Otome Game Review: Grimm the Bounty Hunter

Lisa Bernet is a bounty hunter who decided to become one so she could follow in the footsteps of her badass mother. She took strict training under Bremen March but despite him saying “bounty hunters aren’t saviors”, Lisa can’t help but try and rescue those in need. She has ridiculous strength, and can lift up trees and heavy boulders if need be to save someone.  She goes to the bar to pick up bounties from the organization called Grimm, and most of the WANTED list consists of Grimm Brothers characters :lol:. It’s up to Lisa to capture them and get rich quick,  but she may have a little problem when she starts fraternizing with her targets.

Rapunzel De Turm – Rapunzel is Mr. Thief who steals artworks and has some fabulous max hair. He knows so much info about other countries that nobody wants to catch him fearing that he may spill the beans about their inner politics. That’s why he has no bounty on his head but Lisa is determined to catch him anyway! His first meeting with her is him bed intruding and breaking through her window and then abducting her on to his airship. Fortunately Lisa isn’t gonna sit back and be a damsel in distress so she breaks a hole in the wall and jumps out \( ^o^)/. Rapunzel is a former trainee under Bremen because in the past when he was locked up in his tower, Bremen saved him. He has a bitch fanclub and they’re all madly in love with him but he takes interest in Lisa because she doesn’t fall for his Don Juan tactics. Lisa ends up going on adventures with him and being more a thief than a bounty hunter lol.  Eventually Lisa starts falling for him and it pisses her off cause just like a bounty she cannot capture his feelings either….he did say he doesn’t like being “captured” becuase of the tower trauma. Suddenly Rapunzel gets captured by Hansel & Gretel and thrown into the tower he was in before so Lisa decides to save him. They go to Trude for help since the tower is too tall to climb up on your own. She gives Lisa a magical rope which will climb as far as she wants her to. She climbs up the tower and soon as he sees her through his window her grabs and kisses her. It’s so hot she almost falls off her rope (♡´౪`♡).In order to get in she smashes the wall around the window.  Rapunzel says its like a weight lifted off his chest when she literally BROKE the wall of the tower for him that he couldn’t do for so many years.

Lisa’s already in love with him and he tells her that he loves her adding that he wants to screw and she’s like “fuckk yeaaaa” (on the inside) and they do it 8D. After they finish humping they climb down the rope and escape from the tower ^q^ Rapunzel hugs her revealing that he killed his parents when he killed the priest who closed him in the tower because his parents hated him thinking he was “cursed”. They run into Hansel & Gretel later on and she tells them what asshats they were for capturing and locking up Rapunzel up in the tower. Rapunzel punches and tickles them. They go to a parade together with the Bremen animals, where a bunch of hoes hit on him and she gets jelly of course :3 He says he only acted friendly to make her jealous and that right now he only has eyes for her. Best End: Rapunzel says he won’t let Lisa become a mediator because HE’S TAKING HER WITH HIM BWAHAHA and he runs out of the bar with her in his arms xD. He says she is his most precious treasure that he’s finally found and he won’t let her out of his grasp. (♡´౪`♡) She then joins him on his thief adventures and as a punishment for locking him up, Hansel & Gretel become mediators back in Lisa’s hometown. The two of them become lovers and live (and hump) happily ever after. (And he gives her a hickey on her boob (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ) Spirit Journey End: Lisa does her mediator thing but Rapunzel comes to visit her often and gives her some passionate kisses to try to persuade her to get back to travelling with him. ^q^ She keeps telling him she’s not ready but inside she’s ready as all hell lmao XDDD. He says he won’t give up and will keep trying to get her to quit her job and come with him. キャ━○o*.(*′艸`).*o○━ァ♪

A Pile of Stolen Items End: Rapunzel brings a pile of junk that he stole to Trude because he doesn’t want it. Mediator End: Apparently it’s been Lisa’s dream to be a mediator and final her dream can come true and she retires from bounty hunting. Rapunzel says that he’s sad that he has to let her go but knows that it’s for her best interest. She returns to home town and begins her mediator desk work, but she still receives gifts from her friends like bread from Trude and roses from Rapunzel. One of the girls delivering stuff to her asks to become Lisa’s disciple because she always wanted to be a mediator as well. Parting Gift End: After the king asks Lisa to marry his son she promptly refuses and then Rapunzel steps in saying that Lisa belongs to him. When the king sees Rapunzel he faints because he had stolen some of his treasures in the past. Rapunzel says his goodbyes to her and leaves a rose in her room as a parting gift. Lisa vows to one day catch him. Gold Digger End: The king tells Lisa to marry one of his sons and Adolph’s like “you may as well cause you suck as a bounty hunter lawl.” In fact the prince says he’d feel “safer” with someone as “strong” as Lisa by his side :lol:. So despite a slow start (with Rapunzel being MIA most of the time) all the endings were nice and satisfying. I wasn’t sure if it’s because there was a lot of common route to go through the first run around or it’s because Rapunzel was just busy being a thief but I was getting rather  bored/upset with the lack of anything at the beginning. Fortunately QR came through in the endings and it became a lot more interesting and fun to read! Also Kishio (*´Д`)/ヽァ/ヽァ.

