Otome Game Review: Amnesia -Crowd-

When Otomate announced Amnesia Crowd nobody knew what it was about. Everyone thought it was going to be a sequel, a new deeper story for the Amnesia world. I felt something was fishy when the story page listed the exact same story as the original and in my head I thought this was going to be some kind of a remake. Turns out, it’s actually just  a 2nd fandisk and may as well be called Amnesia -Even Later-. The suspense section features a time when Mary Sue is stuck somewhere during the first game and your man of choice has to save her.  The working section features Mary just working her part time job at Meido no Hitsuji where you play some annoying mini games and interact with chibi versions of the characters. The Love section goes a bit further beyond Later and shows Mary and your dude of choice finally getting married after graduating college. Since Working and Suspense take place in the first game, Mary once again doesn’t talk. (;´∀`)

crowd002Shin – Ahh poor Shin, screwed once again. This time, rather than be cockblocked by hand holding antics, most of his route got cockblocked by pointless tl;dr. In the suspense route, Mary found herself buried inside the rubble of a collapsed building inside the park. For whatever dumb reason she can’t seem to tell Shin WHERE she is so whenever he calls her asking her where she is, they end up TALKING ABOUT THEIR CHILDHOOD. Yea that’s a GREAT use of cell phone power for you guys!  There’s a even a flashback to when they were lolis and shotas where  some shotas bullyied Shin cause his dads a murderer, but Mary protects him and is like YEA I LOVE HIM HES A GOOD SHOTA or somethin. Eventually he magically finds her in the park and digs her out. In Working, I had to wash dishes and I failed like 3 times before I finally figured out about the soap refilling and that you had to HOLD DOWN the O key or else the dirt wouldn’t wash off. In the ending, there’s a bakeoff competition. Honestly, you’re running a restaurant where there’s a huge turnover of dirty dishes, INVEST IN A DISHWASHER BRO. (;ಠ益ಠ;) In the Love section, Mary has a flashback when Toma the winner pushed her off a cliff cause he was pissed that she didn’t YOLO (you only love oniichan.)  Fast forward Mary is now dating Shin and he comes over to eat at her place.  He tells her he passed the exam so he’ll go to her university. The 2 of them go on a trip together to celebrate his exam passing. Mary wants to hit dat but Shin’s all like NO U BETTER NOT ASK TO SLEEP WITH ME OR ANYTHING. When they get there they go hiking in the woods and go to the hot springs afterwards. She comes out in her towel and he tells her “yo guurl you better stop cockteasing me or I’ma ravage you :lol:”.

crowd003Mary’s like “come at me bro, we need to STEP THINGS UP YEAAA”.  Suddenly they are cockblocked by some creepy laughter and turns out it’s Rika, Ikki, and Kent who are having a wild party in the room below. They play some board game of LIFE together and Mary keeps getting locked up in a cage by a “childhood friend” instead of meeting up with Shin xD. The other 3 get drunk from drinking but Mary gets drunk from the smell of alcohol while Shin facepalms. She passes out and wakes up finding herself being cuddled by Shin in bed. So then Shin asks Mary to marry him and when Toma finds out he shits bricks. Mary then goes to Shin’s house and kisses him crying that she’s happy Toma-papa approved their marriage plans…but then he goes MIA. Some years later Shin passes his lawyer exam and officially proposes for Mary to marry him. And since this game is cero B instead of humping he asks Mary to sing him a song about how she had a little lamb. ( ´_ゝ`)   They run into Toma while visiting their old university and punch him for dropping off the face of the earth and not keeping in touch. He’s like BUT I THOUGHT U GUYS HATED ME FOR BEING A CREEPER and they’re like “we do but you’re our bro so ITZ OKAY!” Well no its not okay, I think Mary and Shin are just as dense as a brick which is why it took them 2 games before they finally realized they wanna hump each other. And so some months later Shin and Mary finally get married. A lot of Shin’s route flew by me because of him constantly talking, and talking and then there was terrible cockblocking by Ikki and co.  I really love Mary’s personality in Shin’s route so the fact that she doesn’t talk for 2/3rds of the game is such a huge downer particularly when it comes to Shin sigh.

crowd004Toma – While I really can’t stand Toma’s cage antics, I was actually entertained by his route this time :lol:. Turns out Toma and Mary are both BDSM lovers and enjoy some bondage play together. Poor Shin has to be stuck with sexually deviant childhood friends! In the Suspense route, Mary Sue is stuck in some food storage room. She got there because she didn’t listen to Oniichan and LEFT his room!  And of course she was intercepted by the bitch brigade and they lock her up in some meat locker. Toma can kill the bitches in this route if you pick the right choice but sadly it cuts to black XD  Anyway Toma eventually manages to hear her cries for help and finds her. He manages to climb in to save her but they both get locked in and can’t get out. On top of this since it’s a meat locker, freezing air starts to pour in. If you don’t make an igloo to keep warm until Shin finds them, they basically freeze to death bad end. In the good end, they make an “igloo” out of boxes in order to survive the cold. Eventually Shin gets them out and Toma babbles how he’ll do anything for her. In Working, you have to add up customer bills with Toma. I had to use my touch screen phone calculator cause my keyboard was too mushy and old school calculator buttons kept getting stuck. (;^ω^)  In the ending, they spend time cleaning everything up.Mary falls and injures her foot so Toma piggy back carries her home.  The part with the baby nukes was cute and nekomimi Toma made me laugh 8D. He sure is good at catching things and putting them into cages! 😆  In the Love section, Toma says he wants to live with Mary so he suggests they look for an apartment together. They run into the lady from the underwear store in the first game and she makes fun of them lmao. Toma gets so embarrassed he grabs Mary and runs off elsewhere. They talk about their plans for living together but Mary pretty much continues spending most of her time living with Toma at his place and staring at his sleeping face in the mornings when she can. (◉◞౪◟◉ )

