Otome Game Review: Joker no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~

“April Season” has been bestowed on our beloved wonderland. It’s basically Wonderland being stuck in a timeloop that is April 1st aka April Fool’s. Despite being called April Season, all it means is the entire wonderland experiences different seasons based on location. Spring at the heart castle, autumn at the Hatter mansion, Winter at the Clover tower and Summer at the amusement park. This time Alice can’t visit those areas unless the Wonderland season overall matches with the season of that area. Not only that but now there’s an addition of a giant circus run by the Joker in the Door Forest since he’s the “fool” in April Fool’s. Beyond the circus lies the Joker’s prison in which lies the truth to Alice and the world from which she came from. The best part of course Julius and Gowland are back! 😀

Peter White – Fortunately Alice is back to being deredere with Peter in this as well (the worst treatment he got was in Anniversary lol.) They do various seasonal activities like easter egg roll and watching the summer festival fireworks at the amusement park in Japanese yukatas xDD. At the circus Peter complains that the cute bunnehs that are performing are taking Alice’s attention away and he claims that for her he’ll even learn tricks in his bunny form. Peter offers to sleep in bed with Alice when Joker invades her dreams and in the fall the two of them eat icecream like a ichaicha couple. Alice gets extra dere when Peter tells her that all he wants is her (*´ω`*). Joker traps Alice in one of his dreams at his prison or w/e and Peter breaks through it to rescue her. He gets a huge cut on his back when he was trying to break and Alice is like omg but Peter tells her afterwards that it’ll heal soon. She tells him to stfu and strip as she tends to his back wounds. (There’s seriously a lack of naked Peter scenarios in the Alice series.)  More than his wounds though Peter is upset at Alice thinking about returning to her world but Alice pats him on the head saying she ain’t goin’ nowhere. So then Joker starts with his cockblocking, throwing Alice into the prison again saying that it’s her fault that Lorina is imprisoned as well and then he takes Lorina out and shoots her. Alice knows that this is just an illusion but seeing the figure of her sister killed in front of her is pretty traumatizing.

Peter then rescues Alice and shoots Joker killing him but then tells Alice that this is temporary and you can’t kill Joker anyway. After this Peter agrees to listen to Alice and not randomly shoot everyone around her so the two of them go on a picnic with the Heart maids. He ends up claiming all the food Alice herself made, and the next day Alice catches Peter working in his usual cold manner. I guess this turns her on lmfao and she stops him from shooting one of the heart guards but soon as he sees her he gets in deredere mode. After he’s done work they go to the amusement park. Peter tells he’ll do anything for her but he wants a reward for his efforts, so he sneaks a kiss while they are on the roller coaster xD.  He then gets into a fight with Gowland and they go home. On the way home Peter turns into his bunny form to make Alice feel better since he knows she prefers to cuddle him that way. That night Alice sleeps in bed with Peter and when she wakes up before him so she gives him a kiss on the forehead.  It wakes him up and he asks her to kiss him elsewhere (♡´౪`♡).  He then licks her fingers and says he’ll give her the morning kiss himself. After kissing her, Peter then tells her welcome home and Alice tells herself that it’s not that he’s forcing her to stay but by this point she is here voluntarily. Peter’s route had it’s sweet moments I suppose but I guess I wanted something um…randier? It was actually appropriately Cero B enough that I’m sitting here going “oh come on where my CeroB randyness from Clover??” xD Oh well it was nice seeing sweet moments between Alice & Peter for once.

Ace – Ace is a bit less emo here than in Clover and in fact he’s back to his yandere eroi self :lol:. They pick strawberries together for a pie where he says he won’t let her out of this world alive and says he loves her to the point of madness. He gets jelly saying he wants something special just for him not the “same thing as everyone else”. Terrified by pie threads, Alice decides to bake him a special pie and then he later catches her dancing while making it. xD Ace then takes more interest in Alice than the pie and he moves his face close to hers and kisses her. It’s so hawt that she drops the pie but thankfully Ace catches it. He then pushes Alice on the counter and gets on top and starts licking all the pie dough off her. (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ Since Julius is back the two of them often visit his room and harass him together (poor Julius.)  At the scene where Alice gets the new dress from Vivaldi, instead of complimenting it like Peter did, he starts stripping it off her saying it would be better if she took it off プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. They go to the amusement park together and inside the haunted house Ace pretends its his own personal love shack and starts licking Alice’s neck (◞≼◎≽◟◞౪◟◞≼◎≽◟). My favorite scene had to be when they visit the Clover tower and  Vivaldi tells Ace to “strip” but she meant his coat cause she’s cold. He thinks she wants him to put a strip show for her and is like uh I don’t have interest in you that way ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ  Oh my god I laughed for like 15 minutes because this then continued when Ace started molesting Alice under the kotatsu and while Vivaldi left, Boris was like “hey guys I’m still here” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ. So then the revelation really comes when Alice is in Joker’s prison and Ace shows up. At first he shows up like a knight to rescue her, but then he shows up as a prison guard just like Joker. He asks Alice which persona of his she likes, his RED knight or his BLACK prison guard self. Alice says that either one is Ace to her but he says that he’s neither and that all of his selves have fallen in love with her. わからん…(;・`ω´・;)ゞ