Jule Rosemonde – Jule, also known as Ibarahime is pretty much our sleeping MAN beauty. I don’t know why they didn’t refer to him as Ibaraouji like in ZMG but let’s roll with it. He’s an assassin who kills people for pleasure because it makes him feel alive. The reason he’s so mentally psychotic is because his entire family got killed right in front of him and he was supposed to die with them. Fortunately he managed to survive with 2 huge scars on his neck. He was saved by a bunch of rose vines in which he slept for 5 years and when he awoke he was all alone. If that doesn’t mentally scar you I don’t know what will! Some guy assigned him to kill Lisa so she is his target but too bad for him he starts falling in love with her up to an obsession! So obsessed that the rose vines sometimes will bind her beyond his control 😆 The roses that envelop his house protect him from the bounty hunters since nobody can enter but they open & close for Lisa at his will. The only other person that he accepts is Widder Charme, who is a fortune teller goat dude. Sadly even Widder is not immune of Jule’s jealousy of Lisa talking to other guys and he ends up being chucked out the window :lol:. Due to his past trauma he’s actually a light sleeper (like me!) and any slight noise makes him restless. This is why when Lisa kisses him or stays by his side he’s able to sleep soundly.  Bounty Hunter End: Jule goes nuts and kills everyone on the nice boat to the point that  the bounty on his head becomes the highest out of all of them. Bremen shows up telling Lisa to capture him (in a very nonchalant tone) so when she takes Jule’s hand he’s like “your hands…are warm” and I guess he’s captured. ( ´_ゝ`)

Fragile Relationship End:  Instead of mass killing everyone on the boat he gets sleepy and goes to take a nap. She finds him and then slaps him telling him that if he wants to feel alive he can feel the pain of her slapping him instead of killing people. During one of their hunter vs bounty battles, a child gets involved and Lisa doesn’t want to have the child get hit with a knife so she takes the hit instead. The knife has poison and it knocks her out. She wakes up several hours later in Jule’s bedroom after he gives her antidote to drink (mouth to mouth of course ;D). After she gets better several days later she explains she wanted to protect the shota and Jule’s like I don’t get it. He does tell her that he wants to try to understand that there are other things to live for besides killing. Lisa ends up staying at his house for a while as she slowly recovers, and when it’s time to go….she wishes she didn’t have to /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. After a while Jule becomes pretty much MIA and hard to catch but he’s in love with Lisa so he constantly sends her roses while she vows to someday catch him. Sleeping Beauty’s Tears: When Widder comes over and Lisa takes care of his wounds from the roses, Jule gets jelly. He carries her princess style into a different room than where Widder is and that’s when she realizes she’s in love with Jule. She goes to Bremen and tells him she wants to live with Jule in his mansion but she wants to continue doing her work. During one of the missions with Rapunzel on his ship, Jule gets really upset and jealous of Lisa being friendly with other guys. He grabs and kisses her in the middle of the ship saying he wants to fall asleep with her kiss. (♡´౪`♡) Sadly he gets consumed by jealousy and then strangles her in her cabin saying that before anyone else kills her, he will kill her first sigh =_=.

Sleeping Beauty End: After playing a game of chess Jule falls asleep in Lisa’s lap on her bed. After she gets better and she’s on her way out, he tries to think of a way to stop her and ends up grabbing her hand and asking her to dance! Anyway skip to the strangling scene and Lisa punches him away and he starts babbling that he can’t kill her. Rapunzel gets tired of watching them run around the bush so he tells Lisa that Jule is in love with her. Some time later Jule then asks Lisa to take a drug to “sleep with him forever” and she refuses but he forces her to drink it through a kiss while holding her back with his rose vine tentacles. ( ≖Д≖;) In the Flower Shop End: Lisa tells Jule that she wants to LIVE with him not DIE with him and so they move to a town far away and open a flower shop together. This was a really cute end one of my favs for Jule! Rose House End: Lisa yells at him saying she don’t wanna die and says she wants to live. So depending on the scene choices either they make out or dance together. Jule wants to crawl into bed with her because Widder told him this is “normal” for a couple lolol. Lisa says she’s not ready quite yet but I guess this is a satisfactory answer for him and he goes back to his room. Widder then finds out that the two of them are together and is like “oh no wonder you threw me out the window due to jealousy that way day!” XD When they are on a ship a few days later he says he’s sleepy and wants her to “sleep” with him this time. She says she’ll stay with him until he falls asleep but they end up making out and then doing it in his bed this time. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン Afterwards they find this guy who ordered Jule to kill Lisa so Jule wants to kill him. Lisa doesn’t want him to kill the guy because she wants Jule to stop being a murderer.