crowd005Kent and Ikki come over one day and they look on his balcony only to find THE CAGE!  Ikki says that it’s for that “kind of sexual play” and Toma’s like “NO its for a….dog yea!” ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \  They give up asking questions, think Toma’s a weirdo and leave xD. A few days later Toma tells Mary he wants to throw the cage out, but before he does so, he asks Mary to lock him inside of it :lol:. Unfortunately Toma’s self punishment doesn’t quite work well cause Mary still wants to take care of him and be nice to him. She even admits she likes him caged cause she’s been jelly of all da hoes hitting on him throughout the past 19 years!  Their bondage play continues when she handcuffs him to herself after he gets out of the shower. Sadly since he can’t really put his shirt on when they’re handcuffed she gets to see him wet and naked and then takes the handcuffs off so he can get dressed xD. He tells her to make sure to watch so that he “doesn’t run away”. Okay Toma. ●REC Mary then puts some stuffed animals into the cage for him and starts giggling because she thinks he looks adorable lol. He looks so adorable to her she asks to come inside and sleep in the cage with him /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.  The next morning Shin finds both of them sleeping in the cage and is like what the actual fuck!? (ಠ_ಠ) XDDDD He tells them to GTFO and explain themselves and says they should throw the damn cage out.  And so 4 years later Mary and Toma are living in their own place together, having graduated from college. Toma has achieved his dream of getting into law school so he thanks Mary for all her support and asks her to marry him. Unfortunately because he’s so busy with school they barely see each other anymore and Mary gets upset. One day she gets a fever and passes out and when she wakes up Toma is taking care of her. He apparently ditched one of his exams cause he was worried about her, but she never said anything because she didn’t want to get in the way of his studies. After this they decide it’s best to be more open with each other and talk things out. Gee I’m glad after all these years you guys finally come to that conclusion! 😆 After some time passes, the two of them finally get married.

Ikki – I don’t know why but Ikki always feels 胡散臭い to me. Like it seems everything coming out of his mouth is fulla shit lmao. I know he’s just NATURALLY a rico suave but I guess I don’t really like those kind of characters so I can never take him seriously. In Working, you have to help him make parfaits with food falling faster than your eyes can keep up.  In the ending Ikki suddenly avoids Mary and doesn’t help her carry heavy orders during her shift so she ends up dropping dishes.Turns out he didn’t talk to her because Waka told him if he avoided talking to her for the day, then he’d get to hog her time afterwards. After their shift is over, Ikki takes her to the park and explains himself. The suspense route almost made me rage quit Ikki all together because:

やってらるかー!(╯ಠ益ಠ;)╯︵ ┻━┻

Basically Kent’s like “hey come do my puzzle challenge shit” and I managed to follow the guide for everything but this. I don’t know if my Japanese is bad or I just don’t get what you have to do here but I failed twice before giving up following the guide, randomly clicking the stupid coins and SOMEHOW I MAGICALLY PASSED on the 3rd try. So if you play Ikki’s route and you get stuck here, well don’t ask me because  noidea

As you can tell, after I was raging so hard from this stupid puzzle game, the rest of the route kind went into 1 ear and out the other for me.  I would have rather been stuck in a frozen meat locker with Toma! Anyway, after they finish all the puzzles Mary gets left behind and …locked in one of the classrooms since she seems to have a talent for being trapped in various places. Kent and Ikki run back in to search for her but while she’s waiting suddenly a poisonous gas spreads through the lab room Mary is in! What a coincidence! So then Kent says that he can’t unlock the doors because suddenly his LAST PUZZLE has activated and unless they solve it, they will die from poisonous gasses! They manage to solve them and escape just in time for Kent to call an ambulance and give them some oxygen. Ikki tells Mary that he loves her and calls her crazy for not listening to him but thanks her for not giving up and saving him. He kisses her and says that if anything happened to her he’d have a heart attack. Kent tells them to stop making out and making the ambulance people wait XD. After they get out of the hospital, Ikki asks if he can be Mary’s knight in shining armor and protect her.

