Otome Game Review: NORN9 -Norn + Nonette-

It’s the year 2015 and in 2060 there was World War 4. A shota named Suzuhara Sorata finds himself at a research lab facility that he’s visiting with his classmates for a special tour. Suddenly he starts trippin’ balls hearing some kind of music and seeing a ghost girl talk to him.  Before he knows it, he falls asleep and then finds himself awakened in year 1919! He thinks he’s jumped back in time to the taisho era and then he runs into a girl who can’t even remember her name. She’s babbling nonsense and suddenly a giant alien space ship comes down to them and takes them both on board. On the ship Sorata meets some kids who all have psychic powers and he finds out that they’re on a journey around the world until they reach their “destination” – which is supposedly America. The game then switches to the points of view of 3 heroines and their relationships with the other psychic power users there.. Anyway this intro makes no freaking sense so if you want to make sense of anything you’re gonna have to read some spoilers after the jump :lol:. As usual you can avoid spoilers and skip to my final thoughts instead!

norners002Because the storyline is all over the place with each route revealing bits & pieces I figured I’d just put the whole thing together right up front so that the rest of the review makes sense. So here’s the deal with Norn 9. Norn is the alien space ship run by a programmed robot named Aion and her robo chicken army.  While Norn is the big floating spherical thing, I’m guessing NONETTE is the other part of Aion – her actual original body which lies on a small island in America (probably Hawaii since it’s close to Japan.) In 2060 there was World War 4 and people were like hey man the world’s a mess we need to clean up and start over. Unfortunately this isn’t a PSD file that you can just erase layers of, so a group of scientists got together and created Aion. Aion was created for the purposes of doing a “reset” aka destroying the world and then starting a new. Because it’s pretty difficult and dangerous to have this godly robot just hanging around a tiny island, the scientists then created psychic power users who would “hold on” to the powers until they were needed to do the next reset. These are the Norn9 crew an with each reset the psychic power users return their powers to Aion and everyone goes home happy. With the powers of fire to destroy, mind control to wipe memories, dreams to allow people to pretend they’re happy, water and plants to grow back what was destroyed and to make sure all goes well, the power to see the future.  So they did the reset after WW4, everything was going ok until this douchebag named Yuiga Shirou showed up.  He decided he’s some emo anarchy loser who LOVEESSS GUNNZZZ and he sold guns and spread them all over the world. (Ok that’s not actually the reason but let’s leave it at that for now :lol:)

norners003Then like some kind of jungle apes, the humans who got the guns started shooting each other up and basically causing destruction everywhere.  In order to prove himself as the almighty powerful psychopath, Shirou went around with his army destroying those who caused chaos and “protecting” people to make himself look like the good guy (even though in actuality this is all his fucking fault.)  Not only that but he took HIS OWN SON and brainwashed him to follow his orders as he basically injected him as a spy into Norn. On top of this, he also used Koharu’s powers to destroy everything and took advantage of the fact that everyone called her a monster because she couldn’t control her firey outbursts. Anyway, he’s the asshole bad guy and the only one to stop him is Captain Planet Natsuhiko. Natsuhiko is against the reset and he wants to stop both Shirou and resetting so  his ultimate goal is to destroy all the psychic power kiddies so that they can never do a reset again and so that Shirou won’t use them as his pewpew army.  Because of this, Natsuhiko is considered the “rebellion group” of the ship along with Ron who works for him per contract. So once Natsuhiko blows up stuff in the ship attempting to kidnap Mikoto, whose power is barrier to protect everyone, the entire Norn9 group decides to split up into pairs of 2 to find clues on who the traitors might be. Little do they know of course that Ron is working for Natsuhiko and Kakeru is working for his psychopathic father.  On top of this as I mentioned before, they’ve all lived a hard life due to having those psychic powers so they have to all come to terms and learn to live with the consequences of them.  And so the game is about how everyone deals with the fact of having the powers, and being able to distinguish between what is right and wrong. Ultimately they are making the final decision on what to do about ongoing chaos that Shirou has caused because there has been 3 resets and now it’s going on to 4. There’s a lot more details but I’ll reveal them near the end of the other characters routes.

The heroines – As a briefer on the heroines before we proceed, we have Koharu, Mikoto and Nanami. Mikoto is the oldest being 18, and has the powers to cast barriers to protect herself and others. Unfortunately this is very draining for her but her pride is too high to admit this so she pushes herself anyway. The 2nd youngest is Koharu, whose name was given to her by Yuiga Shirou the gross pedobear bad guy.  She has the power to destroy with her fire like some DBZ super saiyan. Due to this a lot of people have called her a monster, and her own family abandoned her. Because they called her horrible names her whole life, she forgot what her real name was so Shirou gave her the name Koharu. The youngest of the trio is Nanami but despite being youngest she is the most cool and composed of the 3. The reason is because she was raised as a kunoichi (a female ninja) but her family are assholes too and forced her to use her powers for the good of their village. Her power is to erase memories and by doing this it not only causes grief to those who she does it to, but then she has self inflicted guilt and has a “oh well if I die then I die” attitude.  Despite this though, like Mikoto she don’t take no one’s shit and if you get on her bad side prepare for her to shove a kunai up your ass.

norners004Ichinose Senri – Senri is the resident hikkikomori.  He hides in his room all day because he’s had a rough life and well his brains scrambled thanks to Nanami. (More on that in Akito’s route.) He doesn’t want to get close to anyone because he figures once everyone’s shipped to their respective countries, they’ll be at war with each other anyway. He’s also often the subject of Kakeru’s bullying. Nothing much happens in Senri’s route though Koharu starts to get close to him because she feels like they are kindred spirits. Well the difference is Koharu tries her best to be upbeat while Senri just locks himself and shuts out the world.  They finally get their “moment” when Itsuki puts them into his dream of her being snow white and Senri being some dwarf fallen angel that she falls in love with.  After the dream they both realize they’re in love with each other but then pedobear Shirou shows up and wants to use Koharu as his personal flame thrower. So while she’s running around burning shit to the ground everyone tries to figure out a way to get her back. Senri stops being a hikki, grows a pair and goes out there telling her she don’t need to kill nobody cause he looooves her. Koharu’s like oh okay, let’s make love not war and they smooch in the desert together.  So uhm suddenly it’s the end and Koharu and Senri are now hikkis together in his room.  In the bad end, the pedobear  brainwashes Koharu enough not to want to leave him so since Senri’s a neet who don’t care about humanity and just wants to be with her, he decides to go along. The 2 of them end up in pedobear’s cage as his personal pewpew army. Erm yea Senri’s route was really short  and had like no plot except the tl;dr dump but I really liked him anyway. It’s funny how much his words can sting though sadly he can’t defend them most of the time because he’s terrified of everyone.

norners005Shukuri Akito – I did Akito next per recommendation of my broadcast viewers but now I’m really glad because it’s actually best to play this game on order of guys rather than by order of heroine groups. Anyway Akito is a waifu and he’s great at cooking so when Nanami and Heishi abuse the  kitchen he rages at them and even gets into physical fights. He has a strange fear of all the robo-chicks on the ship and is also a huge tsundere (*´▽`*)ツボキタ━(゚∀゚)━!  So right off the bat Akito and Nanami are on edge with each other because they go way back. Basically they were from the same village and Akito has no psychic powers. However, Nanami’s powers are to wipe memories and Akito’s younger brother’s powers were water. Guess who else’s power is water! That’s right, Senri is actually Akito’s younger brother and Shukuri is Akito’s made up last name, because he’s actually Ichinose Akito. The village they all lived in suffered massive drought and so the villagers wanted Senri to use his water powers to help this problem. Unfortunately at the time Senri was a little kid (and he technically still is) and it would really wear him down, especially since he was already pretty weak to begin with. Needless to say Akito got pissed of everyone using & abusing his otouto-kun so he threatened them telling them to leave his bro alone. Nanami’s asshole dad then goes “hey why don’t you go wipe Senri’s memory of Akito being his brother so we can exile him from the village and kill him cause he’s in the way of our endless water hose!” Nanami was like umm I don’t really wanna do this but her dad was like LISTEN BITCH U DO WHAT I SAY I OWN UR POWERS. Well being a loli Nanami was like okay.jpg and agreed to do this. Unfortunately, Akito was NOT pleased and he was like why the fuck did you do this jfc man. Nanami knew the villagers were going to be after him so despite him yelling at her, she helped him escape and has carried this guilt ever since. So now they’re awkwardly paired up and the whole time she feels like Akito wants to kill her, but she’s totally ok with this because she feels its well deserved. (;´Д`)

norners006Things get even more awkward when KakeRUDE comes along and handcuffs the 2 of them together so they’re forced to try and get along.  The awkwardness continues even after they manage to detach each other and in the Itsuki-dream, Nanami is red riding hood while Akito’s the big bad wolf. Fortunately he’s a moe wolf and Nanami’s like well this is a dream and starts snuggling and kissing him xDDD. A fake Akito shows up and starts to strangle her but she’s like oh I guess this is my fate but wolfy Akito saves her and when she wakes up he bursts into her room. He’s like why didn’t you defend yourself and she’s like “cause it’s ok if you kill me” but at this point killing Nanami is the last thing on Akito’s mind. In fact both of them are so in love with each other that Akito asks her not to go with other guys and Nanami tells him she doesn’t want to be hated by him anymore. So then the usual shit hits the fan, Mikoto takes Natsuhiko’s side, Kakeru and his pedobear dad abduct Koharu.  Meanwhile Nanami and Akito…go on a date in taisho-land cause he wants to buy her a present. ε-(*´∀`|萌| (This has like nothing to do with the plot but lol.) When he tells her that he thinks she’s cute no matter what she wears she’s so embarrassed she passes out lmao xDDD ☆゚+‡。萌:.゚(○´ω`○) ゚.萌:。‡+゚ ☆ Terrible flow of anything tbh but whatever, moe Akkun and Nanamin.  When they return to the nice boat, Akito reveals that he’s Senri’s brother and he’s taken half of his water powers in the past. He then takes the rest of Senri’s powers  even though it’s a huge strain on his body.

