Ragnarok Online II is doomed to fail for all eternity.

This ain’t no cheap flight.

Five years ago I was playing the Korean & Japanese beta of RO2: The Gate of World. The betas ended and there was no sign of life until the whole thing was scrapped and out came RO2: Legent of the Second. After a long KR beta, a shitty SEA beta, finally we get the North American beta. I can finally play the game I’ve wanted to play for years and after a week and a half all I can say is: This game is destined to fail.

Alright so I kinda knew it wasn’t gonna be great coming in BUT I wanted to give them a chance. However after a week and a half with many people reporting bugs and issues what do they do? They roll out multiple “buy cash items” promotions instead. Look dude, you wanna roll out cash promos? I’m cool with that but that’s AFTER you fix all the underlying problems within the game.

If you haven’t yet played RO2 and are thinking about it here’s a list of my current complaints with the game that may make you change your mind:

  • Dungeons that are too difficult for your level: I have now hit level 25 and I’m stuck on a quest where you have to kill the bosses of Izlude dungeon – more than 1 time. We gathered a party of 4 level 25’s (Wizard, Priest, Assassin & Hunter), and 1 level 27 Knight. We managed to kill one of the mini bosses but when we got to the tentacle monster Penomena, it wiped us all out in a span of 60 seconds with 3-4 attacks that did 250 damage each. This quest and this dungeon is level 22 – 26 and the quest we got at level 24. It is actually physically impossible to do this dungeon with a full party of 5 at our level. In fact I get the feeling this will ONLY be possible when I reach level 30+. By then, not only will the monsters in that dungeon give me 0 exp, but the quest rewards I get from those quests will be already worse than whatever I am currently wearing.  Due to me not doing this quest, this keeps other quests from unlocking and basically since quests are the best way to level, I am pretty much forced to only do daily repeatable quests OR mindlessly grind like it’s 2003.
  • Targeting System Sucks: To target a monster you have to click either on the monster or hit tab. When you’re alone or with a friend it’s not bad but when you are in a dungeon and 4 people are attacking 1 guy it’s hard to click target. Naturally you go ahead and hit tab and what does it target? Your party member. Great. I’m hitting tab, pressing my attack but nothing happens because instead of targeting the agro frog, I’m targeting my assassin.
  • Unbelievable Lag:  You know why there’s lag? Because there’s at least 5 countries playing on this server when they shouldn’t be. Yea there’s people who should be playing RO2SEA but they are playing on RO2NA.  They claimed to have banned Brazil right? I saw a guild called “BRAZIL” with a Brazilian flag logo. Yea clearly they banned nobody and that’s why the server is over capacity daily on all 20 channels. The lag is so bad that you can die from the lag as well as I saw an assassin attacking invisibly while still riding his peco.
  • There’s no combat variety: When I was a mage I was hitting mostly 1 over and over again. Now that I’m a wizard I hit 1 then once in a while maybe 2 but mostly just 1 over & over again. Some of my other skills just don’t do any damage compared to fire so I have no reason to put points into them. In RO1, using elemental skills made a huge difference. You couldn’t do much damage with fire on water property monsters but in RO2, fire can pretty much kill anything. I remember in RO1 my priest and wizard had a full bar of skills to use. In Ro2 my bar is filled with dumb crap like “mount peco” and emoticons as well as a few potions.
  • The translations are fucking terrible: It looks like NA just took the RO2SEA client and used all of their translations. Let’s face it, southeast Asia isn’t the best example of proper grammar and English and the fact that NA didn’t even bother to do a translation or grammar check is appalling. Sometimes I try to read the quests to see what’s going on and I just give up because it makes NO SENSE. There’s often typos between the same names for example I’ve seen IZLUDE and IZRUDE.
  • Agro monsters respawn faster than you can loot: I’m in mushroom forest and I gotta kill some poison spores and get their item for a quest. I kill one, and as I run to pick up its item, ANOTHER ONE RESPAWNS ON TOP OF IT and instead of picking up the item I am now forced into battle. This is of course great for respawns of bosses or mini bosses, but for regular ol’ grinding and questing? Blah. It’s not so bad when the monsters are spread out but in mushroom forest, agros everywhere so even if the monster you killed doesn’t respawn, something else will come after you and waste enough time for the other one to respawn anyway. The respawn time is less than 60 seconds which is absolutely ridiculous.
