Android Otome App Review: Keitai Ouji

I tried to play this on my old phone in the past but wasn’t able to…yet somehow I managed to get it working on my Galaxy S3.

The story is you, the heroine, one day accidentally signs up for some mailing list and in return you get 2 android bishies (like Chobits) in your room who both want to be your boyfriend! Their names are Yaotome Ryou and Nanami Haruka (HURRRRRRRRRRRRR /bricked).

Since your parents are working in some foreign country, you now get to share a house with 2 hot dudes who then also enroll in your school so they can stalk you 24/7. The basic object of the game is to talk to the guy (you can say whatever you want but he reacts to keywords like ありがとう, ゲーム, 朝ごはん etc.) Sadly to say you need to speak to them in Japanese because English will do nothing:

Anyway every day you get like 10 opportunities to increase affection by talking and then you get a little scenario as a reward. Each “fatigue” reset every 2 hours but……..the app is clearly poorly developed an well my fatigue hasn’t replenished in 3 days and doesn’t look like it wants to anymore 😆 Therefore sadly I must say goodbye to my android bishies but who knows maybe it will work on your phone? Just as an FYI, I THINK this app requires you to use market enabler and the only reason I was able to get it to work on my non-rooted phone is I downloaded it on my rooted phone in the past. Once you download a restricted app once on any phone, it’s linked to your account so then you can download it on any phone thereafter. So yea it helps to have at least 1 rooted android device for these things. (´^ω^`) The app is available from Google Play here and the official site is here.


9 thoughts on “Android Otome App Review: Keitai Ouji”

  1. The’re cute to look at, and this game sounds like playing Harvest Moon for me.. getting tired, building affection… a timed relationship.. hmm..

  2. I think that the reason is, that you don’t have to pay or not much and so it doesn’t bring much profit for them to waste too much time on the apps?!

    But if they decide to make them in first place, they should at least do it properly… (ノ´_ゝ`)

  3. yea that seems to be the case with a lot of otome related apps on the market…they just release them without proper testing and never bother updating them ( ≖Д≖;)

  4. Oh, the two of them are so HOT! (●♡∀♡) Too bad, that this game is so bugged and not working properly… Hopefully they will fix it someday.

  5. yea its too bad its totally bugged and won’t work anymore lol. doesn’t seem like they will be updating it either since they’re probably focusing on the GREE version instead

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