Otome Game Review: Tokyo Yamanote Boys -Pure Raspberry-

This is the 2nd TYB fandisk featuring Jesus, Ayumu and Takumi.

Momose Ayumu – Chihiro reads in a magazine that the thing to do between high schoolers now is stay at love hotels so she freaks out and tries to hide it from Ayumu. And it’s all cause he said some randy stuff to her a few days earlier. Her friends tell her that soon as they get into a good mood, he’ll wanna do something beyond hand holding and kissing if you know what I mean. Chihiro has trouble believing innocent shota Ayumu would ever even think of such things but starts thinking otherwise. They work on the setting up the stage for the comedy act and then a bunch of boxes topple over. Ayumu ends up toppling on top of Chihiro when he tries to save her from incoming cardboard. He apologizes and gets off as he walks her to the train station afterwards. Chihiro’s friends tell Chihiro to see Jesus to get some advice from a randy dude but he’s a bit too randy for her and she runs away lmao. Next Chihiro decides to go to Takumi for advice but he just gives her advice on how to be the perfect “wife” and to “put out” for her husband at night \( ^o^)/. Eventually her friends just tell her to ask Ayumu directly if he wants to go to a love hotel. As they work more on the stage prep it ends up getting late so Ayumu asks if Chihiro wants to spend the night at his place. Just then his parents call saying that they’re going to stay over relatives house leaving Ayumu & Chihiro to spend the night alone. Things get awkward when they turn the TV on and some porno is playing :lol:. They turn the tv off and start talking until eventually Ayumu goes to hug her. He asks to kiss her but then he jumps back and apologizes telling her the truth that the ossans pressured him into being more “manly”. He then realized he can’t force himself to be a wild stud and apologizes for not being a manly boyfriend.

Chihiro then admits that she also thought she needs to jump into his pants thanks to her friends & magazines but didn’t feel comfortable doing so lol. They start kissing again and Ayumu gets a fire lit under his ass so he wants to screw but….they get cockblocked by his grandma who decides to spend the night m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ. He tells Chihiro that they will continue their randy acts later. After his momomago performance Chihiro says she wishes she could invite Kotaro or Tetsu to see Ayumu’s performance but he gets upset. He tells her he doesn’t like her mentioning other guys in front of him but then says he’s sorry to be such a jealous shota. They go an eat some dangos pretending to be “eating each other” (you so randy Ayumu ww.)  Suddenly it starts pouring rain and after the rain ends, they look at the rainbow and smooch.Wedding End: It looks like they got married a year later cause they both seriously look the same. It’s like Ayumu hasn’t actually grown at all :lol:. Love End: Ayumu and Chihiro go on a picnic in the forest. He then makes her a little clover ring  that he puts on her finger and says he wants to be with her together forever. ( ≖‿≖)  Another Story: Ayumu wants to get better at his stand up act so they go to Jesus to get his opinion lmao. He rages at them and tells them to GTFO while almost attacking Chihiro.  They run off and end up getting lost to the point where Chihiro realizes she’s was so scared of Jesus that the fear of being in front of an audience has disappeared. I didn’t really care for Ayumu because he looks like a cotton candy alien shota but his route was REALLY CUTE. I mean REALLY CUTE and fluffy and happy and drama free unlike some other FDs *cough Tetsu*. I enjoyed it a lot despite me not caring much for Ayumu before so I definitely give props to Rejet for pushing Ayumu in a positive direction for me. (*´ω`*) My only disappointment is Ayumu not growing up to look like a sexy beast in the wedding end lol.

Kujou Takumi – -Takumi’s got wedding bells in his brain so he’s already on the wagon to call Chihiro his waifu. He knows he needs to wait till they graduate high school first but says sometimes he has trouble holding himself back ;D. Takumi’s mom comes over and says it would be nice if Chihiro got knocked up before getting married :lol:. Chihiro starts to get uncomfortable going with Takumi to places where everyone’s a rich traditional Japanese guy but she’s not used to it. She attempts to make him some tea on her own like a good waifu in training, but ends up breaking the teapot. She then says that she’s unfit for him and he explains that even if she’s unfit he still loves her but..before he can finish Chihiro runs home bawwing. He sends Chihiro an email apologizing but she says ITS NOT YOU IT’S ME and apologizes as well. Chihiro’s friends tell her she doesn’t need to study for exams since she’s marrying a rich dude and even if she wants to study, she should just get brainy Takumi to help. Taking their advice Chihiro heads straight to Takumi’s place to study in his easy breezey Japanesey room. Unfortunately Chihiro is too busy concentrating on the fact that Takumi is right behind her to concentrate on her homework. Afterwards Takumi jumps her and starts making out with her thinking that she used studying as an excuse to come back to him. Chihiro’s like “uh no I actually came to study lol..” and he’s like aww shit and takes her back home. Takumi decides to go to Ayumu for advice asking him what he should do to be a proper husbando. He then gets advice from other Yamanote Boys and when he comes to Chihiro he starts trying to act like them. He even went as far as trying to get advice from Jesus who told him to die in a fire ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ.