  • You are forced to buy cash items to complete in game quests: One of the great features of RO2 are the khara quests. Aside from the usual talk to John Smith and kill 10 wolves, there’s quests just for you like kill a certain mini boss or die 10 times. The quests are all interesting and some are challenging but there is one quest which I will never do and NEVER forgive either SEA or NA for doing this: spend $60 to buy 3 super large bags. Whoa what the fuck? You want me to spend$60 just so I can complete some in game quest to get exp? How about you kiss my ass? I’m not against spending money on f2p games. I know the makers need to get paid too but I’m against spending money on ridiculous shit like this. If I’m gonna spend money I want to do it because I WANT an item not because I have to complete some in game quest. Also the cost of items is absurd. In tartaros to open 20 slots cost $4. Here it costs $20. What the fuck? Yea good luck with that one Warp Portal!
  • Those god damn trees: In RO1, if there were trees in your viewfinder, they would become transparent so it would be easier to see when you walk through a forest. In RO2 the freaking trees CONSTANTLY block my view. This is especially horrible when the monster or boss I’m trying to fight is in an area that’s FULL OF TREES (i.e. the chon chon mini boss.) I don’t know what the designers were thinking or not thinking but this grates my nerves on a daily basis.
  • Party is limited to 5 people: What the hell really. Okay in Tartaros it was 5 also but in Gate of World we could have like 10 or 12 (I forget the exact number.)  I remember there was a quest to kill the boss wolf and all of us bunched up in a huge party and did it. Hey I bet if there was 10 of us in that Izlude dungeon then it wouldn’t be impossible now would it??? Even RO1 allowed more than 5 in a party. Ro2LOTS you’re lame.
  • Khara quests unlock in a stupid order: I’m killing mushrooms for a level 24 quest. However, there’s a similar mushroom killing khara quest but it doesn’t unlock until I’m level 27. So now I am forced to go BACK to an area to finish a khara quest instead of allowing me to do the quest when it’s the proper level. Basically it means the game is making you grind monsters that will then give you little to no exp.
  • Purchasable quests are a waste of money: There’s a Monster Busters guy in every town. He sells quests you can buy to kill x monsters and gain some exp. However the amount of money you spend on quests are not NEARLY the amount of money you receive from killing monsters/selling their junk or worth the exp you get. It’s more efficient to just grind without the dumb quest or to get a repeatable daily quest.
  • Those god awful voices: I’m not talking about voices for the player characters I mean those AWFUL NPC VOICES. Seriously the kafra who sings about you using STOOORAAGE like some opera singer. The auction lady who sounds like she smokes 6 packs a day and lives in NEW YOOHK. All the burly old sounding voices that are applied to young looking male model characters..which brings me to my next point:
When sushi strikes back
When sushi strikes back
    • All the models in game are the same: The same model for the female and male players is the same model they use for all the npcs. In Tartaros at least you had lolis, shotas, old fat men, fat granmdas, short dudes, you name it. Here? Every male monster/npc/character is the same save for clothes or hair. All the females are large breasted and have the same body style. This is why it makes all the “varied” NPC voices sound even more awkward.
    • Party system is busted: In Tartaros, if you wanted to gather a party, you made a party and it would display publicly so anyone who wanted to join would just click on it and be warped to where you are. In here it makes no sense and it displays throughout ALL channels so someone in a different channel than you sees it. They try to join but instead of being warped to where everyone else is, nothing happens. This person is  then forced to logout, log back in and join the appropriate channel and run manually to where everyone has gathered.  On the topic of parties, it’s really damn hard to gather a party especially with the 5 person limit. I have found myself in a party of 4 quite often and it seems like getting that 5th person is always a problem. Also it doesn’t help the server’s full of people who shouldn’t be there so they don’t speak English and will usually stay away from parties because they’re afraid to be banned. (Though have no fear my foreign comrades because Warp Portal doesn’t give a fuck who plays on their server as long as they keep gambling…which brings me to my next point….)
