Otome Game Review: Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~

So for reasons no other than Quin Rose wanting to do more Alice series,  Alice and the wonderland gang move to the country of Clovers. The amusement park  and clock tower are gone, replaced with the Clover castle and a forest which has whales swimming through it somehow. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Alice isn’t officially dating anyone but she still has memories so it’s upsetting that Julius and Gowland didn’t move with everyone. Instead she meets Nightmare’s new assistant Gray and a furry mouse in the forest( who’s Boris’ new playtoy) named Pierce. With Julius gone, Nightmare is in charge but he’s too busy coughing up blood so he’s got Gray doing all the dirty work for him. Since Nightmare’s busy running the place, he doesn’t have time to bed intrude into Alice’s dreams so instead she keeps having siscon dreams of Lorina who even in Alice’s dreams tells her to let go and move on with her life. During various periods throughout the game, everyone gathers at the Clover Castle for the assembly during which time fighting is not allowed.

Peter White – Peter’s worried that Alice will leave him again so he’s pretty much in touchy feely panic mode. While he smothers her with his love, Alice actually doesn’t mind it and isn’t as violent towards him as before. He’s  always asking to kiss her, and she lies down on the cold floor hoping it’ll get his anti-germ thing going but he kisses her on the floor anyway. After all Alice’s germs are a ok! He also gets upset that Alice kissed someone else in the past (even if it was a family member on the cheek or something.) Eventually Alice asks peter on a date and he freaks out cause he didn’t think they were lovers XD. This whole time he thought she hated him so soon as she begins showing signs of affection towards him, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. They go on a date and in bunny form Alice asks peter to be her lover since she knows he’s too much of a nervous pansy to ask her. He’s so happy that he silently hugs her and cries asking her not to run away from him щ(ಥДಥщ) babyyyy!! Once they become lovers Peter’s extra possessive of Alice and gets mad saying she shouldn’t be doing stupid maid duties. She threatens to break up with him and he threatens to kill all the maids in the castle. Alice acts like she’s mad at him but deep inside she’s blushing cause she loves it when Peter possesses her like that lmao xDDD. She tells him that he’s special to her, and he says that he won’t break up with her but he promises he won’t kill the maids as long as she continues loving him. He has a trouble believing that Alice actually loves him and from the start always assumed she hated him which is why he let her beat him. When he was a child his family was  faceless and says he doesn’t recall anything about them.  Alice realizes that if she doesn’t supervise him he’ll go around shooting random people. In his ending Alice and Peter are in bed and she’s like “LET ME GROPE  DAT SEXY BODY” and he’s like (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. Not sure why he’s shy – guess he’s not used to being the uke lmao. Anyway they end up making out and humping and Peter says he wants Alice to leave “scars” on him that he’ll have even if she’s gone.  (Umm how about a hickey ? 😆 ) And so Peter decides to hold himself back shooting random faceless people just for Alice. Peter’s scenes were so cute this time around and since Alice didn’t use him as her punching bag and actually returned the affection, it was really sweet. I do admit though Peter’s violent outbursts (like shooting random guy who bumped into Alice or shooting a poor dolphin who got into the Heart castle garden) were rather cruel though. (ㆀ˘・_・˘)

