Android Otome Game Review: Ikenai Keiyaku Kekkon


Yuri is your average OL in her early 20s. One day her dad tells her that his business flopped and now he needs a shit ton of money cause he’s in debt. Yuri wants to help but she’s just an OL so not like she can make that much money. Luckily she runs into some dudes who are willing to pay off her loans – if she marries them.

shinobu01Arima Shinobu – Shinobu is a yakuza leader and also the owner of a night club. Yuri runs into him when she tries to get a job as a hostess but realizes she doesn’t really like the idea of gross ossans touching her all over. He tells her to marry him for 3 months, and he’ll pay off all her debt because his yakuza family I guess wants him with a waifu or something. He tells her to move into his giant old style Japanese house with all his yakuza bros though she gets her own private room. He even gives her his black card to buy “whatever she deems necessary” but he doesn’t treat this more than a business deal. Everything is just a contract and he tells her he doesn’t even need her to put out for him cause he’s got more women than he can count :lol:. Turns out he’s some hidden child of his father’s lover and his father’s wife already hates him and doesn’t approve of Yuri either. Shinobu doesn’t give a fk and tells her to buzz off. He takes Yuri to one of his fancy parties where she gets to meet some of his high profile friends. He tells her that she should fall in love with him but he will never fall in love with her or anyone else. Yuri gets upset and cries and Shinobu finally admits that he is taking interest in her beyond contract and he finally kisses her “outside of” showing her off as his “wife”.

shinobu02He tells her that he’s had a hard time trusting women his whole life but he’s willing to give her a chance. In the meantime his dad tries to buy Yuri out of the contract by offering to give her even more money to pay off her debt. Yuri refuses saying she loves Shinobu and she will not be bought out by money and that night he’s so happy to hear this he jumps into bed with her. A few days later Yuri gets kidnapped by Shinobu’s crazy stepmom but he manages to rescue Yuri and tell the hag that his father is sick of her and gonna divorce her soon anyway. That night Shinobu visits Yuri in her room and they screw but the next morning she feels depressed cause she remembers that this marriage is just a 3 month contract. So then more shit hits the fan because it turns out (megane dude’s name) is actually Shinobu’s half brother because his mom had like a million secret affairs or something. Shinobu then decides to take revenge on his whole family. His plan goes well and since I got the normal end, his contract with Yuri ends. He takes her to the beach where he gives her the money, hugs & kisses her and says goodbye. Yuri returns to her usual life but she can’t stop thinking about Shinobu. She then runs into his half brother who tells her that she should be a strong woman and go after him again. Yuri then goes to Shinobu and tells him to sign a contract once more to “fall in love with her” and of course that contract will be their true wedding contract XD.

toma01Saji Touma – Touma is an idol but Shinobu is like an older brother figure to him so he idolizes him a lot. He meets Yuri when she finds him trying to suicide by jumping off a bridge. She goes in after him to save him but ends up drowning herself and having HIM save HER :lol:. Needless to say he ropes her into a signing a marriage contract with him or else he may “try to kill himself again”. They end up screwing in the hotel room that they go to and he takes a photo of her afterwards while she’s sleeping next to him. He then tells her unless she wants the photo mailed to her workplace, she better do as he says \(^o^)/. She has no choice but to agree though her former coworker is really worried about her and her dad is crying and apologizing. When she moves into Touma’s place, first thing Yuri does is run into his younger brother. Meanwhile Yuri’s coworker gets pissed when he finds out that she’s “planning to marry” Touma for money (though lol he has no idea she already married him) and he takes her to some storage room and makes out with her. Before he can directly confess how he’s loved her ALL this time and how he’ll  take over her loan for her, some other staff walk in and Yuri runs off. She starts to question her decision of marrying Touma and when she asks why he picked “her” and not the girl his brother mentioned, he says it’s none of her business. It kinda becomes her business when she catches Touma and his ex-gf making out and she runs home crying. When she gets home, Touma’s brother tells her that the girl was in love with Touma and he loved her back but she was forced to marry someone her family chose instead. So yea now basically Touma’s whoring around with a married woman while she’s having fun being an adulterating ho. Yuri still is like “okay then what was the point of marrying me then omg” and then Touma’s brother asks if he can be Touma’s replacement instead and kisses her in the kitchen. WHOA LOVE PENTAGON OR SOMETHING HERE.