crowd007In the Love route Mary pretty much moves into his apartment while they both attend college.  So then one night he makes his usual perverted jokes but she finds herself agreeing going “it’s ok if its you”. In fact she then pushes him down on the bed and is like willing to take one for the team if it’ll “relax” him. He’s confused on why she’s doing this but turns out HIS MEDUSA EYES ARE WORKING ON HER! 😆 After this Mary finds herself getting all dokidoki whenever she looks into his eyes and she doesn’t know what to do with herself! One night he tells Mary that he wishes his face was scarred so anyone who looks into his eyes and falls in love would then snap back to reality after seeing his fugly face. After he goes to bed, she whispers to him and says that she loves him and hopes he will continue to love her even after she becomes a girl who falls for his medusa eyes. The two of them then become busy with their new internships and jobs. Because she’s been avoiding his face, and he hears her talking to Toma on the phone, he gets pissed and jealous. He grabs her and pushes her against the window asking her why the fuck she won’t look him in the eyes. Mary then admits that the eyes are working on her but she says it’s okay if Ikki does anything to her because she loves him, not because of his medusa eyes. She closes her eyes and says she loves him to prove it and asks if he’ll still be with her even when his eyes work on her. At this point I’m like


At work, Ikki puts on a bunny mask and says he doesn’t want to cause any more problems at the office with his medusa eyes. He says that if this will make the work place a more pleasant to be, then he will continue wearing this weird bunny mask the rest of the time…earning a ROFLMAO from Kent :lol:. In fact the rest of the staff thinks he’s joking and they start laughing too. Turns out that his powers have their ups & downs and they were extra strong which is why even Mary fell for them but after it calms down Mary’s back to refusing his advances. He says he’s excited to see if they will ever work again but tells her even if halfway through they stop working while she “gives in to her desires for him”, he won’t stop (◉◞౪◟◉ ).

crowd0063 years later Ikki’s medusa eyes still get fangirls but he refuses them as usual to be with Mary. She’s graduated college and once in a while she and Ikki still visit their old maid cafe. Ikki had asked Waka to reserve the restaurant for the 2 of them so they could eat in peace without fangirls mobbing him. Mary also finds out that her dad knocked up some ho and now she’s gonna get some younger sibling. Ikki’s like “hey how about we have a baby too so they can play together!” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He then officially proposes to her and she agrees.  Everyone celebrates their engagement that night but then later on, Orion comes wishes her happiness – while she’s passed out drunk. (ಥ_ಥ) When she wakes up she finds a spade shade pendant in her hands as a present from him ;-;. I guess since she’s so drunk she then grabs Ikki and makes out with him XD. Sigh well there was no wedding CG because we saw it in Later. Honestly I just couldn’t figure out what the hell the conflict was or what the point of Ikki’s route was. He was like jumpin dat shit in Later but suddenly “oh noes I must hold back” and “oh noes suddenly medusa eyes are working” lol give me a break. The only thing I thought was cute was the Love Connect or whatever where the 2 of them cuddled in bed together. The whole “I’m so angry because you avoided me but it’s really because you’re shy” conflict grates my nerves. I don’t mind when there’s a misunderstanding in a route but when the whole route circulates around that plot I can tell the game makers aren’t even trying/grasping for straws. Also I feel sorry for Ikki fans for having to put up with that bullshit of a suspense route when none of the other characters had it that bad.

crowd008Kent – I love Kent and all and anyone reading this blog knows it BUT I still feel a bit disappointed? His suspense route felt pointless, and the fact that he’s still freaking out about sleeping with Mary in the same bed at the age of 26 is just… ( ´_ゝ`). In Working, you have to play a memory game with groceries which of course varies whether you get to remember 5 or only 2 or 3 which is kind of annoying. In the ending, Kent and Mary get locked in the kitchen during their shift. Suddenly they get a memo from under the door from Waka asking them to make 10 orders worth of food. Mary helps him with everything and he really thanks her afterwards as they fall asleep on each others shoulders. In Suspense, Mary is running away from someone and she runs into a park bathroom and locks herself in. She manages to run out and then calls Kent saying she’s being chased. He comes to her and walks her home making sure that her room is safe. After this he tells her to be safe walking home so Mary’s pretty much on edge the rest of the time coming & going to work. Kent says he wants her to go home with someone each day to be safe but then starts babbling about how it’s safer with a guy but on the other hand he don’t want no other guys walking her home! (✧≖‿ゝ≖) The rumor is that apparently there’s some dead ghost ho running around scaring people and that’s who was chasing Mary down. Kent and Mary go to the cemetery to investigate when they hear a scream. Kent runs into the other direction to check, leaving Mary alone. She feels like someone’s after her so she runs into some room and locks herself in calling Ken’s cell phone for help. If you don’t block the door here, Ukyo comes and kills her. Mary manages to run out of the building and eventually meets up with Kent after calling him. They hear a woman scream again and turns out it was Mine who came to see if the ghost story was true. She then admits that everything was her fault including the park stalking.