After this incident Bremen sets Lisa up with the mediator job back in her hometown, and Widder tells her to take Jule with her. He also wants Lisa to take Jule with her so that he can get his house :lol:.  When she goes to tell Jule the news he freaks out asking if her wanting to be by his side was a lie after all. She tells him to calm his tits and that she came to ask if he wants to come with her and he’s like yay I’m going!  Unfortunately the roses went crazy because of his rage earlier and they tantacle tied her to a wall so she’s stuck until they calm down the end! Best End:  Jule says he can’t live without Lisa and as they start making out the roses that binded her bind her even further….and they end up having bondage wall secks or something ヽ(。_゜)ノ.  And so they return to Lisa’s hometown and she becomes a mediator. Her mom’s like all like “when you two gonna get married and make some babies? (✧≖‿ゝ≖)” Jule’s like “oh yay I want babies too” and Lisa’s like ( ´゚д゚`)エー. And not a moment too soon, after they finish their work for the day they end up humping on a bar table \( ^o^)/. And of course its mostly because of his jealous of Bremen cause he’s like “next time you see him in the bar you can remember this moment” lmaoo (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ. So while Lisa is doing her mediator work, Jule starts to get famous for making various medicines for the people in town. He also invents like miracle grow or something for their crop field. He then says he wants to “grow some babies” once again and kisses her as they live happily ever after! I think Jule had really adorable parts which Lisa fell for, but he was just a bit too mentally disturbed for my liking. The flower shop end was my favorite and the Best End was pretty good but most of his other ends involved bondage, or death orz. I can’t blame the guy but I guess I also can’t really like him too much either.

Naschkatze Hansel & Gretel – Hansel & Gretel are the prankster brothers who often use candy to pull various tricks. Their goal isn’t really to do anything except steal money from the rich and buy candy for themselves. They were abandoned by their parents because the parents didn’t want them killed along with them by the Grimm organization (which pretty much runs the show here.) So that’s why they tossed them off to be taken care of and raised by Trude so that nobody would think that they were part of the royalty on death row. One of their “things” of course is never to attack any houses that have kids. This means anytime children are involved they always to make sure to save the kids first and then kill off the parents or anyone else that gets in the way. They both love eating sweets a lot to the point that they order an entire  restaurant menu and eat all of it up. The route is pretty much common for both Hansel & Gretel but they each have their separate best ends. Gretel Best End: Lisa  tells Gretel she doesnt take baths but before she can explain that she takes showers, he’s like get away you dirty woman xDDD After this incident Lisa starts to think she don’t care about catching Gretel as a bounty and would rather be friends with him. Gretel plays annoying pranks on her but if Lisa’s actually in danger he actually saves her (like when he saved her from falling over into the ocean) he then hugs her when she’s shivering because she’s scared (*´ω`*). When coming to her house he says she lives in a poor bum rag home and tells her to move somewhere better lol (since he’s technically a rich kid in the past). He gives her some custard to eat and she gets some on her face so he starts licking it off….but apparently she has such a sweet smell he starts licking her neck too ^q^q^q^

He then says that he likes her but says he doesn’t expect an answer and he just wanted to tell her that. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ (Both Hansel & Gretel think Lisa smells delicious lmao.)  During the split with Hansel, they go visit Hansel & Gretel’s old house but it’s been abandoned & taken over by some piate gang. After they beat the gang up, Gretel says he wants Lisa to live with him in this house in the future. She says she can’t live with him because she can’t be Hansel’s replacement but he says that both she & Hansel are important to him equally. In the end, Lisa says she wants to return to her homeland and become a mediator but Gretel’s like f that. They instead join a carnival act  together where he’s a magician and she’s a princess lol. After they finish their performance they get randy and screw in the changing room cause Gretel just can’t contain himself (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. I kinda wished they had returned and lived in Gretel’s house instead so the whole carnival thing felt totally random? Hansel’s Best End: At thei first meeting Hansel topples on top of her in the forest and she makes fun of him calling him a perv. He’s like YOURE THE PERVERT FOR SAYING SUCH THINGS! Then he stuffs his sleep bread into her mouth and runs off leaving her a note that “you’ll pay for this you slut” and Lisa’s like “whatever manslut” :lol:. At the beach kyakyaufufu scene, Hansel puts a candy rose in Lisa’s hair saying that she’s better when she acts silly rather than serious. When he leaves it’s stuck in her hair XD. They start getting closer when Hansel teaches Lisa how to bake but she’s too busy focusing on him standing behind her and groping her arms. She blushes so much thinking its only her getting riled up but notices he’s blushing too. (♡´౪`♡)

She goes with Hansel this time when they have to split before returning to Trude’s house. He tells Lisa when he was younger he was jealous of all the kids who have happy families but never got around to killing any of them cause a voice told him to “not give into the witch and save the children.” Lisa then tells him that the reason he never told this to Gretel is because he wants to be the reliable oniichan and this makes him kyun~ for Lisa and he says he wants to make a family with her. She thinks he’s just lying to her but he’s like alright if I can’t prove with words ill have to prove with actions and he grabs & kisses her (*´ω`*). And so at the end after killing the Grimm leader, Hansel becomes the Casino owner and Lisa becomes a guard. He gets jelly of her talking to male customers so he pushes her down on the poker table and they screw on top of it lmao. I never imagined Hansel to be the jealous type (?) but  I sorta wish they delved into this more often. I think by splitting a full route into 2 people they had to really cut corners for both Hansel & Gretel. Quarantine End: If you basically don’t prioritize saving kids and stuff and mess around with Hansel & Gretel Trude gets pissed off and says they haven’t grown up at all. She then uses a drug and knocks out all 3 of them and then Gretel & Lisa wake up alone together in the forest. Trude then shows up and says what she made them drink was a drink that’s a curse where if Hansel & Gretel were to meet each other, they’d both die. She says she did it because the two of them depend too much on each other and are too clingy. And so basically ends up acting like a messenger between Hansel & Gretel taking care of both of them to make sure they never face each other again. (´・ω・`) Sweets Time End: Lisa, Hansel & Gretel end up working at the orphanage. Hansel & Gretel are clingy all over Lisa as always. During snack time they end up jumping all over her on the couch saying they want to have something sweet to eat でへへへ(/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. So they end up 3Ping it on the couch while they both  say they love each other haha 8D.