toma02Touma then gets jealous as he walks in seeing his brother about to screw Yuri on the couch and drags her to his room. Yuri starts crying saying she’s fallen in love with him unintentionally but then he explains why he married her. Basically his actual lover was pressured by her dad all for the company’s sake so when he found out she was cheating on her husband with Touma he threatened to ruin his career or something. Basically he did anything to sabotage their relationship, even after she got married so to make it seem like they were no longer lovers, Touma decided to randomly marry Yuri. Originally he was gonna try and kill himself but after he jumped off that bridge he realized if he died, his brother Natsuki would be left all alone. That’s when Yuri found him and attempted to save him and since he knew she needed money he figured they could both benefit from this “marriage”….well that is until Yuri fell for this fool. She agrees to just keep her part of the contract and wishes Touma good luck with his lover. Natsuki also apologizes to Yuri saying he was worried that she was another girl who would abandon him. So then the 3 of them decide to go out on a “family trip” to the mountains and as all mountain stories go, they all get separated, lost and it starts to rain. Touma finds Yuri and they go into some abandoned shack where he kisses her and when she asks for more he refuses and they return to the car where they reunite with Natsuki. After this things get worse when Touma is now trying to juggle his jealousy of Yuri and other dudes and his own feelings for his secret ex-girlfriend. In the meantime, Serizawa tells Yuri he loves her and after she sees Touma and his gf leaving a hotel, she stops giving any fucks and goes and screws Serizawa instead.

toma03A few days later, Touma tells Yuri that he doesn’t want her to be married to someone she doesn’t love and to just go to Serizawa. He wants her to divorce and end it all but Yuri still in love with Touma says she doesn’t want to separate and doesn’t care if the announce that he’s been married. Due to this she’s stuck running from the paparazzi and hiding in Touma’s apartment with help from Natsuki. So eventually Touma tells Yuri that he’s picking her over Sayaka because Sayaka chose to marry on her own will since she wasn’t sure when she could marry Touma. Since marrying Touma is pretty much unknown due to his celeb status, but now Touma don’t give no fucks and he tells Yuri that he wants to be her true husbando. At this time the paparazzi attack them and Yuri injures herself and gets sent to the hospital. After she leaves the hospital she plans to spend time with Touma until his birthday and then secretly leave and work elsewhere until she can return the money to him. She loses her job because the paparazzi keep harassing her company and her boss tells her to GTFO. On Touma’s bday though, he asks Yuri to marry him for real and explains that he never really loved Sayaka like he loves her.  So Yuri decides to run the fuck away anyway but Touma catches her telling her NOOO WOMAN I LOVE YOUU and she decides to stay. She waits for him at Ikebukuro station but when he gets there, the crowd recognizes who he is and some nutcase runs up to him and stabs him in the arm. The nutcase is caught and Touma is rushed to the hospital. He’s okay except that he’s lost feeling in his arm. In the Normal end, Touma and Yuri head overseas to get an operation to get his arm moving again. They don’t marry but continue to be lovers.

souji01Shirogane Souji – Man talk about 180 degree reversal. He seemed like such a nice guy in Shinobu’s route but turns out he’s some weird BDSM creeper!? He basically pulls her out of her company, does all this research on her problem and tells her to become his “slave” but since being a slave is weird in 21st century, he tells her to marry him instead. So for a while he treats her like his “slave” but in actuality he just wants a waifu to love. He acts all tsun about it but they do have their romantic dates. Though as seen in Shinobu’s route there’s that whole battling for the next heir thing going on and now Yuri’s been pulled on to the bandwagon which is why Souji requested her to be his wife. He didn’t want to be forced into an omiai so that’s why he needed an excuse. Yuri start to warm up to the  idiot but as expected, he gets jealous of Yuri and her coworker and she gets pissed that he’s spying and researching on everything she does. Realizing he doesn’t trust her or treat her like a human being she runs away back to her old apartment….only to be greeted by a bed intruding rapist! Fortunately Souji comes in the knick of time and knocks the guy out saving Yuri from impending doom. So then things seem like they are going well but Yuri seems to be a creeper magnet in this route so on her way from work one night some dudes hit on her. She’s saved by some randy high school kid and a photo of him hugging her makes his way to Souji. Rinse and repeat, he gets mat at Yuri → She runs away bawwing to the park → Some guy kidnaps her and almost rapes her in his car → Souji saves her from impending doom just at the right moment. ( ≖Д≖;) Though this time she finds out that if his marriage with Yuri fails, he will not be allowed to marry for 7 years for whatever reason and she feels like an asshat for causing him so much trouble.  So then the guy who randomly hit on Yuri in the red light district reveals himself to be this conspirator and turns out that Souji’s company is in trouble. Souji also finds out that he’s Shinobu’s half brother and realizes that’s why his mother never really felt like she “loved” him. So in the normal end Souji chooses Yuri over his family and company and with her as his wife and partner they start a successful New company together. Yea I’m not really sure why I don’t have much on Souji…maybe because his entire route was “Yuri runs away and gets her ass saved by him x 5” or something.