crowd009Turns out she asked Waka to go out with her but was rejected so she wanted to go baww out her problems to Mary ( ≖Д≖;). See what I mean? Completely pointless. =_= After this Kent still wants to be with Mary so he offers to walk her to work anyway. (*´ω`*) At work Sawa acts like a wingwoman and gets Kent and Mary to be all raburabu and feed each other. Kent then blushes and spoon feeds Mary some cake. (♡´౪`♡) At least the ending was cute.  In Love route, Mary is getting ready to have Kent meet her parents since he proposed to her in the first game. He tries to practice smiling for her parents but he ends up looking weird. The next day Kent and Mary decide to practice for the meeting and Mary pretends to be the dad. When he comes to see the parents, he tells Mary’s dad that he wants to live in the same apartment with her so he can make sure she’s safe. He also tells the dad that he intends to marry her and will not back off. Kent goes on to say how until he met Mary, he never even thought about the concept of marriage and that she’s changed him a lot so he cannot imagine a life without her. To prove further that he’s a good husbando, he offers to make dinner for everyone. (*´ω`*) While he goes into the kitchen with the mom, Mary’s dad tells her that he can tell what a serious guy Kent is and approves of him. A few months pass and Mary comes over Kent’s place to help him with his move in London. Because it’s a busy season she’s only able to rent a hotel for 6 days. Since she has nowhere to stay the 7th night, Kent tells her to stay at his place. He offers to sleep on the floor for the night but she’s like YOU IN BED WITH ME NOW, SON. And so they end up sleeping together but face the opposite direction (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Poor Kent is so nervous he ends up not really getting much sleep that night. I know he’s a huge nerd and all but come on man you guys were like making out and implied screwing on on the floor in Amnesia Later! XD

crowd010The next day he goes to the university and tells Mary that his professor asked if he could stay in London and continue his research. Unfortunately if this happens, he will end up staying beyond Mary’s study abroad period and they will be separated. He asks Mary to make a decision about this and in the meantime, he offers to do some touring with her in London. The next night he brings mary some cupcakes he baked so they can decorate them together like back at the maid cafe. Finally he asks her for her asnwer and she says she wants to become a teacher and to achieve this dream she needs to stay in Japan for a bit. She asks him to wait for her  and so 3 years later Mary moves in together with Kent in London. They celebrate with some drinks, but Mary gets too drunk. Kent tells her to cut the alcohol but she’s like NOPE. Aaaannd just like in Ikki’s route, drunk Mary jumps on top of Kent babbling nonsense and giggling that she has her Kento now. <●><●> She then says she’s hot and wants to strip, but before that she passes out lol. At Easter, Kent then surprises Mary with preparations he’s made for their wedding. Ikki then comes to visit and by the request of Kent, he has brought a crown for Mary to wear at her wedding because it looked like one that was in a picture book she read when she was a loli. Mary says that her dream wasn’t to be a pretty pretty princess bride, but to live with the person she loves, and this dream’s already come true. And so a week later, Mary and Kent get married with Orion secretly leaving some daffodils in her flower bouquet. (´;ω;`) My favorite part of Kent’s route was actually the love connection and how he just randomly hugged her.  Otherwise yea I felt like they were pretty much grasping for straws trying to find reason for Kent and Mary to be raburabu with each other. I guess they’re such a great couple that they just work well together and don’t really have much unresolved conflict to be interesting. だがそれが良い!( ー`дー´)キリッ`

crowd011Ukyo – In Working, Ukky’s mini game is he basically watches as you seat customers and take their orders. It’s kinda annoying at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually one of the least painful mini games to play. In his ending, Ukyo turns into evil-Ukyo but before he can kill Mary she stuffs his face with hot cocoa and parfaits so he’s too busy eating to bother with anything else. In his mini event Ukyo takes pics of everyone at the maid cafe but takes the best ones of Mary, and everyone makes fun of him for it. Man if the other routes were grasping at straws, Ukyo’s is the worst offender because they had to introduce a NEW CHARACTER to get anything going in his suspense route! So one day some dude named Luka comes into Maid no Hitsuji and starts hitting on Mary. He wants her to be his artistic model and Ukyo ain’t having any of this because Mary belongs to him!  Turns out Luka is actually Rika’s older brother and a huge fucking siscon. When Mary gets home that night she finds her place has been broken into and suddenly she gets held at knife point by Luka. She gets poisoned with sleep gas and is thrown into some random room not too far from her apartment. When she doesn’t show up for work Sawa gets worried and tells Ukyo. Ukyo feels something is off so he runs immediately to look for her. When Mary wakes up, Luka uses some dumb voice changer and says that she’s this big slut who’s broken so many men’s hearts and must PAY FOR HER SINS! Mary’s like whut the fuck you talkin’ bout willis?! In the meantime, Ukyo runs to dig through her room to see if he can get clues to where she is. He then runs to the maid cafe to let everyone know and Mine recognizes the car in the security camera video as Luka’s car. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Mary tries to break her way out of the room, he rages that she’s cockblocking his phone call with his precious imouto. When he comes in to check on her, Mary bitch slaps him with a stick of wood (which hopefully gave him some face splinters), and then escapes.