    • The price of cash items is absurd and some lottery items are NOT permanent: I already complained about the bag thing but let’s talk about the other cash items. Mounts. For example, there’s a “mount box” in which you gamble $6 for a chance to win a permanent mount. However, within that box, there is only ONE permanent mount and like 6 other mounts that only last 14 days. Great so I have to keep gambling to win a mount period, and then hope it’s a permanent one?? What a joke. Gambling for non permanent items…oh yes Bright Shadow! And well you know where that game ended up! That also brings me to the fact that when you buy an outfit gamble box you have the chance of winning an outfit for a gender character you don’t have. Yes I know Pangya does this but Pangya also allows you to store all your outfits for all your characters. In Ro2 it seems like you cannot actually move outfits between characters! In fact you have to have a friend trade the outfit from you, and then trade it back to your other character who perhaps may have the correct gender for it. (Which also brings me to the point that storage is not shared between all your characters and this is what’s demotivated me from making more than1 character.)
    • Auction House access is shit: The auction is only accessible in Prontera and Alberta. I fucking hate both because it’s a horrid maze and I still get lost trying to figure out how to get to all the stairs. If I’m in Payon, which is 2 towns away I’m not gonna waste time or money to go check to Prontera auction! In fact a lot of people could be missing out on selling their junk simply because people are too lazy to bother going back there just to see what’s on sale.
    • All the cute hats are cash only: In RO2 GOTW, I remember getting a ton of hats. Ribbons, star head band, rhoda frog you name it. Here, the only time I see non boring hats are in the cash shop. Sorry but I can’t afford to spend 100 zeny for a pair of cat ears! I need the money so I can buy potion bottles to level up my alchemist job! The only hats I’ve gotten are boring caps or fur hats. No ears, no antennas, nothing. The big point of RO1 was collecting hats and taking this out of Ro2 is just crap. I haven’t even see any NPCs where you can say gather items to MAKE a hat. Additionally some cash shop hats are gender based as well which sucks even more. In RO1 I saw dudes wearing purple and pink ribbons, hah!
    • The engine this game runs on can’t be helped: Ro2GOTW was made on Unreal engine 2 but this game is made with Gamebryo which as far as I was told, is actually an OLDER engine. Not only that but I read that Gamebryo is extremely buggy. It’s almost like a domino effect where fixing 1 bug will almost surely cause another. For example, I get pink boxes when I miss an attack instead of a “miss” icon all because my PC locale is set to Japan. How stupid is this?? I’m not going to change my locale every time I start up RO so now I have to pretty much deal with fugly pink boxes. The multitude of bugs in the game that Warp Portal won’t fix are probably bugs that maybe they TRIED to fix but the consequences of fixing them probably caused bigger problems so they figured it wasn’t worth it. I would even go ahead and believe that changing “translations” probably causes problems due to various character counts so they just left it that way. 🙄  With this in mind, I firmly believed the bugs in this game will never actually be fixed and since you can’t change the engine without starting over – this game will never improve and will continue to be just as shitty as it is in beta form. (This includes the fucking annoying as hell trees that consistently block my view.)
    • The job change doesn’t feel as rewarding: In RO1 I remember grinding so hard just to be able to get to assassin from my thief. Once I became assassin I got my shiny new assassin outfit and well it felt like a pretty big deal. In this game, I just had to help some ho find her drugs and then kill dracula and bam I’m a wizard. I couldn’t even tell I became a wizard aside from seeing the wizard skill menu open up. My outfit didn’t change and in fact to be able to wear wizard clothes I just have to hope my artisan friend makes them for me or they drop from a quest/monster. At the moment all I got was a Wizard wand and wizard pants. Until I get the shirt though, I still look no different than when I was a mage. I mean the upside was that I didn’t have to start as a noob and I could pick my class immediately.
    • There’s a lack of maps and world: Just like in Tartaros, RO2 lacks maps. Ro1 you could go in many towns and fields to level up but in Ro2 there’s only a certain area with a certain level monster. Because Ro2 has a 2 level range for earning 100% exp, if you kill guys  3 levels above or below you start to lose exp. Now you are pretty much forced to kill the same area of guys for a while until you level up and this becomes even more apparent when you run out quests to do.
    • The amount of money you earn in the game does not equate with the money you spend: I didn’t personally encounter this yet but this is something I got from the forums:

