Otome Game Review: Wand of Fortune ~Mirai e no Prologue~ Portable

Well here’s the fandisk to Wand of Fortune. Plot is pretty thin – some new kid with a magnifying glass runs around trying to update his newspaper but he sucks at magic just like Lulu…who is busy bawwing that she can’t handle her new all-property powers. There’s also a short story about shipping Cynthia with Matthew.

estEst – I kinda started Est’s route on my flight to Japan so my notes were written in a notepad app on my phone therefore…there isn’t much in here. ^^; In Edgars magnifyer he continues insulting Lulu and tries to teach her when they study together. The teachers say that they knew about him all along but Vanya thinks he’s a cute doll or something. In his love story he gets sick and Lulu takes care of him but gets sick too. He’s too shy to tell her he loves her despite her screaming her love and glomping him…. so he goes and kisses her and then  bumbles like the kuudere he is. In his bonus omakes Lulu glomps him and then rolls around with him in the grass and then asks him to kiss her but he blushes like a dork and says the best he can go is on the cheek lol.To be honest I was really shocked to find out that Est got the most votes in the character poll for this FD…he wasn’t any more sweet than he was in the original game. Okay maybe he gets SOME bonus points for actually kissing her but constantly acting so cold to poor Lulu was really annoying. I don’t know how he acts in WOF2 but he continues to remain my least favorite character.

bilalBilal – Bilal still has his stupid gaijin accent in the fandisk unfortunately.  In Edgar’s magnifying glass Bilal watches as Noel stuffs a monster sandwich in his mouth and  then he gets mustard in his eyes 😆 So then Bilal decides to take Lulu to visit his country using a magic spell. He uses an illusion spell showing her his country and during it he loses the stupid speech impediment and goes into sexy beast mode YEAAAA. At the same time his and Lulu’s clothes change to be some exotic arabian country outfits. He then shows her the true state of his country and its in ruins due to lack of water. That’s why he came to study magic in order to save it to get all the water spirits back. He tells Lulu to someday come with him to his country for real. In the love story, Bilal can’t get enough of ichaicha time with Lulu and says he’s ready to take her back to his country to get married. Lulu babbles that she’s too embarrassed and Bilal complains that she’s being too childish. So then Lulu goes around asking everyone is there’s something wrong with Bilal and nobody knows anything so then Lulu confronts him asking why he won’t tell her anything. She thinks its because she’s not like a girl from his country or she’s not mature enough to handle it but he says he just doesn’t want to cause trouble for her and involve her in his affairs. Lulu’s like listen ho if you keep secrets from me, I ain’t marryin’ you! Bilal apologizes and promises to tell her stuff from now on and they smooch in the woods. Sadly Lulu’s embarrassment of ichaichaing with Bilal continues and Lian tells her to give in and deal with it because it’s like stress relief for him. In the bonus omakes Bilal decides to give Lulu a hickey on her neck but Lulu babbles in protest enough that he stops. She then tells him that it’s not that she dislikes him, she’s just insanely embarrassed of all of his affection. It’s really annoying how all shy and crap Lulu is in Bilal’s (and as you will read below) and Julius’ routes. It’s like the moment the guys show her affection she runs for the hills, but when the guys are shy she’s jumpin’ all over them. Consistency where?!

juliousJulius – In Edgar’s magnifying glass, Julius is in his own world researching magic spells & items as usual. So then Alvaro and Julius fight over who will give jewelry to Lulu and force her to pick between the 2 of them 😆  Lulu of course chooses Julius’ bracelet. So then Lulu cries because she can’t handle her multi-property magic and Julius is like it’s awwright babe I know you’re trying your best.. In the love story, Julius deredere level is over 9000 and he can’t keep himself from groping Lulu all over. (◉◞౪◟◉ )  After he kisses her in a public library, she throws a shitfit calling him an idiot and runs away.  The following day she starts avoiding him and ignoring any messages he sends her. So desperate to get Lulu to talk to him, Julius goes to the auto-date mirror from the first game  and lo and behold Lulu shows up in front of him. He pushes her against the wall begging her to listen to his apology but man wtf I don’t think Lulu would ever pull this kind of stupid stunt..talk about character bastardization. So then they make up and decide to start over by going on a Cero A date the following weekend. So then she becomes this blushing otome the whole date as Julius stares at her the whole time. I dunno man she was jumping all over Est in his route but here everything is like Kyaaaa u///u wtf. (ಠ_ಠ) Fortunately after the date’s over Lulu feels bad man and asks Julius to “redo” their kiss scene so they make out in the sunset. After that Julius keeps asking her for more and more kisses much to her dismay lol. In the omakes Julius asks to grope Lulu some more and can’t stop himself from heavily making out with her. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン In the other scenario he gets pissed that he feels that he loves Lulu more than she loves him back. He then hugs her while grumbling and pretending to be angry until Lulu babbles that she loves him. Again like with Bilal, wtf is your problem Lulu, why would you write her to be so annoying and shy when she’s totally not like that in all the other routes argh! It’s a shame too because Julius was REALLY adorable in his route, but yea Lulu’s badly O/C personality kinda ruined it.