crowd012She manages to call Ukyo to try and tell him where he is but the reception is bad because she’s underground. Luka then catches up to her and threatens to stab her with a giant combat knife. Suddenly Ukyo shows up and punches Luka before realizing that punching people hurts :lol:. Luka then babbles his siscon speech about how Mary’s cockblocking Rika’s happiness with Ikki (which is obviously not true). Before he can stab once more, Rika shows up and tells her siscon brother to stop being a douchebag. Rika then also admits that Ikki is not her lover, and she’s just his stalker so even if Mary was cockblocking, it’s not like they were dating. Luka’s like AWW SHIT I FEEL LIKE AN ASSHOLE NOW!  Wow thanks Otomate for bringing in a new character who’s a complete imbecile. After Rika takes her idiot brother and leaves, Ukyo hugs Mary and she thanks him for saving her. Wow that was such a deep and thought out plotline. In the Love route, Ukyo asks Mary to be his photo model. After he takes some photos he suggests they find a new outfit for Mary to wear for the photo shoots. They go to the park and he asks to take photos of her against the sky. Before he can take the picture he starts shaking and is unable to press the shutter button. In the studio the next day, Mary wears her new boob revealing dress and Ukyo’s like <●><●> as he takes the pictures. He tells Mary that both he and his other self love Mary. Suddenly Rika bursts into the studio and is like “since when are you guys engaged!?” and Ukyo’s like ( ・`ω・´)ナン…ダト!?

crowd013Apparently the rumor spread because they both told various people that they were dating so I guess naturally they are future husbando & waifu. Also by now, Mary is used to dealing with the other Ukyo but he tells her soon he will disappear since he’s not really supposed to exist anyway. Mary helps him clean his room and he tells her that she should rely on him more often and then the 2 get all embarrassed ε-(*´∀`|萌|. Guess Ukyo’s other side has gone from yandere to tsundere lol. And so because other-Ukyo loves Mary so much he’s kinda been taking over Ukyo’s body for a longer period of time than usual. He shows Mary the photos Ukyo took and says that only he can take those photos, other-Ukyo is not capable of capturing with the camera as well as his other self. (omfg this makes no sense anymore can you guys just merge personalities already ヽ(。_゜)ノ).  After Mary says that she loves both Ukyo’s and they don’t need to merge as one, I guess this satisfies him enough that he lets regular Ukyo come out. And so after this Mary continues her psuedo-3P relationship with Ukyo and his other self. They decide to buy a notebook so that Ukyo and his other self can write notes for each other to read. They go to Mary’s old university and on the rooftop Ukyo asks if he can take photos of her. Before he doesm he says this is how they first met but the difference is now they’re lovers and he gets over his photo block. In the epilogue, 3 years later Ukyo cuts his long hair and asks Mary to marry him. Mary of course agrees and he’s so surprised he wants to jump off a bridge to make sure it’s not a dream :lol:. Mary tells him that if he does that they can’t get married and he starts bawwing XD. Just then Shin, Toma, Kent & Ikki walk by and are like “omg they’re in their own world.” ( ゚∀゚)・∵ブハッ!! And so 1 month later,  Mary and Ukyo finally get married with Ukyo being out during the day and other-Ukyo coming out at night. I never got Ukyo’s bed CG to unlock and I don’t know why and by the time I reached the end of the game I no longer cared because I was pretty much sick of this game, the shit lack of story and the annoying system.


Nice try Otomate.
Nice try Otomate.

Well what can I say, Otomate is trying to milk Amnesia but instead they’re just grasping at straws here.  I really wish I didn’t waste my money with the limited edition either. Even if the characters are good, even if we all find Toma’s cage funny, there’s just NOTHING going on and there was no reason for this game. All the “After story” bits should have been in Amnesia later, Working was kinda pointless (except the mini events were cute) and Suspense was b/s because now we’re forced back into the mindset of the first game.

It's a trap!
Such beautiful ladies

I personally love Mary’s character in every route she’s in (well except that b/s in Amnesia Later with Shin) so when she doesn’t talk not only am I disappointed but I kinda start wishing for the guy to stfu. I don’t know why but this especially stood out with Ikki for me. He talks so much, even in his after story that I just wanted to be like can you shut your yap for a sec and let me get a word in bro? I think the only “novelty” sections to me were the Love Communication ones because damn that shit was adorable as all hell. Everything else? Meh or unnecessary. The worst part was in the end where I had to answer 20 questions about Amnesia (like hell if I remember this shit) to unlock a CG. On top of that despite having unlocked all of Ukyo’s CGs, his bed CG refused to open. THANK GOD FOR CG PACKS CAUSE (ノ=゚ロ゚)ノ ⌒┫:・’.::ヤッテラレルカニャアアアァァァァァ!!!! It’s blatant that Amnesia has now reached milking level and as a friend mentioned, this game almost feels like it’s a fandisk to the anime rather than to the Amnesia game series :lol:. I hope this is the last game in the Amnesia series and well even if it’s not, it’s the last one I will buy. Instead of milking series where they are completely out of ideas on what to do with the characters, I wish they’d instead focus on doing fandisks for GOOD games (like Confidential Money, Clock Zero, KamiKimi, LGS and GHP Oh nvm they be makin a GHP fandisk now XD).  If you’re a huge Amnesia fan or you REALLY like at least 1 of the characters then I recommend playing this. If you don’t have any real attraction to the franchise though, don’t even bother, as Amnesia and Amnesia Later pretty much cover anything decent for the series.