Joker says that Ace is just his chess piece but later in Alice’s bedroom she tells Ace she doesn’t see him that way because it feels inhuman. In the end they go bug Julius and hang out at his place like freeloading bums. Ace and Alice then drag Julius to the pool at the amusement park xD. Julius tells them to have fun on their own so  Ace jumps into the pool with Alice and then starts ichaichaing with her to show off. Sadly before they can get too randy the time changes to evening and Julius tells them to GTFO or they’ll get sick. Ace is like lol no and pulls Julius into the pool with them. Julius rages and pushes Ace down into the water telling him to go drown and they both then try drowning each other while Alice watches :lol:. Ace’s like lol you’re not exempt and he pushes her head into the water too. The 3 of them laugh and have their happy OT3 ever after lmao.  Executioner End: Ace saves Alice from being executed by the circus loli & shota. He then tells Alice to become his “toy” as he licks her ear and tells the kids to beat it so he can have bondage sexy time with her ww. Alice then cries saying to herself that she doesn’t know anything about Ace even if she thought they were lovers. He kisses her saying he’ll be the one to judge her. The other bad end is if you don’t get Ace to save (? if that’s even considered saving..) Alice, the loli & shota end up shooting knives at her and killing her. In the Knight end, Ace actually saves her rather than killing her. I guess Ace just can’t really get his own route because in the end it’s him babbling how Alice can’t be a replacement and she’s like “tell me something I don’t know?” Also I feel so bad for Julius constantly being dragged into these things cause I know he only cares about Alice. Though I did prefer Ace here over Clover because he was less angsty and back to the same self he was in Anniversary. He’s such a hot bastard though + Hirakawa’s voice make me have this love & hate relationship with this character XD.

Tweedle Dee & Dum – It’s fall at the Hatter mansion which means Halloween. Being kids, Dee & Dum love to dress up and go trick or treating. They cause their usual pranks like painting doodles on the Hatter mansion walls and then forcing Alice to eat a giant ice cream sundae full of vanilla, greentea & strawberry scoops. In winter season they visit clover tower where Dee & Dum glomp her to make her warmer in their adult forms.  After they then kill some dudes they apologize for leaving her alone cause she’s gotten cold. Alice realizes she’s in love with them but thinks they’re just being nice to her. They take her back to her room to warm her up by stripping her clothes and using her as an ice cream cone prpr(:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ. (This is Cero B right? ww) Needless to say they end up having their usual 3somes but at least this time it’s implied that they do it while they’re in their adult forms :lol:. They go on a nice boat to see the flowers by the lake and end up 3Ping it on the boat ⊂((〃/⊥\〃))⊃いやーん. They ask if she will accept them as being “bad boys” but she’s like “you were never good boys to begin with ww” xDD In the end this time  Dee & Dum break through Joker’s space in their adult forms & save Alice. Alice bandages up their wounds afterwards and starts crying saying she was afraid she was going to lose them. When Joker captures Alice again since she’s staying at the Hatter mansion, Blood is the one to save her. He shoots Joker and then  hugs a crying Alice telling her to cry here and not back at the mansion becuase it would make the twins & Elliot upset. In the twins ending it’s Halloween again, Dee & Dum say they need to play some “adult pranks” just for Alice and basicaly they decide it’s time to have some outdoor 3P secks xDDD;; Too bad since Alice won’t punish them for being randy, Elliot shows up and he’s like “I’ll punish you instead ( ´_ゝ`)” lolol. He tells them to GTFO and go hump elsewhere ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ. Afterwards they get Elliot drunk as he gives them sex advice while Alice peeks on them behind the corner. They go on a nice boat together again in their Halloween costumes and Dee & Dum, in child form, hug her saying they love her. Hmm doesn’t seem like I wrote a lot but most of Dee & Dum’s route was just them being “naughty” in their adult forms and pretty much having 3somes with Alice at every chance they could get. Hell if there wasn’t a chance they’d make a chance and even when Elliot told them to stop screwing in front of the gates they told him to buzz off and mind his own business  プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Oh well the point of this route was to be hot and it succeeded so \( ^o^)/.

Blood Dupre – I was rather disappointed with Blood’s route because the whole thing about him obsessing over looking like Alice’s ex was completely wiped from existence in this game. I mean I’m not asking them to do the entire game about it, but it was never mentioned and it seemed like due to this he cared a lot less about Alice and Alice felt lonely and got all dere dere due to this. So when Blood cares about her she’s all tsun but when he don’t give no fucks she’s all dere? Umm okay :lol:.  So Alice gets all ronery for Blood cause he’s busy going out killing shit so she barges into his room one morning to clean it despite him asking for no one to do it. She tries to say in a “natural” way that she missed him and Blood is so shocked at her being deredere that he bangs his leg against the bed to make sure he’s not dreaming until eventually he falls off the bed completely. Don’t worry dude I was pretty thrown off myself.  They go to summer festival together at the amusement park and while they’re having tea & sweets and Blood is about to kiss her, he suddenly pulls away. Alice is so shocked she keeps wondering in her head why, though it no longer matters as when they get back and give Elliot carrot sticks to keep him occupied, Blood starts making out with Alice. He says because “her tongue is red from the candy apple”  not to close her mouth so he can shove his tongue down there. (;´Д`)ハァハァ While Alice is sleeping one night,  Blood abducts her into his santa sled and takes her riding in her night gown. Fortunately he gives her a warm coat in so she doesn’t freeze to death. He then cuddles her into his coat and tells her to look at him not the Aurora XD. For Christmas they spend it at a church but Blood’s route seems to be cockblock o rama so Nightmare comes to poop on their party. Ace cockblocks them when they go see some flowers near the heart castle. After one of the circuses they walk back together linking arms and Alice thinks they’re like lovers but figures to Blood she’s just a “mistress” hump doll. Blood then gets jealous when Alice has the dream with Nightmare and says he’ll need to remind her whose house she’s in but Alice is like “damnit bro you’re the only one I see sigh” and they screw in her bed. Pretty much that scenario is a good representation of the whole route. Alice is dere for Blood but he’s so used to her being tsun that he doesn’t get it and is completely thrown off guard.