norners007Akito then asks Nanami to erase Senri’s memories of what happened so that he doesn’t go following Koharu to destroy the world now that he’s powerless.  Nanami refuses to do this and  begs Akito to give her his water powers before he dies but he says he’ll be fine. After he takes a break he starts smooching Nanami’s neck and tells her to call him by his first name since Shukuri’s obviously not his real last name.  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q  They end up smooching together (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪  So then everyone  goes to the island where Aion’s chillaxing and by chillaxing, I mean avoiding being fried to a crisp by Koharu.  They return their powers to Aion for the reset and after this Nanami and Akito get all raburabu together back on the ship. (Yea Idk the consistency of this end with other routes but whatever lol.)  Suddenly Koharu and Senri come back to fill them in on what happened with the others. Nanami and Koharu then push the 2 brothers to rekindle their relationship once more. (*´ω`*) If you choose to erase Senri’s memories though, Akito tells Nanami that as long as he has her he doesn’t need anything else.  Just as Akito pulls her into bed telling her it’s sexy time, Heishi sends them a telepathic message that everyone’s returned and 100% cockblocks them xDDD Akito’s like god damnit you better be ready for tonight then (ノ`Д´)ノ XDD In the bad end, when Nanami and Akito jump into the past of the 2 of them, Akito imagines his younger self saving both Senri and the village. He can’t accept the past where Senri’s memories got wiped so Nanami vows to stay in the past by his side until he can accept it and return to the present. Bawww Akito is such a cutie and it was so sweet playing his route immediately after Senri’s. I know Senri’s girl is Koharu but for some reason after playing Akito’s route I have this weird Akito x Nanami x Senri OT3 in my head lmao xD. Also damn poor Akito missed his chance to get laid!

norners009Otomaru Heishi – Heishi is like the puppy dog mood maker on the ship but under that happy exterior lies a PASSIONATE HEART who’s in love with Nanamin. Okay honestly I think Heishi is adorable but his bad end made me feel weird because I started to think “is this really his true personality that we never got to see in his original route? Or is this O/C for the sake of having a yandere.” I guess I’ll never know but be forwarned that his bad end may ruin him as a character lol. At first Heishi treats Nanami like his little sister and he’ll jump on her bed in the morning like a dog waiting for his morning walk. He even gets really happy when she pets him on the head (*´▽`*).  Heishi’s power is telepathy and he can basically transmit his voice to anyone but if he gets too nervous, his own voice and thoughts will get transmitted to others without his control. So yea shit starts off with Nanami asking him “what if I’m in the rebelling group?” and he’s like “don’t say that because whatever I feel about you, you will KNOW so there’s no way I’d ever be able to hate you.” Nanamin stop pushing your bishies away! After this Nanami is afraid to say anything around him in order not to upset which…obviously upsets him cause he starts worrying about her. Heishi’s done some hard livin’ too cause he was abandoned by his parents and then picked up by some traveling circus. To earn his food he had to learn how to perform and that’s where he learned how to play the flute. So at first Nanami was ok with being treated like his pet (and vice versa really) but after a spending more time with him as his partner, things like “you’re cute” start to mean different things to her and she can’t handle all these new feels! He tells Nanami his dream is to get married and have kids and asks if she wants to help him out with dat. When Nanami says she wants to make his dream come true he’s so happy but their happy moment is ruined when Ron and Natsuhiko show up to cockblock and threaten to kill both of them. Ron then says he wants to have Nanami all to himself so he tells her to erase Heishi’s memories what’s going on.. Nanami then tells herself  that she’s not qualified to love anyone since she couldn’t even save the guy she loves.

norners010The next day Nanami pretty much avoids contact with him (cause she’s threatened by Ron) and Heishi’s completely heartbroken because of this and he has no idea why it’s happening. Ron also tells her that if she doesn’t do what he says he will also kill Heishi. After Itsuki’s dream scenario, Nanami meets Heishi at night near the observatory and she says she’s horrified at the fact that if her powers are combined with his they could potentially wipe everyone’s memories even if they don’t want to. Heishi says he doesn’t care about what Norn wants him to do, and he has no intentions of being some kind of weird messiah. She then admits that she’s erased his memories once before, and doesn’t deserve to be with him. He’s like idgaf woman, I love you and grabs and kisses her. Sadly Nanami rejects him but she goes back to her room and cries. (´;ω;`) Oh my god justfuckalready.jpg www Heishi then plans to run away with Nanami and Mikoto and Itsuki are in full support of them.  When the ship lands in town they use the opportunity to run off and buy some common folk clothes to blend in. Sadly they run into Masamune who uses his powers to see the past and finds out their plans to run away from Norn. They tell him that they refuse to return to Norn and Nanami erases Masamune’s memories of everything they just told him.  After this, they travel around the world and take photos together to send to some guy who pays them for it. They also earn money thanks to Heishi’s flute playing. Some time later, they make a print of the photo that Heishi took of them together. (*´ω`*) In the bad end, Nanami and Heishi find some shack in the woods and live together. However, Heishi buys a gun to use to protect Nanami and then goes into yandere mode. (´・ω・`) He nearly strangles her and begs her to trust him promising he’ll get enough money for them to run away. He becomes really clingy and when Itsuki and Akito come to their house, he pulls out his gun. Desperate and not knowing what to do, Nanami quickly wipes all of his memories of herself and begs the other 2 to save him. They return to the ship together but he doesn’t even know who she is. щ(ಥДಥщ) See what I mean, a yandere with a gun, what happened there Hei-chan!?

norners011Kagami Itsuki – Itsuki manipulates the power of dreams and can make anyone see whatever dream they desire. He’s very teasing and playful but being a scorpio, it’s all an act to cover up his fragile heart. Itsuki really loves Mikoto a lot but he knows the complicated relationship she has with her childhood friend Sakuya so he always backs off. In fact he even tries to get the two to hook up just to give himself a reason to give up on her but due to Sakuya & Mikoto’s inner problems, things don’t go just as keikaku. At first Mikoto’s really tsun to Itsuki and whenever he hits on her she punches him or rages at him. After a while though, her tsun-wall starts crumbling and she finds herself weak to his advances. This comes as a surprise to Itsuki because he always expects rejection so when he doesn’t get rejected, his feelings for her grow even stronger. Mikoto tells Itsuki that she sees Sakuya like a “younger brother” because in the past he was always pretty weak and she’d be the one protecting him. One day they go to the library together to write letters to their relatives but Itsuki writes her a love letter instead. He then apologizes for trying to hook up her and Sakuya thinking that they’re both in love. She then says that in his place she wouldn’t be able to “cheer someone on that she likes if they were to end up with another person.” The two of them end up kissing in the library. Now that the person that Mikoto loves is Itsuki, the future changes and Sakuya is no longer destined to die (more on this in Sakuya’s route.) The two are both so happy but Itsuki feels really hurt and feels like once again he’s a cockblock to their relationship, without realizing the reason Sakuya’s not dying is because of him. He stays in his room moping until Mikoto decides to be the one to break the ice and goes to talk to him. Anyway they both realize that they’re in love with each other and they need to just fuck already, so finally, they go and fuck already. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン

norners012Sadly their happiness is interrupted when the following day the deathstar Norn gets attacked all around and Mikoto can’t put up her barrier. Suddenly Mikoto finds herself living some happy life in a cottage with Itsuki but every night she notices how he’s “disappearing”. Well it’s all because she’s been in this dream for a while and she starts hearing Koharu’s and Sakuya’s voice calling out for her. She tells Itsuki to let her out of his uguu dream of love and he says he’d rather her be happy here than be miserable in reality. Mikoto figures out his weakness and the dream ends. She wakes up to find out that when the ship got attacked a lot of people got injured and the person who got hurt the most is Itsuki. Mikoto ends up taking care of his injuries and feels horrible because despite him being injured he tried to take her attention away from himself by having her have this happy dream.  She finds his letter that he wrote to her in the library that one day and reading it starts crying. Itsuki wakes up surprised he isn’t dead but then Ronny shows up to be a party pooper. After Mikoto throws a book at him , he blocks it with his manboob barrier and leaves. (Ronny’s got tits of steel that’s why his shirt is always open.) Itsuki then tells Mikoto that he wanted to try and kill Ronny on his own but she’s like yo bro don’t take the burden on yourself. He also then admits that he’s super jelly so he feels like punching himself for ever trying to hook up Mikoto with Sakuya. Anyway they end up running away from the ship to live on earth together just like in his dream.  They start saving money so that they can afford a wedding and promise to be together forever and live happily ever after. In the bad end, the dream continues but Itsuki dies and the dream ends so he disappears from her dream.(´;ω;`)  In the gallery you can hear Itsuki’s letter to Mikoto and he wants to have babies with her that turn out to be strong just like her. ( ≖‿≖) I loved Itsuki a lot but now that I think back I wish I had done his route AFTER Sakuya because thanks to this route Sakuya creeped the fuck out of me. Needless to say I started Sakuya’s route already disliking him and his route didn’t really improve upon the situation. S’okay though, Mikoto’s got 2/3 guys right :lol:.

norners013Nijou Sakuya – Eugh, yandere obsessive childhood friends, no thanks! Well okay I’ll give him the fact that he really DOES LOVE and CARE for Mikoto but they entire relationship revolves around the guilt of each other’s powers and I seriously wanted to spam “justfuckalready.jpg” in every other scene. Here’s the deal with Sakuya. His power is the ability to see the future and when he was a shota he saw the future of him dying to save the person he loves. So from that day forward Mikoto told him, don’t fall in love with anyone and that she would protect him. After all these years of dodging other chicks, the only girl he really had near him is Mikoto so who is he gonna fall in love with besides her? And Mikoto’s sense of responsibility to protect Sakuya eventually transforms into deep feelings for him which as she grew older transformed into love. In order to try to break these feelings, she would constantly act cold and mean to him in hopes to both make herself not like him and make him not fall for her. So basically they both love each other but OH NOES IF WE FALL IN LOVE SAKUYA WILL DIE and so they have to constantly cockblock themselves. Needless to say as the player, it was really really frustrating. It was so frustrating that I not only felt sorry for Sakuya but I also felt sorry for Itsuki cause he still loves her in Sakuya’s route but he backs off knowing about Mikoto’s feelings for Sakuya. ARGH THIS LOVE TRIANGLE IS LIKE SOME DAYTIME SOAP OPERA. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻  This whole drama continues for a while because neither of them is brave enough to admit they love each other for fear of the future nonsense but it’s obvious what they both feel when in the fairy tale dream, Mikoto starts crying on Sakuya’s shoulder. OR SO SHE THOUGHT. Turns out Mikoto’s feelings for Sakuya are so strong that when she met Itsuki in the dream, in her mind it was Sakuya. So while she’s standing there crying SAKUYAAA on Itsuki’s shoulder, the actual Sakuya comes by and all he sees in front of his eyes is NTR. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ  When she comes to help him change his bandages, he pushes her down on the floor saying he wished that he never told her about the future of him dying and would have just died protecting her….CAUSE HE CAN’T LIVE KNOWING THAT SHE LOVES SOMEONE ELSE. Argghhh WOULD THE TWO OF YOU


norners014Lol I seriously wanted to flip my desk.  I hate this route because I felt like Mikoto is a strong character but here she needs constant validation of “No Mikoto there IS hope” meh. When it comes to Sakuya it’s like she becomes some helpless blob.  Eventually they both stop dicking around and Mikoto stops being a “wild horse” and hugs Sakuya in the RAIN OF EMOTION saying she won’t let him die.  They come up with a plan to look into the future to see if they can prevent Sakuya’s death. They notice that he gets killed by a gunshot so they decide to probe more into that. Once everyone gets to the island with Aion, and she gives the info dump, she gives the option of going through 2 doors – the past and the future. So while Sakuya & co.  are derping through the doors, Natsuhikki shows up saying he’s gonna kill everyone but Mikoto starts protecting everyone with her barrier. Just then Sakuya and co. come back in time for Natsuhikki’s rambo shooting spree. Fortunately thanks to Mikoto’s barrier, Natsuhiko’s bullets come straight back at him, and when Ron comes back with his guns, Koharu burns off his guns and his nipples 😆 (That’s why you never see them in the game!) Also apparently Itsuki had no powers cause he gave them to Ron in exchange that he wouldn’t hurt Mikoto though Ron’s mission was just being in a contract with Natsuhiko and doing as he says. They all give back Aion their powers and she does the 3rd Impact Reset so that way Sakuya’s “future” changes. After this Sakuya tells Mikoto how much he loves her and tells her he wants sexy time in her room that night. They smooch under the random crap on the island while everyone suddenly disappears around them lol. In the bad end, Sakuya dies protecting her just like he predicted. Blah what a frustrating route with a randomly anticlimatic ending. I heard Sakuya is popular among Japanese fans but oh well I often find my tastes are 180 degree polar opposite of what Japan thinks ┐(‘~`;)┌.

