Mobage Review: Misoji wa Tsurai yo

The title literally means “being in your 30s is tough” and just as it says, it’s about a girl Mitsuda Nao who’s just turned 30. She’s unmarried, has no boyfriend and has a shitty dead end job. It’s now up to you to get a nice boy for her, though your choices seem to range of guys in their teens, 20s, 30s and 40s. This is from the makers of MuneKyun Kare wa Idol.

Terayama Satoru – Satoru is Nao’s ex boyfriend and Mr. 30s. She wonders why in the world she ever broke up with him because he’s one sexy beast. She starts talking to him again on stuff like restaurants and favorite bands but is stressed when he tells her he has “people over” when she tries calling him. It gets awkward when she stalks his office and him and his coworkers accidentally see her. Since she used to work with them they invite her to go drinking but Satoru immediately says “oh she’s too busy” and pretty much tells her to GTFO indirectly. Not only that but he notices her former female coworker clinging all over Satoru and she gets extremely depressed. She goes to a bar and runs into a 24 year old DJ who hits on her but she’s like sigh whatever and ends up leaving her cell phone there. When she call it, he picks up and tells her to come by the bar and get it the next night. She does but she also gets so drunk that he ends up taking her home and..sleeping with her in bed. He claims he’d never lay a hand on a drunk woman but she kicks him out just as Satoru calls her.  He’s depressed because he messed up at work and asks Nao to go drinking. She agrees and they both end up getting so drunk they go back to his place and screw. Nao wakes up the next morning not remembering anything and when she goes back to her place, she finds Masaya sleeping in her bed. He’s pissed at her and he asks her if she slept with her ex but she twists out of it. Two weeks go buy with no word from Satoru until he finally response to her  asking if she still wants to go to their favorite band’s concert. They make plans to meet up and try not to discuss what happened. After the concert basically they get in a fight because she sees him with Sayuri and he gets mad that Masaya always comes over her place and has dinner. Since I failed with my wonderful skills to get the love end, I got the Normal end where Satoru and Nao break up and move on their separate ways. Sayuri and Satoru get married while Nao continues with her job sigh =_=;. Oh well screw you Satoru, he was such a jerk that I couldn’t help but pick the choices I did. The only reason they broke up in the first place is because after dating for 5 years and wanting to marry, he chickened out and laughed like an idiot so Nao dumped him. She’s better off without him anyway!

Watanabe Masaya – Masaya is the 24 year old night club DJ. He seems to have a thing for Nao but at the same time he’s very popular with the ladies since he’s as good looking as a Johnny’s model (according to Nao.) She gets to know  him when she leaves her phone at his night club and he ends up bringing it to her. She also ends up cooking dinner for him so he starts to like her but Nao doesn’t want to give in. She overhears some younger biatches saying that Nao’s an annoying BBA who doesn’t know her place  “hitting on Masaya” and all. Despite meeting up with Satoru things don’t go well for her in love and at work. She messes up her power point presentation but Masaya stops by and apparently he’s a computer otaku so he helps her fix it. Nao is really happy and when she goes to thank him at his bar the next day, he finds her ichaichaing with some girl named Erica who just came back from America and he’s blushing like an idiot around her. Turns out that she’s actually Masaya’s ex-girlfriend and one of the jealous hoes at the club who likes him, Miki, tells Nao that they may be getting back together. A few days later Nao goes to the supermarket with Masaya so she can make sukiyaki for him but they run into her old coworker bitches. One of them spills the beans to Satoru saying that Nao has a boyfriend because Masaya proclaimed himself to be her b/f (as a joke of course.) When Satoru hears about this he calls Nao, tells them that they should stop seeing each other even as friends and tells her he isn’t going to the concert with her anymore. When she goes to a family res with Masaya he says that it was for the best because being friends with a guy is weird anyway. So then Nao turns the tables asking him about what the 2 of them are and what is up with him & Erica. Masaya has a foot in mouth moment and shrugs it off saying he has no idea. ( ´_ゝ`) So then Nao and Satoru go to a concert and she happens to run into Masaya there. He’s as vague as usual and finally she tells him to stop coming to her place to eat and lying that he has no money for food. He won’t let her come to his house and frustrated and pissed off she tells him to GTFO while she goes to watch the 17 year old kid’s high school soccer game. In the meantime she also has this creepy stalker who keeps sending her emails because she stupidly gave him her address during a gokon she was dragged to by her coworkers. So then the stalker stalks her to her house and grabs her hand going “why u not respond to my mailzzz!?” and she starts freaking out.