In the ending, Blood saves her from Joker (twice). He gets his arm injured and Alice tells him to stfu and strip back in his room. She then cries thinking that if his injury was worse she may not have ever seen him again etc(copypasta template etc). Nightmare tells Alice that Blood freed a criminal (Elliot) and says by going with him, she can’t save her sister. (well duh shes dead??) It’s Halloween at the hatter mansion again, and at the party Blood decides to take Alice to get drunk with her and hump. She tries to get him to get the hint that she’s lonely without him and it takes him a while but he finally gets it. He then kisses her telling her that she should show off with him just like he shows off with her, and that since he’s lonely without her tells her to admit she’s lonely without him. They end up making out on the couch and screwing while getting drunk on some red wine. After this Blood starts bringing Alice with him more often and even tells Vivaldi about their relationship which tells Alice that she’s more than just a mistress to him. He tells Alice to only work on cleaning in his room since it’s dangerous outside and she might get targetted…but he also reminds her there’s danger…IN HIS BED! 😆  Alice later has a dream where Ace then shows up saying he can’t decide if he should kill Blood, Elliot or both since he’s an executioner. He asks Alice who to kill and who to save but Alice then decides that she won’t let either of them go. In the evening Blood & Alice go to another summer festival at the amusement park, and Blood says that even if it’s not summer he’d love to see Alice in a yukata but she goes back to being tsun now that she has his undivided attention. She  then runs into Vivaldi who tells her she feels safe with Blood taking care of her because he’s the man who killed Joker. When Blood finds them talking he grabs Alice saying “of course I’d be worried about my lover going missing” and the idea of Blood calling Alice his lover makes her ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚ω゚*)―ン。o+゚. As they walk back to the mansion, he tells her not to accept anyone’s feelings but his and Alice is lol no problem there! Erm yea basically I felt like I was waiting for something interesting to happen but it just never did.  Maybe they ran out of ideas on what to do with Blood but I guess it was so bad that even one of his ending CGs looked identical to one of his CGs from Anniversary Alice. Pretty disappointing since usually Blood had sexy & interesting routes in the other games but here it felt rather lacking? Or maybe its because Alice was so deredere for him that “spark” that they normally have just wasn’t there lol.

Elliot March – Here I was thinking Joker would be an improvement upon Elliot’s route in Clover, and it was – until the end where it came back to punch me in the face with a vengeance. The route begins with him having a battle of throwing persimmons at the twins. He and Alice then go to amusement park on the water slide together but when they run into Gowland, Elliot pulls out his gun. and Alice is like lol wtf bro calm yo tits. Gowland’s like ikr dude this is an amusement park take your Blood loyalty crap elsewhere! Elliot gets upset that Alice didn’t pick his costume to wear and picked Blood’s instead but admits it looks good on her. They visit winter season clover tower where Elliot tells Alice to huddle closer to him to keep warm. They go skiing up an end up in a blizzard so they find some shack to take cover from the storm. When they go inside Alice sees a flash of the joker prison with Elliot being imprisoned like he was in the past. They cuddle in the shack by the fire to warm up but sadly all the possible juicy bits they coulda done from this scene weren’t really even touched.  After one of the circuses Alice sees the past where Blood rescued Elliot out of prison but at the time Elliot told blood to GTFO and leave him alone. When she snaps out of it, Elliot finds her and hugs her apologizing for leaving her alone to get lost. Alice tells him its ok cause she loves him and hes like ///▽/// and says he loves her too.  At the autumn festival Elliot starts falling asleep on Alices shoulder so she grabs his ears and that wakes him up.

He asks her to let go and she’s like nope cause you’re cute. Elliot’s  like fine if you wont let go, I wont let go either,  and starts grabbing her boobies and kissing her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ At the end when Elliot comes to save Alice the Joker calls Elliot an idiot because he was released from prison and now he’s back. Joker says no matter how many times Elliot rescues her, she’ll be thrown back into the prison by him. Elliot says then he’ll rescue her multiple times, and afterwards Alice tends to Elliot’s wounds in her room as usual. Later they go in the winter  season and Alice and Elliot drink some weird drinks as Elliot gets extremely drunk. He then kisses Alice forcing her to drink it, and since its a really strong drink Alice gets immediately drunk as well. Elliot’s already reserved a hotel room just AS KEIKAKU so they stay and have their drunken mattress mambo. Ace shows up in Alice’s dream asking her to choose between killing Blood or Elliot again. Some days later Blood,  Elliot and Alice go to the amusement park invited by Gowland. Here’s where the b/s kicker comes in. Afterwards when Alice is in bed with Elliot he SUDDENLY feels like she likes Blood and is like “Do you like him? were you lying to me?” and Alice is like wut ヽ(。_゜)ノ She tells him that she thinks Elliot more SPESHUL sigh wtf honestly. =_= Why do you suddenly give a crap what Alice thinks of Blood. Funny enough, unlike in Blood/Twins’ routes, Blood didn’t “rescue her a 2nd time” from Joker’s prison…which leaves this last scene to be even more out of place. I liked the get drunk at Clover tower bit but I feel like the rest of the epilogue was completely unnecessary.

Boris Airay – At the amusement park, Pierce & Boris jump into Alice’s bed telling her about summer and then begin bickering with each other. During the route they often have arguments about whether fish or cheese is better. They shoot some summer fireworks as Boris chases Pierce around with fireworks in his hand as usual. Boris then brings Alice to the top of a tree where they get a great view of the amusement park fireworks and as a reward asks Alice to kiss him. She agrees to kiss him on the cheek. They go on a date near Heart Castle but Peter finds them and clings on Alice telling Boris to GTFO while Boris is like you should be the one GTFO lmao. Alice tells Peter to do his work and he leaves but Boris is still jelly asking if she likes Peter. They go on a hot air balloon together but Alice is terrified and crawls into the basket corner in until Boris pulls her up. He then grabs her boobies and asks if he’s the same “friend” to her as Peter is. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン There’s some beanbag throwing event of Amusement park vs Hatter except Blood usually doesn’t participate since he’s bored. The prize is sweets but Boris then takes Alice over his shoulders and runs off with her as his prize instead. He says that to him she’s his sweets and starts licking her in some room at the Hatter mansion. 😆 He adds that he’s jelly when she looks at other guys like Blood instead of at him. Alice says she gets jealous when Boris goes off to play games with the twins and ignores her. She tells him she wants him to only look at her all the time and says she may have a thing for nukos ;D.

