Otome Game Review: Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~

So for reasons no other than Quin Rose wanting to do more Alice series,  Alice and the wonderland gang move to the country of Clovers. The amusement park  and clock tower are gone, replaced with the Clover castle and a forest which has whales swimming through it somehow. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Alice isn’t officially dating anyone but she still has memories so it’s upsetting that Julius and Gowland didn’t move with everyone. Instead she meets Nightmare’s new assistant Gray and a furry mouse in the forest( who’s Boris’ new playtoy) named Pierce. With Julius gone, Nightmare is in charge but he’s too busy coughing up blood so he’s got Gray doing all the dirty work for him. Since Nightmare’s busy running the place, he doesn’t have time to bed intrude into Alice’s dreams so instead she keeps having siscon dreams of Lorina who even in Alice’s dreams tells her to let go and move on with her life. During various periods throughout the game, everyone gathers at the Clover Castle for the assembly during which time fighting is not allowed.

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