Bread Master End: Hansel & Gretel make crazy puffy bread that takes over Trude’s house and they’re like trololol while Lisa sighs. Candy House End: Because Lisa’s unable to express her feelings to Hansel & Gretel they feel like she’s gonna  abandon them just like their parents did. They then use a drug that makes her unable to move her body. They say that even after it wears off she’ll live in their happy uguu cage of love with them together forever & ever. They also promise not to do randy things to her until the medicine wears off so at least they’re not complete rapists? 😆 Though they do threaten to throw her into the fire if she tries to run away. ((((´・ω・;`)))) Bread Burning End: During one of their raids, Lisa catches them but they knock her on to the floor and she begs them not to kill the royalty whose house they raided. Lisa feels like it’s her fault because the rich guy killed the poor child and that’s why they are pissed. They drop some macarons which explode and send the house on fire. Unable to move and feeling guilty Lisa accepts her death… ( ≖Д≖;). In other routes it was more convenient to do the bad ends first but here it was easier to do the bad ends last so I guess I ended H&G’s route on a weird note. Again I just really wish they had given both Hansel & Gretel SEPARATE routes instead of crunching them into one. They clearly have different personalities so its totally different from say the twins in Alice. There was enough material to probably warrant more scenes for the 2 of them so I really felt like they got shafted. This was really obvious because usually Quin Rose gives kiss CGs for every kiss scene but in H&G’s routes there were a few scenes where there was kissing but no CG. I was surprised and disappointed. I think Gretel’s route was the better one but I kinda wish I “got to know” Hansel a bit more. (´・ω・`;)

Adolph Rot – Adolph is the tsundere red riding wolf hunter :lol:. They pretty much took every character in the red riding hood and combined it into 1. He saves Lisa’s butt in the beginning a lot because she’s a noob at bounty hunting. He’s the #1 bounty hunter and to him Lisa is a rival. He’s also a lone wolf who lives in this bum shack alone with his pet wolf. He considers Lisa a rival and doesn’t want her taking care of him when he’s injured. Tells her to GTFO when she comes to visit him but lets her take care of him cause she overpowers him with her strength lolol. When she’s ready to leave the wolf wants her to stay and so she ends up peeling some apples for Adolph. After this incident he starts being nicer to her and carrying her himself if she’s injured ( ≖‿≖). Sadly they get involved indirectly during the murder of the king. This becomes even more complicated when Bremen reveals to Lisa that Adolph is actually a prince because his father is the King prior to the one that was murdered. In fact when Adolph found out from his mother about this, he ran to the castle to find out who his father is but the King was hiding from Grimm’s assassins at the time. The king recognized Adolph as his son probably and said that he’s the king. Sadly before they could have a father son reunion, Bremen – an assassin for Grimm at the time – burst in and killed the king. That was the first time Adolph was faced with Bremen and after his mother died of an illness, he asked Bremen to train him. When he was younger, and orphaned he went to the forest and was pretty much raised by wolves. He decided to become a bounty hunter in order to earn a living to survive. щ(ಥДಥщ)

A rumor spreads that Lisa is responsible for killing the King and there’s a bounty on her head. Now everyone’s after her including other bounties like Hansel & Gretel. So then on top of this, Adolph’s wolves turn against him. It was all Widder’s doing because he drugged them but Adolph manages to get the wolves off with Lisa’s help. Lisa & Adolph are both thrown into a cell and to escape he tries to pick the lock with no luck. Lisa then decides to destroy it with her strength but she needs to get angry so she asks Adolph to piss her off. He calls her a noob which makes her rage enough to break the lock and they escape :lol:.  They run into Rapunzel who tells them he was gonna save them anyway. He takes them on his nice boat and then dumps them off in the desert near Lisa’s hometown. Lisa & Adolph then start arguing about who will return back to town and Adolph is like “what the hell is the point of returning when this was to help us escape in the first place!?” They go to Lisa’s place and her mom’s like “oh is this your lover?” and is disappointed to hear that he’s not. That night he goes to sleep on the floor in her room but in the middle of the night he gets up and goes out to stand in the rain. Lisa goes out and drags him back in wiping his hair with a towel, while he apologizes for getting her involved in all of this. -(*´゚∀゚`*)→ キュンッ  He says he doesn’t want to rely on anyone and wants to do everything on his own which is why he intends to leave now. Lisa knocks him down telling him to stop being so selfish but he says that if he returns then Grimm will stop chasing Lisa.