noelNoel – Haha here comes my biases!! Noel is buying shitty as seen on TV products as usual and bragging about him becoming a super mage in the future. So then he puts on one of his recently magic items and its obviously a piece of crap so it curses him. Noel asks Lulu for help but then she’s like noo my magic sucks I’m a failure so I can’t. Noel’s like YOU CAN DO IT YES WE CAN so Lulu gets the boost to try and successfully breaks his curse. Afterwards he admits that he could have removed the curse himself but he wanted Lulu to get confidence in being able to use her magic so he acted like he couldn’t do anything. Lulu thanks him and then takes his hand as they walk home together and he blushes and stutters like the awkward dork he is. (*´ω`*) In his love story, he finds some weird item that will “steal a lady’s heart” and Lulu’s like “wtf you don’t need that cause you already stole it ;)”.  So then Noel bitches that they should focus on studying and less on romance and Lulu’s like dafuq. (ಠ_ಠ) But due to her being upset, other dudes hit on her and Noel starts getting pissy but its your fault dude!  Alvaro gives him some weird love potion that makes him talk like some flirty rico suave xDDD. He starts swooning all over Lulu and after he tries to kiss her she freaks out and punches him lmfao. After he comes back to his senses he apologizes and says he was just being a pansy and afraid if he got too close to Lulu he’d become a horny bastard and ravage her. They both then realize they want to ravage each other and they make out in the garden. After they return to the dorms everyone’s like HOORAY CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST KISS :lol:. In the omake scene 1, he smooches her all over and in the 2nd scene he gets all depressed he huddles alone by a tree as Lulu tries to cheer him up. Baww Noel you cute blushing dork you ( ≖‿≖).

lagiLagi – Lulu keeps having dreams of Lagi being obsessed and leaving her over meat 😆 So one night Lagi, Ami and Lulu go into the mountains for some assignment together to find some shining night grass. Since Lagi fell into Lulu’s boobs earlier, he turns into a dragon and starts munching on cupcakes and complaining. They go up to the forest a few days later, and take an afternoon nap together but Lulu rolls into him and uses him as a dakimakura – turning him into a dragon…again. Alvaro then shows up making fun of them embarrassing poor Lagi making his tsun-nami even stronger XD. In his love story, Lulu comes to pick up a sleeping full form dragon Lagi in the woods. He’s turned into his full form for his little salamander there but the salamander is jelly of Lulu and starts biting at her when she gets closer to Lagi ww. Lagi asks her why she won’t get along with his little salamander but she’s like “cause we both love you and want your attention” to which he’s like キャ━☆.:゚+。(ノ∀\*)゚+。:.☆━!!!  She promises to try and get along better with the salamander (who they name Chibi), but is bummed out that despite them now being a couple, Lagi still throws tsun-namis even as much as when she wants to hold hands. She also starts getting jealous that other girls start hitting on him and that because he’s not used to handling his new transformation, he spends a lot of time resting in his room leaving her all alone. She gets really upset because she finds him laughing with his male classmates but around her his smile disappears. She takes him to the lake and asks him to hug her but he’s like “pfft what a stupid reason to bring me here” and Lulu gets so upset she starts crying and runs off calling Lagi an insensitive idiot. The next day Lulu is so upset about all of this she spends 3 days in her room skipping class hoping he’ll send her even a message but nothing comes. Then on the 3rd night, Lagi breaks into the girls dorm and heads straight for Lulu’s room kicking her door open in rage and taking her away with him.\( ^o^)/ They go out to the garden and Lulu starts babbling about how she doesn’t want him to hate her. He tells her to stfu and says that he’s sorry for being a jerkass and that really he’s just an embarrassed tsundere whose bodyisnotready.jpg for Lulu’s sexyness. She realizes she gotta hold back but Lagi ain’t done with her so he tells her to close her eyes and hold her breath as he pulls her in for an awkward and uncomfortable kiss (poor Lulu couldn’t breathe xDD.) Needless to say poor Lagi turns into a chibi dragon cause that was wayyy too much for his body to handle ε-(*´∀`|萌|. In omake 1 he babbles like the tsundere he is before kissing Lulu’s hair after which she demands for moar 8DD. In omake 2, Lulu complains that she’s not getting enough groping from Lagi and he gets pissed threatening to go home. Lulu cries and apologizes grabbing his mantle asking him not to leave her so he gives in and forgives her. DAWW LAGI YOU’RE SO  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q.