norners015Yuiga Kakeru – Well if Sakuya wasn’t bad, we have KakeRUDE. Kakeru is seriously rude and he’s extremely do-S and haraguro. He uses both Koharu and Senri for his own entertainment, however he starts having guilt pains when Koharu responds so innocently to his bullying :lol:. In fact I think it’s this airheaded innocence of hers that makes him fall in love with her because seriously I turn and look away and the next minute Kakeru’s blushing like a tomato. Whut?!  I mean she even falls for him calling himself a girl and starts to call him Kakeru-chan at some point lmfao. Since Kakeru’s power is plants, he gives Koharu a strawberry plant pot so she can raise it herself. Having no experience with any kind of plant raising, Koharu overwaters the poor thing and it wilts. Once he explains to her how to properly take care of it, she gets all excited and then everyone makes fun of Kakeru saying that he’s on the same level as a plant to her m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ.  Kakeru tells Koharu about the earring he has which he got from his father when he was 10. His father got killed by someone and the earring was the only thing he left him. Little does Kakerude know that the earring is actually a brainwave device that pretty much brainwashes him to be his father’s slave. It’s really odd and inconsistent but when Kakeru wears the earring he seems well aware of his mission but when it comes off, he seems like he’s really shocked when Shirou bursts into Norn. Anyway Kakeru’s earring gets taken from him by Ron to stop the brainwashing but lol Koharu goes to get it back for him. FUCKING GREAT. The one thing Ronny does right in this game is wasted! /(^o^)\ So then Kakeru gets his infamous fever so Koharu goes to help take care of him.  She  tells him that he’s a bum and only she can handle him as they smooch in the dream Itsuki made. Well now that they’re both raburabu, Kakeru realizes that he no longer needs to be dependent on the earring (well thank god) because now he has Koharu instead.

norners016So then Kakeru’s dad and his storm trooper army come to kidnap Koharu so Ron protects her cause he knows the dilly. Kakeru then shows up to help but then Koharu burns them all down with her fireball like a DBZ super saiyan. She feels embarrassed of her powers and tries to avoid everyone by locking herself in her room for a few days. Kakeru goes to see her and apologizes for praising her power levels being over 9000 since it’s something that she was called a “monster” for in the past. He then comforts her…with his weiner and they screw all night. The following day Ron is like lol I know you’re following daddy’s orders. Suddenly DADDY SHOWS UP and he’s like Koharu you’re coming with me. Masamune shows up calling Shirou a traitor and he’s like “sorry I woulda come sooner but Aion cockblocked my pedobear ways.” Natsuhiko shows up and announces that Shirou is the one who created Aion. (Technically NO but more on that later.)  Meanwhile a beaten up Kakeru is like damn and this whole time I thought you were dead, daddy. Masamune then says that Kakeru is actually their enemy because he was just following daddy’s orders the whole time to spy on all of them. So then Shirou’s robo army attacks Norn and everyone jumps ship and runs to Hawaii to see Nonette.  I still don’t get the whole thing with Kakeru and his dad, I mean in some parts he seems like he knows what he’s doing and following orders but I guess when he snaps out of brainwash mode he’s like “daddeh!” Aion tells them because Kakeru’s MIA they can’t do the “reset” cause there’s no one to make the trees. Koharu begs for Aion to save Kakeru but Aion’s like “well Shirou abandoned his son once but he was brainwashed so it was too late.” Additionally he was brainwashed in order to get Koharu on his side so that Shirou could then use Koharu to basically do the 2nd impact. Heishi then says based on his brainwave powers he could tell that Kakeru’s feelings for Koharu are his own and not part of the brainwashing (though that doesn’t change the fact that Koharu wants to go to Kakeru which would be Shirou’s just as keikaku ww) Suddenly Shirou and his storm troopers come and attack the island as well as Aion’s computer.

norners017Ron and Natsuhiko show up as reinforcement and they all fight shit. Much to Koharu’s dismay, she is now faced to fight against Kakeru who’s been brainwashed to the point that he just shoots out plants like some hentai tentacle monster. Koharu then grows magical wings of fire and fries all his tentacle salad. \( ^o^)/ This magically snaps him back to reality and they once again profess their love to each other and smooch. Also Koharu’s wings seriously looked like the end of evangelion ones on Rei lol.  Natsuhiko tells Masamune that he’s found Shirou’s dead body and his impact causing havoc is over but the world is all fucked up now and unless they do a reset, shit’s gonna keep hitting the fan. Even after finishing the game I have no fucking clue why Shirou died – maybe too much tenseing on his body (like Orochimaru in Naruto ww.) Meanwhile Kakeru and Koharu go frolicking in the field and live happily ever after growing strawberries together. Also Kakeru wants to screw out in the open field but she tells him to keep his weiner in his pants and wait till they get back home :lol:. He settles down for a kiss instead.  In the bad end, Nanami gets stabbed by the tentacle salad to protect Ron. In order to protect them, Koharu agrees to come with Brainwashed Kakeru to go see Shirou. Unfortunately after Kakeru hands over Koharu to his pedo-dad he’s like ok well my job is done bye. ( ´_ゝ`) おまわりさん、こいつです。 End game notes: I’m somewhat convinced that Koharu is the original Shirou’s dead wife. Yea I don’t really know why Kakeru fell in love with Koharu to begin with and the deal with his brainwashing but that pedo end ruined everything lol. Also raaagggee because Koharu and Kakeru fucked in this route and pfft that’s the last guy in this game I wanted to see implied secks with.

norners018Tooya Masamune – Masamune is the best guy in Koharu’s bunch. Like yea Senri is moe and all but Masamune is a むっつりスケベ who gets drunk on sugar. 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工 Oh my god the gap is adorable.  Masamune is sort of the care taker of the ship and the chaperone of this field trip. He periodically reports to to Aion on the status of Norn and the kiddies  there. For a while I wondered why the fuck is he able to magically fly back & forth from Japan to Hawaii in such a short span of time but it turns out that he’s actually friends with Natsuhiko. Or rather, the two of them were raised on the island where Aion was born and their relatives were the ones who created it. However since Natsuhiko was against the reset business he and Masamune couldn’t really see eye to eye so that’s why they’re technically enemies. Masamune of course keeps this a secret from everyone, including his now partner Koharu.  So like most of the route Masamune spends teaching Koharu various things since she kinda grew up being on the run from the world and never got a chance to go to school or learn anything worthwhile.  He seems like the nice reliable dude until one night Koharu runs into him and he’s in a foul mood. He’s like yo bitch I told you that you should watch yourself around men, like ME. He then grabs her and shoves his tongue down her throat lmao xD wtf. The next day, he feels like an asshole though, and I thought he was mad because he was being oniichan zoned BUT! It turns out he ate some of Koharu’s cookies and the sugar made him drunk and well drunk Masamune = RANNNDDAAYYY YEAH. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Koharu doesn’t really understand what happened and when she tries to seek advice from the other girls they get embarrassed lol. She tries to act normal around Masamune when they study but it’s still pretty awkward lol. He then apologizes for kissing her but she says it’s no big deal. Masamune’s like NOOO GUILT so he suggests they break off their pairing and adds that he can’t have anyone “Special” to him.

norners019In the fairy tale dream, Kakeru attempts to kiss her to she “eats the poison apple” but Masamune bursts in like AN HERO. He has to hold back his horndog urges because dat Snow White Koharun.  Koharu’s like yo I ain’t no good girl and I’m tired of you getting my hopes up and then throwing them out the moment it’s convenient for you. Feeling like a butthole, Masamune hugs her and says that the reason he wanted to stop being her partner is because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to hold back his sukebe urges and ravage her one day 😆 Koharu’s like COME AT ME BRO MY BODY IS READY ( ≖‿≖). He’s like wait hun, I can’t have a girlfriend until our journey ends so pls wait.  So then pedobear Shirou and his army start attacking some village so Norn lands for a bit and they help protect the people there and assist the wounded. After a long day of working, Koharu comes to Masamune’s room to see how he’s doing and AWKWARDNESS ENSUES. Well that is until Masamune decides to stuff his face into Koharu’s boobs to re-energize himself and she happily pats him on the head ε-(*´∀`|萌|. His idle hands start to undo the ribbon on her shirt and even though she’s more than willing, ZA WARUDO cockblocks and he has to go report the Norn status to Aion as usual. Koharu wishes that she would have given him something sweet to eat so they’d be able to JUST FUCK ALREADYY  XD. Hell yea Koharu ain’t no good girl, she even said so! The next day in town Koharu runs into Natsuhiko and do-M Setsu who just wants Koharu to step on his face with her heels ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ . Fortunately Masamune comes to save her and his sexual frustration is over 9000. He tells her he regrets not humping her the night before and tells her he’s ready to teach her some SEX ED YEAAAA. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン  The following day they’re supposed to depart from that town but Mikoto and Sakuya run back to the town. Once Masamune hears this he follows after them. Apparently the battle hasn’t ended so Mikoto runs to protect everyone with her barrier but it really overworks her. She almost gets shot, but that’s when Sakuya takes the hit for her and dies like in his bad end. (´・ω・`;)