And now that this game pretty much killed my otome  gaming mood I think I’m just gonna spend the rest of May playing Ragnarok Online 2 until Norn9 and Tiny x Machinegun arrive. ( ´_ゝ`)


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  1. well my blog isn’t a walkthrough it’s just a brief summary/impression lol
    If you want a walkthrough just google for amnesia crowd 攻略 or something?

  2. I started testing Crowd recently and well your summaries can’t cover everything, but going through Shin’s suspense route for me is T_T If I choose to pin down Ukyo Shin gets stabbed in the heart by him and dies ಠ_ಠ I forgot where the hell I’m supposed to go since there are butterflies all over the map so I chose the wrong one and 2 days later, the heroine is dead ಠ_ಠ

  3. Glad you found the reviews an the shopping post useful =D
    And yea good thing you won’t waste your money on Crowd XD Enjoy later, it’s a lot better!
    Good luck with your shopping ventures 😉

  4. Just want to thank you for for further enabling my otome fetish. (´∀`)♡

    I’m brand spanky new to otome gaming and drama cds and was looking for some reliable info on ordering via the various sources, etc and was directed here to your fabulous blog. (Specifically, to that great and exceedingly informative post you did on all the available sources, fees, Japanese proxies, etc). I’d also been considering whether I needed to try and obtain Amnesia Crowd somehow, but your review has spared me that effort! (I already have Amnesia Later, but have yet to tackle it).

    And your game reviews are truly hilarious!! Thanks again!

  5. By chance, have you ever buy an otome game in Akihabara? I will soon go to Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto), and I was wondering where can I buy some? Thanks! ~

  6. Haha, I think we all do. It’s not a bad thing though. It makes it really amusing. Even when you don’t like a character, you still try to do them justice in the description of their route, which I like as well.

    That’s a shame about being turned off of 和風 games. I just own the one Hakuouki. I only bought it because it was $12 in English-translated. You would think that I’d want to get it in English subbing, but I’d actually prefer the Japanese. It’s good practice that’s why and the only real way I’m using my Japanese now. Five years of Japanese language study slowly going down the drain…well, not completely. Mostly my speaking. I think I’m retaining/learning some new kanji from these games xD

  7. Thanks, I try to keep my reviews to the point but I tend to start tl;dring when I really like a character 😆

    And lmao about your friend XD I admit I’ve “accepted” stupid characters in the past simply due to their voice actors (good example: Ace from the Alice series lol)
    I played Hakuoki ages ago but I think after all the hakuokis and hiiro no kakeras I’ve become traumatized by anything 和風 lol

  8. I think a lot of the stuff I figured out by accident without knowing the hell I was doing. The soap refill thing was lucky, just like the coin thing >.< I was insanely amused by the fact that I didn't actually have to do any addition for Toma's game though. I felt like they were trying too hard to change the gameplay by adding the mini games to do something 'different' that it ended up making more headache. I like I raged about the coin thing to my sister, my co-worker and three friends. In that short span of a day when I didn't play. They didn't even know what I was talking about, haha.

    You're probably right about Luka. My other friend likes the voice actor and his looks so she was like "xD." Even after I told her he was crazy and unnecessary, she was like…"meh, he's hot and has a nice voice." And then I proceeded to headdesk.

    The Ukyo Love Connection and Wedding Ends weren't even super different. I feel like they were seriously just milking the fact that there's two of them. I feel like just that one Ukyo Wedding where the second one came out at night was enough. And they could've combined Love Connection to have both Ukyos as well. Going through it twice even though I skipped through the second time for both seemed like a waste of time.

    I've heard about Hakuouki. Haven't played it yet myself because I got into otome gaming like…three months ago? But I own one. Just haven't gotten to it yet. When I was looking up games I was like, I heard Hakuouki was popular maybe they'll be like…three games?….obviously not.

    No problem! Your style is hilarious xD. And also pretty thorough, which I think it amazing considering how many reviews you do. I bow down to you.

  9. I was able to figure out the soap thing because I searched on google to see if I could get more info on the stupid mini games and one japanese blog said “keep pressing the button to refill the soap”. For Toma’s I took out my touch screen phone and actually calculated all the numbers lmao XD It was so annoying like why do we have to suffer through this ugh.

    And yes I am so glad I”m not the only one who suffers in the Coin game. Just like you I somehow cleared it not knowing what the hell I did. The most recent B’s Log explains how to clear it but its the same explanation I saw on jp blogs and nope I still don’t understand it lol.

    Luka was such a waste of space. I think they just wanted to lure HOsoyan fans into buying the game tbh.