Needless to say they end up screwing in Hatter’s guestroom ww. At the circus Boris mentions the idea of Elliot or Peter doing circus tricks is disgusting and then when he and Alice are walking around he suggests they get handcuffs as a souvenier. ヽ(;´Д`)ノヤメテー After the Nightmare dream event he starts licking her lips saying he’ll give her something better to dream about and they hump in her bed as in every route lol. Boris admits he’s a cat  so he doesnt get attached to stuff as much but he’s really attached to Alice. (´^ω^`) To rescue Alice out of Joker’s prison, Boris uses his door power and opens a door directly to the prison. Joker bitches saying kitty has no place here but Boris is like STFU I go wherever I want. Joker whips Boris until he startes bleeding and Alice begs him to stop. Afterwards she tends to his wounds until the second time she’s abducted, and Gowland comes to rescue her. Joker says that by killing him temporarily it won’t make Alice “forget” but Gowland says he don’t give a fuck and kills Joker anyway. In the epilogue Boris & Alice watch some fireworks together and kiss. Afterwards Boris rescues Alice from Joker a 3rd time and shoots Joker to death once more. They then go riding a roller coaster at the amusement park but Alice is upset saying it was way too fast for her. Boris says he’ll kiss all the places that hurt but Alice is like uh no thanks! They then go on another hot air balloon ride where he asks what he is to Alice. She tells him he’s the reason she remains in wonderland. Well Boris definitley had his cute moments though he felt more like a cat in this game than any other one xD;;. I think ever since Pierce came into the picture he’s been keeping Boris’s natural instincts busy :lol:.

Pierce Villiers – I want to say that I think Joker has actually made me somewhat dislike Pierce :s. I felt like in Clover he was cute and creepy but here he was mostly annoying and creepy. Alice tells pierce not to bury dead bodies at the amusement park cause it’s disgusting. When  Alice goes out with Pierce & runs into Vivaldi, Vivaldi wants to yuri it up but then Pierce comes with his yuri flag crusher and Vivaldi freaks out since she hates mice. They go to a place where some koi fish flags (from kodomo no hi) are hanging near heart castle. Pierce asks if Alice loves him and she says yes so he says he doesn’t care if anyone else hates him becuase Alice’s love > all. He then kisses her and asks if she lets him kiss her in other seasons too. (ノ´∀`*)ノ When everyone takes a break with some bubble teas Pierce thinks the tapioca balls are EGGS ugh. -Pierce tries to give Blood cheese to repay him for something but Blood don’t want it and instead he looks at Alice to which Pierce is like NOOO ALICE IS MINE NOOO. After 1 of the circuses they go goldfish scooping and Pierce tries to use a tazer to stop them from moving so he can catch them (ಠ_ಠ). When he’s in bed with her after the nightmare event, he says he’ll “swallow her whole without killing her”….(ಠ_ಠ)They go ice skating together and he complains that its cold and he wants to cling on to alice even though it’ll make them both fall. But then he gets manly and starts pulling Alice calling her “pathetic” but then says she’s cute and kisses her.

So like yea on one hand it’s cute that he’s kissing her but then he keeps calling her pitiful and pathetic….wut. In the  showdown with Joker both Joker & Pierce come to an agreement that while a prison fits him, you can’t lock up a mouse.  Alice heals his wonds as usual.  In the end, Alice ends up being the Cheese Princess on Pierce’s float. When the park attendees say that Alice is cute Pierce starts freaking out. He says that everyone thinks she’s cute and they’re gonna all wanna kiss her so he whips out his knife saying it’s better to be safe before she gets attacked! Alice is like put that knife away bro and tells him if he doesn’t put it away she’ll hate him. Boris’s float drives by and he says that he wishes he could also be with Alice and Pierce rages saying that he only wants Alice to be complimented by him and no one else. That night Alice has a dream where  Joker tells her that his role in this world is to be “killed” however unless Alice herself kills him, he won’t die. Just then Pierce shows up and stabs him one more time. Later on she comes to pick him up from the Hatter mansion after his job and instead ends up staying and drinking with Elliot. Pierce gets piss drunk and falls asleep in her lap. When he wakes up he asks Alice to kiss him and prove to him that she is “his”. As you can see Pierce starts out innocent and cute but just gets creepier by the moment. Everytime he whips out his knife and starts talking about dismembering people ugh…Also there once again dead body parts CGs which is just blowing my mind in a Cero B game. ( ≖Д≖;) Pierce’s jealousy really took over and I guess when he’s jealous he becomes a yandere murdering machine. He always babbles that he’s scared he’s scared but I think he’s the scary one x_x;.

Gray Ringmarc – Well unlike Pierce’s route which made him dislike him, Gray’s route actually made me like him even more. It actually also made me like the Clover Tower 大人組 more because sometimes it’s nice to see the “older ossans” instead of all the hyper dudes who jump all over Alice (with the eception to Blood ww.) In this route he’s constantly arguing with Julius because they clearly have similar personalities but they aren’t as zealous about jumping at each other’s throats being 2 mature adults. Gray apparently has a pet goose who he raised from a baby but now wants to set it free. He still loves it so much decides to keep it a bit longer. Eventually he and Alice bring it outside for it to fly away with its flock. Additionally he also feeds stray cats at the Clover Tower. They go to a museum which has animals jumping in & out of paintings. While there Gray’s lizard tattoo gets off his neck and starts running around because apparently in that museum any kind of animals will move out of their “image”. Alice says that she doesn’t hate his little black lizard and and Gray says that he’s in love with her and no longer sees her as a stranger. In Gray’s friend event they go ice fishing and pick up a baby seal on to which they place a bow identical to Alice’s xD. When she and Gray are out on a date, some dudes cockblock and attack him and bring out his old self. So after he beats them all up loses his self control and pushes Alice against a wall telling her he wants to screw her brains out. He says he knows he’s unfit for Alice but because he’s a badass over here, he’s gonna have her no matter what. ( ≖‿≖) After the Nightmare dream scene, Gray shows up in Alice’s room and pats her on the head because he says Nightmare told him to be there by her side that night. He then hugs her saying he had a nightmare that she disappeared and asks her to never leave his side as he kisses her. When they work on snow sculptures for the snow festival, Gray says he has like no talent but his hands are talented in other ways as he starts kissing Alice’s neck (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン.