Ace – People told me Ace was worse in Clover but I don’t know he felt…the same to me? He just felt a lot more lonelier because his BL lover Julius wasn’t around so he pretty much tried to use Alice to fill the empty hole in his heart! They often end up falling down the waterfall and then drying off near a fireplace while they walk through the forest. A lot of random guys keep attacking him and he doesn’t mind saying that he uses it as sword practice. Eventually they finally find Ace’s room and make their way to it upon which Alice takes a gander at his massive mask collection. He tells her with a mask on it allows you to “become someone you are not so you can do things you normally wouldn’t”. He then kisses her with the mask on and doesn’t let her go or take the mask off. At the 3rd meeting Ace gets randy with Alice in bed saying that she likes him because she said she wouldn’t allow someone she “hates” to kiss her. Alice then realizes she likes Ace lmao xD Ace is like yep you like me so this is a-ok. He then  says that he loves her too and asks her to tell him she loves him, even if it’s a lie. She says the only reason she’s with Ace is because she feels sorry for him since he’s lonely cause Julius is gone. She says she can’t be a replacement for Julius but instead she’ll be by Ace’s side. He then hugs and start kissing her neck on the stairs of the Clover castle saying over and over that he loves her. He says he doesn’t care if its pity or love or friendship, as long as she stays with him. He then says jk and they both realize they’re screwing  around with each other but whatever works to keep them together XD. Peter tells Alice to break up with Ace because he’s unfit for her (well duh he’s just using her as a Julius replacement) and tells Alice he’ll become her “cheating lover”. Ace says that if Alice breaks up with him he’ll go batshit and then says he wants to kill her. Alice is like lol yea what else is new and Alice  thinks maybe one day she can get him to like her rather than have this pitying each other relationship. I guess in a way I don’t think Ace got “worse” but he felt a bit more “pathetic” in a way? I really REALLY wanted him to get over his 3P Julius obsession. I know that like in Anniversary that 3P end is his true end because he can’t be with just Alice or just Julius – he wants them both at the SAME TIME lmao. Kinda makes me think what the hell is gonna happen in Diamond since he’s gonna be a shota the whole time 😕 In his friend event he did mention that he only loves Alice because she hates herself and the moment she starts liking herself, he will lose interest. Umm okay you do that dude.

Blood Dupre – Blood gets annoyed with her working as a maid too because then he has no one to entertain him or drink tea with. More than that though, the entire route of this game Blood has a massive complex of being compared to Alice’s former teacher/lover. On one hand it’s annoying as fuck, on the other hand, I can kinda sympathize with the guy because I might feel the same way (〃ノωノ). Blood tells her he doesn’t compare her to other hoes so its not fair she compares him to other guys. Alice likes when he’s not dressed in his weird ass hat so Blood’s like “fine go ahead and compare us and you can come close and look as much as you like”. He tells her that he knows she’s been staring him down all this time like a perv xDDD She pretty much is his personal maid and says he only wants Alice to be there to help him change イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! He then says if she won’t “explore him further” then he will do that to her. He bites her collarbone saying he wants to know how much of a “replacement” he is to her. Alice says she broke up with that guy but Blood’s like oh yea then why you keep staring at me like a creeper all the time ww. And so they pretty much end up screwing even though Alice is like sigh I ONLY LET U DO THIS CAUSE I THINK URE HOT DUDE Y U NOT GET IT щ(ºДºщ). When Alice asks finally if he likes her too he suddenly stops being a troll and says NO. He then says that her past lover is a crazy idiot if he never tried to lay a hand on the woman he supposedly loved. Blood even goes as far as putting on a cosplay of her former teacher with suit & glasses and Alice is like “since when was I into cosplay!??” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

He continues trying to BECOME her ex but Alice just can’t see him as her ex because their personalities are complete opposites. Eventually Blood just admits that he wants control over Alice and they just end up humping most of the time she comes into his room to do her maidly duties. XD;; I guess after they screwed enough times Alice gets deredere for him and gives him a gift. It’s a cute little teaspoon with a top hat on the end of it xDD.  Blood says he’ll take good care of her from now on and gives her a light kiss. He’s so proud of his spoon he brags about it to Elliot lol. In the epilogue Elliot says he wants to raise Blood’s and Alice’s babies and that she should have 10 lmao xD Blood asks Alice to marry him and she’s like NO THANKS ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ . He says it’s okay cause he’s got plenty of time to convince Alice to marry him xD. That night after Alice & Blood finish humping she’s in tears because he said that he doesn’t love her before. Blood apologizes for being like a manwhore to her and says he realized he never did tell her that he loves her. Alice then realizes she never said she loves him either so she says I love you to him. Blood blushes and is shocked at her confession. Alice says it’s time to break their 1 pattern relationship and he starts getting all antsy and butthurt that Alice is being more ikeman than he is in this situation….so a few days later he gives Alice an engagement ring and finally says he loves her. Hmm Blood felt extra…tsundere in this game lol. His obsession to become Alice’s ex was really weird to the point of him almost being out of character the way he would get flustered xDD. Not gonna complain though as it was rather |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

