Otome Game Review: Joker no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~

“April Season” has been bestowed on our beloved wonderland. It’s basically Wonderland being stuck in a timeloop that is April 1st aka April Fool’s. Despite being called April Season, all it means is the entire wonderland experiences different seasons based on location. Spring at the heart castle, autumn at the Hatter mansion, Winter at the Clover tower and Summer at the amusement park. This time Alice can’t visit those areas unless the Wonderland season overall matches with the season of that area. Not only that but now there’s an addition of a giant circus run by the Joker in the Door Forest since he’s the “fool” in April Fool’s. Beyond the circus lies the Joker’s prison in which lies the truth to Alice and the world from which she came from. The best part of course Julius and Gowland are back! 😀

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Android Otome App Review: Keitai Ouji

I tried to play this on my old phone in the past but wasn’t able to…yet somehow I managed to get it working on my Galaxy S3.

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