about 1 hour Farming Scratch Thieves:
-163 blue hoods
-2 STR Boost Potions V
-2 STR Potion V
-12 HP food
-8 SP Food.
Total earned = about 6z

Total spent = Kafra Travel from Alberta to Belssing of Road (3z) + repair cost (10z) = 13z
That is painful and get me want to quit this bad designed game xD

Anyway sorry for the huge list of complaints but after playing countless MMOs where they just sink down to only “cash item” as being the updates I’m getting sick of this repeated cycle. Tartaros died because the only way to level up was to blow money on upgrading your weapon to +15 otherwise you just couldn’t do damage. After the disaster in the Izlude cave yesterday, I’m starting to think RO2 is headed in the same direction. They may be able to earn money from gamblers for a while but from  casual players like me, nope. Especially nope when I’ve seen servers like this pretty much go out of commission due to it being run so poorly. I’ll continue playing for a bit to see how far I can go without doing all these ridiculous dungeons but I get the feeling I’ll be leaving RO2 before May ends.  It’s a shame that I have the feeling RO2 will never get off the ground and earn the same fanfare that RO1 did. It also seems like once people hit the cap (which at the moment is 50) there is little to do in the game unless you blow money on cash items.

If anything, RO2 has made me want to try RO1 renewal instead (;´∀`).


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  1. I really hate the R.O 2. It was my childhood best MMORPG I every play in my life! I rmb i use to grind, lots of party, priest was like an angel in Glast Heim, PvP was fun, hunting MVP was great and weekly WOE was sick. Lots of job, as description mention, turning job was satisfying and rewarding, reborn, and lots of class choices you can pick. Eventhough it was not 3D, the costume look awesome then the current childish looking bunch of molasses wasses watever I am just so piss they destroy the wonderful game of all time use to be I just wana say FUCK YOU GRAVITY GIVE ME BACK THE CLARITY IT USED TO BE!!!

  2. I agree with most of your statements.

    Really, the lack of NPC variety makes my eyes sore, I mean seriously? Similar looking NPCs with Swordman style of standing? Oh god Gravity. Of course, every game has its own cons, even WoW has one or two, but this game has too much cons rather than pros really.

  3. You can skip dungeon quest. main quest will be open on the next map if you meet the level requirements. You can do the dungeon quest when you reach 50 just for the sake of finishing some khara quest which give titles. If you need to level just activate all Khara quest that gives exp as reward which doesn’t cost any khara points. You can reach cap level in 1 week time if you focus on Khara quest and Main quest. As of the target system is the same w/ other MMORPG’s. Well I was an assassin so I have lots of skill and I use them differently depending on my enemy. There is fast loot where you loot all items, I think you have to hold shift then click the corpse. But if you mean gathering of materials for job it will really take time. As I said I was an Assassin I can hide and loot materials. As for the NPC voices in SEA they are in Korean and I find those Kafra cute. For the party once the party leader enter the dungeon you can click the enter dungeon button to enter the dungeon even if you are in different dungeon. also you can party up to 20 people outside the dungeon, in the arena and during raids which is called raid party. You don’t have to log-out to change channel. hats at 100z is cheap you can get around 3000z buy just doing khara and main quest till lvl 50. and at lvl 30 you will have around 600z. buy only customs when you have super puncher and if it has a rune slot. When you hit 50 there is a lot to do like arena, bhapo garden culvert of abyss, raids and hard dungeons for recipes for epic gears and foods or formula potion and stats boost also card hunt. Sorry for my grammar and miss spelling. But I hope you can still understand it. Well when RO 1 came out first the map wasn’t as huge as it is now. but if ro1 was 3d it would be the best of all games. Well for me RO 1 is the no.1 MMORPG that I have Played. Will Be playing till elders scroll online comes out and choose which is much better.

  4. Based on what I’ve seen from the CMs and GMs in the forums I get the feeling that like with most localizations, they can only do so much before Korea goes “lol NO” and they’re stuck taking the crap from the community. I honestly feel sorry for them in a way. Still I think the localization part (like text and stuff) should have had more effort put into it. I’m currently still 45 (playing super casually lol) but yea once we get to 50 I probably won’t bother logging in for a while.

  5. OMG! You wrote everything I was going to post online. Sad Part is ….its all true and you would think they’d attempt to search the internet for complaints to fix them, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. I invited countless people to come play with me and well they have all left. I got to lvl 50 and now it’s like waiting a year for morroc and whatnots just seems unworthy of my time. I played mabi (same issues with the repeat and overpriced shops) and I’m starting to get seriously bored of mmo’s that promise so much and yet we receive so little.

  6. I don’t understand why theres all the hate for Gamebryo. It probably stems from the Elder Scroll games but those bugs are Bethesda’s fault not the engine.. Its a solid game engine and just like all other major engines good games are made with it as well as bad ones.