Fortunately Masaya saves her and then he yells at her telling her that  she’s too nice to guys but she yells at him telling him he’s no different. He gets pissed and leaves and avoids her to the point that she can’t even catch him working at the bar. Turns out he caught a cold and he asks to come over a week later. Sadly he comes over with the biatch Erica because Erica latched herself on to him. She starts acting extra clingy & bitchy to Nao pissing off both Nao and Masaya. Masaya gets sick and takes Erica home and a few days later asks Nao to go on a date with him. She asks to go to a place in his past and so they go to Masaya’s old university. After they walk to a park he takes a nap on her shoulder so Nao sneaks in a kiss but in the middle of it he wakes up. He tells her not to kiss him and ONCE AGAIN disappears from her sight while she just assumes that she’s been dumped orz. The reason he says is because he just can’t “leave Erika alone” jfc then stop bothering poor Nao you manslut (#゚`Д゚). So then out of nowhere Satoru, who’s been dragging Nao to the movies a lot lately like BFFS, ask Nao to marry him and apologizes for being late. Nao’s like lol wut and says she will think about it but part of her can’t let go of Masaya. She ends up rejecting Satoru’s proposal and runs to see Masaya only to find him saying “love” to Erika. Nao runs off but bumps into a trashcan and gets Masaya’s attention. She trips & scrapes her knee so Masaya offers to carry her to his place to take care of it but says to not talk no matter what because he shares an apartment with 5 people. When she gets there a bunch of his room mates are like “oh its the person who feeds you” but Masaya tells her and them to stfu as he carries her to his room. He then explains that he’s been in love with her forever but he felt like  he was a huge loser and not good enough for her. He got a gig overseas to become a better DJ and so he’s going overseas. He then says that he’s never let anyone in his room except her but he’s a manwhore and not good enough for Nao and so since I failed to get a happy end, her love has come to an end. 🙄 And so a year later Nao’s focusing on her work and saying that if another love comes along then she’ll enjoy it in the future. BLARGH I fail at playing without a guide part 2.

Akiyoshi Yuto – Fortunately I had found a guide for this game by the time I reached Yuto’s route. He seems like a cute 17 year old shota who’s got a thing for dem older ladies in other guys routes…but in his own he’s a snotty brat!! When Nao goes to interview him as a soccer player for her magazine he acts like a total asshat to her. He even calls her mustache lady after his stupid dog jumps on top of her and licks a sand mustache on her face orz. The two of them end up meeting up once a week at the park where he walks his dog and practices soccer drills. One day Yuto asks Nao to take him for a drive so she practices driving and then they just get lost on the way to the beach. Yuto tells her he doesn’t really care where he is along as he’s with Nao (lol you shota ikemen) so they end up stopping near some farm area fulla cows & goats. After petting the animals, they lie down on the grass and Nao decides to take a nap. Just then Yuto kisses her but she’s in Satoru dreamland so she calls out Satoru’s name after feeling the kiss on her lips. Needless to say Yuto gets pissed and they have an awkward drive home. So then Nao gets jealous seeing Yuto with his ex-girlfriend and tries telling herself that it’s none of her business. Yuto finds out and says he wishes that she’d look at him as a man and not by his age but Nao rages that if anything were to happen the responsibility would be on her. Just then she gets a call saying her mother has fallen ill and she rushes to see her. Yuto comes along and turns out it was all a hoax by her parents to get Nao to return home. They end up helping with a yakisoba booth at the  festival and at the end Nao’s mom tells her that she doesn’t approve Nao being with a little high school kid. Nao says that there’s nothing goin on between them even though Yuto seems to feel differently.

On the way home, Yuto and Nao make a promise to meet up early in the morning in a few days but then she’s forced to go to Masaya’s bar as part of work. She ends up getting drunk and no sleep so she topples 2 hours later to see Yuto. Fortunately he’s waiting for her still and he carries her passed out self back to his house. While he’s buying groceries, his mom takes care of Nao and then tells her “I don’t approve.” Nao starts freaking out saying she and Yuto aren’t in that kind of a relationship but then the mom goes “lol just kidding I’m about to marry a guy 10 years younger rrowrr!” Nao continues telling herself that she and Yuto are just friends but he still continues making her dokidoki and she feels horrid because she’s a 30 year old dokidoking over a high school kid lol. So when she finds out that Yuto’s dropped out of going to Spain for soccer because of her she feels horrible. His ex g/f Megumi also tells her that if she was in Nao’s place she’d tell him to go make his soccer dreams come true. Just around this time, Satoru once again asks Nao to marry him saying he regrets breaking up with her. Nao then makes her decision and asks Yuto’s coach to reconsider. She also then tells Yuto that she’s going to marry Satoru and that she and Yuto have no chance because he’s 17 and she’s 30. Yuto then ends up playing soccer once more and going for his dream but Nao goes to see his final match before he goes overseas. Yuto sees her in the audience and then jumps over the fence asking her to tell him how she feels about him. Nao says she cannot jump over the age barrier so she tells him he’s a friend and good luck in Spain. Nao then rejects Satoru’s marriage proposal and about a month later, Yuto comes back and asks  Nao to tell him his feelings just for this “moment” because he’s now 18 years old. Nao finally tells him she loves him and he thanks her and returns to spain. And so 1 year later Nao goes to Spain for a vacation and magically runs into Yuto, the end. Strangely enough this was actually the happy ending and well I know there’s a 13 year age gap but honestly it felt rather anti climatic. I mean if you’re gonna leave it open ended like that, then don’t even bother having a younger character?? (´・ω・`)