The two of them are finally able to go on a date alone together so they go to the amusement park pool. Sadly a bunch of hoes there think that Gray and Alice are siblings which makes her upset. When they’re in the water he asks Alice to cover up with a jacket so that other guys don’t look at her in a bikini xD. In the ending, Gray comes to get Alice out of Joker’s prison as copypasta and she bandages his chest wound afterwards. The 2nd time Alice is captured, Julius saves her and kills Joker as always. Later, while they’re in the moving pictures museum Alice says that she doesn’t mind reptiles as much as she thought as she pet’s Gray’s little lizard. She then has a dream with Lorina who tells Alice to look at her and then she sees Joker beside her. Lorina then tells Alice to never forget and Joker adds that he’s always here waiting for her. Suddenly Alice is transported to door-land where Nightmare tells the door that’s calling out to her is not a “bad place”. It’s a place that Alice desires to go deep in her heart but since she’s miss negativity, it’s a high chance it could be bad. When Alice opens the door however, it leads her back to the Tower of  Clover since her final desire is to be with Gray. He gets a little jealous of the fact that she visited Julius but Alice tells him that that’s not possible as she pets the little lizard that’s out of his neck. TURNS OUT that lizard is like “connected” to him physically so as she starts rubbing it Gray starts to orgasm LMFAO. Lizard = p○n○s? Alice is like HO HO I CAN USE THIS and she keeps teasing the lizard until Gray’s got a fire lit under his ass and pushes her down on the bed. XDDD He tells her it’s fucking payback and they have some hot sexy time. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Well overall I enjoyed Gray’s route. He was cute with all his animals but when it came down to business he was a sexy beast. It’s no wonder Alice always goes “I can’t believe such a perfect mature man is dating me” and she gets deredere for him pretty quickly as always (though I don’t blame her XD).

Julius Monrey – Julius is forced to take care of a bunch of Gray’s flying squirrels in his room because otherwise they get lost in the spacious clover tower xD. He and Alice  go to an onsen together and they go to the mixed gender one ( ≖‿≖).  Alice is like super happy to be with him even if he can’t say “sweet or funny” things to her. In fact she’s deredere in love with Julius but thinks that he may dislike her, though she wishes the feelings were mutual. As they walk around in the autumn season shuffling leaves and holding hands, Blood comes and cockblocks them 😆 When they run into the twins the two of them start blushing like tomatos and even the twins notice xD. Ace comes by cockblocking as usual saying he doesn’t mind Alice’s sloppy seconds lol. In fact he often comes around and cockblocks them at random times. Julius & Alice go clothes shopping and end up buying presents for each other. They both get matching pajamas but since the woman version is sold out Alice buys a larger size of the man shirt to wear like a night gown xDDD Alice improperly buttons her shirt so Julius tells her he’ll fix it as he starts unbutonning & rebuttoning it. He tells Alice she needs to be more careful around him because something like “this” will happen as he grabs and kisses her. He tells her he loves her and to never let any other guy do something like this. He slips his hand into her shirt but then says “I won’t go any further…yet”. (♡´౪`♡) After the Nightmare dream event, Julius is there patting her head asking her if she preferred Nightmare to do this instead. He then tells her to come sleep in his room instead but Alice is like wut so Julius climbs into her bed instead. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン

Alice kisses him and he’s like “you better face the consequences of this” and she’s like “yea I know but it’s ok if its you <3” and they do the mattress mambo. They go to the amusement park together and Pierce says Alice looks cute in her swimsuit and that he wants to kiss her. Julius gets pissed and puts his jacket on Alice telling her to cover up so Boris & Pierce stop stripping her with their eyes. In the ending, Julius comes to rescue her out of Joker’s prison and she takes care of his wounds afterwards template. They sleep in bed together in their matching pj’s and then go to the hot springs the following day. He kisses her and tells her not to sit in too long or she’ll pass out and he’ll have to carry her back like last time. Alice then says she wants to live with Julius but then a bunch of onsen monkeys show up to cockblock them and jump all over him. (Julius seems to attract furry animals lol.) That night they sleep in bed together and Julius tells her to “forget” but Alice thinks “forget what?” The next day Ace shows up while Alice is waiting for Julius telling her that now that Julius is back he’s thrown away by her. He tells her to never abandon Julius or Ace might come and kill her. Julius comes to get her and then they go shopping together and he promises to continue cooking for her as long as she’s by his side. Well overall Julius route was sweet just like Gray’s but coulda used more sexually frustrated Julius moments. It was almost too sweet kinda like Peter’s but I still enjoyed it, especially the onsen scenes x3.

