Retiring from Tartaros

While I wanted to try and level up to see the scenario, MK has forced me into an early retirement. As you can see from the image above, nothing loads. The website is extremely slow and it’s clear they are no longer giving priority to the Tartaros servers. When I try logging in, I just get a blank page in IE, and using google chrome, it gives me something like this so the button to even START the game doesn’t load. Clearly they are trying to make more people quit the game (despite having a huge level up event today…) so that way when it’s time to shut down service, there aren’t as many angry players since most of them will have quit.

With this in mind, I’ve uninstalled the game from my computer and I will be taking down the leveling guide from this blog.  It’s been a good 2 and a half years but poor management has sadly driven this game into the ground. I still have my tartaros screenshot album up on webshots for anyone who wants to see some nostalgia. If by some miracle the game gets picked up by another publisher or they actually decide to do something to revive it I’ll post an update…but at this point all signs point to the MMO graveyard.

After Tartaros I think I will be taking a long break from MMO games in general. I’m just too occupied with otome gaming right now and thanks to my arm condition I haven’t really been motivated to start anything new. Most MMOs nowdays are either “TOO” cute , too grindy or too realistic graphics for my likings. Thanks everyone for all the good times with this game, maybe we’ll have a chance to enjoy another game like this in the near future.