    Since my PSP requires me to actually rip my UMDs (it throws shit fits when I have a UMD inside of it) I don’t know if I’ll be going back but yea thanks for the Ukyo tips xD What the hell honestly give me a break Otomate トリャ!!|┛*`Д´|┛。・*・┻━┻:・、。▽ Also yea I think Crowd should have been part of Later. Otomate can make plenty of more games like how they b/s shit with Hakuoki but I know I won’t be supporting them on it anymore >_>.

    And thanks for reading and commenting ;D

  10. Hah. I had the exact same problem with Shin’s mini game. It took me FOREVER to figure out that you could refill the soap. I failed three times thinking ‘why can’t I wash more than 4 plates? I’m obviously doing something wrong because 4 plates = fail’

    For Toma’s mini game, I actually just randomly chose answers. Like seriously. Ironically, it makes you go through each really fast so even though I would get like 30 wrong each time, I managed to always get around 15-17 correct which would put me in the Excellent level. Shows them for trying to make me do math after IKKI’S FREAKING SUSPENSE MODE.

    AND YES. THAT STUPID COIN THING FROM HELL. I rage quit for like…a day and then played all the other Ikki routes before Suspense. So I ended up finishing up Suspense last because of THOSE COINS. I tried solving it so many times I don’t even know how I ended up finally getting it. It was a serious lucky guess.

    I was also disappointed with Kent’s route. I don’t really know how to expand on that. It just could’ve been better.

    I was so let down by Luka. I was like…dude. This siscon thing is just…WHY? He’s just…I don’t know. I guess I shouldn’t have expected much for having a random character thrown into the third game of a series. But I did. And now I need to live with the disappointment.

    Not that I expect you to go back and play…but Ukyo’s double personality kinda sucks in terms of getting all the CGs open because you need to do Love Communication with both Ukyos and there’s two different endings for the wedding. Apparently if you choose the answer where the heroine says どうして比べるの? then you get the wedding CG where only the regular Ukyo appears. If you choose ・・・・・・違ってもいいと思う then you get the one where both Ukyos appear at the wedding…and that’s how you get the bed CG.

    I was talking with Yume about how Later and Crowd totally could’ve been one game. And how I don’t see how they can possibly make more games after the way they ended it, but my other gaming friend was saying that if they really want to, they can find ways to continue and that thought terrifies me just a bit. I really don’t see how they could do it.

    By the way, I love your game reviews. They’re hilarious. Just before I bought Amnesia I read your review and it made me crack up. I was planning on commenting on the other reviews for both the original game and Later but since Crowd is so new I just decided to write here.

  11. Toma’s route Shhh!! I am supposed to be asleep! I think the Snow White kind if bad end was really sad though, oh and I will YOLO any day Toma.

  12. Well I wonder, what would happen if Toma lost Mary by her being pushed down a well. Plus I want to see how Ukyo was driven to his two selves.

  13. I totally had no idea he would be Rika’s brother. In fact I thought he was maybe some hidden relative of the heroine’s lol.
    Yea I hope Norn9 ends up being good but with so many characters I’m getting worried about the length and content wise for each heroine and her set of guys. I mean normally they would split this kind of thing into 3 games (like starry sky) so the fact that it’s all together worries me a bit. Hoping for the best though!

  14. Welp, I just played this for shits and giggles (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I was really dissapointed in Luka as a new character, I knew he was the brother of Rika cause they look similar and everything but I really thought he was going to be more of a cockblocker rather than an asshat (゚ー゚; I hope this is the last of the games and anime, there’s really no more to put in the series since they’ve already established a whole plot (dear lord please don’t turn it into a Hakuouki thing)

    Anyways, SO EXCITED FOR NORN9!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I heard that if it does well enough they might release an english version of it (or was it just a rumour?) Man, the artwork, the opening video, and the character profiles look REALLY good!! I don’t have much info bout the gameplay but once it’s out I’m definitely trying it ; u ; I just hope it lives up to it’s hype (´;ω;`) Thanks for the review ;D

  15. Lol your idea sounds like it would have been a fun game! Though since in most endings Mary just dies I guess they can’t really do too much with that…but hey still woulda been more interesting than the dumb suspense routes lol

  16. Ikki and co. Best damn cockblockers ever, provide your own acholol. What the hell are these suspense routes? They look cooler in the trailer. Hell, even Orion should’ve had a route. It would probably be better then almost every route.
    But Ikki in Toma’s route. The cage brought up so much laughter. If they ever make another game give freaking Orion a route and Luka the atogonist of Toma’s world.
    Also, I would rather have games with an after-story of bad ends. Like what happens when I am poisoned by Toma, a monkey-cage-girl forever or pushed down a well, or thrown off a hospital roof, or what happens after Ikki goes insane and goes to kill the Bitch Club, or WHAT WAS GOING ON BEFORE THE GAME? Where we play as Ukyo from his perspective and all the othe guys.
    Still a better idea in my opinion.