Fujiyama Naoharu – Fujiyama is a 42 year old ossan celebrity who takes interest in Nao after they have a photo shoot that includes him in it. Despite being an ossan I guess he’s a hot ossan cause all the ladies at the photo set stare at him. <●><●> Nao being a noob at her job, messes up and forgets to bring the outfits for the shoot so she gets yelled at by the camera man calling her a useless WOMAN. Nao almost bursts into tears but thanks to Fujiyama being a cool ossan, he handles it telling the camera man to calm his tits. He does the photo shoot half naked and it works out and sells lots of copies 😆 A few days later she goes to do a one on one interview with him and while his manager steps out, he whispers for her to meet up with him at a nearby cafe. He comes wearing a mask and a wig and the two of them take a cab to Roppongi where he brings her to an expensive VIP only restaurant. They have dinner together and Nao asks why he’s interested in a BBA like her but he starts laughing and tells her never to ask that kind of question. When Nao finally asks him why he’s always asking her to go out with him and being nice to her and sadly he responds with “I feel sorry for you…like a stray kitten.” ヽ(  ̄д ̄; )ノ A few days later Nao gets a phone call from Fujiyama who sounds like he’s dying. She rushes to his house and his manager tells Nao to take care of him because he’s caught a cold. She spends all night with him and the next morning he thanks her because he’s completely gotten over it. A few days later he calls her and meets up with her taking her to an abandoned shack near where she lives. Apparently it’s his old house and since it’s totally crappy it’s getting torn down so he wanted to see it one last time. They sneak in past the do not enter chains and go inside his old room. Afterwards he gives her a bouquet of roses (30 for her age) as a thanks for taking care of him while he was sick.

When she calls him to thank him, he’s very aloof and cold to her and the following day there’s a magazine scoop about him with another actress. She decides not to let it bother her and decides to try to confess to him by calling him and asking to “repay him” in some way. She ends up coming to his place and cooking dinner for him  and before she grows the  guts to confess, he kisses her while she’s washing dishes. Forgetting what the hell she came to do, she grabs her bag and runs out of his apartment. And then like some kind of idiotic teenager, she avoids all his phone call and on the weekend goes to see Yuto’s soccer game instead. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Fujiyama then shows up and tells her not to run away. After the game ends they go for a drive to the beach but it starts raining so they talk in the car. He tells Nao to forget the kiss and Nao is so shocked she zones out the rest of the way home. The next day she watches his drama and he calls her asking her to come work out at his private mansion gym. Unfortunately, they get caught by the paparazzi and it makes headlines. His manager helps Nao leave her apartment and go hide in a hotel for a few days until the scandal dies down. Nao continues getting hate letters but after Fujiyama tells in a press conference that there’s nothing between them the hate stops. He tries to see Nao 1 more time but she’s pissed for being treated like shit over a rumor (and they never even dated in the first place) so they part ways. Masaya confesses to her at the bar but she realizes she’s still in love with Fujiyama so she rejects him, but thanks him for comforting her. Annnd because I was 10 freaking points under, I didn’t get the happy end and got the Normal end with this guy too =_=. Basically he took Nao to a planetarium after his movie secretly, to say goodbye to her because he didn’t want to involve her in anymore scandals meh.

Despite only getting the happy ending with the shota, I actually liked this game a lot. The heroine was really funny and well it’s refreshing for once to have a heroine who is above the age of 20 and actually ACTS her age. Her boss and old friend Reiko was pretty awesome too, she was really kick ass when it came to obnoxious dudes too XD. A lot of the dialogue was really funny though sadly picking funny choices  gives you no affection lol. I wish I could go back and redo the routes now that the guide is available but sadly to redo routes you gotta pay mobacoins so I’m done with this game. They announced a 2nd season but since I never even got a happy end in season 1 it seems kinda pointless…also who even knows if it’ll be free or “buy tickets to read” kinda thing. For those who have a mobage account you can access the game here.


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  1. I really like the concept of this game and I’m glad that the characters seem to act their age for once. Too bad it’s that trap “free to play” set-up. I think it’d be cool if they made a full-fleshed game like this.

  2. it seems like its mostly in mobile games – but in PSP otome games (especially from otomate) its always some high school girl (though in genroh she starts at 12 lol)

  3. It’s a little sad but i’m always impressed when anime/manga/visual novels have heroines over age 20. It’s just…so rare.-_-

  4. Well glad that the heroine isn’t a total doormat. But too bad that the guys act as if they have sticks up themselves, despite their good looks. I think I will pass this game.

  5. Well more like guys of all ages since only 1 is older and the other 2 are younger and 1 the same age haha xD

    Yea I suck at mobage ;3; I am never able to pick the right choice from my instincts in anything except like quin rose games…though one of the mobages I am still playing I somehow managed to get a happy ending with the oniisan…what does that even say about me 😆

  6. HELL YEAH! Older guys! *(*´∀`*)☆ This game looks good, but what’s the deal with all those ex-girlfriends..?! LOL I don’t even…. Too much drama. xD But I think the boys make it up, since they are all hot! 8D

    Haha, seems like you haven’t got that much luck with these Mobage games? You always end up with the parting end. xD

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