alvaroAlvaro – In Alvaro’s route, Lulu has a dream that all the poupees fall in love with him and turn into his form so there’s like a bunch of Alvaro clones running around プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. This time Lulu also picks Alvaro’s ring over Julius’ bracelet but since he’s a troll the ring causes her to shrink to a tiny size lol. In the route, Alvaro tells her that he doesn’t care much whether she has all properties or no properties..as he only cares about Lulu’s personality and how entertaining she is to him. He offers to tell his secret and then goes “oh btw I’m not 19 I’m actually 23” (◉◞౪◟◉ )wwww. After this Lulu is shocked and confused and wants to know more but Alvaro’s like LOL NOPE enjoy thinking about me (✧≖‿ゝ≖). In the love story, Alvaro makes Lulu put on a sexy black dress but she complains that if she’s caught wearing a non-school uniform she’d get in trouble. Their relationship is pretty weird since Alvaro can’t decide if Lulu is his “slave” or his “master” :lol:. He complains that if Lulu acts like a dead fish then he loses interest too and for once he actually stops clinging to her. He dyes his hair brown the next day and since it reminds Lulu of what happened, she gets upset she keeps walling herself from him. Bilal tells Alvaro to stop being a lying ass douche and Vanya tells Lulu that Alvaro chose HER out of any girl he coulda picked at Mills Claire. Lulu decides to go and talk to him about all this and he tells her unless she has a good reason to keep him on a leash, he’s gonna peace dafuq out. They then start pulling each others cheeks and each being stubborn refusing to let go. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Eventually they let go after Lulu scratches up his face and she smacks him in the face with a “Beetch you do as I say whether you like it or not (`・ω・´)キリッ”. Alvaro gives in to his mistress and Lulu tells him from this day forth he’s in love with her and she’ll keep saying it daily until it actually comes true XD. After this he becomes henpecked and dyes his hair back while she rages at him for constantly running away from her. He then grabs and kisses her telling that if he’s supposed to be “in love with her” then it’s okay to kiss. Lulu then realizes she didn’t think her cunning plan all the way through \( ^o^)/. She lets him kiss her again and then he tells her that actions speak louder than words and to expect more action from now on うへへへ(◉◞౪◟◉ ). In omake 1, Lulu calls Alvaro stubborn and he says she’s the same and grabs and holds her nose so she can’t breathe lol. In omake 2 he prpr’s poor Lulu who’s at loss for words at his ero level being over 9000イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! Haha Alvaro is such a butthole but his interactions with Lulu are GOLD. He’s not my favorite character in the game, but he’s always my favorite ROUTE because Lulu acts extremely awesome around him (✧≖‿ゝ≖).

cynthiaCynthia – Cynthia’s family wants her to return home and marry for political reasons. They don’t care about her becoming a mage from the start. Matthew has a crush on her but his family isn’t rich enough. Lulu decides to try and help both Matthew & Cynthia with the help of all the other guys. She has Cynthia meet up with Julius one on one so she can confess to him but after she confesses, he doesn’t get it and is like “oh thanks~!” completely ignoring her feelings. After she gets dumped and sees everyone watching she gets pissed but Matthew takes her hand and tells her that it’s awwright and he’s there for her. He tells her he saw her trying her best to improve her magic and then confesses to her that he loves her. ( ≖‿≖) Also wtf I thought his name was Mash omfg.

amiAmi – In Ami’s story Vanya sensei teaches Ami, Lulu and Cynthia’s gang on how to tempt dem mans. Elbert and Ami then invite Lulu to a surprise picnic as a reward for all her efforts trying to learn balancing her new powers. Afterwards Ami says she was worried about Lulu gaining all attributes and Lulu says she’s awwright and they bff it up.  In Ami’s special story, Lulu attempts to braid her hair but fails. They then plant some flowers together and pray that they bloom safely and then the 2 of them with to be friends forever.