Elliot March – Elliot’s route was extremely rage inducing because Alice was suddenly reduced an indecisive otomate heroine. Out of all the characters in this game that she could have acted as an asshole too, ELLIOT was the last one that came to mind on my list. Instead of slapping and pulling his ears she shoulda kicked & punched Ace or Blood but nope…poor Elliot is on the end of her abuse stick. The whole shit starts when she says that they should behave more like supervisor and subordinate and not always hug and ichaicha in  front of other workers. Elliot doesn’t understand why and Alice on the inside is like “guh I can’t resist the cute bunneh but I must!” Why must you? ヽ(。_゜)ノ So the whole time basically she’s like “I want affection but not too much affection” and Elliot keeps getting confused  thinking she hates him or something. Due to this he gets really upset and puts a wall between the two of them and then Alice feels like an asshat for causing this to happen. Well eventually he gets tired of the cockblocking & cockteasing and when she’s in his room with him he pushes her dowon the bed going “you’re my subordinate so you have to do what I say right even if you dont like it”. Alicei s all like wait, I don’t dislike it lmao. He also then gets jealous thikning that Alice loves Blood but Alice asks him not to treat her so roughly and I guess they screw…./(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. So then I thought everything was going well and Elliot’s about to confess to Alice and she’s like totally ready for it and when he does…SHE FUCKING SLAPS HIM. OH GOD WHY. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING THIS IS NOT OTOMATE ARGH トリャ!!|┛*`Д´|┛。・*・┻━┻:・、。▽

And it’s all because he said “if you don’t mind” rather than “because I love you” JFC WHO CAREEESS bah. And then he rages saying that even if she isn’t his, she still “belongs to him” and he’ll screw her all he wants. I guess this pisses Alice off because she wants him to love her for her rather than use her as his blow up hump doll sigh. Why is this even a plot point and why does she suddenly give more fucks about this than Blood (who screwed her in like every scene.) She then topples on top of Elliot in his ending babbling about how she doesn’t want to hurt him but she wants him to treat her gently but he just keeps babbling how she should hate him because he screwed her sigh. And it just becomes another stupid slap fest again with Alice on top of him sighhhh what the fuck is even the conflict here. She pulls his ears into a kiss while he screams in pain and then says she loves him sigh and suddenly apparently that solves everything. She then says she wants to fuck like rabbits and so they hump happily ever after. Umm okay.. lol. In the epilogue Blood makes fun of how Elliot is Alice’s new pet and perhaps Alice can take care of him so he isn’t constantly forced to eat carrot food Elliot shoves into his face. Argh this was so disappointing. I’ve been able to deal with Alice pretty much most of the time but Elliot’s route went beyond the borders of my tolerance because the conflict was there for NO REASON. There was just NO REASON to have it just to try to extend the plot. Just have Elliot be Alice’s cute little bunny moe pet  guy the whole time that’s all any of us ever wanna see T-T.

Tweedle Dee & Dum – So I guess Quin Rose wanted to stop the massive shota-coning going on in the first game and they allowed Dee & Dum to fast forward their clocks so that they could turn into adults in Clover. (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ Unfortunately they only speed up their appearance and on the inside they’re still pretty immature (though I could say that about some people in real life.) They make a point that they don’t want to be differentiated and they don’t wanna be popular with any ladies except Alice. They continue bathing together with Alice even in their adult form and she can’t help but stare and get all dokidoki. (◉◞౪◟◉ )  When they are in their adult form they do fight a bit over her though. They ask her to choose between them but Alice says she loves them both equally and she can’t decide on 1. They get mad if she favors one over the other such as stuff like drying hair etc. But then Alice has the stick up her butt again and she keeps denying them, saying that she may corrupt them and babbles how maybe they may find someone besides her when they grow up. She gets extra shy/embarrassed around them and they get upset saying shes too strict with them after they turn into adults. Eventually they stop fighting and decide to “share” her and they have a 3some \( ^o^)/ So then Alice continues going into her “oh no we mustn’t screw even though I want to” b/s but whatever they end up humping anyway. In the ending Blood tells her he wants to join in on the “action” and she tells him to stop sexually harassing her (though he has a point! XD) In the Adult Twins end, Alice feels like theyre gonna leave her behind and grow up but they end up running back to her and take her hand as they walk. In the Child end, Alice becomes a shotacon and says she wishes the twins would be shotas forever orz. I think in the end, Alice is a shotacon cause she allows them to do a hell lot more shit to her when they’re in shota form. ( ̄□ ̄;)!!  There’s a side event where Alice and the twins get high on mushrooms and one where Vivaldi rages at them saying how jealous she is of their young skin :lol:. I FEEL YOUR PAIN VIVALDI GIMME A BBA HIGH FIVE BRO. Around the time I played this route I bought the Bloody Twins manga by Fujimaru Mamenosuke and if uh you weren’t satisfied with this route let me tell you dat manga…worth every penny :lol:.