norners020Koharu runs on to this scene and gets pissed off and BBQs everyone in the vicinity.  After this the army basically starts using Koharu as their personal flamethrower so everyone is forced to stay in this area longer than planned. Masamune gets pissed of them constantly using Koharu saying he doesn’t give a fuck about their stupid war shit and despite the common belief, this isn’t what Aion desires. He keeps coming to see Koharu but for some reason he can’t bring himself to take her off her line of BBQ duty.  One night Koharu sneaks back to the ship to visit Masamune but leaves immediately saying she needs to get back to her line of duty. He feels like an asshole for not stopping her and the next day her fire goes out of control. Masamune finds out that she’s not returned from battle and he’s pissed because he just found out that she’s been pretty much fighting armies of guys all on her own. He finds her walking around in ball of fire going oops I kinda can’t stop my BBQ grill here. He then uses his powers to see into the past and sees her real name – WHICH WE NEVER FIND OUT LOL THANKS OTOMATE. He hugs her and apologizes for not being able to save her and I guess thanks to the power of rabu her fire doesn’t fry him to death. Once her fire ends, he says her BBQ duties are over and she’s coming with him. He kisses her and it’s so hot it knocks her out. Meanwhile, Masamune tells Natsuhiko that he intends to dump his duties for Aion and run away with Koharu.  That night, Nanami uses her powers to erase Koharu’s memories about Sakuya’s death and Itsuki then uses his powers to show her a dream where she and Masamune are getting married. Natsuhiko helps Masamune in his escape plans and takes him and a sleeping Koharu on his personal ship. Basically they end up helping Natsuhiko with ship maintenance and live together with him and dat do-Mkun Setsu. In the end, Masamune tells Koharu he wants to have a real wedding. Also they reveal that basically the hiyokos are created by Natsuhiko or at least one of his relatives so he has connection to all of them and uses them as spies on the ship.  Bad Ends: If you go into Masamune’s room while he’s not there, a drunk Itsuki and Ron play around with her….until Masamune comes back and kills them both (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ. In the 2nd bad end, the army climbs aboard the ship and invades into Mikoto’s room trying to get Koharu back to the battlefield. From that day forth Koharu continues BBQing stuff but at night she sleeps in bed with Mikoto who’s become an unstable mess after Sakuya’s death. First bad end was funny, not gonna lie lol.

norners021Muroboshi Ron – Ron suffers the same fate as Kakerude 1. I have no idea why he fell in love with Nanami and 2. I don’t think he’s right for Nanami because he’s really fucking creepy. I seriously think the only reason I put up with Ronny is his manboobs of steel and Sugitan’s voice :lol:.  Ron is a lazy ass who just spends most of his time sleeping and eating like a sloth. He’s actually the oldest one on this field trip, being 25 but he acts no different than some lazy child. In fact being paired up with Nanami she’s the more mature one. Ron’s secretly assisting Natsuhiko in whatever he needs done and is more like Natsuhiko’s spy. He can’t remember anyone’s names and walks around with his manboobs showing cause his shirts always open. He has no powers but he can steal other people’s powers with Aion’s help. He irritates the fuck out of Nanami that she always has the urge to stab him with her kunai. She threatens to break up their partnership but he realizes that if he can’t get stuff out of her willfully, he’ll have to use some FORCE.  They end up staying in a hotel in town at night because Nanami passes out and Ron takes her there, strips her clothes off and puts her to bed lol. He then threatens to kill her and she’s like come at me bro. Well he does.  He then goes into rapist mode, gets on top of her and kisses her pressing her hands down. Nanami manages to escape being the awesome ninja that she is and punches his douchey sunglasses off. He pisses her off so much she starts crying but then his dumb jokes cheer her up again so she tells him to GTFO her room lmao xD; This is basically their love & hate relationship and in order to win Ron over you actually have to be extremely hard to get otherwise things aren’t gonna go too well for you. Basically Ron wants to use Nanami for her powers but Nanami refuses to be used by anyone especially when it comes to her memory wiping. Ron then reveals that he’s nearly blind and Natsuhiko made him a pair of glasses to help him improve his vision. However, Natsuhiko promised to make him artificial eyes that would give him perfect vision as long as he does what he says. That’s why he’s basically Natsuhiko’s slave forced to do all his dirty work etc.щ(ಥДಥщ)

norners022As much as this was painful to hear, in the end Ron is still a cold blooded creeper.  A few hours later Nanami catches Ron knocking Mikoto out cold and realizes he’s part of the rebellion movement on the ship. Nanami begs him not to do anything horrible and he says “ok I’ll spare Mikoto if you tell me your powers and let me use them, in return.” Nanami agrees because the next day no one can remember anything since she wiped everyone’s memories of what happened. She then admits that her powers are to erase people’s memories and he’s like oh you’re the girl who was forced to erase memories by her parents. She then tells him the details in return to protect Mikoto.  Nanami tells him to turn himself in, and she’ll take part of his punishment but he’s like lol nope. She calls him heartless but he’s like “well I DO have things I like” as he touches her cheek. wwwhhhaat Ron pls. Soo apparently Ron has now fallen for Nanami? Was it the kuudere that made you (*´ェ`*)キュン♡ Ronny?  Ron then tells Nanami “baby if you wipe my memories, I’m all yours” because I guess he’s looking for an excuse to drop himself out of his mission due to his feelings for her.  Nanami’s already fallen in love with him by then and says she doesn’t want to do this and begs him not to do anymore bad things. He then grabs and kisses her and they almost screw until Natsuhiko calls and cockblocks プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. See this is a problem in order for Ron to return her feelings, she has to wipe his memories but by doing so she’s afraid that he’ll forget his feelings for her. This is the part where I facepalm because of Sakuya route dejavu (ಠ_ಠ).  So then Natsuhiko comes with his usual attack on the ship and Norn goes along with him leaving a poor Nanami. After this Nanami and Co. go to the Aion island as usual and get the breakdown from tl;dr-chan. Suddenly Ronny shows up again and shoots at Koharu (though its not a real bullet) and all it does is make Koharu throw BBQ flames everywhere so he steals her fire powers.  He then burns Aion and destroys it making Masamune go into a fit of despair.

norners023Anyway after this Ron prances off and Nanami follows him. He gives her one last chance to wipe his memories and she finally does making him basically a dependent blob on her. The 2 of them live in a shack together and the Norn peeps come visit them once in a while (though most of them are butthurt because Nanami basically went to live happily ever after with the rebel.) Ron is practically blind by this point but Nanami is determined to find Natsuhiko so he can make prosthetic eyes for him. Ron has forgotten most things but he trolls Nanami on a daily basis asking her to “show him” WHAT ISS LOVEEE. Also he has to help her with cooking cause it’s so terrible it causes food poisoning. Additionally he’s finally able to remember her name.  In the bad end, before she wipes his memory, Ron asks Nanami that if it doesn’t “change” him, to kill him. So she wipes his memory, they go live in the shack but he’s in a coma for many days. When he finally wakes up, he points a gun at her but Nanami’s already prepared for this day to come..so she points one back at him. He lets her shoot him and before doing so, Nanami says she’ll be “following him shortly” :(. In the breakaway end, Nanami tells Ron she doesn’t care if he uses her and agrees to do whatever he says. Sge comes to Natsuhiko’s ship with Ron and Setsu and Ron tells her the only way for her to run away is by erasing his memories. Nanami refuses to do so and instead she goes around wiping memories of whoever Ron tells her to. Thing is, she walks around doing it with a blindfold so she doesn’t have to see who she does it to and she refuses to talk to him so she basically becomes……Rei AyaNanami. When he threatens to sell her because she’s boring him, she cries and begs him not to abandon her because she loves him so much. (´;ω;`)  At first I didn’t really understand why the fuck Ron fell in love with Nanami (I could see why she fell for him.) I mean he’s 9 years older than Nanami so can I just assume he loves kuudere lolis as the reason then? 😆  After doing all of his ends, and observing what choices I had to pick during my run throughs it became clear: By constantly rejecting to be his tool, Ronny fell for Nanamin and only in the end did she agree to do as he says – by wiping his memories. When you fall for Ron early on, that’s where you get the tool end and he basically takes advantage of Nanami’s feelings for him because he’s just a terrible person overall lol. Oh well my feelings on Ron are pretty 複雑。 I like him POST memory wipe obviously but he had so many nice scenes prior to it…but they were probably all just an act since ultimately Ron’s goal is to just get his eyesight back. (´・ω・`)

norners024Azuma Natsuhiko – YEA BEST FOR LAST. Seriously I thought Natsuhikki was this weirdo who was always playing with gadgets in his lab but he’s A BABE. Well actually anyone who can put up with Mikoto’s tsun-nami is a babe and both Itsuki and Natsuhiko deserve medals. (Sakuya failed cause he got all wangsty about it.) Mikoto picks to be alone for searching for the rebellion group since..Natsuhiko is obviously the rebellion group lol. So basically she spends time trying to catch Natsuhiko along with Sorata. She gets so frustrated she locks herself up in her room and cries because she can’t catch Natsuhikomon. Sakuya and Itsuki tell her to stop looking for the rebels. Mikoto decides to quit much to Sorata’s dismay. The following day, Mikoto gets abducted to Natsuhikki’s alien spaceship after Ronny throws her off Norn lol. Meanwhile Sorata does some research and discovers that the time period he’s come to isn’t the taisho era that he knows and this isn’t the past at all. (More on this later.) Meanwhile back at the ranch Mikoto keeps imagining all these do_S scenes with Natushiko but he’s actually a pretty chill dude lol. They basically end up arguing with each other over each other’s stubborness lmao xD Mostly Mikoto’s tsun-nami though.  Natsuhiko tells Mikoto that he needs to kill Yuiga Shirou because the dude caused war by mass selling weapons all over the world in 2056. Mikoto says that she thought something was weird when they were supposed to go from Japan to America but for a month they’ve been floating around and they’re still in Japan. She says its possible someone is controlling the “will” of the ship and that’s why they haven’t gone anywhere (aka Masamune). Natsuhiko tells her if she wants to know the truth to cooperate with him in killing Shirou. Mikoto’s like fuck yea let’s do it bro. Natsuhiko then starts getting deredere for Mikoto and even going as far as helping her when she wants to protect a town from war. He also then has robots attend to her since she always shits bricks when he comes into her room. Unfortunately his signs of affection never seem to be taken the right way and he gets really frustrated. The fact that he continues to try and please Mikoto is so sweet though because well it turns out, he fell in love when he saw her cry. (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