    Also the dungeons don’t seem that bad. I haven’t had problems clearing the first 4. Maybe you just had derp teammates.

    But I agree that the game is going nowhere fast. If they don’t fix the major bugs soon, they won’t have players to squeeze money out of…

  7. I’m compensating for this dry season of PC otome games with RO2.
    I’ll help with your Izlude quests~. Poke away ;P

  8. I don’t actually want to target a party member – I want to target the enemy in front of me :/….

    They said the bags thing is gonna go almost a month ago and there has been no progress ever since.
    As far as lag I heard they fixed it in maintenance yesterday so I guess we’ll see next time I’m on.
    I also read that they fixed the drop rate which is why I haven’t touched the game in a week. Since they are having an exp event over the next few days I’ll try to get back into it. It’s just hard to get back in once you haven’t logged back in for a few days (and start to occupy yourself with other things.)

    And thanks for the offer, we still have some stupid Izlude quests we never were able to do so I’ll poke you if you’re online =)

  9. I’m having a lot of fun.
    You can press F1/F2/F3/F4/F5 to target your wanted party member.
    Got to level 50 as a priest and end game is incredibly fun.
    They also said in the patches that the bags thing is gonna go, that’s just SEA being cheapskates.
    I agree about the English and I agree about the translation, but I haven’t come across much lag in the game. A lot less than my RO1 days.
    Maps will be added, just like they were added later on in RO1, as well as an expansion to level 99 🙂

    If you’re still playing, look me up, I’ll help you wherever you’re stuck on! (message Kirinet)

  10. I hate to break it to you but the NA server is just as shitty as the SEA one so you’re just wasting your time 😆
    You still have to buy 3 super large bags for the khara quest, they just jacked the drop rate to horrid levels and there’s lag everywhere.
    I’m not really sure what exactly the situation is in SEA but it’s not really any better here and I’m pretty much ready to pack my bags and call it quits anyway 😛

  11. Well I must say they did a pretty good job banning IP from other countries. But via this way or that way, we managed to get through the ban. Please don’t hate us for that, we want to play the game in a normal way but the SEA server has so many bugs now. You just can’t play it without having a disconnect or mass crash while in raid dun if someone in the raid pt accidentally use the summon system.
    Trust me, this is still better than the SEA server, at least for now….

  12. if your English is good and you’re from the SEA region it means you are the like 3% that don’t speak like the paragraph you just posted 😆

    I’m pretty sure along with the poor translations they also took a lot of the nerfs that sea had added in. Meh I’m like level 31 now, 19 away from cap. I get the feeling once I hit cap I’ll be off from the game for a long time. Doesn’t seem like it’s really gone anywhere even in Korea.

  13. The translations are fucking terrible: It looks like NA just took the RO2SEA client and used all of their translations.

    “Aiyo, so difficult-lah.”
    “Can you borrow me? (As in lend money)” “Borrow you?” “Yes, borrow me!” “Okay, I will borrow you to clean the library!” “OH MY ENGLISH!”

    Let’s face it, southeast Asia isn’t the best example of proper grammar and English

    I resent that lumping remark! 😛

  14. I actually haven’t seen anyone huehuehue in chat but then again, I pretty much ignoring the “public chat” so unless someone’s affing right next to me I won’t see it.
    Fortunately I’ve not actually seen anyone BR? BR? AHUAHUAHU next to me anywhere but I guess I’m busy killing stuff & turning quests in to pay attention to chat anyway.
    My problem at the moment more than anything is the horrid lag.

  15. hahah this post really makes me feel like playing RO1 again. (well it was the last one i really played so i kinda miss it.) i was actually considering something like wow but, meh. mmos are kinda hard to play unless you grind it everyday @_@ (also means i need a new pc)

    btw, it might be possible that your hueahauea problem comes from US, since there must be a lot of brazilians in there

  16. ah nah I quit Prius Online back in the JP beta, I never even played on the US server before it went down XD

  17. Not sure if you’re still up on that game Prius, but there’s a private server out called Prius Anima.

  18. Last night we finally managed to beat the stupid dungeon with a random party I got invited to which was my lv 27 wizard, level 32 beast master, level 30 wizard, lv 30 priest and lv 26 assassin. We kept dying until finally the priest was able to heal all of us and we killed all the side mobs successfully. Again this is ONLY with the Penomena. All the other bosses we were able to clear and hell I even tanked the freaking Crab King and Leviathan cause our stupid beast master kept running bit torrent during boss battles and killing his internet connection =_=;

    Fortunately I’ve not had issues with the mini bosses in the field since I always play with my husband so at least that is doable. And yea I find myself missing a lot as well it’s really annoying :S. I also agree about it being annoying to wait for a priest to come. It’s so hard to level a full support priest in this game unless you have a dedicated partner to help tank you. At least in Ro1 you could solo heal bomb your way up the ladder.