Boris Airay – Boris was the most deredere cupcake and this is one of the sweetest routes in the game. (*´ω`*) He’s been moved to the forest since the amusement park is gone but he is able to connect via random doors in Clover to whatever place he wants so he connects Alice to a room he found in town near the tower to stay in. He helps her get a job at an inn since she’s so determined to do something but he always complains and gets jealous if she gets too friendly with the customers. In fact he gets so jealous of some dude hitting on Alice and shoots him taking her away saying he wants to play with her. Needless to say Alice gets pissed and refuses to constantly listen to his pleas to let him live with her. At the assembly he licks her some more asking her to live with him. He asks her to be lovers cause he wants to be closer to her and have a reason to live with her. Eventually Alice agrees to be his lover and the moment he gives her a kiss as “lovers” it lights a fire under both their asses and they get extremely horny \( ^o^)/. They end up being all stuck like glue to each other during the next few assemblies as well. Alice tells Boris how she used to have a cat named Dinah and he gets pissed that he wasn’t her first nuko xDDD He rages saying that she lived with a nuko before him lmfaooo xDDD Alice tells him the nuko was a girl  and hes like…STILL I DON’T FORGIVE THIS!! ( ´^,_」^)ぷ♪ Before Alice can explain to him the difference between him and a PET cat he jumps on her and kisses her and then they proceed to humping (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. Alice decides not to tell Boris how she slept and took baths with Dinah too or else he’d go crazy lolol. During Assembly 4 he takes her to the forest where the are shining mushrooms. Boris tells her he wanted to take her here himself instead of her going with some faceless dude. He then asks to kiss her there and Alice finally stops being tsun and they have a cute kiss CG ;D. In the ending Alice goes to feed some stray cats and of course a jealous Boris comes running saying she doesn’t give him enough attention.  He then licks her fingers and her face until another nuko starts begging for more food. And so in the end Alice ends up moving in with Boris and the nuko together xDDD. Pierce is terrified and asks if the cat is Boris & Alice’s child before saying he’s going to “run away from them.” In the side events Vivaldi loves Boris so much cause she loves cats and sees him as a cat (rather than how Alice sees him as a cat BOY) so she gives him a can of cat food lmao. Boris can’t refuse out of guilt because she was so sincere about it OTL. Ahh Boris’ route was really really sweet. He always chased Pierce but he said its only to “play” not because he actually wants to eat him. Alice was actually a lot more forgiving and nicer to Boris than to say…Elliot =_=. I can definitely see some writer bias in this route but since I like Boris, I guess I’m not complaining too much.

Pierce Villiers – Pierce seems like a cute little mouse who just wants to kiss cute things but there’s more to him than meets the eye. He “finds” Alice and claims her as his own because like most mice he likes to hoard things. He likes cute things, especially rabbits so no matter how much Peter or Elliot may shoot at him, he still loves them and tries to kiss them too lmao xD. Since he thinks Alice is cute he often tries to kiss her too but he often gets picked on by others. Others  being of course Boris, the twins and Ace. His beef with Boris is the typical cat & mouse scenario. The twins constantly shove dead bodies on to him and Ace has beef with him because he takes the dead bodies, hides them and along with those bodies go the clocks that Ace likes to collect for Julius. He tells Alice he’s not a dirty mouse like back in her world and that he likes to be very clean in fact. This is where the whole body cleanup job comes in – someone’s gotta do the dirty work and it’s Pierce. He works for the mafia but he can’t live with Blood and co because he hates tea and likes coffee. Blood doesn’t allow anyone to drink coffee on the premises (damn straight 😆 ) so Pierce ran off to live in the forest alone in his little mouse hole. He tries to get Alice to come to his house because apparently in his head her coming to his house = them being friends = ok to kiss her. In order to do this she has to drink a shrinking medicine but he tells her that if she so desires, she can open up a door anytime and be at his place without the medicine. During the 3rd assembly Alice sees Pierce’s job in “action” where he is forced to “finish off by stabbing” some  guy and then shoving that guy’s chopped up body in a suitcase llllll(-ω-;)llllllガーン…