norners025Natsuhiko then makes her a little hiyoko that looks like the Norn hiyokos to take care of her instead. The hiyoko tells Mikoto that she’s weak and not strong how she thinks, and she starts to cry. She continues the whole protecting towns with her barrier but it really tires her out so she starts to warm up to Natsuhiyoko and talk to it. And yes it’s a Natsuhiyoko indeed because basically Natsuhiko uses the hiyoko as a “chat device” but Mikoto thinks she’s talking to a programmed AI. xD  One night he tricks her into going with him up to the ship deck so he can show her the starry sky. Aww isn’t he sweet lmao. He even blushes the next day when Mikoto gets all deredere for him telling him she wants to go see the stars with him again xDDD  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q  Mikoto starts crying again when she finds out that Natsuhiko intends to kill all the psychic power users on Norn. She says she doesn’t want warn and neither do any of them so if he just told them the truth they could all cooperate. He comes into her room and hugs her telling her the first reset was in 2085. He tells her that its actually 8075 now and not 1919 because this is now after the 4th reset. And Aion’s basically been taking powers and transferring them between people over the years to “hold on to” until it’s time for another reset. Natsuhiko wants to stop this reset cycle so he wants to kill the psychic power users while the powers are still in them before Aion gets them back. This explains why the “taisho era” isn’t the one they knew about because it’s a different world where people were not taught what guns are to avoid wars. But then Yuiga Shirou comes along derping and giving guns to everyone ONCE AGAIN.  During one of the battles Natsuhiko’s ship gets attacked by Shirou’s army and he dives to protect Mikoto. Due to this he gets badly injured but the 2 of them get taken in by some couple of old folks and treated for wounds. Mikoto’s wounds aren’t bad but Natsuhiko’s out cold. When he wakes up he’s got AMNESIA and all he remembers is Mikoto’s name. Mikoto blames herself for not casting a more powerful barrier to protect them. After a few days Natsuhiko gets better but Mikoto insists to take care of him and do everything for him because his memory has not returned. They stay in the village together and he gets popular with the ladies because they find out he’s not her husbando :lol:. Seriously, there’s a war going on, guns everywhere and Mikoto and Natsuhiko are having their newlywed wife in some isolated village. Plot, what plot? ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

norners026One night they go see the stars together and afterwards Natsuhiko asks her what he is to her or what she is supposed to be to him. Her immediate thought is that he just wanted to use her, but the him now with no memories is a different person. She tells him about the past and he’s like if I’m such a horrible person, why do you stay with me? You coulda abandoned me and run off. He then tells her the fact that when he says her name and the fact that he even remembered her name is proof of his feelings for her. He asks her to trust him and says that he loves her. Mikoto is surprised but happy and she starts to cry. Overcome with emotion, they hop to the bedroom and do the mattress mambo. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン The next day her live-in husbando makes her breakfast but their happy times are interrupted when Ronny comes prancing in with his guns shooting at her. He’s apparently here to pick up Natsuhiko but Mikoto tells him to GTFO because Natsuhiko’s lost all his memories. Somehow the gunshots bring back Natsuhiko’s memories and he shoots Ron’s eyeglasses off leaving him nearly blind and helpless so he stops the pewpew party. Mikoto’s disappointed that his memories are back which means their newlywed life is over. However,  Natsuhiko says that even if his memories are back he still loves Mikoto and he promises not to kill the psychic power Norners. Ron and Setsu explain that everyone on the ship now knows about them being the rebellion group and that Shirou’s now invaded the ship. They also add the fact one of the people on the ship was working for Shirou, his son Kakeru who was brainwashed thanks to the earring he was wearing. Ron tried to take it away from him but as we all remember in Koharu’s route, she got it back.  When they’re back on the ship Natsuhiko cuddles with Mikoto in bed telling her he hates resets because it resets everything, like scientific progress. Since he’s a researcher this irritates him. He also mentions how Shirou just uses the psychic power users as his personal army rather than for the reset like it was intended for. That evening he takes her outside to show her a meteor shower (♡´౪`♡).

norners027He then tells her that he’s a descendant of those who originally created Aion. She’s on an island where his family lived for generations and he wants to go there to stop the resets because he wants to see humanity progress without having it constantly be wiped.  When they get there, they run into Masamune who was raised on the same island and is a descendant of scientists who worked on making Aion.  The other Norners are there and they tell Mikoto that Kakeru got so brainwashed he went with Shirou and abandoned all of them. They also inform them Shirou’s dead and so Ron’s like “well my job here is done bye.” Hey what happened to Ronny wanting to …get a new pair of eyes. I mean what the hell can he even do now that his glasses are also broken. Consistency where. Natsuhiko goes to talk to Aion and tells her that she should just become the almighty god and threaten people to stop fighting. She tells him that people won’t listen to an emotionless robot and in the end it has to be a human to pull the reset switch. She also adds that even if she tries to stop those who refuse to stop fighting it’s basically fighting fire with fire and it would just be another world war and the only way to stop it is to …reset once more. Mikoto’s like yo robobitch what the fuck can we do to stop the fire?  And Aion’s like people can’t give up their weapons, the fact that you still carry a gun is proof of it. And well they can’t figure out what to do without a reset so I guess they end up returning their powers to Aion anyway. ┐(‘~`;)┌ Everyone packs their shit and is on their way back to their respective homes, though Mikoto has to say goodbye to Sakuya since she’s going with Natsuhiko.  Heishi and Itsuki keep their powers so they can go bring back a brainwashed Kakerude. Mikoto and Natsuhiko live happily ever after as he works with his research and Aion for the next reset.  In the bad end, Natsuhiko decides that he must rid the world of all weapons no matter the cost and he leaves Mikoto behind. He ends up getting killed by Shirou and Mikoto is so depressed that Sakuya then has Nanami wipe all her memories of Natsuhiko. All Mikoto can do now is have dreams of watching the stars with someone she doesn’t know. Too much assumption left in this route but I guess after all the stuff that went on a lot of pieces pretty much come together. Regardless, Natsuhiko is so adorable I am having trouble deciding whether I like him or Akito more lol.

norners001Sorata’s Epilogue – If you choose not to go with any of da ladies, Sorata basically hangs around the ship playing hide & seek with Aioin and getting cockblocked by Masamune. She calls herself Aine and the chicks on the ship can see and talk to her too. The reason she won’t talk to Sorata anymore is she can only say the tl;dr she’s programmed to do.. However after 3 resets she’s kinda busted so she can only make facial expressions now. Masamune then explains Sorata is actually from the original generation and he’s been in frozen sleep for 2000 years. He was against the reset so they put him to sleep next to Aion for all these years because he was the son of one of the ppl who made Aion. And basically as all the resets happened, all the scientists were cooped up on this island making sure that each time the world was reborn, it wouldn’t turn out to be the fail like the previous. They also figured Sorata would grow up to “save Aion” or build a better replacement for her. Sorata’s hey dude I’m 12 I can’t do this shit lol but Masamune mentions that Natsuhiko basically was against the reset too and wanted to destroy both Aion and Sorata. Aion basically protected Sorata all these years which is why he was able to see her. Sorata then has a chance to look into the past where he discovers that there was another guy named Sorata who was Aion’s creater and at the time her name was Aine. She was just learning emotions at the time to the point that she was nearly like a realistic human. Due to this she fell in love with him but she never got a chance to tell him because the scientists wanted to use her to do that “reset” of humanity. Deciding he was against this, Sorata grabbed Aine and ran but then he got hit by a car and died. Aine never got a chance to tell him her feelings and instead she ran into pedoShirou who was in Gendou Ikari mode and determined to resurrect his dead wife. Rather than resurrect her though, he found some crazy way to wait for her soul to be reborn once more along with his own. On top of this, before dying the original Sorata told Aine to never say her emotions out loud and only to sing for him. So for years she’s never really talked except when on command by Shirou who also renamed her to Aion. Aion has basically been deteriorating over the years because the 2 ways to kill her are 1. burn her to a crisp or 2. have her heart basically “die” and by having her lover & creator get taken away from her she’s been “dying” for like 6000 years. So when Sorata was reborn, she found him, and put him into a frozen sleep so she could protect him. When Sorata finds all of this out he’s like wtf I’m not the guy you loved and I can’t be his replacement. So then the writers of this game gave up and made Sorata go “oh but I still want to be with you Aine~ and you can speak now” and suddenly the 2 of them are happily rolling around in the grass and we see the spirit of the original Sorata touching Aine’s cheek. Aine’s like Sorata I want to be with you and live with you in harmony harmony aaallways~THE END LOL.

WHAT THE FUCKING BALLS IS THIS LOLOL WHAT HAPPENED, HOW WAS SHIROU EVEN ABLE TO DO HIS BODY TELEPORTATION FOR SO MANY YEARS. Did Aion finally decide to die? Did Shirou ever even manage to find his wife reborn? Or is it possible that his reborn wife is actually Koharu which is why he’s so obsessed with her omfg. Would that make Kakeru have a mother complex then?? Omg Evangelion references everywhere /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.  Well I guess I can see where the rage of the Japanese fans comes from but oh well even if the ultimate goal was a dicking move, at least the journey was fun lol. I made a timeline based on what I understood from the game:

Le Timeline
Le Timeline

Also I’m having a bit of a conflict in regards to the ORIGINAL Sorata and reborn Sorata. The original Sorata at the beginning of the game heard a singing which he wouldn’t have heard if hadn’t made Aion yet right? But Sorata was only asleep for 2000 years next to Aion. So how in the world was it year 2015 for him? Unless it was 2015 years AFTER one of the impacts?  This is still unknown to me and so my timeline is probably borked but oh well whatever. I also think ironically the “resets” are maybe also related to each time you “reset” to go into a new heroine? That would be 3 resets + Sorata’s epilogue being the 4th one.  I blame the creators for cutting the epilogue in complete asshattery manner and forcing the player to make all sorts of stupid assumptions :lol:. On topic of Evangelion references, I am seriously convinced because:

  • Shirou = Gendo = Wanted to create impacts to revive his wife.
  • Koharu = Ikari Shinji = has the power to destroy but doesn’t want to use it, which is why she’s similar to Senri
  • Kakeru = Kaworu (haha it even rhymes) = cause he loves Koharu but at the same time he’s just following orders to cause chaos
  • Mikoto = Asuka = Obvious one here since both are tsunderes with high pride in their work not realizing what they’re doing isn’t exactly for the good. Asuka has the comples with her mom while for Mikoto it’s with Sakuya.
  • Nanami = Rei = Ayananami Rei. Need I say more? lol. Though in a way I could maybe switch Koharu and Nanami because eventually Koharu gives in and does as she says and Nanami keeps running away like Shinji did. Well either way it works.
  • The scientists who made Aion = SEELE = wanna clear and reset humanity for the “ideal world”. The angels they send would be like the psyshic power users.
  • Natsuhiko = Misato & Wille = The organization who wants to stop Gendo and SEELE and the angels etc.  (Only in Eva 3.0)


I think I loved this game for all the wrong reasons (most of them being fuck yea Evangelion parody lmaooo.) XD The biggest thing that stood out were the characters and their relationships. I loved them all so much (even the 3 stooges Sakuya, Ron and KakeRUDE) that I’d even throw my money for a fandisk where everyone can just BE HAPPY. All the fathers in this game are utter failures and should die in a fire especially Kakeru’s ( ಠ益ಠ ). While playing some routes I thought that everything could have taken place in some school setting for psychic power users but once I did the last 4 guys, I was like OOOHH OK and even Sorata’s existence made sense. The problem is of course the story and consistency. The game obviously wants you to collect clues and details about the story but once I’ve collected everything and I’m ready to put things together I realize SHIT DON’T BE MATCHING YO. Things in 1 route contradict others and while it’s obvious a lot of events take place around the same time throughout the routes (like the dream sequence) there are little things here & there that just throw everything off. The ending of the epilogue left me going “whut that’s it?” Seriously it felt like you were in the middle of a movie, suddenly the projector breaks down and the showing is cancelled permanently. (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!

