Shinobazu7 06.Taku Unboxing


This was supposed to be unboxing of both Genki and Taku’s games…….until I realized I FUCKING BOUGHT GENKI’S AMEMAKURA CD INSTEAD OH MY GOD ガ━━━━━━∑(゚д゚lll)━━━━━━ン Wow I’m a fucking idiot I should actually read what the hell I’m buying oh my god ヽ( ゚∀゚)ノ┌┛)`Д゚)・;’ガッ!! Thank goodness for the internet, but man I’m still upset ;_; Well have some photos of both CDs after the jump.

I do like Genki’s Amemakura CD don’t get me wrong but I guess this goes to show you to watch yourself when you walk into a store full of goodies you want to buy!