Nightmare Gottschalk – Nightmare is always freezing his ass off and complaining about it. Never wants to get out of bed until Alice drags him out lol. He sleeps with a bunch of Gray’s nukes for extra warmth lol. He finally starts working when he has some hot coffee and warm cats sitting around him. Unfortunately that makes him too comfortable and he starts dozing off. When Alice suggests removing the cats Gray gets upset because he’s too busy |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ at them xDDD. Because Gray throws away his monblan cake Nightmare rages and so Alice takes him to a cake store to buy a new one. While there, some girl accidentally bumps into him and he catches her from falling. Alice sees this and gets extremely jealous because he’s so gentlemanly while normally in front of her he acts like an immature child. They visit the autumn season at the Hatter mansion and run into Blood. He invites Nightmare and Alice to come by anytime and even gives them a bottle of wine. Alice is confused on why Blood is being nice but afterwards Nightmare tells her that everyone in this world fears him. She complains that she wishes he was more like he was back before he came out of the dream world and began work at the Clover Tower. Nightmare complains that she used to be a lot nicer to him as well. He then tells her that she’s a lot nicer to Julius than she is to him. Alice tries to get him to go to the hospital to get allergy medicine because the spring season makes him sneeze like a maniac. She lies to him and says she has allergies too and so she tricks him into going to the hospital with her :lol:. When they get the medicine she feels guilty because he tells her that while he hates going to the hospital, if it’s for her then that’s another story. So then to get him to take the medicine, Alice puts it in her mouth then kisses him passing it through. Nightmare’s shocked and embarrassed saying he can’t believe she’d do such a naughty thing! XDDD It’s like QR read my mind cause I was totally thinking about this while the scene was playing XD. While they rescue an injured nuko from a tree, Alice hears random people around going “Why is Nightmare here, why isn’t he back at his tower.” Alice gets pissed because she doesn’t see why him leaving the tower is a problem. They get a photo of themselves taken together after the circus, on a couch holding stuffed animals and cats. One of the cats wears an eye patch like nightmare while another wears an eyepatch and joker hat xDD.

While I was hoping for something interesting following the Nightmare dream scene, sadly it was a copypasta of Gray and Julius’s scenes where this time NIghtmare was the one patting her on the head beside her bed. He says that he’s jealous of Joker being in her dreams because up until now he was the only one who could bet intrude into them. He says he loves her and asks her to never leave his side. Alice jokingly says that he should “order her around” because he’s always saying he’s “Mr. Important”. Nightmare hesitates but Alice says to him in her thoughts “go ahead and order me big guy I don’t mind” ww. Nightmare then tells her to never leave him and they have some happy secks. ( ≖‿≖) They go to a park where they play watergun fight with some lolis & shotas. They come back soaking wet and get yelled at by Gray saying they could catch a cold since it’s winter near the tower. The two of them then end up warming up in Nightmare’s room as they strip each other’s clothes off….(/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン In the ending, Nightmare comes to the Joker’s prison and Joker says he’s  upset that Alice loves Nightmare over him since they are “both the same”. Afterwards she goes to tend to his wounds but he just brings them into their dreamspace and all his wounds are gone. Turns out he’s just hiding them as Alice pokes his “wounded area” and he starts screaming in pain. He tells her that in this space he will heal faster but to help him take his mind off the pain he asks for a “stronger” feeling from Alice as he kisses her. ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ When Alice visits Peter in Heart castle, he tells her that he, Joker and Nightmare are all the same who try to brainwash Alice to stay in Wonderland. Alice says that it’s ok because she loves Nightmare as she returns to the Clover tower. She and Nightmare then go to Hatter’s mansion per Blood’s invitation to have some food at his banquet. Suddenly Nightmare gets pissed at some random guy who has dirty thoughts about Alice so he threatens him and starts mindfucking the guy.  Eventually Blood shows up to break up the fight and they all go have some tea outside. Afterwards Nightmare asks Alice if she’s scared of him and she’s like ain’t no thang and kisses him. He then freaks out saying he wants to kiss her too but he always needs preparation and can’t do it as “naturally” as Alice would like :lol:. Later Alice is in bed Nightmare and his cats and he says that having her there makes it even warmer. He kisses her but she tells him that they will only go further after they shooe’d all the kitties away (●ゝω・●). I think this route really helped bring out a different image for Nightmare. He always seems like this huge dork who’s coughing up Blood and complaining that he doesn’t want to work…but here when shit gets serious he gets going. Seeing him mindfuck that guy at Blood’s mansion was such a good scene that I  really wished we got to see more of it. It’s like this hidden personality of Nightmare that i never knew existed (though alternatively it can be seen as some stupid out of character shit on quin rose’s part ヽ(。_゜)ノ).
Vivaldi & Gowland – Vivaldi & Gowland pretty much get shafted as only having some friend events and some friend endings. Their endings are the same in which they basically go to the circus together because Joker is not dead. Gowland’s friend scenes include him selling ice cream and then being attacked by rabid ice cream craving penguins. For Vivaldi they make stuffed animals together for Hinamatsuri. After they finish making the dolls they put on their kimonos and walk around in what looks like Japan rather than wonderland :lol:.  Vivaldi gets pissed the cherry trees aren’t blooming and wants to chop em down but Alice tells her to take it easy and the trees finally start blooming. Gowland Stay End: They basically go to the copypasta circus and he says he’s glad that he was able to enjoy the circus with her. I really wish I didn’t waste my time on this ending seeing how it screwed up my Pierce route forcing me to redo like 70 turns.

Other Ends –  Omukae End – Alice goes into the door forest and the circus isn’t there but instead Peter comes to get her asking her to come with him. Blood & Vivaldi End – Massive Copypasta from Vivaldi’s ending except while Vivaldi & Alice are watching the circus Blood interrupts their BFF time and sits down and watches with them. Actually while Vivaldi & Alice fawn at the cute animals, Blood ends up practically falling asleep :lol:. Rose Garden End – Well just like in every other game, it’s a 3P sandwich with Vivaldi lol. This time though they totally copypasta from Vivaldi’s and Vivaldi & Blood’s end but with a twist: Alice ends up getting ROSE TENTACLED on top of it while Blood & Vivaldi pretend she’s a lollypop /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Gowland & Elliot End:  Gowland tells Alice to forgive Elliot as he doesn’t want to look like a loser in front of her by revealing his past. Elliot then shows up raging at Gowland to stop hitting on Alice. The 3 of them watch the final circus as Elliot graps on to Alice to show Gowland that she belongs to him.