Thing is, even if he doesn’t want to do this job he does it out of terror. If he refuses to do it, the twins and Blood threaten to kill him for not doing his job as the mafia. Even his mouse friends hate him and they often shove their work on to him but he does it because he’s scared ;_;. He’s had to chop up so many bodies that I guess the entire ordeal’s jaded him to the point that he thinks nothing of it more than just “that thing he has to do.” This of course terrifies Alice and she tells him as much as she wants to get to know him, she doesn’t want to see his guro work or his hacksaws. After this ordeal she gets scared to talk to him and avoids him which really upsets him. He’s so used to being hated that when eventually she tells him she likes him he’s like “WAIT YOU LIKE ME?! YOU CAN’T LIKE ME EVERYONE HATES ME!” lmao. In the end Pierce says he loves Alice and wants  to give something back to her while Alice grabs his ears. He then says he wants to do a “long” kiss with her and boy was that some kiss…(:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ It was so long he ended up having trouble breathing lmao xD.  He then says he wants to see how far he can go before she “hates” him and Alice realizes how sexy he is and gives in until they end up screwing 8D. At the end he gives Alice a gift but she’s terrified thinking about all those dead body parts and since he’s a hoarder god knows what could be in that box…and I guess we’ll never know cause the game cuts off before his gift is revealed. (||゚Д゚)ヒィィィ(゚Д゚||) People say Pierce is yandere but it’s really difficult to think of him as yandere. I think he’s just more mentally disturbed than anything. He’s been threatened into doing some gruesome work and I think it’s just mentally screwed him up between realizing what’s right and what’s wrong. Often times Alice calls him an アホの子 and Boris calls him a complete idiot. Pierce says he knows he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and that nobody likes him but he loves Alice because she’s the only one who actually accepted him. So yea kinda hard to hate the poor guy but I can definitely sympathize with Alice’s terror of him.

Nightmare Gottschalk – Alice is shocked to hear Nightmare has a last name and starts laughing her ass off upon hearing it. 😆 He was pulled out of his dream world floating by Gray so he could do some real work and not just slack off and get high. Sadly he’d rather get high and stoned on his shrooms, bongs & hookahs then go to the hospital and stop coughing up blood. It’s so bad that basically since Alice starts working under him, she ends up helping hold Nightmare down while shoving medicine down his throat. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He doesn’t intrude into her dreams as much but he can still see them so he bed intrudes instead to help her get a better sleep. Alice hugs him asking him never to leave her, then wakes up realizing she’s hugging him in real life and pushes him away lol. He even goes as far as sleeping next to her sometimes despite knowing that she can’t stop thinking about Julius and the clock tower. Gray wants Nightmare to marry Alice, but Alice would rather marry Gray cause he’s better suited husband material. Nightmare gets really pissed that Alice has no feelings for him XD. He complains that she’d make a crappy wife but then attempts to ask her to marry him anyway and gives her a bouquet of flowers at night. Eventually they finally bring Nightmare to the damn hospital lmao. It’s all because he wanted Alice to marry him that he decided to face his fears. Alice isn’t ready to marry him but she’s afraid he’s gonna disappear from her like Julius, so she kisses him while he’s in bed with an ICU. She claims its a reward for going to the hospital even though he’s scared of hospitals. (´^ω^`) After he’s released he tells her he wants to marry her because he loves her and that he’s jealous of Julius. In the ending they kiss in bed together until he starts coughing his lungs out and cockblocks himself (´・ω・`). Alice agrees to marry him if she stops tasting blood in his kisses. After they hump (did they even hump or they fell asleep like logs lmao??) Alice sees him sleeping and kisses him on the cheek. Overall Nightmare’s route had some cute scenes but I think it was mostly eyerolling comedy rather than romance which is a bit of a shame I guess. Nightmare may be a stubborn immature pot smoker hippy but I think there was definitely more potential for Alice to whip him into shape. Hopefully that little problem will be resolved in Joker!