So thanks to Takumi’s mom winning some tickets from a lottery, Chihiro gets to go to a vacation with Takumi, his mom & his sister.  The wingman mom totally sets it up so that Takumi & Chihiro are in a room together while she stays with the sister. They go out to take a walk under the stars and Takumi says he wants to be honest with his feelings with Chihiro. He then realizes that he put pressure on Chihiro when he took her to see that Saionji dude at the beginning and apologizes. Just then Chihiro trips, hurting her leg so Takumi ends up carrying her home piggy back style. When they get back to the room he tells her that he loves the fact that she’s “different” from the usual snob crowd he has to deal with. They almost start making out until they hear a noise at the door and turns out the mom & the sister were listening in XDDD. The sister then says that Takumi should just PUSH Chihiro on the floor and BE A MAN プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  A few days later Takumi and Chihiro go on a shopping date to buy some stuff for their married life. Afterwards they return to Takumi’s house where they’re alone together cause the mom & the sister are out. After Chihiro makes him dinner, as he eats he has a piece of rice on his face so Chihiro jumps on him and licks it off ( ≖‿≖).  Wedding End: Takumi & Chihiro have a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony.  Love End: Chihiro comes over Takumi’s place to study for exams again. Afterwards they ichaicha & make out together. Another Story: Takumi calls Chihiro saying he wants to “step up” in their relationship. By step up he means go to the zoo together. 😆  They go and pet some animals and then go horse back riding. Chihiro is scared to get off the high horse saddle so Takumi helps her down. Just then a shota’s like “MOMMY ITS A PRINCE AND PRINCESS!” and the 2 of them run off. Guhh oh my god this route was so cute!!!  And Takumi’s mom and sister are so funny xDDD. I completely forgot why I had thought Takumi was alright when I played Super Mint now I remembered: He’s an adorable stiff! ε-(*´∀`|萌| Also it was nice to hear Yusa Koji voice such a cute guy since I had to hear that kimoi GGE in Arcana Famiglia (  ゚,_ゝ゚).

Rudou Jesus – Jesus takes her shopping to a pet store because the “Dog wants a toy to play with when he’s bored”. xDD He asks Chihiro to pick out a toy for the dog and while Chihiro picks out, Jesus translates the dog’s preferences プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. As they do more shopping and walk outside some dudes are like “oh man the princess is hot” and Jesus gets pissed. Instead of going and beating them up, he grabs Chihiro and makes out with her in front of everyone. ⊂((〃/⊥\〃))⊃いやーん  They buy a futon for his couch at Vanquish because she doesn’t want him always sleeping naked on the couch ww. She says that he’s become a lot nicer lately and he gets pissed cause his badass image is droping. He then wraps Chihiro in the new futon and almost ravishes her until doggy comes back and tells Jesus to get off her xDDD. The next day Jesus comes over her place, saying that he’ll take her on a date to wherever she wants. They go to Galaxy Land amusement park and he almost attacks Chu-san (bootleg Mickey Mouse) until Chihiro holds him back. He gets pissed and walks away so by the time the parade at night starts  they get separated and Chihiro runs around looking for him. He then grabs her from behind and then tells her that he was by her the whole time and just wanted to see her cry. When she cries saying she was worried more about him, he feels like an ass and they go home. The next day Chihiro gets invited by Ayumu to go to Sugamo to eat some daifuku. When she gets there Ayumu says he and Tetsu are worried about Chihiro and Jesus being in a fight and try to help out. Jesus then realizes that he’s afraid of losing Chihiro and gets upset as well. He never responds to Chihiro’s mail about going to see Ayumu’s stage show but shows up on the day of the show to go see it. He gives off such a scary aura that Chihiro just…runs away ┗(^o^ )┓三. Instead of watching the show she ends up running away from there while Jesus chases her down. She runs into Takumi’s clothing store for help but then Jesus catches up to her and when she runs off Takumi just thinks she and Jesus are doing jogging training プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. He finally catches up to her and Chihiro decides to stop running away and face him.