She finally convinces him not to run off on his own and while he hugs her she realizes that she’s love with him. Deciding not to take advantage of the situation Lisa decides she’ll confess her feelings to him when everything settles down. The next day Adolph carves Lisa a cute little wooden bunny as a thanks for everything. He then tells her the reason he stopped eating bunny shaped apples is because it felt like canibalism to him cause bunnies remind him of Lisa xDDDD. 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工 As expected, Grimm’s lackeys come after Lisa and she and Adolph fight them off to protect both her and the village. Rapunzel & Bremen come to visit and bring Adolph’s best friend wolf with them. He asks them to go up to Rapunzel’s ship to talk and Lisa gets drunk on some drink Bremen gives her. She passes out and the 3 of them start arguing on who should “peel her clothes off”. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Adolph tells them to f off and that he’ll take care of her xD. The next morning Lisa wakes up with a hangover in a bed with Adolph remembering nothing from the night before. He jokes saying they did it and she rages and punches him a million times lol. Lisa finds out about what happened while she was drunk and Rapunzel inquires if they’re dating. Lisa denies it and Adolph says he was just protecting Lisa from Bremen’s sexual harrassment 😆 After they get off the ship, he kisses her and she asks why he did that. He’s like “what you want me to say it? I love you.” They then end up making out against some rocks as Adolph slips his fingers into her shirt (which can’t be comfortable but they’re prolly so into it they don’t notice xDDD.) They end up screwing against the rocks but he says it’s less awkward than if they were caught doing it in Rapunzel’s ship.

Bremen the creeper was probably watching on them doing it the whole time cause he magically shows up trying to convince Lisa to join him in the dark side. After this Lisa can’t stop thinking about how creepy Bremen is and Adolph thinks she’s just concerned about them humping on the rocks earlier. Lisa says she regrets nothing and even asks Adolph to let her sleep on his arm that night xDDD. Adolph says she’s acting weird and says he’ll sleep with her that night as he blushes dragging her to their room ☆゚+‡。萌:.゚(○´ω`○) ゚.萌:。‡+゚ ☆. The next morning as they approach the city they ran away from, they see a ton of enemies waiting their arrival. They go to the castle along with Hansel & Gretel on their side to kill the Grimm leader. After they kill the “fake” one like they do in every route, Adolph says he wants to start his own vigilance committee.  Rival End: After killing the Grimm leader and destroying it, they pretty much start a new organization that keeps watch over civillians and Adolph takes over one part while Lisa takes over the other. They’re lovers but now also rivals on whose side is the strongest lol. The problem is those who work for Adolph get pissy and always try to fight Lisa saying she should work for him and don’t believe the 2 are lovers lol.  Best End: Bremen tells Adolph since he’s the prince, he should be a leader of their country now that Grimm’s fallen apart. Adolph’s like lol no thanks and tells Bremen he should take that role himself. Everyone else on the ship agrees and says it’s a good idea. Adolph then grabs Lisa’s hand and they run away and travel together along with his pet wolf. They hear rumor of a buried treasure and head off to the desert. They find some jewelry and depending on your choice Adolph either puts a tiara on Lisa’s head or slips a ring on her finger. He then pushes her on to the sand by the oasis and they screw as Wingman Wolf runs off to watch for bystanders or something :lol:.

Stubborn Guy End: Bremen throws Adolph in prison since he’s the true blood related son of the dead king (the one that was king before the one killed in this route). Lisa goes to rescue him but he’s like “whatever idgaf I just wanna be a bounty hunter.” Lisa goes home to her mom shortly to bring some cash and says she’s off again but she’ll be back. Lisa returns  to try and save Adolph because she can’t stop thinking about him. Scaffold End: Bremen tells Adolph that if he surrenders himself as the “prince”, Lisa will be spared. Adolph says he’ll go and say that he’s the one who killed the King to save Lisa saying he’s tired of living alone like this anyway. Lisa tries to rescue him out of the cell but he tells her that they’ll come after them anyway so he tells her to run away alone. As a punishment Adolph gets beheaded (◞‸ლ).   Big Catch End: Lisa snaps and rages that Adolph doesn’t want to run away with her from the prison so she punches him in the head. And so 10 years later Lisa returns home and becomes a police deputy in her town taking over her mom’s place since she retired. Adolph apparently wasn’t killed but he secretly stalks her and leaves her cute little bunny shaped apples every day xDDD. Lisa’s like “man if you’re alive at least show yourself” but since he’s a lone wolf Lisa decides to  take on the task of catching him herself! (`・ω・´)キリッ Frog Prince End: Krone becomes a bounty hunter trained under Bremen as well so he wants to be BFFs with Lisa. They end up taking a bubble bath in the tub together because he says that in his rich house he always takes baths with others lol.  He then tells Lisa to become his teacher or else he’ll use daddy’s money & connections against her Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ. Lisa has no choice but to say yes lol. Aughh Adolph was so |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  but I feel like he had so much sadness in his route that I almost couldn’t fully enjoy the moe? xDD He’s done so much hard livin’ and some of those bad ends felt so terrible  especially the guillotine one  ;_;. But he cared and loved Lisa so much even if he acted like a tsuntsun lone wolf at the beginning. (ノ´∀`*)ノ