ryo01Kurosaki Ryo – In Ryo’s story, Yuri gets kidnapped and attacked by the mafia who her dad owes money too. Suddenly Ryo shows up going IMA DOCTOR and saves her lol. He saves her by basically “buying her” and paying the money her dad owes to the mafia right on the spot. He then tells her that since he bought her he can do whatever he wants so he immediately takes her to his pseudo love hotel room and dumps her on the bed for some raep time! He says j/k though and they just sleep together until the next day he’s like “well you’re free to go…cause I now you’ll come back to me anyway ;).” He tells her his phone number but says not to call him during work hours cause after all, he’s a doctor in a very wealthy hospital. The following day Yuri finds out why she has to come back to him – he pretty much signed a wedding contract FOR her and now the 2 of them are in fact husband & wife. He tells her if she wants out, she better hand over the money he paid in her place. Annoyed at how he won’t tell her anything, she goes searching through his room while he’s out at work one day. She then finds a stack of documents about herself dating back to 3 years meaning this dude’s been stalking her for 3 years! When she confronts him asking wtf this is he refuses to tell her and she’s like okay well if you won’t tell me, I won’t be yo waifu no more honey and runs out of the house. Just then this kid name Fuuta asks if she wants to run off with him temporarily and promises to return her back. Put on the spot, Yuri agrees despite Ryo yelling for her to come back. Ryo ends up dragging her back home telling her that Fuuta will lock her up in an uguu house of love if she starts to trust him. Suddenly news comes of Ryo’s father being really ill so he goes to visit and there Yuri meets his mother who’s pissed that he didn’t marry some ojousama. She says she will not approve of Yuri as Ryos wife but he’s like too fuckin bad we already married ww.

ryo02Then his asshole brother is like blah blah you can run away all you want but I’m inheriting the hospital. After they get back home, Ryo tells Yuri that the woman is his step mother who “killed” his real mother. Turns out his dad was a manslut who dumped him and his real mother and cheated with this woman. His dad then wanted to marry him off with someone that would make it better relationship for the hospital’s future but Ryo hated him and his new cheating wife and their son so he didn’t want them controlling his life. This is why he went and married Yuri. So then Yuri finds out from this other dude that Ryo’s just using her in order to take down his dad’s hospital by developing some brand new drug or something. The dude tells Yuri that she should find Ryo’s weakness so that way she can then get herself out of his marriage contract. Things get worse when apparently Ryo’s OTHER ex-fiance whose name is also Yuri, gets Fuuta to kidnap the heroine Yuri. She then tells Yuri that she’s unfit to be Ryo’s wife and that Yuri No. 2 is way better for him. The bitch goes cray cray and basically tells Yuri that she’s gonna lock her up in her storage room without food or water and see how long she lasts. :(;゙゚’ω゚’): Yuri manages to untie herself and escape but unfortunately gets caught by one of the guards watching the place. Ryo figures out something is wrong in the meantime, and with the help of Souji and Shinobu goes to look for her. They find her and thanks to Fuuta open the door and get her out.since she was hungry and drugged with sleeping medicine Ryo gives her Easter to drink mouth to mouth before taking her home. Suddenly they’re intercepted by the raging psychobitch with a gun and she points it at Ryo’s chest but after he tells her off, she shoots him.