  17. Oh. My. God. That freaking Orion quiz… Yup, rage quit right there. Had to use my brain too much so no thank you (¬、¬)

    Yeah, I’m also okay with stat games like hatsukare or utapri but I’m not okay with games like tokimemo girl’s side or the first WoF. They are just too damn long and I don’t have enough patience to complete them lol

  18. Omg and how about that Orion quiz?? I got 19/20 right but unless you get 20/20 right you don’t get the CG. I flipped a desk and ragequit right then and there 😆

    I’m okay with stat raising games like HatsuKare or UtaPri style but when you have to answer like actual trivia questions (like Ikki’s route) then I’m like fuck this lmao xD Yea very disappointing indeed.

  19. I knew it was the right choice to wait for someone’s review. Now I know that I won’t be finishing this game because it would only be waste of time.. So thank you (>A<) ! I'm also glad to know that I wasn't the only one who was struggling at the stupid puzzles haha xD

    Speaking of puzzles, I wish otome games would just stay in the normal VN style where you pick the right dialogue options, and not go all Sherlock Holmes on us. All the puzzles are so unnecessary and waste of time :/ So disappointing really..

    And yes, we need fandisk for Clock Zero! (also for KamiKimi and Jyuuza Engi!) Make it happen Otomate! 😛

  20. Yea the Alice thing is really bad with QR BUT I actually enjoy every Alice game probably because all the characters are so charming? As for Amnesia even if the characters are charming, Otomate doesn’t know how to bring out the best in them and that’s why it ends up flopping. (Also adding an annoying system doesn’t help things.)

  21. Sorry, all I can think of now is YOLO, because loving onii-chan is the way to go! ( ´ ▽ `人 )♥

  22. thanks for you review… i think the same about the game.. otomate just milking money with they games, i guess do that for explote fans that serie o well, ;W; and you how about you think about quinrose lately they look like follow the same route for otomate ;W; i hope not but OMG they remade heart no kuni alice for 3 TIME…… okay they put in pc,psp and PS2 the first version, the second version put in PC, and PSP and NOW is the 6 time ;w; i hope they not make a milking now with alice series ;w; ( or they do since joker ) xD

  23. Seriously Otomate? This is almost as bad as the Hakukai series. -_-

    Yippe! Just heard they’re making a GHP fandisk now. Just to pray that it isn’t crappy… I’m so sad that CZ ain’t gettin’ one…

    Poor Shin, he’s the fucking poster boy for the game! Give him a decent route at least… Screw Amnesia. I’m done.

    If Luka wasn’t such a siscon, I might have liked him, but whateves he don’t even get a route.
    I am disappointed…

    Yay! Norn9! Can’t wait for my copy to come in the mail! Lovely review as always!

  24. Love was alright but I still felt like it shoulda been in “Later”. It’s like they purposely wanted to milk more money for the Love route by adding stuff like Working and Suspense. I guess that’s where I’m annoyed? The working mini games annoyed me so much, there’s just no way I can get excellent on some of them :s

  25. lmfao damn otome games that just keep beating around the bush (aka ways otome game companies try to justify releasing a full game)

  26. Yea I thought Luka would be some really cool guy but he’s just a gross siscon like Toma (maybe even worse than Toma?? lol)

  27. Thank you for coming out of lurker mode ;D
    Yea I mean I guess you could play it on the side if you’re bored? The suspense routes are lame so maybe skip those and just play the Love and Working? XD

  28. I like the look of Worf in the background. He must be thinking: “If this was a Klingon otome game, it would have gotten straight to the point instead of this wishywashiness.”

    Picard’s full comment: “Just Fuck already. My Earl Grey is getting cold!”

  29. thanks for the review! I laughed most of the time I read this 😀
    I’m so disappointed with Luka, I thought his appearance will somehow be great, since he’s voiced by Hosoyan as well but now, I couldn’t care less ಠ_ಠ
    Toma in a cage, however, is amusing >D

  30. GOD WHAT DID THEY EVEN DO WITH THESE?!?!?! i only enjoyed reading this because of TOMA AND HIS CAGE… Ukyou was my favorite but what did they do with him?!?!

    poor babies…..

  31. It’s my first time commenting here after months of being a silent reader…Otsukare! ^^
    I’m about to play this game once I’m done with my exams in two weeks but after I read this…
    no I don’t think I will play this. I didn’t even done with the first one yet. this is kinda disappointing….=_=’

  32. Its just my opinion but since they threw in Luka, wouldn’t it be better if they threw him in Toma’s route rather than Ukyo’s since he’s shitting about Mary cockblocking his fucking precious imouto’s relationship w/ Ikki… Then he could have worked w/ those fanbitches about “dealing” w/ her but nvm cus it might have ruined Toma’s route so yeah… (runs and hide 4 the shit I spew out)

    Really luv ur reviews btw ^^

  33. Yea I’m disappointed too. The limited edition booklet stories with the honey moon are really cute and I wish they were in the game instead of the dumb suspense routes.

  34. Everything looked so epic…but the routes seem so disappointing. I have a high tolerance level, BUT THIS IS SO DISAPOINTING!!!!

  35. So for all I’ve played and read about I still have no clue where the new character Luka comes in… Is he just in the drama cds that are coming out?

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