Bremen March – You know I’ve never hated a Quin Rose character until I’ve set my eyes on Bremen. He seems like a kindly ossan with his musical farm animals but IT’S A TRAP. He’s a pedobear GGE creeper who constantly says stuff to Lisa that warrants as sexual harrassment. He’s a retired assassin who killed Adolph’s real father and is now a mediator who does some behind the scenes deals. He can’t cook and he makes disgusting food forcing Lisa to eat it. He asks her to help him with his “other” work instead of doing bounty hunting. He always has a way of “threatening” people in his yandere fashion telling Lisa that if she wants to know more about him, to ask him directly. OR. ELSE. When dudes start hunting after Lisa he tells her to move into his place  to be safe but ITS ALL A PLOY TO CONTINUE HIS SEKUHARA. He freaking bought her a pink night gown just so someday SHE COULD WEAR IT LOL GGEEEE. Unfortunately, being a long time student of his, Lisa starts falling in love with this creeper and getting jealous at the thought of him having lovers or liking anyone else. Bremen tells Lisa he wants to ask from Trude why Lisa’s strength is so ridiculous. Trude does some experiment with Lisa’s blood and turns out Lisa has some kind of treasured stone in her blood which makes her  so powerful. It’s like part of her body now. Bremen gets all deredere saying he wonders if it was a good idea to make her his pupil but Trude tells them to stop ichaichaing and GTFO. Before going home they go  to some mountainy area and lay on the grass as they look at the sky. Bremen tells her that his dream is to just have a giant animal farm. He then turns around and kisses her on the forehead asking her if she wants to go stay in his room tonight. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

Lisa gets deredere enough for him that she finally wears the pink night gown he gave her but asks him to knock before barging into her room. He then suggests that they remove the door so he won’t have to knock (ಠ_ಠ). Thanks to Rapunzel, Lisa sees Bremen assassinating the fake Grimm leader and he’s shocked she saw this dark side of him but she says its ok. On their way back from the castle Bremen tells Lisa that Grimm leader is after the stone inside of her because he thinks it will give him great powers. He then decides they should do an “exchange blood”  pact and so he kisses her and bites her lip until it bleeds and asks her to do the same orz. He says that he hates the Grimm leader (the real one not the fake stand in he killed). Bremen then goes and kills the mediator for Grimm and then tells Lisa he wants to prepare with her for a “his new ideal world” before he makes out with her. =_=; Lisa then gets jailed on the suspect that she’s on Jule’s side when she let him escape and Rapunzel tries to rescue her because he’s a former underling of Bremen’s. Bremen shows up and says he was gonna save her anyway and says if Rapunzel interferes he’ll kill him. Bremen then tells her to come at him and they fight but sadly she loses and wakes up in his room. He admits that when he found her as a baby he wants to kill her and take the stone out of her body but for shits & giggles he decided to let her go and come “get it later”. He didn’t think he’d end up falling in love with her and getting into this kind of relationship. He then tells her to strip so he can take care of her wounds but instead he ends up licking her almost naked body (shes in her underwear.) Omg is this Cero C or Cero D!? (  Д ) ゚ ゚ Also why does the asshole always get the most eroi scenes ┻━┻ ︵╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻.

The next day at the bar he tells people to either side with him or with the Grimm leader. He then asks Lisa to help him get his animals out because he plans to disappear from town. He gets a bit sad so Lisa jump tackles him on the ground and kisses him. So then pretty much it’s revealed that Krone Frosch is the true leader of Grimm and his real name is Ludwig Emil Grimm 😆 (poor Ludwig from ZMG xDD). Basically Krone drank a medicine he got from Trude that made him look like a child and nobody ever suspected who the real Grimm leader is. Krone’s ultimate goal was to get the stone from Lisa because he was fooled into thinking by Bremen that it will give him great powers. Bremen’s like “lol I just joked bro you thought I was srs?” /trollface.jpg So after Krone captures Lisa, Bremen goes to save her but gets injured in the process and Krone escapes. Adolph helps get them out and while Bremen is resting Lisa decides to go out and kill Krone. He conveniently shows up so she shoots him dead. Bremen finds her and expected all of this just as keikaku and they have some celebratory secks afterwards. Best End: Lisa decides to dump her dreams of being a mediator and instead to join the dark side with Bremen. While they screw Bremen asks her to call him by his name instead of “teacher”.  Lisa says that one day she may kill him but he says if she betrays him, he’ll kill her too /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Editors note: They never even confessed their love to each other so this whole relationship is like some dirty business agreement or something blah lol. Animal Farm End: Lisa takes Bremen’s animals and takes care of them waiting for Bremen to come to her. When he returns to her 5 years later she’s wearing the ribbon he bought for her earlier. He has a knife in his hand and he doesn’t seem like he’s that happy to see her ugh. ( ≖Д≖;)