Gray Ringmarc – Gray loves cute things despite being a former assassin. In fact now he is so normal Alice doesn’t know what to do with herself. Nightmare warns her about him having another personality, since he’s an ex-assassin after all. He’s almost like a mother to Nightmare always nagging him to take his medicine and do his work. He’s also very careful about health and he knows that his smoking habit is bad but he says it helps him relax. When Alice jokes saying maybe she’ll pick up the habit, he freaks out saying that if that were to happen he’d quit cold turkey just for her XD. Alice then tries looking around to see if he has a girlfriend because someone so mature & normal can’t possibly be single. At the same time, Gray thinks that she’s in love with some irresponsible idiot and you pretty much have a whole bunch of sexual frustration going on here! When Alice tries to give him hints about hitting on your coworkers he says he loves his job more than anyone and it would be sexual harassment. They end up pretending to “be lovers” because Alice is lonely for Julius or something. They continue their love games until Alice ends up on his bed and he’s like “yea I know you had the hots for Julius.” He asks if he should be like Julius and she says that Julius kissed her more so if he wants to be like him, then Gray should kiss her more. She then babbles how she and Julius slept in the same bed together too ._.; Gray agrees to “play with her” some more and be like Julius but inside Alice already knows she’s in love with Gray and its not just a game for her. And they end up fucking lawl, so now when Alice comes to his room he says he isn’t satisfied with just kissing so they hump some more. \( ^o^)/  In the ending Nightmare makes fun of them saying he knows they’re getting it on. They end up in his bed during their work break and he goes on to say how his cigarette smoke all over her turns him on (ew.) She says maybe it’s not good for them to be humping during their break but he’s like “whatever everyone knows anyway :lol:.” And so after deciding they’re officially lovers now, they end up humping happily ever after. Nightmare is pissed that they’re all ichaicha in front of him because he can read all their dirty thoughts xDDD. Hmm I thought Gray was really sweet and yea he’s probably the most “normal” character in the whole series.  He doesn’t randomly jump on Alice like everyone else, so she has to be the one to put in the effort this time ….but I guess in the end it all works out!

Rose Garden End – Blood explains to Alice that all the roses live at his will and if he were to die, they would all wilt. He also controls them like creepy tentacle monsters and gets them to spin around him & Alice. Alice rages & tramples on his foot until he gets the rose vines off her 😆 Alice tells him that Vivaldi got poked with a rose and got blood all over her hand…but he’s like “oh its her going nuts again huh?”  He then goes into creeper mode and says he wants to see her blood so he pokes her with a rose thorn and licks it off. (ಠ_ಠ) So then Vivaldi shows up in the garden and she and Blood double team Alice part 2 ( ≖Д≖;). Of course then Blood goes wacko saying he wants to see Vivaldi’s blood too and he slaps his hand away going “omg did you do something creepy to Alice!?” In the ending he sucks on her blood from her hand like a vampire and when Alice calls him out on it he’s like “cool being a vampire sounds good bro.” (ಠ_ಠ)So then Blood tentacles her in rose vines while Vivaldi tags him and starts sucking the blood from Alice’s finger =_=. So then Blood says he’ll make her his (aka screw her) and give Vivaldi sloppy seconds.

Vivaldi + Responsibility End – Vivaldi actually has no route in this game but she does have some friend scenarios if you spam her. While doing this I figured I’d pick up the bad ending which you basically pick the responsible choices like in Anniversary. Here we find out that King and Vivaldi aren’t actually married and both have faceless lovers. The King is an asshole though and he doesn’t care about Vivaldi despite her having feelings for him. And so in the bad ending if you pick too many responsible choices the door voices tell you “hey woman you got real world responsibility.” The illusion of her sister shows up telling her she needs to return home while the voices of Nightmare & Peter tell her to stay. She opens the door anyway and I guess returns to her empty world where she’s foreveralone since Lorina’s dead.