Nothing makes any sense so here's some half naked mans.
Nothing makes any sense so here’s some half naked mans.

This kind of thing is really irritating and rather than it feeling like “oh this is a nice end to think about” it just felt like they had to cut off because they had to reach a deadline to get the game out and couldn’t finish it. The game already got delayed for a week, coulda delayed it another week and finished that epilogue Otomate! 😆  I highly recommend the following play order to make the most sense of everything: Senri, Akito, Heishi, Sakuya, Itsuki, Kakeru, Ron, Masamune, Natsuhiko. My top 3 dudes are Natsuhiko, Akito and Itsuki but Senri and Masamune hold a special place in my heart. As far as heroines go, I liked Nanami for a while and she was my top, but after doing Natsuhiko’s route I really ended up like Mikoto a lot. I got nothing against Koharu, but the poor child is so easily swayed and airheaded, I just had difficulty liking her or relating to her feelings. I think she was at her best in Masamune’s route though.  I felt like during the game I had a lot of stuff I’d say here but I guess most of it was already said during my review. Too much stuff is left up to assumption so if anyone has something different to offer feel free to leave it in the comments. Still I think it was too much to leave up to the players and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I’m a bit disappointed it turned out this way. Ultimately if all they wanted to do was show relationships between those with psychic powers, they should have just made some “psychic academy” otome game. Once they threw in the time loops and FUTURE TECHNOLOGY and war it became a mess lol XD. Also, too many fucking flashbacks omfg, how many times do we need to see Ronny kissing Nanami in a span of 10 minutes :lol:. Still though, the music was nice, the art was great and a lot of scenes made me (*´ェ`*)キュン♡ so ultimately I’m not butthurt and I don’t regret getting this game. I heard the drama CDs are funny so I’ll be listening to those before this game joins my others on the bookshelf ( ≖‿≖).

P.S. Setsu route in the FD pls. Preferably with Mikoto. (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ

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73 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: NORN9 -Norn + Nonette-

  1. We got Evengelion otome game lol

    I just only finished Kakeru’s route and now He’s my fav (But seems that no one like him, I might be the weird one ┐(‘~`;)┌. ) I like when he’s with Koharu, they are cute and funny xD. I think I should skip Kakeru’s bad end, that ending will break my heart.

    Now I’m playing Senri’s . He murmur all the time. I CANT HEAR YOU WELL SENRI LOL

    1. man if they made an actual eva otome game I’d be all over that. And I don’t count that horrid Girlfriend of Steel where I had to go through the damn Nerv Maze and in the end half the CG gallery didn’t even save anything (ノ=゚ロ゚)ノ ⌒┫:・’.::ヤッテラレルカニャアアアァァァァァ!!!!

      I think if you do Kakeru first you don’t see him interacting with others as much so you see less of his “darker” side. For me Kakeru was done after I had already a negative impression of how he treats others so that’s why I ended up not liking him lol.

      You gotta admit though Shimono’s portrayal of a hikki is excellent XD

  2. Ahh, I was looking forward to read your review! I only watched Senri’s route and half of Akito’s just to get a feel of what the game is like before getting it, so I skipped to read your final thoughts to avoid spoilers. x’D

    I’m really glad the game turned out okay in the end(?)! I don’t really mind otome games that are plot-based, but would you say the otome part of the game for the rest of the cast is as rushed as Senri’s?

    1. AH no problem, I hope you enjoy it (for all the wrong reasons :lol:)
      Senri’s is probably the weakest in terms of otome-ing so I think you will like the others. THere will always be that one crappy route in every game and sadly this time it was Senri’s lol.

  3. I was played Kakeru first (because Yuuki Kaji lmao) and I was like ‘hey what about Sorata how he go home etc’ until I played the epilogue and thanks to your review it all makes sense. and yes evangelion parody lmao ₍₍ (◟’ω’)◟ ⁾⁾₍₍ ◝(‘ω’◝) ⁾⁾
    In my opinion maybe the goal of this game is how to get happiness for/with their partner? -and me also want they can be happy lol- that’s why they and their partner don’t really mind about the consequence as long as they are happy together, like Ron and Nanami/Masamune and Koharu idk. Because even Sorata tried to figure out how Aion can be free and be happy from all of her duties about the reset. well what is the real plot because for some reasons I loved this game enough even though I can’t really get the plot is (΄◉◞౪◟◉‵)
    ………….or maybe we will have Shirou’s route in the FD because he almost always pops out in this game LMAO NO

    1. Kakeru’s route is so full of plot that I really discourage people playing him first but eh I guess if you did then you did XD;
      Maybe playing him first you start to like him but after doing other routes before him and seeing his personality, by the time I got to him he was really dislikeable!! XD So maybe playing him first is good in a way 😆
      Oh and yea beware of his bad end seriously lol…

      And ew Shirou the pedo, if they make a fandisk I hope he remains dead lol.

  4. I was really looking forward to your review, Hinano!

    Ahahaha… My guess was that this game can’t consistent and not confusing, because it’s OTOMATE we’re talking about. xDDD I’M SO DAMN RIGHT!! 😀 I’m kind of glad, I didn’t buy this game, obviously because textwalls with inconsistent plots are driving me crazy. LMAO

    But seems like the game was still enjoyable, even though the story doesn’t really make sense? xD There are plot holes all over the game, it’s not even funny anymore. LOLOL But I guess, they kind of focused on the relationships of the characters? And randy tsunderes!!! YES! 😀 😀 And those dream scenarios sound so MOE!!! www

    Anyways… Enjoy TinyxMachinegun!! 😉

    1. I read that the person who wrote this game also wrote Armen Noir and we all know how that turned out. Somehow I’m not surprised lol but the characters were charming at least so that was definitely a plus.
      Wolf Akito is the cutest baby ever 😉

  5. Yay, it’s finally here ! お疲れ様です 🙂

    I laughed my ass off again. I mean, the whole Masamune’s paragraph ? ROFL.

    My favorites characters were Masamune and Itsuki. I thought Itsuki would turn out to be a yandere/rapist but he ended up to be very self-sacrificing and selfless. For Masamune, I didn’t expect him to be what he turned out to be and he had some of the prettiest CGs in the game imo.

    I listened to all the drama CDs and really enjoyed them (in particular 苦労人と自由人と遊び人の○○談義)

    Thanks for the review 🙂 it’s always a pleasure to read them !

    1. Masamune’s route was so out there that it was just fun to play in general xD Plot, what plot? 😆
      I know in the past I always got scared that anyone they cast Yusa Kouji on is gonna be some yandere rapist but now I think they cast Tachibana Shinnosuke and Hino Satoshi in those roles instead.
      Gonna listen to drama CDs in a few minutes 😀 Glad you liked the review!

  6. Hinano why you are so fast xD I haven’t finished all of them so I skimmed your post xD

    “All the fathers in this game are utter failures and should die in a fire especially Kakeru’s ( ಠ益ಠ ).” -> LMAO it’s so true especially I was like EHHH he died due to old age? lols

    I like all the guys in this game too, even Kakeru and Ron lols. I still have a mixed feeling about Sakuya xD

    But so far my fave guys: Natsuhiko, Heishi, and Akito fufufu (*summon Hiyoko lols*)

    1. haha I dunno I don’t think it was that long of a game x)
      I’m guessing Kakeru’s dad died because of all the times he ****** (I don’t want to spoil you ;))

      Yea I feel you on Sakuya but eh I dunno I think Ron & Kakeru just rubbed me the wrong way because of how they treat their ladies lol
      Heishi is a cutie but I think you will like Itsuki 😉

      1. xD I think I will like Itsuki too, I was lol so hard when he trolled the girls in the dreamland in his cat’s form lmao. I can’t wait to play his story xDD Oh and so far I like Mikoto and Nanami as the heroine, Koharu is cute and okay but she is too dense imo /o\

  7. *HIGH FIVE FOR TOP 3 GUYS* I just love those 3, hardly to place as no.1guy… I just love Akito’s tsundere-ness, he just a cutie pie eespecially the bed scene (●´艸`)ヾ Itsuki is the 1st guy I ever played and i like him better than Sakuya (just finished his route don’t like his possession even his bad route doesn’t buy me) I think Itsuki bad route affects me the most (´⌒`。) and Natsuhiko I never thought he can be a sweet guy but sadly he doesn’t have much of good kissing cg… I want more of him!! This definitely needs a FD!!

    1. Lol, not to mention it love to see Akito and Natsuhiko get jelly in their own route

    2. haha glad someone else agrees with me XD It seems like a lot of people like Kakerude instead 😆
      and yea I totally agree with you about Sakuya meh!
      On the topic of kiss CGs Ron had SO MANY lmao such unfairness!

  8. (Omg how da fluff r u so fast .______.||)

    I can’t believe that I avoided doing Nastuhiko’s route for the past flipping year -dies- (; ___;)
    (even he if he’s such a cockblocker in Masamune’s route… XD)
    I mean like he’s so nggggggh. -nowordscanliterallydescribehowimfeelingrightnow- ^\\\\\\\\^
    ~Sexiness overloaded~

    I felt like bursting into tears when itsuki disappeared.