Separation End: Bremen realizes that Lisa’s can’t accept his crazyness and tells her to return to her hometown until things “settle down”. Lisa packs her things and finds the ribbon he gave her but she ends up throwing it into the ocean realizing she doesn’t need it. HELL YEA BEST END DUMP THE PSYCHOPATH LMAO. Peaceful….? End: While Lisa visits Trude, Krone & Bremen come by and start  raging at each other indirectly while fighting over Lisa :lol:.  Trude laughs saying it’s like watching 2 men fight over treasure. Bremen says that he just has pure love for Lisa and everyone is shocked & disgusted at his confession lmao. Doll End:  After she gets imprisoned Bremen decides that killing Lisa would be a waste so he decides to make her his “doll”. He slices her neck with a knife and kisses her while cutting her lips with his teeth again. He says he’s gonna cut the nerves of her legs so she can’t wak anymore and has to be dependent on him UGH YOU FREAKING PIECE OF HUMAN GARBAGE. Seriously I am glad I did his best end before this because after seeing this end who’d wanna get romantic with this son of a bitch. ( ಠ益ಠ ) Betrayal End: Bremen is pissed at Lisa for betraying him and going after Krone on her own so he chokes her to death. (ಠ_ಠ)(ಠ_ಠ)(ಠ_ಠ)(ಠ_ಠ)….The Beginning of the Fairy Tale End: Lisa comes to visit Bremen to see how he’s recovering and she finds him playing cards with Rapunzel & Adolph (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ. Lisa sits down saying she wants to catch Krone and punish him for his crimes including imprisonment. She breaks their table in half and Adolph tells her if Krone’s gone, then the country will go into chaos without a leader. Lisa’s like “but Bremen knows someone who will be a new prince” and everyone looks awkward and then Adolph walks out saying it’s a bad idea. DERP. They go after Krone and he’s like “lol who’s gonna believe that I’m the Grimm leader when I look like a child.” However as he tries to run off Lisa accidentally punches him into a wall and the medicine he had in his pocket to turn him into an adult accidentally opens up and turns him back into a grown up (and a hot one indeed.) Lisa says they’ve got a lot of work to do and she’ll catch all the bad guys from now on and help clean up town. Erm this last ending here was probably the “best” end Bremen could get or the separation end. Seriously any end Lisa ends up with him in my eyes is a BAD end. I’ve never disliked a character as much as I dislike Bremen. He’s so creepy and yandere and revolting I wish I had a route with Widder instead (|||❛︵❛.).

Other Ends – Witch Apprentice End: Trude asks Lisa to help her out with various experiments that she’s doing.  Sleeping Beauty’s Visit End: Lisa asks if Widder wants to come with her to her hometown. He stays with Lisa there but one day he tells her that he has a bad omen coming the next day. The next day a sleepy Jule shows up asking Widder to help him sleep ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ. They bring Jule to Lisa’s house, and Widder takes out a clock and starts swinging it left & right while counting sheep for him. It completely knocks him out and Jule slams his head on the table and falls asleep Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Apparently this stupid method only works if Widder does it which is why Jule keeps chasing him around asking him to make him fall asleep. The Village with the Fortune Teller End: Widder gets bombarded with requests to tell fortunes but he gets exhausted and begs Lisa to help him take a break. Lisa’s like “lol get your ass back to work” and drags him back to his fortune telling spot xDDD.  The Wolf and the Baby Goat End: Adolph’s pet wolf comes after Widder and he begs Lisa to save him. Fortunately Adolph shows up and tells his wolf to come back to him and away from Widder. Adolph says that the wolf wanted to leave the town and Adolph was like might as well so they ended up at Lisa’s hometown. Widder tells Adolph to GTFO and he’s like “no thanks I think I’ll stay here :lol:”.

BREMEN aside, I enjoyed this game! Lisa was a great heroine and most of the characters were fun and had an interesting story. My favorite is probably Rapunzel with Widder not too far behind. I liked tsundere Adolph but his story was so sad that my moe was lost in my FEELS for him xD.  I really wish secretly there was more story with Krone and a romantic end with Widder though. Now nothing’s perfect so of course I got beef to complain about. The auto skip function added to this game was awesome; I didn’t have to t ie a rubber band around my PSP BUT the skip itself was SLOWWW. SLOWWWW. It took me almost 30-40 minutes to skip through a route to get some endings. The auto-mode text speed was faster than QR’s usual games so it took some time getting used to. Music felt like it was remixes of BGMs from Oumagatoki so nothing really jumped out at me  OST wise which is sad because there’s actually a music gallery in the game for once. At first it was hard to get into because there was a lot of “side scenario” to sit through so since I started on Rapunzel who was MIA most of the time it was a bit frustrating getting into the game at first. Once I did the first run though, things went a lot smoother and I was able to spend more QUALITY~ time with my mans. For play order I’d recommend Jule, Rapunzel, Hansel/Gretel, Adolph, Bremen.  Actually the first 3 the order doesn’t really matter but definitely play Adolph and then Bremen last in that order. The stuff that came with the limited edition set was nice. I haven’t read the short stories or listened to the drama CDs yet but I liked the comics that came with it for sure. This definitely helped convince me to buy Quin Rose’s limited editions for their future releases. The mini games at the end weren’t that great I guess. The bread baking game was cute but the other 3 were frustrating or confusing lol. Anyway overall fun game and definitely an interesting story with a darker spin on the Grimm tales. Though from what I understand, the Grimm tales are supposed to be dark to begin with so if you want a “real” taste of the darkness, dump your Disney DVDs and play this game instead. 😆