    I’m still enjoying the game to an extent (maybe I’m just sad that my Tartaros character got erased so this is like some viarious make up for it) but yea I’m running into more and more annoyances as I get higher level. I don’t know what time you usually play but I usually play from like 7PM – 11PM EST. My character is level 29 so if you’re around there, feel free to send a message and you can join us =D. My ign is Cromodo.

  19. Most MMO communities are shitty btw (lol *cough pangya) so I prefer to keep to my group of friends when leveling and avoid any kind of PVP

  20. I don’t know much about game engines and all but as you said I heard Gamebryo is REALLY buggy (like fix one thing and it breaks another) so I think no matter how many bugs they fix, new ones will just pop up. For example last night our priest wasn’t able to heal anyone and we died because his skills refused to work. He had to logout completely to fix anything.

  21. I finally managed to do the Penomena the other day when our priest stopped screwing around and actually healed everyone. Still I feel that out of all the bosses we did in that (and its followup) dungeon, the Penomena was the hardest. It seems like if you don’t kill its sidekicks soon as they spawn, your entire party gets demolished in seconds. Funny enough the penomena quest doesn’t even unlock anything! In fact what unlocks the story quest is the quest where you have to harvest rocks at the end of the dungeon.

  22. I’ve never run into a game that became “pay to play” after being free to play (it’s usually the other way around) but the free to play games do seem to go in the direction of “buy our godly items or you can’t actually get anywhere in this game”

  23. PvP wise, it’s not really a problem if you go into a room with restrictions (i.e. B+, No Props, etc). Then again, the community is a piece of shit and makes you lose brain cells if you try to keep up with conversations with the community as a whole, and I’m saying this as someone that regularly plays it at a “competitive” level.

  24. o_o Personally, I didn’t have problems with IC in terms of surviving and clearing the boss (Though the party was slightly different; Lv 27 Knight, Lv 26 Monk (Off-tank), Lv 29 Sorc (Me), Lv 24 Priest, and Lv 25 Hunter). If anything, the thing that really turns me off from dungeons is that it takes so long to get a Priest in a party because barely anyone wants to play that role, yet you need one to clear the dungeon. I was having fun with the game at first, but now I’m so unmotivated because the only quests left are mini-bosses in Payon (Which I can’t solo because the minions eat me alive and I can’t find anyone to work on those quests and even if I clear them, I’m going to push into an even bigger level gap between me and the monster => Ridiculous amounts of “l0lmiss”) and dungeon quests (Translation: Wait 45+ minutes to get a friggin’ Priest in your team and pray to god that he/she doesn’t suck. And let’s hope that said Priest has to do either the same amount or more amount of runs as you or else you’ll have to play the waiting game again just to finish your quest that you had to stop midway). And then pretty much all the problems you listed lol (Although I didn’t have as much of a problem with the “press 1 button all day” situation though it’s because said class juggles DPS and healing, but that was definitely the case as a Mage though it was 2 buttons). Overall, the game was fun at the start, then “BAM”, you are struck with a bunch of flaws that makes you go “… Why did I spend that time getting to this point of the game?”

  25. Gamebryo isn’t that bad if the dev knows how to use it. It’s buggy as hell and can’t handle too many things at once, though, so whoever thought to license it for an MMO (an MMO, of all things!) should really be forced to write 3,000 pages of self-reflection.

    Also as a resident of Southeast Asia, I apologize for our region causing untold problems in yours. :s I mean it’s not OUR fault, just the devs being shitty, but still.

  26. I feel the same way about this game. I hit level 30 a few days ago and I finally decided to do that Izlude dungeon. I didn’t have as many party members as you did but that mini-boss was just as bad. I’m not even sure what was going on because I didn’t see any attack animations but we all died pretty fast. There’s also a khara mission in episode I that unlocks after you do a chain of quests (including the dungeon ones) but I haven’t unlocked it yet because I can’t complete them. All in all, this game is pretty disappointing.