Forest Door End – Basically if you spam Peter but not to the point of a romantic ending, it’s the same as the responsibility end but this time Peter tells Alice not to open the door. Alice shuts the door saying that on the other side there’s nothing but emptyness and loneliness waiting for her. She finds herself sitting under one of the trees when suddenly Peter finds her and sits next to her saying he doesn’t want her to be alone. They listen to the whale cries and he takes her had telling her not to suffer alone. He hugs her telling her he loves her and then he takes her hand as they walk out of the forest. He tells her he won’t leave her alone and that she is his “dream”. Actually I’m starting to think the whales actually symbolize Alice’s “heart” this time. They mentioned that the whale cry says “I want to go home” and that’s why Peter said “Please don’t go back into the ocean.” That’s why if you refuse to see the whales during the game you end up with the responsibility end.

Misc. Hatter Ends – In the Mafia End Alice basically becomes a badass part of the mafia and she joins Elliot & Blood on their missions. Blood makes her do a vow of blood promising that she will never betray them and that she will always be at his direct command. In the honobono end Alice has a picnic BBQ with Blood, Elliot & the Twins. Elliot brings a giant bag of carrots that he starts BBQing while Blood rages about it xDD. In the Twins go batshit ending you basically ignore the Mafia dudes and run off and get cozy with other guys. (I took the opportunity to gather Boris & Pierce’s friend events.) Sadly for some reason it never triggered for me which is weird since I had like 3 hearts for both Boris & Pierce but oh well whatever XD. From the CGs it just looked like they killed Alice so uh nothing tragic if I missed getting that >_>.

Despite people saying this was a crappy game I still found it enjoyable. Yes there was definitely crappy moments (i.e. Ace’s creepyness and Elliot’s entire route) but if I look at the overall game I thought it was definitely worth playing. It also helped introducing Pierce and Gray, both of whose routes I thought were really good. Without their routes here I think jumping from Anniversary to Joker would have been rather awkward. I also like how instead of Vivaldi being some blatant yuri route here, she just had friend events and was pretty much like a bff /older sister to Alice. I thought it was cute how they went shopping and discussed boys together lmao. THATS HOW IT SHOULDA BEEN TO BEGIN WITH! m9( ゚д゚)ビシッ!! The one huge theme of the game here is instead of Alice being a “guest” she tries to blend in and be an “employee” or work somewhere in every route. Everyone tells her she doesn’t need to but it’s especially terrible in Elliot’s route where that becomes a major conflict of interest to the point where I was like WHY IS THIS EVEN HAPPENING. ( ≖Д≖;) Also lol WHY IS THIS GAME CERO B. Let’s see we got boob grab CGs, dead bodies, lots of blood and Alice has sex with every dude in this game. Someone remind me again why this is Cero B?? 😆 And why games like Otomate’s KimiKare were Cero C??? LOOOL. So anyway if you thought this game would be edited or censored because of the rating I assure you this is not the case. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) For this game I recommend leaving the responsibility end + forest door end for last as it felt the most appropriate in my eyes. It might even be better to play Peter’s route right before doing those 2 endings as well. Unlike Anniversary, I actually got 93% of the CGs and 99% of the scenes so I’d say pretty good progress!  Mostly the CGs missing were from the STUPID AS ALL FUCK Hearts & Clovers mini game. That was probably the most idiotic and irritating part of Clover Alice that I hope to NEVER SEE AGAIN. ┻━┻ ︵╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻ So for now I am halfway through the Alice series I only have Joker and Omochabox which I plan to play in the next 2 months so that way I can be all set and ready for Diamond no Kuni!


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  1. try using the guide over at peche and if not then use the clover alice wiki. If you follow Peche’s guide exactly, then you should have no problems getting all their endings, since that’s what I did. Good luck!

  2. I’m playing Clover and those game CGs….are trying to kill me!
    I keep getting the Twins shota end no matter what. I ended it with 3 hearts and 5 hearts but still the same ending ):

  3. Hi, I’m playing this game too right now and I want to ask you how do you stay at the tower? Sorry if I’m asking a really obvious question or missed it somewhere in your review but I can’t figure it out!