He apologizes for being an asshole at the amusement park and that he doesn’t know how to properly “love” someone. Chihiro says that she understands that being a butthole is how Jesus shows his “love” so she ain’t mad. He then says he’ll take her on a date where he won’t make her cry. They go to places in Roppongi that they’ve never been to before and end the date up at a scenic view at the top of a building. He almost jumps on her and kisses her but she pretends like she’s gonna cry throwing him off guard ;D. They end up just watching the view as he puts his jacket around her to keep her from getting cold. (*´ω`*) The next day Chihiro invites Jesus to have some tea an when he finds out she’s spending the night alone he says he’s staying over. He tells her to “entertain him” so he pushes her down on her bed. She manages to distract him and eventually when it’s dinner time he actually agrees to eat food for once because Chihiro’s the one making it. She makes omurice and they end up writing each other’s names on their omurices to each other. He then tells her the only reason he’s staying over is because he’s worried for her safety and that if he wants to screw her, he can do it anytime at Vanquish. (◉◞౪◟◉ ) They end up kissing on his bed and I guess saving the randy stuff for another day. Love End: They go to the amusement park for a revenge date and Jesus behaves himself more this time. When a photographer catches them Chihiro asks for a memorial photo and when the pic is taken, Jesus grabs and kisses her. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン Wedding End: They have a private wedding ceremony with just the 2 of them (+ doggy and his puppies xD.) Another Story: Chihiro suggests Jesus take his doggy to a dog run but Jesus of course refuses. Chihiro then asks the doggy to come with her instead but then Jesus gets jealous and comes along too. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) While the doggy runs around, Jesus lies down to sleep in Chihiro’s lap. The dog then comes back to Chihiro, grabs her cell phone and runs off. While they go looking for it, Jesus gets jealous of Ayumu who they run into, throws Chihiro over his shoulder and walks off. He brings her elsewhere saying he’s jealous of other guys she talks to and starts making out with her. Just then doggy comes back telling Jesus he was upset that she was paying more attention to Jesus than to him xD. Well I think it’s obvious that I was pretty much (;´Д`)ハァハァ (*´Д`)/lァ/lァ (*` Д´)//ア//ア!! the entire time during Jesus route so I’ll just stop before I go off into a fangirling tangent.

Oh my god this fandisk was so enjoyable. When I think back to Fresh Ginger I’m like dear god I can’t believe that the same company, same game series as this! This fandisk was just happy light fun and the “conflicts” were very minor so it didn’t cause any kind of overall damage or O/Cness to any of the characters. They were resolved fairly quickly and most of the rest of the route was spent on cute romantic moments between Chihiro and her mans. I don’t know if they got a different writer, or they realized nobody wants Chihiro acting like a moron or maybe the characters in this game are just 10x better?? I don’t know but this fandisk was great. I didn’t really care that much for Ayumu and his route was just so adorable to me. Takumi was really cute too and I loved his mom & sister who added some good times to his route. Jesus – well Jesus is just awesome on his own so they’d have to screw up pretty bad (I.e. like Tetsu’s route in Fresh Ginger) to go wrong with him. Fortunately everything went smoothly and despite being short, I had a good time playing it. So even if you thought that only Jesus was a good character in this FD before playing, I highly recommend playing Ayumu and Takumi because their routes were great as well. Overall a very enjoyable fandisk and I can only cross my fingers in the hopes that Black Vanilla will be more like this rather than how Fresh Ginger was.


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  1. Um… I didn’t really like the art for TYB, so I didn’t read the reviews till now… haha.

    Ssssooooo is it “Hay-Soos” or “Jee-zus”? I have to know. @_@

  2. Hey! ~
    Totally unrelated and I’m new to your blog, so I don’t know how else to ask you. But do you still have a TinierMe account? ^_^

  3. Yea Ayumu looks girly I’m not a fan of his design but his route was cute so I don’t mind 🙂
    I’m worried about Black Vanilla since they pretty much put 3 narcissists in 1 disc lol.
    i’m working on mother goose 😛 hopefully ill have it done in a week or so since i only have 2 charas left.

  4. I like your review before even now…. TYB PR is not worst as TYB FG. Even i cannot stand seeing Ayumu girly appearance sigh… he have a nice pair of female legs….. sigh…
    Oh rejet, dark cherry is best, little disappointment by screwing to their FD(The worst in Tetsu’s FD, Jesus still fine..). sigh… I really hoping(50%) Hammer BV(Black Vanilla) has funny and hot route to make up his dark cherry true ending(creepy)….

    If Black Vanilla has same as Pure Raspberry route(cuteness + Hot)… i might write a letter to Iori-sama if this will happen lol..
    Dear Iori Kirishima,
    Why Iori why u always get a little rage and disappointment series of TYB… (sorry, you and Super Mint is so much bored of death with rage of fire to me when i play your route lol)..

    And as for Hammer…

    still waiting to your quin rose review especially school wars and mother goose lol and custom drive….

    *sorry of my long not understandable comment…

  5. Yea I hope so too but I don’t really like Lucy & Yuuto cause they’re both extremely narcissistic so my hopes are pretty low ( ≖Д≖;) Hammer is too but he’s so dumb at least he has that factor as being entertaining XD

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