ryo03Yuri gets in the way and ends up taking the hit for him instead. Fortunately Ryo is able to save get by performing immediate surgery on her and the psycho bitch is arrested. On top of that the bitch s father pays Yuri like 5 million yen as compensation which is also enough to buy herself out of Ryos wedding contract. She’s in love with Ryo though and well not betray him so eventually he starts to help her with her rehab. After a while he gets tired of not humping her for so long that they end up screwing in her hospital bed lol. Eventually news comes that Ryo’s dad is pretty much at the end of the line so they visit his hospital room. He says he deeply regrets what he did to Ryo and his mom and says he had no idea that she was even dead until 5 years after the fact. So anyway Yuri gets released from the hospital after all her injuries heal and then she asks Ryo to divorce her since she no longer owes him anything.  Ryo promptly agrees and Yuri is shocked that he doesn’t even “attempt” to hold her back. Before leaving, she asks to take one of his hand drawn paintings and in return gives him one of her random rings she was wearing. She then heads off to see Ryo’s brother Eichi and asks him not to spread lies and propaganda about Ryo and how he caused many “surgical accidents” in his hospital. The guy’s like lol how about no, not like you’re Ryo’s wife anymore why do you care? Suddenly Ryo bursts through the door and says their plans to “ruin” Ryo’s hospital are all well known and that dude breaking into the hospital has been caught on camera and if leaked, he will be fired too. He also says it’s his brother Eichi who caused the surgical accidents, not him. After that whole thing is over, Ryo stops by her house one day and reveals that he was the dude that she let stay at her house 4 years ago, after he got beat up. So ever since then he tried to track her down to thank her for it but she moved and when he found out about her loan he wanted to help. He then says baby I ain’t lettin’ you go (for the 3rd time) and gives her a ring asking her to marry him once more. Honestly if he just told her WHO he was in the first place instead of expecting her to remember some guy with a beat up face, so many things would have been resolved!


These mobile games are always like some kind of mid afternoon soap opera I saw on TV in the 90s. 😆 I actually enjoyed the interaction between Yuri and the guys and I liked that for the most part she really tried to do her best in the situation she was thrown into. My only beef is at the end where she’s like “I love him but I MUST LEAVE HIM~!” and then the guys comes after her all like “yo woman whut are you doing, I thought we established that we’re both in love beyond this contract shit!” So yea other than that I liked her as a heroine. I know I’m probably asking too much but I think I wanted to know more about her stupid ignoramus father! I mean she’s like marrying dudes with family problems for him and payin’ off his debt. The least he can do is show up and cry on his knees and thank her for all her sacrifices! What a loser! 😆 As far as my favorite I guess I like Touma and Souji. Touma because he’s a blatant tsundere and Souji because I have a megane bias…though bitch I ain’t yo’ slave, you fucking be my slave when I’m done with you! (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Anyway the game is free on Google Play and you can read 5 tickets per day. If you want to get a happy end for every character and not fail like I did, here’s the guide I ended up finding. Also please remember there’s NO GALLERY in this thing so when you get a CG be sure you screencap it right away.

Edit: Apparently this is now available in English!


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  1. My lord that Touma route. So much screwing around and love triangle bullshit. The whole being still in love with a married woman is a big no-no to me so screw that guy even if you need the money. At least the drama with Ryo’s route was just family based and not oh look I like this other chick and will sleep with her BUT WHY ARE YOU WITH OTHER MEN!!?

  2. indeed, tsunderes and meganes are my thing, probably more tsunderes than meganes since I really hate the kichiku megane types lol.

  3. Oh just wondering cuz you mention the megane bias a LOT lmao!

  4. Lol, this is random but is your husband also a hot megane too? You seem to mention that bias a lot XDDD
    (I’m a dude btw, no homo)

  5. they probably block stuff outside Japan – try googling to see if there’s a way to bypass the android market IP block.

  6. Aaaaahhhh (;≧皿≦)
    I want to play it bad since I already finished Love Academy, but this one can’t be installed in my country… I want to move to another country (T_T)

  7. I think once he admitted to loving her, he went to Sayaka asking her to break up with him instead but Yuri didn’t know this and thought that he chose Sayaka over her XD

    Sorry if something doesn’t make sense. Since I could only play 5 chapters a day it took a while for me to do all the writeups

  8. Wait if he loves Yuri why was Touma whoring around with Sayaka and the hag?? Lol
    Reading the paragraph, I was thinking “where’s the love?”
    I haven’t played the game yet so just wondering.

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