  27. I think this is why I’m not into MMOs. To much trouble with all the leveling up, and sooner or later they’re gonna add a stinkin’ membership where you have to pay like, 8 bucks a month to progress… It’s not a ton but…

    Not my thing… Or maybe I’ve just been playing the wrong ones.

  28. lol maybe I’ll call you when we join that RO renewal private server instead lmao. I’m not sure if JP and I will play beyond May to be honest. It seems like the higher level you get, the more annoying the game gets. Oh so they never released the english version of PSO2 eh…

  29. Whoa, I was thinking about getting back into this game during my summer break but now I’m not so sure anymore lol. I guess when you have these small and greedy companies working on these kind of games everything is destined to fail. The only MMO I still had a bit of faith left was PSO2 since I thought I could trust SEGA to do things right, but now that the western release has been delayed indefinitely… ┐(‘~`;)┌

  30. I haven’t played any MMOs in a while since Tartaros shut down (and gave me arm pain) but I’ve wanted to play Ro2 since 2007 when the original GOTW came out. Disappointing that after all these years this is the kind of crap that we get.

  31. yea lame isn’t it? f2p games are getting really shitty lately and going from “free to play” to “pay to win” lol.
    I have no idea what the lottery odds are but reading the forum it looks like they’re really really bad. I think someone said they blew $300 just to get some wedding dress.

  32. lol as I said before Grand Chase is run by Ntreev which is a pretty gacha-heavy company in all their games across the board.

  33. What O_o
    Wow that’s great, they let Brazil run around claiming they are “banned” but then they ban an honest player. Eh it’s not worth it anyway just dump this game XD I’m sure you would have quit sooner or later anyway

  34. This sounds TERRIBLE! I have never played RO2 but I loved RO1 and remember it being really fun (and cute). I never play multiplayer online games anymore so I guess this doesn’t really effect me but it’s still disappointing to hear.

  35. Whoa you have to pay cash in order to complete in game quests? What the fuck.. If this was p2p game maybe I would understand, but f2p? Nope. That’s just not cool. And what the hell is with the lottery system? Are you saying that I have about 15% chance of winning a permanent item? And sometimes the outfits may not even be right gender for my character? This game has just doomed itself. :\

  36. Ugh. That’s just retarded. Reminds me a lot of what finally drove me away from Grand Chase. Makes me rather happy that PSO never throws the cash stuff in your face.

  37. I currently have no idea what to do with this game anymore. They banned me saying im a bot, just bc i spent 2 hours camping to hunt Poisona. Warpportal believed other stupid players who thought I’m a bot, and immediately jumped to conclusion to ban me with no explanation why. I have no hope for this game anymore!

  38. Yea cash milking at server start is a baaaad move. I’m all willing to spend money on games but not when the admins are so obnoxious about it.
    The lag is TERRIBLE I’ve had my party members die because their screen froze and they couldn’t see what was going on or couldn’t target anything. Obviously this would easily be solved if they banned the appropriate countries who have their own server but clearly the only thing that matters are cash shop sales to them.

    Well they can go ahead and keep this up and join the other online MMO servers that have started up & shut down within 1-2 years.

  39. That’s just too bad. I was looking forward to it since it’s Ragnarok Online with better graphics. Or so we thought. Those trees will surely grate my nerves too. And really? Cash milking already? Even when the server is just starting? That sucks. I could accept spending money on a worthwhile game with systems and quests that make sense but this shit? Nah. Another thing that I can’t seem to let go: the “banning” of some countries. I mean, seriously, if you really want to block these countries, do a better job at it. Block the countries’ IP addresses or something. If they can only do a half-ass job, might as well open up another channel. I’m not real optimistic this will sell though, unless they fix those crappy bugs.

  40. 1) The bag quest is super annoying because it’s in the corner of the grid, so it prevents you from completing the up/down, left/right, and diagonal rows that would give you more bonuses.
    2) You get basically no money from anything but quests. It looked like you get about 10x as much money from doing a quest as you do from doing whatever you needed to do in the quest.
    3) The aggro monster respawn is incredibly annoying because you can’t always loot in combat, so you keep trying to loot the monster for the quest item that it drops but you keep getting interrupted.
    4) The lag is the worst I have ever experienced in a game, even back to the dialup days. I get annoyed in games when I need to plan a half second ahead to account for lag. Here I’m talking 30+ seconds of nothing happening at times.

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