Grimm The Bounty Hunter Deluxe Version / Game


21 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Grimm the Bounty Hunter”

  1. Bremen will give you nightmares but his damned route had the meat of the plot so it’s necesary to play it last.

    You totally can’t wait to start on joker right you writed Alice instead of lisa several times XD

  2. Hmm. At first I thought of picking this one up, but after Jules and Bremen being nuts; I’m not sure. 😦

    Also, am I the only one who laughed at there being a ‘Bread Master’ ending. 8D

    1. Yes I loled at that one too 😛
      And no Jule isn’t that bad he’s just a little nuts but Bremen is just a complete wacko but his route is a meaty part of the story about Lisa as well so it was worth doing for that sake.
      I didn’t actually want to get romantically involved with that ero GGE though.

      1. Hmm, I guess this is true. Then again I’m usually not one to complain about such things; so not sure why I was worried. This is the weirdo who liked the morbid endings in Gekka. Well to a point anyways.

        I know you’ve reccomended titles to play in your FaQ, but I was wondering if you had any specific QuinRose titles you’d suggest. After your many reviews I’m really interested but just not sure where to start.

        1. I guess Oumagatoki Kaidan Romance is what got me into QR games so I’d probably say that’s a good start 😀 I LOOOOVE the Alice series cast/games though so if you can make it past the system it’s such a joy to play

  3. Too bad Hansel and Gretel didn’t have alternate separate endings. Of course 3P is nice, too, and dear lord I’d keep it in, but it’d be nice to get to choose which one you spend time with.

    Seeing how it seems to be a trend with Quinrose lately, though, maybe we’ll get that in a fandisk/sequel! (Did you see the AraLost sequel announcement yet?)

    1. technically they DID but it was really short & rather random so nothing that I can say I’m fully satisfied with!

      Yess in fact I did 😉
      I stalk the QR website daily huhu

  4. Aw man, I just started playing this yesterday but reading that Bremen is crazy makes me lose all my will to continue. It would be different if his route wasn’t story focused but now that it is I guess there is no escape.
    Maybe I should put it off for a while OTL

    I also wanted to ask you if you think it’s necessary to play 12 hour Cinderella to play
    24 hour or will it be fine if I just read some reviews?

    1. Aww don’t put it off, Bremen’s route didn’t really take away from the game for me at all. He was a creeper yea but it was appropriately dark and it was not nearly as bad as some otomate stuff I’ve played (or some R-18 shit from Mirai & hiyo :lol:).

      I would recommend playing it just so you get a chance to know characters like Odette herself as well as Feather since he has an actual route in the game. It’s also nice to get used to hearing how the sister talks (shes voiced by fujita saki) so when you play the 24 hour cinderella, you can imagine what her voice will sound like in your head 🙂

  5. Thanks for the review!! I was curious about the game but I think I’ll pass on it for now… and start buying the Alice series instead. 🙂 If I had more time and money, maybe. I need to be independently wealthy! lol

      1. Thanks, I ordered the Anniversary version from YesAsia and it takes 1-2 weeks to fill the order so hopefully they still have some in stock.

  6. I think I tuned in to your livestream during the Adolph? ending where they’re making out at the beach \(//∇//)\ lol. Seems like a fun game. Gotta try it out after Custom Drive. Quinrose games have spoiled me, other games seem so tame now ( ̄ー ̄).

    1. Haha you tuned in at his best end xDDDD
      Yea after Quin Rose I get so frustrated when other games just….hold hands or something lmao xDDD

  7. プレイ中だけどヴィッダ&グレッテルが一番好きかなwヴィッダ何で攻略できないんだOrz、ブレーメンの腹の黒さは予想したけどねwww黒いのはどのルートでもモワッ!とするねあのおっさんwこれ終わったらカスドラやるwレビューおつかれ~!

    1. I liked Gretel too xDD I was sick of Toriumi but Gretel <●><●>;;
      Widder has some cute miscellaneous ends so I guess it’s not so bad?
      Custom Drive eh…I’m busy with Joker no Kuni no Alice right now so I’ll get to that eventually once guides pop up or something ;D

  8. “So they end up 3Ping it on the ouch while they both say they love each other haha 8D.”

    YES. I was waiting for this LOL

    and omg Kishioooo my looooveeeeee <3<3<3

    Ahh I like the sound of this game a lot. I didn't get it (I should have, I'm like obsessed with Grimm derp ;__;) and now I'm seriously regretting it!! After reading your review I'll definitely have to order it… when I have money lol….Q_Q

    You done good QuinRose, you done good. (Except for that ossan character. lol)

      1. Awww yeah go limited or go home hahahahaha xDD and yes. Kishio lol that’s good, I love Kishio Daisuke so I’m pretty excited \o/
        and yeah lol I was surprised at first when I saw he was the ossan chara, I was like he doesn’t look like an ossan… xD lol what a trap hahahahahaaa

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