    I felt like bish slapping kakeru the whole time in his route. ヽ(#`Д´)ノ
    I honestly thought with all his teasing that he was going to be a yandere until Heishi was like WAT UP BISHIES WHO THE MAN NOW \(@O@)/

    ——— 10 min later of ranting on fb——–
    and Akito. Omg those neko ears.
    I just started fapping with all these fluffiness building inside (〃・・〃)

    I totally agree that norn could have been in a school settin, especially since they were all in those uniforms ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
    Especially the time setting. It made me think.
    wtf so are we like 9000 years older or something (」゚ロ゚)」

    Right now all I need to do is Ron, and Sakuya’s route.
    I just hope he doesn’t screw Nanami
    -and if he does I swear I’ll kick him off norn…-

    Anyhoo, ( afterme just ranting about the little things ヽ(´▽`;)/♪. I just literally started dying on ur review. xDDD

    Funny since I thought the parents would become more of a cockblocker xD
    but overall I totally fell in love with the characters. *^*
    especially dat pv.
    (Yanaginagi is officially the outcome pv singer) \\bricked

    I just wish the story line of all of them were longer.
    it was just to short

    looking forward to future to Otome review form you


    1. thanks for the burst of fangirling xDDD it was entertaining to read ;D
      Actually one of the drama CDs that came with the game has them in a school setting with Itsuki, Masamune and Natsuhiko being the senseis xDDD It was really cute, I Hope it’s an actual scenario they consider for a fandisk or something.

      I don’t recall any implied sex in Ron’s route because they got cockblocked multiple times lol.
      I also agree and wish that we could spend more time with the characters. It felt like a lot of the time the focus was on the dumb plot which is why I liked routes like Akito which focused more on the story of him and Nanami 😀
      Thanks for reading my reviews!(´^ω^`)

  9. otsukaresama! wow I knew you’ll post this sooner or earlier XD
    I agree with you most of it here. and ugh dat sakuya. when I played the other 2 guys, I’m like “poor dat childhood friend guy” coz sakuya got bed randy scenes with both natsuhiko and itsuki XD
    I haven’t touched nanami and definitely spoiled myself with your review but I don’t care lol. sorata actually got a route here but when I saw the timeline, it’s all wtf? in my mind. didn’t know it was THAT complex.

    1. yea it seems like after the first run I ended up just flying through everything o_O;
      honestly I’m sure my timeline is off somewhere. there’s so many “oh wait but they mentioned xyz so that wouldn’t make sense…” kinds of variables that I think after I made the time line I was like eh I give up this is as good as I will bother lol XD; But seriously when you play Sorata’s epilogue the way it cuts off …dafuq Otomate man come on! It’s like they didn’t even attempt to give us a bullshit end! Just..cut it off lol.

      Akito’s route is sooo adorable that even if you know what happens, just seeing the 2 of them you won’t regret it. Plus I left out a lot of details about all their cute moments which are a lot better when you see them yourself so don’t worry you still have great things to look forward to ( ≖‿≖). For Ron uh…prepare for lots of flashbacks and kissing lol!

      1. they don’t go through everything except for kakeru and natsuhiko’s route for me but I’m at the end of itsuki and now that I think about it, things just don’t make sense, like clashing? 😐 things prolly get clearer later when I play ron’s route but meh who knows. I actually don’t expect them to give sorata’s a route but maybe it’s better if they didn’t coz it’s half assed

        my body is ready to play as nanami XD akito’s reaction to those chicks are just moe lol. that game indeed has many flashbacks that I want to skip the whole thing lol

  10. I encountered your review when I started playing NORN9. xD Coincidence much! ❤ I'm still on my prologue, and seeing your reviews about the routes (fck yea Masamune), I feel that I am going to like playing this game (as I have always expected so). ❤ Despite the bad responses I saw from the net, but your reviews convinced me the otherwise.

    I mean I am really looking forward for Masamune! And Itsuki's route isn't that bad too. (While I like Ron, I don't think I will like it so much in the route). While in the reviews, I am now interested to play the other routes (no, I still don't like Kakeru in anyway I don't know). xD

    In any case, thank you very much for the review. ❤ I really enjoyed it so much Hinano~

    1. Yea again like I said I think my opinion is always the opposite of Japanese players xD I guess different standards and whatnot. Masamune’s route was a nice break after all the emo in Sakuya’s x_x;
      And yea Ron…he’s something else lol. I also agree with you about Kakeru XD Thanks for reading~!

      1. Yea, you mentioned about that in the other post hahaha~ Yeah, overly I think Norn9 isn’t a really bad game.. Only with the confusing timeline and some plotholes.

        Haha, I’m still in the prologue (Meeting with Mikoto, Kakeru and the others). Yeah, I am a bit disappointed with Ron’s route haha. Yeah, Kakerude >_> now I grow to dislike him even more as the convo goes.

        No problem~ Always loving your reviews haha.

  11. The entire game made my head spin, but then again it’s so much fun reading your reviews xD hopefully the newer game you’re playing won’t make you rage as much as this one did!

    Btw, I just wanna ask, what anime is that? the one below the evangelion picture? xD

    1. oh thats Saishuu Heiki no Kanojo aka Saikano where basically the world gets wiped out because of a giant war. Sound familiar? 😆

      1. omg is it me or most game writers today prefer a plot where either anything bad happens = end of the world already LMAO. thanks for the reply since it REAAAALLY made me curious!

        hopefully they’d refrain from another world ending shizz next game and focus on more romance xD

  12. Lawl XD You sure had fun playing this! I still don’t see why you don’t like Kakeru. Anywhoo, thanks for the plot dump Otomate! :-[

    1. I don’t like him because he’s a ハラ黒 lol
      He acts nice but in reality what he’s thinking is completely the opposite.
      This was really blatant in other routes but then in his own route suddenly he’s like super sweet to Koharu. Also he bullies Senri non stop, what’s to like about him? 😆

  13. Getting myself spoiled by this review and decided to save some money to buy this game

    Thanks God that it seems this game has no specific megane-kun (since Ron is wearing some kind of a sunglasses, huh? lol), or I can never be objective about those guys since I will always think the megane-kun is the best ♥(ノ´∀`)

    1. Well technically ron’s sunglasses are his “glasses” but in Masamune’s route he does wear megane when he studies so I guess he’s the secret megane-kun there 😛

  14. This game…do not understand. It’s like not computing. I think your structure was very effective in an attempt to try and make sense of a confusing game, but damn….I totally need to re-read this again, haha.

    Good thing my game hasn’t come in yet, I guess. It does sound pretty interesting, though, based on what I got out of it.

    As usual, your game speed is amazing; particularly since there’s just so much content in here.

    1. haha yea I honestly found that a lot of games nowdays are way shorter than stuff that was released 2-3 years ago. I guess because of this they all feel really short to me? It seems like the average route length in each game goes from 3-7 hours depending on the game/character.

      And yea maybe if you play it yourself it’ll make sense? It honestly doesn’t make that much sense and there’s a lot of plotholes hence all the complaints. Just enjoy the game for all the characters & cute scenarios (oゝω・o)

      1. That would make sense. I’ve been finding that sometimes the fandisks of certain games can be waaaaay too short though. I can see how the trend toward shorter games really makes a difference. I really wish they would be consistent with the time they take to develop characters and routes. I’m currently playing the fandisk to Moujuutsukai to Oujisama and just finished the first game yesterday and was disappointed with Klaus’s lack of development. They could’ve done so much with him but it felt like his route was just stuck in there as a necessity because he was in the game. I get that feeling a lot with some games where some characters have these really awesome things going on and other characters are just…bland, I guess. It’s sad because sometimes I really like the guys but their routes are just not fulfilling.

        It might make more sense after I play it. At least a little. I’m a bit skeptical of full comprehension, haha. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I feel like as long as I mostly get it and I enjoy the characters and stuff it’ll be fine. I’ll definitely enjoy the art, if anything. The premise sounds promising, though.

      2. Oh yeah, and as a funny coincidence, I had just mentioned today that I didn’t receive the game yet and lo and behold, once I get home, I find it waiting in my mailbox xD

        1. Congrats on getting the game! Have fun with it 😀 (And try not to think about it TOO deeply lol)

          Also I feel you on the characters who are awesome but have shitty routes. Great example: Shin from Amnesia sigh lol.

      3. Yeah! I’m happy. I don’t know if Norn9 will be the next game I play since I have so many backlogged, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. And I’ll definitely try not to think about it too much, but that’ll probably be impossible, haha. I’m an avid reader so I always sit there and guess the end/create my own ends.

        Oh God yes. Poor Shin. I was raging so hard in that route. In the original game, it was too much focus on the mystery of her fall. And then Later was just…painful. I think I went through it quickly on purpose because I couldn’t handle how annoying it was, which was depressing because I really liked Shin. I was semi-hoping for him to just dump the heroine and move on because she sooooo wasn’t worth it. Crowd was a little better than Later but was so lacking. While I’m writing this, I actually don’t even remember much of what happened Crowd.

        1. yea cause nothing actually happened in crowd. it was quite the forgettable game. I can’t decide what’s worse Crowd or Isshoni Gohan 😆

    2. I don’t know if I even want to know…although part of me wants to look this “Isshoni Gohan” you mentioned up. It’s probably the masochistic portion. The title alone terrifies me, haha.

        1. Oh dear, that sounds rather…I don’t know. Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t buy that game, haha. It’s probably because I’m art-biased in terms of Amnesia, but I feel like Crowd was at least a little better than that.

          1. if I had a choice between Amnesia Crowd and Norn9 I’d chose Norn9 in a heartbeat.
            The vapidness of the characters in Crowd made me roll my eyes into the back of my head. Norn9 had a balls story but the character interactions felt genuine and sincere for the most part.
            I can’t say the same for Crowd and along with shitty mini games overall the game is a lot more a failure in my eyes (´・ω・`)

            1. Haha, I was referring to Crowd vs. Isshoni Gohan but that’s alright 😉

              Still never got to playing Norn9 yet but based on your review of Norn9, it does sound significantly more promising than Crowd was…

              1. OH okay sorry about that mixup, but in that case yes I’d pick Amnesia over Gohan simply cause of the art as you said lol

  15. Thanks for the review! I’m so disappointed that the long-awaited NORN9 has TOO many plot holes T^T I was expecting something more….

    Anyway, despite the holes, I think Otomate has given us some cool charas! Those CG, music, and most of all, 3 heroines are enough for me to try this game. I already love Mikoto, and I love her more now. Especially her guys are awesome, PLUS Takagaki Ayahi! Well, you all probably hate Sakuya, but I don’t. I understand why they did what they did, even though it brought more pain. Moreover, how come ALL Mikoto’s guys died in bad ends, while the other heroines’ guys didn’t?? Not fair >_/// the lazy idiot coach), Yuri Petrov (Tiger & Bunny), Vincent Law (Ergo Proxy), etc.

    Sorry for the long comment =_=

    1. Fortunately I had 0 expectations so I wasn’t that disappointed!
      I don’t really hate Sakuya as much as my dislike for Kakeru but I felt like Sakuya’s route was handled the wrong way honestly.
      Then again it’s rare that anyone ever handles a childhood friend route correctly.

