees her daughter with a fairy and gets pissed. After Edavine flies out, Acacia’s mom slaps her. She tells her not to involve herself with fairies and that she should instead pick Aeron. Turns out that the homewrecker ho who ruined the marriage between Acacia’s parents is a friend of Edavine’s mom and is now back to trying to ruin their family as well.  Acacia then gets pressured into marrying Aeron even though she really doesn’t want to. He lies to her saying that he’s the one who wrote her the love letters but turns out the one who wrote them was Edavine. At the wedding day, Acacia tells Aeron he’s a fucking loser and he’s like yea well if it wasn’t for me your whole family would be in the shitter now. Acacia’s sister ain’t havin’ none of this tho so she smacks him with a frying pan and tells him to STFU :lol:. Edavine then comes with a backup army against Aeron and his troll family so they beat it. Edavine disappears into the forest so Acacia runs after him asking why he hid behind the love letters. He tells her that she’s pretty intimidating and violent so he wasn’t sure how to convey his feelings without getting a black eye in the process xD. He then asks her to marry him and everyone is spying on them and tells Acacia to stop beating around the bush so she says yes. ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ


Acacia takes no one’s shit ww

Overall the characters and story were enjoyable. I loved Acacia’s strong personality but deep inside she was just an 乙女 who wanted to fall in love (*´▽`*). Also seeing all the guys try to deal with her violent outbursts was kind of amusing – though I did feel sorry for them sometimes due to them taking too many punches from our violent heroine. xD I’m also glad Aeron doesn’t have a route. At first I thought the shy boy thing was cute but when he became this weird posessive creeper, I’m rather glad that he got punched in the face and smacked with a frying pan :lol:.

Still though, the game had a weird amount of bugs for me so I must point them out. First of all automode refused to work for me and this is like a huge problem for me cause my right hand was really aching D: I had to settle to pressing enter with my left hand and well it was pretty uncomfortable. Secondly, none of the CGs I saw in game appeared in the gallery. (´・ω・`) There was no skip button anywhere so to skip you’d have to manually press CTRL yourself. There was also  no way to access the options menu mid game. You’d have to save → go back to main menu → adjust the options, and then go back to the scene you were at. Art was fine for me but I guess the sprite for Acacia kinda bothered me? Like I think she looked totally fine in the CGs but in her little corner sprite it felt almost…unfinished? It didn’t feel as polished as her image in the Cgs so it felt rather inconsistent.   I liked the omake section with stuff about the creator – hey I used to watch Wishbone too! The theme was super catchy! XD Anyway it’s definitely an interesting game to play because the heroine isn’t plain or cute. She’s portrayed as the “ugly troll” but she’s got the most badass attitude that I’ve ever encountered. I also loved the sister, I kinda wish a little bit that she was the heroine cause she’s really cute and spunky :3. This may be a great game to play if you’re looking for a strong heroine but the system setbacks may be a little frustrating to some.

Here’s a brief walkthrough:

There’s no time for that just ignore her There’s no time for that just ignore her Grab something
Get up and leave Go ahead & stay Get up and leave
Faerie’s Oak trees The spot by the pond The spot by the pond
Bad End Damine End Edavine End

15 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: A Troll’s Fairy Tale”

  1. Thanks for mentioning Aeron doesn’t have a route. I really didn’t want to accidentally end on him after my first play-through (with Damine), so I more or less gave up on getting another route. But if he’s not got one, bonus!

  2. Yea I often find that English vn games have much livelier characters, especially heroines and usually my only complaints are either bugs or system stuff (like lack of gallery or something.)
    I think the professional/polished english VN games could probably top some of the commercial crap that Japanese companies poop out these days

  3. Thanks so much for this review! I really liked the game, I thought all the characters were alive with a zest and certain flair that is rarely found in many VNs today. (They’re all too close to the cardboard cutout types to seem like they have any life of their own, you know?) Of course, I’m a little biased, but those are my honest feelings about it. ^^

  4. I noticed most OEL otome games have strong heroines since most English speakers are more forward and self confident therefore it spills into their heroines.
    Problem with most english language vns is that they’re short, not voiced and the really pro ones force you to do some hellish stat raising system.

  5. Ahahaha… A BADASS heroine… Sound like loads of fun compared to the usual mary sue charactets I had. 😀 😀

  6. might because I played on an old windows XP PC? Not sure but that’s what I encountered.
    I dunno who my favorite is I guess xD I liked Damine when he became an awkward bumbling mess but Edavine was really sweet to Acacia too!

  7. I didn’t have any technical problems when I played through the game. Well… I didn’t use the auto or skip button because I’m too lazy to adjust the text speed (´・ω・`), but I didn’t have any problems with the CG gallery or accessing the option menu.

    Your not the only one who is glad that Aeron didn’t have a route. I would be more forgiving if he was Acacia’s childhood friend who loved her for a long time, but nope. It’s really off-putting for me that he is just this random stranger she met at the mass omiai (as I like to call it) and that he is that pushy!

    Who’s your favourit between Edavine and Damine?

  8. Thank you so much Mrs. Hinano for reviewing my game Q^Q I appreciate it so much and I had no idea that their were so many bugs in the system. I’ll get started on combing through the code to hopefully fix each one. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention, also if it was okay I would really be happy to draw you a picture of your favorite character from any of your favorite otome games :3 It’s kind of my way of giving an appreciation gift to you f that was okay? Again thank you so much this really means a lot to me and it really helped me.

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