elbertElbert – In Elbert’s route, Lulu and Edgar practice their magic together with him. Lulu always cheers him on and gives him confidence as usual especially when it comes to stopping Vanya & Ivan from arguing.  She tells him that she always admires him and he blushes and says if she teases him he’ll give her more homework. ( ≖‿≖) In his love story, Lulu pretends to be asleep so she can ichaicha on Elbert’s lap until he wakes up and starts freaking out. Ivan & Vanya know that they’re totally dating but they don’t give a crap and in fact Vanya cheers them on. Lulu gets upset that her feelings seem one sided and so eventually Elbert blurts out that he loves her and says that she’s his first love so he wants to be really careful. She then demands he kiss her and he’s like “only on the forehead!” and Lulu’s like sigh fine. So I’m like NO fuck this forehead sheit LAY ON ON LULU and is she read my mind, soon as he leaned in, Lulu jumped up and kissed him on the lips. キタ━ヽ(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)人(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)ノ━!! He’s so stunned he freezes and Lulu says she loves him and prances out. A few minutes later he realizes what just happened and freaks out in his office 8D.

edgarEdgar – Edgar is a noob mage in the newspaper club with his magical magnifying glass. Sadly his powers suck and he can’t really do much other than entertain little kids at the school. Lulu and Edgar vow to both try their best to improve their magic powers. So then some loli named Tina demands that Edgar let her borrow his magnifying glass to help her find her mother’s pendant. Instead of giving it to her, everyone decides they have nothing better to do than to help this loli find her pendant. Eventually they find the pendant atop of a giant beanstalk which Egdar climbs for some stupid reason instead of having one of the 6 mages there FLY him up. He gets the pendant and then tells Lulu that for getting the pendant he’s gonna spend his weekend with Lulu.

True End – Fatta Morgana appears in the mirror at the newspaper club and Lulu’s like yea bro I knew it was you all along. He tells Lulu that she’ll be able to handle her powers with no problems sooner or later etc. There’s a bad end too but I was too lazy to do it sorry :|.

final thoughts

alldudesWell it was a rather short fandisk but I guess I still enjoyed it to make up for all the missing romance (read: KISSING) in the original game. The reason it took me like 2 weeks is because I didn’t actually play it for a week and only restarted it this week. Each route was a little less than 2 hours long (except Cynthia  & Edgar’s were oddly long.) The worst thing about the game is the confusing as all hell system. I mean it’s really a straight VN BUT the menu layout makes no sense. I know they were going for the whole “newspaper” layout but it just made my eyes burn from the confusion of where everything is. Additionally I was ripping my hair out trying to figure out where the あなたと一緒 section is but it turned out to be in album instead of the mills claire times where I thought it would be, go figure. That section actually was a lot of fun, it was just like the section they had in Hakuoki Yuugiroku 2 (Sakuragatari) so I was already familiarized with it. It’s really fun seeing the different guys reactions to stuff like Kiss me! where in one it will raise affection but for another it will lower it lol. In the “love story” parts, the guys all called Lulu’s name if you left it default, but in Edgar’s Magnifyer glass they didn’t…why? Just because they are not “officially” dating Lulu they can’t call her name? (ಠ_ಠ) I hope they call her name in the future games because it’s a cute name damnit! Except for Lulu being completely O/C in Bilal and Julius’ routes (and Est being dislikeable as always) I enjoyed pretty much everything. Favorites being obviously Noel, Lagi and Alvaro 😉 Anyway I’m flooded in new releases so it will be some time before I play WOF2 and its fandisk but I plan to get to them within the next 2 months!


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  1. I dunno what it is something about Est grates my nerves. Maybe cause he doesn’t derefy as fast as Lagi? XD;
    I like flirty bastards so that’s why I can’t hate Alvaro lmao, he’s just as “interesting” to me as Lulu is to him lol.
    Bummer about Noel and Bilal though 😦 I’ll keep my hopes up a little bit though x3

  2. Aww, I liked Est as much as Lagi (Julius tagged closely after them) imo. Would never like Alvaro but Lulu was superb as usual in his route (I was shocked that he’s voted the number one fave guy in both the first and second main game when he is just sdfkjelagjfherkg and Lulu owned him most of the time o__o). Noel was rather annoying in WoF 2 and Bilal ended up becoming my least fave guy by the second FD.

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