Joker – Sadly Joker didn’t really have a route and all he did was the general circus scenes as well as force you to play stupid mini games with him to change the season. Joker’s Prison End: Alice is back in Joker’s prison where she sees Lorina but when she runs to her, Lorina’s figure turns into Alice. So then it switches to the scene of Joker about to shoot Lorina, but instead he changes into the form of Alice herself making it look like she’s shooting her own sister. Joker tells Alice that basically no one can come into his prison unless they admit that they are guilty of a crime. He knows that Alice has guilt over abandoning her sister which is why she’s constantly throwing herself subconsciously into Joker’s prison. Even when she tries to open the door to the truth, she’s too terrified to find out that her sister has died back in the real world…so she’s trapped in his prison forever. Circus End: Alice runs into the Joker who acts like an ass and she’s surprised to see him thinking he was dead. He’s like lol I’m not dead and neither is the one you killed. Joker then makes a joke saying the entire prison was just part of his show and Alice gets pissed and slaps him. Suddenly Alice finds herself swinging on a circus swing with Joker and he tells her to stop being a stiff and have fun. He says that the circus has ended and she’s no longer a “guest”. While they swing the loli & shota who kill her in the bad ends tell her that it’s been fun and that they don’t hate her. Alice asks if it’s because she’s an outsider that they like her but Joker tells her it’s because she’s a prisoner who can’t isn’t actually evil. Joker then admits that he likes her as well,  and says that everyone including himself all want to catch her. He kisses her on the cheek as a “parting gift”. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) And so Alice finds herself sitting in the audience seat as Joker concludes the final circus.

Copy Pasta no Kuni no Alice.

So I originally began this game on the PSP but  because of the ridiculous restrictions and lack of save slots I moved over to the PC version thanks to a friend. The game has 198 turns but it only requires 108 affection to get the guy’s ending. This means if you are trying to get some other ending efficiently in 1 route, you have to then stop visiting the guy and count turns based on which scenes you’ve seen in hopes you don’t go over 108. This became REALLY REALLY frustrating but thanks to being on the PC version, I was able to at least salvage these routes from half way through the game instead of being forced to start over. The scenario was so much copy pasta I don’t even. As you can see from the image above, not only was the scenario copy & paste but so were the CGs. In every route there was a scene where Alice would have a dream about Nightmare -> wake up with the guy in bed of whose route you are on and he’d be jealous and they’d proceed to screwing. I mean I don’t mind, sometimes it was hot but I would have really liked something DIFFERENT for once. I know this is a fandisk but I’d rather them not stuff it up fulla repeated scenario (which btw I had to also FORCE skip through because the game refused to) because it makes it more irritating. This CG isn’t the only guilty party – there’s even a CG of Blood and Alice that looks identical to one of the CGs from Anniversary. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Wtf!? A lot of people told me Joker was better than Clover but I thought Clover was a lot better. It didn’t suffer from this much copypasta and I was able to do say 3-4 characters friendship scenes in 1 run. In this game? Only 1 friendship event allowed per route m9^Д^)m9^Д^)m9^Д^)ジェトストリームプギャー. Great. 🙄 Don’t get me wrong, I love the characters, Quin Rose can do whatever the hell they want with them and I’ll love them anyway…but I’d really appreciate if they could put some…thought into it. Or if they don’t put thought into it, take out this garbage system and at least let me enjoy a straight VN! Well I guess I’m not the only one who felt this way since I heard Omochabako is actually a straight VN so they’re not bullshitting us this time. At least I hope not. Well when I get to it, I guess I’ll find out! Favorite routes were Ace, Twins, Boris and everyone in the Clover Tower. Blood felt kinda anti-climatic and  Elliot was going well until the end where it just took a detour into wtf land. Peter was sweet but I was uh hoping for more action? XD; Oh well. Pierce…well let’s just say I no longer regret anything about him not being in Diamond no Kuni (ಠ_ಠ). Play order doesn’t really matter but I think it would be good to leave Nightmare + Joker’s ending (especially Circus End) for last. For those attempting this game on the PSP – may the force be with you.


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  1. My friend has this game and we’re trying to figure out if there are language options other than japanese, and if so how do we switch it?

  2. Ught that’s annoying… QuinRose really has been slacking. -sigh- Well as long as the routes for my favorite characters are at least all right and the manga and drama CDs (I ordered the Deluxe Edition) are good, I’ll be happy.

    … Yes I did just change my name and info. It’s been two years since I changed them ^^;;

  3. I haven’t touched the mini games because they’re just an optional omake and from all other QR games I’ve played they’re usually crappy & poorly programmed so I’m not really caring about them at the moment.

  4. Thank heavens you like Gray’s- he’s been my favorite character since I first played Clover and has kept that spot ever since. It’s one of the reasons I’m so disappointed about his route being short. Ah well, as long as it’s enjoyable!

    I’m curious about the minigames I hear this one has. What are they like?

  5. Yep it’s a straight VN like all their recent games. I’m under the impression it’s probably cheaper & more cost effective for them to make a straight VN (*and easier for the players in the end.)

    Btw I just finished Gray’s route ending (it was like 2 chapters + 1 ending) and you know what I’m satisfied. Sure it wasn’t long, but it was still cute enough that I can let it go assuming that if they added anymore it would just be copypasta template like in the previous games. (or maybe I’m just satisifed by anything that makes me go ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚ω゚*)―ン。o+゚) xDDD;

    I hope you enjoy the game once you receive it 😀

  6. I’m still waiting for my copy of Daiya to get here; shipping issues and so it’s not going to get here for like four days. Ugh. At least it’s going to arrive with a ton of East Castle doujinshi I’m having shipped through the same source ;D

    I think I’m going to have the same issue… Gray’s always been super sweet but now that he’s back to being an assassin he’s a jerk. QuinRose, you should’ve ditched the “Wedding” series and spent more time on this game. If they don’t make a Spade and resolve everything they’re going to have a lot of ticked fans.

    Is Daiya a VN like Omochabako or not? One person I spoke to said it was and another said it wasn’t, but neither of them had played the game at that time.