      1. Why did you have 0 expectations? I was so interested in this game, but not for the story. I’m excited to play this game because it has 3 heroines with 3 guys each. So it’s refreshing. It’s not like a real harem where 1 girl surrounded with 7-8 guys, smooching here and there, while gamers don’t really like that heroine. Let’s ask Otomate to make a fandisk for NORN9! Hehehe….I wish Setsu has his own route too ^^b

        Yeah, childhood friends’ routes are taken wrongly. Usually their personalities are either yandere or rapist T^T I personally think Konami handles “childhood friends” better.

        More games to come! Koibana Diz and Storm Lover 2nd! I still haven’t play Rakuen Danshi, Tsukikage no Kusari, Tiny x Machinegun, Geten no Hana, and Fuyuzakura. Damn! Too many list! >_<

        I'm waiting for your review of 0-ji no Kane to Cinderella~

        1. I start most games with 0 expectations so that I can play it from a completely unbiased view I guess?
          Yea there’s a lot of otome game releases, sometimes its hard to touch old games in the backlog with so many new ones coming out 😛

          About 0-ji I’m not sure when I will get to that. I’ve been kind of annoyed at Quin Rose after Tasogaredoki to be honest and I’d rather focus on new releases than play their stuff :/. I think the next QR game I will play will probably be Mirror Alice at this point! We’ll see

  16. I have finished Itsuki and then Natsuhiko routes, and they both are my favorite. Daisuke Ono’s voice!!>< as I know norn9 seiyuu, many of them dubbing kuroshitsuji. Natsuhiko(Sebastian) while Itsuke (Lau). I love Natsuhiko route (yappari ne, the one who talk through Hiyoko it's him, so cute!) star watching scene with him is so pretty!! and Itsuki is so sweet in the dreamworld, he's like giving up his love and force us to go meet the prince(it moves my heart) but then Mikoto decides to jump off from the horse-drawn carriage anyway. Though I kinda understand when playing, I don't understand when it comes to war, aion, years ahaha. anyway wow u understand nihongo very well, I'm sill learning it =x=; Thank you for all this review, it makes me understand clearly!! btw how Sorata can choose to go alone? I thought in the prologue there're only 3 choices.

    1. You need to complete all the routes in order to get the 4th choice for Sorata. Glad you found my review useful 🙂

  17. Hi, glad to see English speaking otome game players out there.

    I just finished the game yesterday, re: the Sorata plothole you mentioned in the review.

    The Sorata in the prologue (let’s call him Suzuhara Sorata to avoid confusion) comes from the 3rd world, year 2015, and was put in cold sleep for 2000 years, hence he felt frozen until Koharu attended to him. Given that the story is set in year 1919, Suzuhara Sorata was already “preserved” for 81 years before they went for the Reset.

    The original Sorata only existed in 2060 in the first timeline.

    And by the way, the Resets in Norn9 DO NOT create any timeloops, characters are not simple “reborn”, whether a person’s soul gets reincarnated into a vessel with high genetic proximity is purely by chance, and even with that they are technically not the same person withou identical/at least similar living environments and upbringing. Hence Suzuhara Sorata is NOT the original Sorata, and also we get, by assumption that Shirou is creating similar circumstances for Koharu to be raised closer to his dead wife.

    Shirou, on the other hand, might have already transplanted his soul into an android, (violet eyes, and Masamune’s lines regarding his death and Aion’s disruptions in Natsuhiko’s route might be a hint). By wild mass guessing, Kakeru might (partly) have similar genes to Shirou, while the body is incorporated by a different soul.

    1. Ah thanks for the explanation!
      I do recall Sorata telling Aine that “I’m not the Sorata you knew” so I guess that would make sense.
      So then Koharu really is Shirou’s dead wife after all right? I was wondering wat dafuq his obsession with her was and I just guessed but thanks for the confirmation lol

      The Kakeru genes with Shirou thing you mention MIGHT be true seeing how he starts to fall in love with Koharu for like no reason. I honestly feel bad for Koharu in that case and the more I want her to end up with Masamune instead XD

      1. Poor guy is also brainwashed by his dad, and I guess him falling for her was the result of manipulation, although the feelings became/were his own per Heishi. The intended to show tips of icebergs about everything important in Kakeru’s route (Senri & Akito, Natsuhiko’s motives and so on and so forth) but the story execution was extremely horrible even when you deliberately put off his route to get a clearer idea. If they switched the whole strawberry crap with more development and explanation of Kakeru’s past and twisted personality, Koharu’s dialogues about “facing your true self instead of running away” would have actually made sense.

        Same here, I think I liked the game for all the wrong reasons (lol Evangelion references), and I was enjoying putting together all the scattered pieces way too much than, ahem, romance. Well in the romance department I only cared about Natsuhiko & Mikoto (and to a lesser extent, Akito & Nanami). (Natsuhiko is definitely the creator’s pet lol)
        Masamune & Koharu was also cute, and I like how the question Heishi posed him near the end of Heishi’s route was answered in his own. The narrative of Norn9 is pretty spiral and entangled, which means you really have to synthesize all the different routes to get a grasp of many, many questions, which I enjoyed genuinely enjoyed. As for some of the unanswered ones, I do prefer them to be left that way (lol more room for speculations), but hey that’s definitely FD or remake material. (I would prefer an adaption over a remake over FD, as I feel that many potentials were wasted and there was too much noise with high school like romance scenes for the sake of otome gaming, which could be either improved with a coherent story-line incorporating the essences, or with a revamp adding more depth to what we already have.)

        I also liked how chapter 6&7 in Masamune’s route actually depicted how screwed up the wars were, but his earlier story was a little bit genre-blind. (Did you get the joke ending where he overdosed on cookies and basically created his dictatorship on Norn, complete with all three girls in his personal harem? XDDDD) Masamune was even closer to the core of the story than Natsuhiko, and I wish they could have revealed more in his route versus having him giving some patch up explanations in the epilogue.

        Ron was…interesting, I think I liked his Happy Ending route, but his bad ending (the first one) is on my worst three list…BTW, the sunglasses don’t actually amplify his vision, they only conceal his artificial eye.

        Sorry for writing too much!

        1. you can tell whoever got laid in this game is the creator’s pet 😆 xDDD
          I think the biggest wasted potential is the whole Norn ship and the newest technology etc as well as Sorata in general.
          The fact that the game could have probably self spun itself without them is pretty bad lol

          Wait what is this Masamune end where he got a harem end??? Did I miss something (゚д゚)! I just remember the bad end where he killed Itsuki and Ron for bullying Koharu.
          And really? about Ron’s glasses. Didn’t he say without the glasses he doesn’t see anything? And no problem, I like discussing these kinds of games, Tiny x Machinegun left me in the same way so now I’m trying to wrangle up all the events into something coherent as well XD

      2. The Norn ship was okay, to add to the game’s supposed anachronism XD (or we would have Natsuhiko attacking a high school for comic relief LOL), but I do agree that they could have made a RPG with Sorata as the main character and him observing all the events XDDDD Geez, the whole abilities and war crap would have fitted better to the RPG genre (we would have a more condensed story, maybe with some rabu rabu events as stuff you need to unlock), although, in delightful contrast to their Otome game counterparts, the girls are the only ones who can fight tp defend the ship XDDDD (well not really we also have Kakeru and maybe Akito)

        Re: Masamune’s harem ending
        When Heishi and Nanami were asking whether to put in all the crazy ingredients in the cookies, go for it, enjoy XDD

        As for Ron, I have to recheck, I remember him saying that he can see much better with his artificial eye (made by a “friend”), while the remaining one is technically blind.

  18. I was recently in Japan and brought Norn9 along with the Starry Sky series and I was wondering do you use a Japanese or American PSP? I love Japan, otome games, and your blog and I really want to play my new games, but they will not work even though everybody on the internet swears that PSP games are region free. Please help, thanks for the help!

    1. yes I have an American PSP and as you can see I import quite frequently 😆 So you shouldn’t have any issues playing! Just make sure your firmware is at least 6.39 to play all the newest games.

      also i’m not sure what PSP model you have but I’m using a PSP 3000.

  19. Finally, some good news, but when I tried out the game at Gamestop, the only thing the screen did was turn blue. Could it be because the firmware on their machine is not updated? I tried both the 1000 and 3000. I’m so sorry for all the questions, but I really do not know anyone else to turn to.

    1. That’s really unusual. Maybe the gamestop PSPs are busted? I got my PSP from Amazon brand new, not refurbished or anything. It came with version 6.39 but I think any new PSP should be with 6.60?

      Also did you buy the games new or used? I hope the UMD is not defective?

      1. Okay, so I did a bit of searching online… could it have anything to do with the x and o being switched for Japanese games? If I remember correctly the employee was pressing the x button which would explain why she kept ending back at the same screen.

        1. ah yes. Japanese PSPs the X = no and O = yes. I use custom firmware on my PSP and I switched it to Japanese style since I only play Japanese games on it. I really don’t understand American mindset of making O = no and X = yes lol

  20. I just finished all Koharu side. This game is shorter than I thought

    I think Masamune route is the worst from 3 routes since I don’t understand why they fell in love together ఠ_ఠ Their pair seems not to have much time together oh well… this makes me not enjoying Masamune route much.

    I planned to play Akito route next. My friend told me to play Ron route after Akito because she really likes Ron LOL. (I have no idea about him in Masamune and Kakeru route….)

    1. That’s cause Koharu fell in love with him as the reliable oniichan and he fell in love with her cause he loves dem lolis 😆
      I could say the same thing about Kakeru though someone’s comment basically tells me Kakeru has it in his “genes” to fall in love with Koharu.
      I guess to each their own?

      I don’t really like Ron that much to be honest and I enjoyed Akito a lot more XD

      1. Well maybe Masamune is a Oji in a young man body LOL

        I would say the things that make Kakeru fall in love with Koharu are her innocent and cuteness(or am I the only one who thinks she is cute? wwwwww) I haven’t finished all route yet so I don’t know much about his gene or mother-complex. But in Kakeru route, I think the reason for him to fall in love with Koharu is already enough and reliable.

  21. First of all, great review again!
    I was there when you streamed Senri’s route and I have to say I was disappointed about the plot at the time, but I’m glad I pick this back up again because, despite the confusing storyline, it does have some nicely-written scenes…like Natsuhiko’s route. He’s my favorite. ❤ Overall I don't think this game is all that bad.

  22. Finally commenting now that I’ve finished the game myself! Lol your analogy of the projector spoiling midway in a movie is really accurate, that was exactly what I felt like when I finished the epilogue. It felt like more could’ve been done to make the plot really awesome but oh well. Thankfully the characters made the game fun. I’m personally okay with no FD ‘cos…who knows what Otomate will do. ^^;

    1. ah no problem I understand wanting to avoid spoilers 😉
      You’re right about the FD, otomate FDs aren’t so great…*like the one I just finished lol*

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