  7. lol yea a lot of the “Action” is implied through text 😆

    Btw I haven’t done Elliot yet but a lot of the “endings” for the chars are actually endings for sub characters. For example in the twins’ route 2 of the endings are actually for Julius & Ace o.O Right now I’m doing Gray & Nightmare. Their routes are shorter and the endings aren’t that romantic but I guess it’s still better than the “side character” endings in like Oumagatoki/Hyakki. I think at this point my biggest beef is the personalities of characters like the Twins and Gray…they are so mean to Alice it breaks my heart (´;ω;`)

  8. That’s true. I guess QuinRose decided that having Alice say right at the beginning of Joker that she was over Blood’s similarities to her ex was enough. I like best how they did it in Omochabako’s parallel world routes- Alice doesn’t immediately notice the similarities, and when she does it’s not as huge a thing (like in Julius’s route- Blood being a cockblock resulted in her BELATEDLY noticing the similarities). Although since she never actually dated her tutor there… but that’s not the point.

    Daiya’s also only a PSP game and thus they have limited space to work with. Seriously, they should have made it for PC but QuinRose is getting lame and making everything for PSP as a part of their monthly release money-making scheme. Plus Daiya has a ton of Ends- i think Elliot has like 7, for example. Yet my favorite guy gets no real romantic route. Ridiculous.

    … I must have a more innocent mind than you, because a lot of the times that anything “happened” in bed I couldn’t see it happening. xD

  9. Well seeing how all of Blood’s route in Clover was about how he looked like her teacher I guess they didn’t NEED it in Joker but I think it should have been at least brought up once? Rather than being shoved aside like it’s not a point of importance lol.

    Yea I guess Anniversary did come after Joker/Clover so you are right its possible that it feels like they copied “anniversary” to me because I Played it first but it was probably the other way around. Still Joker’s events in general felt like a template in practically every route lol (Actually kinda justifies the shortness of Diamond because pretty much the copy pasta is gone there.)

  10. Personally I was pleased that Alice didn’t spend so much time in Blood’s route thinking about how he looked like her old boyfriend- it was what half ruined his non-stay route for me in Anniversary, after all :/ He used that against her and all… But I guess everyone has their own opinion!

    Gray’s route in Joker was cuter than Clover, although I think his Clover route was… sexier? Aside from the scene in Joker where he pulled her to that back alley, at least.

    Don’t forget that Anniversary was created after Joker; Anniversary has a few CGs from both Joker and Clover. But at least that game’s not near as much copy pasta!

    … I feel like I’ve been very random, reading these summaries after playing the games… and these comments…

  11. Lol maybe QR was too busy copypasta’ing away that they stumped and forgot to place The 2nd Joker rescue in Elliot’s route XD

  12. aww too bad you missed Gray and Nightmare but glad you were able to watch their routes! I’m up to playing Custom Drive and Mother Goose (though I Only play that on my commute cause it fries my brain :lol:)

    haha glad you like the Alice series, it’s been a killer on my wallet ;D

  13. Oh my gaaad! Your review is awesome as always~ O(≧∇≦)O I watched your broadcast but still I couldn’t resume this game better! Even if in this game was much copy pasta that almost made me sleepy it’s still so cute that I’m willing to give it a try.^▽^ Boris route was soooo cute ~ he never disappoints me! your other reviews of Quinrose games are wonderful too so I’ve fallen in luv ‘mainly with heart no kuni series’ I got to improve my japonese to start playing though and the system intimidates me, but still~~*O* Thee kitties & other animals were soooo adorable~~ I have a animal fetishe so Boris and Peter are my favoriteees ❤ Elliot is cute too but in this game he didn't stand out as much I'd liked to. GRAAAAAAAAAAAAY Omg omg Soooo cutee the lizard!! I couldn't hold myself from screaming when I saw it! I'm looking forward next quinrose reviews!! 😀 Until then I'm going to watch what are you up too, my pc broke due heat so I couldn't be there when you were broadcasting in Gray,Julius,Nightmare and others and I regret it soo thanks so much for the videos! *-*

  14. no I still have Omochabako! I’ll get to that soon though :3 Hopefully will finish it before I get 24 hour Cinderella in the mail!
    Gray is like sexy AND adorable at the same time with all his furry animals in this game. ACtually thanks to his furry animals Nightmare’s route was really cute too xDDD

  15. Wow you finish it already ^-^ Now your backlog for Alice is finished right? Good thing Daiya no Alice is on December and Cero D xD

    Anyway thank you for the review, I don’t have a chance to play this game yet so I’ll satisfy myself by reading this xD OMG the twin’s route is just AJHDKDJDHS they should make is cero C or D xDDD

    I kinda agree Blood’s route is not that good, too bad since he is my fave :v: But gray is a sexy beast ^0^

  16. Play the first 2 games first and if you can deal with that system on the PSP then you may be able to handle Joker on the PSP. I only switched to PC cause I got the opportunity but even if I didn’t I would have still plowed through the PSP version since I just love the characters that much orz

  17. Thanks for the review! I was able to order the Heart no Kuni ~ Anniversary edition and Clover no Kuni for PSP. Haven’t started playing Heart no Kuni yet, though. Now I’m wondering if I should get Joker no Kuni for the PSP or not… hmm, will have to think it over more.

  18. for the character’s good end 108 or more is all you need but if you’re also trying to get one of the other endings (I used peche’s guide) then you have to get less than 108 XD

  19. haha yea I love me some PRPR so I didn’t mind them constantly repeating but plus at least there was a variety ….but with a lot of other stuff I was in a spin cycle of dejavu :S. Yea I don’t like guroi stuff either but I dunno at least PIerce had some sexy parts in Clover but in Joker he just felt annoying and retarded to me lol.

  20. レビューktkri agreed with copy pasta no alice even thou i love this game since you know theres so many ペロペロシーン in this game XD lol especially the twins w i also agreed with pierce even though i can tolerate some yanderes but i hate グロイ things so(he was also guroi in clover thou)w (・∀・;) CEROBなのにぺろぺろ多いよね~CERODのアリス楽しみすぎるww ヒャッ━ヽ(゚∀゚*)ノ━ホォゥ!!!←変態w

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