  4. Ahaha his BL lover Julius! And indeed Ace in this game felt very weird to me. Instead of actually caring (even a bit) about Alice in Heart, here he was creepy and I didn’t quite get if he was sincere about his “feelings” for Alice or not. I just thought that Gray was the best part of this game.

  5. Not sure about Julius but I heard nobody liked Gowland cause he looked like an ossan 😛
    At least Julius is in Diamond but yea Gowland pretty much gets the short end of the stick after Heart.

  6. I wonder why Julius and Gowland wasn’t included in this. I know what happened in the story but I’m talking about Quinrose. Were they not that popular in the very first game (the old Heart no Kuni)?

  7. Ahh T_T how could they ruin my beloved Elliot? He made me go so dokidoki in the first game.

  8. Eh just try to learn it, it took me a while but I learned it so I could enjoy games like this ^^
    The Boris book series btw is 7 books total 8D

  9. Omg this review makes me insanely jealous that I cant read Japanese to play this. I just read the manga with the twins and the one with Boris. I thought the twins one was hooot but I can tell there is a Boris bias since hes getting 4 volumes. Not that I’m complaining because he was always my favorite. On another note Gray’s route sounds hot.

  10. hmm ok then. oh yeah! where do you find the walkthroughs for these games? i guess there aren’t any in english?

  11. yea you really should play anniversary first (don’t bother with heart the art is fugly and it has less endings/scenarios). clover is more like a fandisk sequel to anniversary/heart.

  12. dammit i must jump on the alice bandwagon but argh need… that… pc patch… before that i guess i’ll just stick to reading your reviews and trying not to spoil myself (already failed LOL) =D
    oh yeah just wondering do i need to play the heart/anniversary one first before playing this? or can i delve right into clover with just a basic outline of the premise?

  13. oh no the card games are back in joker nooooo ;A;
    I hope they’re not as annoying (and easier to beat orz)

    In Anniversary Vivaldi was like licking Alice’s feet and her “advances” on Alice were a lot more yuri-estic to me than they were in Clover so that’s why 😆
    Also that rose garden end…… (|||❛︵❛.) Fortunately in Clover it was mostly friend stuff (save for the creepy rose garden end which I guess will just be creepy every time)

    Humm the first non-doormat that comes to mind is Kureha from Hottokenser. Also the girl from Hush a Bye Baby. As far as Otomate, the Beast Master & prince heroine and the Clock Zero heroines were pretty decent and probably stand out above most of Otomate’s mary sues.

    If I’m already getting 2 obsessive haters all it does is tell me that I must have reached a high enough popularity level that people now want to rebel against me (lol). My blog hits pretty much trippled in size since last year so I guess it’s to be expected. My end of year review will be fun to write! As far as tumblr, I just needed a photo dump place and clearly tumblr wasn’t going to be it so I think my fc2 blog will suffice for now (and I turned off comments so if someone don’t like it they have no choice but to leave and move on lol.)

  14. Hee hee I’m glad you enjoyed Clover~ ^^ It was the first Alice game I played so I thought it was pretty good too, but Anniversary and Joker are better games than Clover overall so you should look forward to Joker. :] Unfortunately you have completely beat Joker in those card minigames if you want to see Joker’s extra events, but you don’t need to force yourself to get a perfect game every time after that! All that practice I got from collecting every single card game event in Clover made me feel sorry for Joker a bit haha XD

    Yay~ You tried Vivaldi’s friend events here instead of completely skipping over her 😀 But Vivaldi’s events are always heartwarming awesome like this so you can’t really call her regular routes in Heart a yuri route because I don’t remember Vivaldi doing anything creepy… or are all girl routes in otome games called yuri routes no matter what? あら~ ._.;
    A-anyways… are there any strong heroines like Alice outside Quinrose games? I haven’t played that many otome games, so I don’t know if I can stand being a doormat after mainly playing Quinrose games XD Tsukiko kinda bores me too since I’m used to Alice >_>

    It’s a shame you had to do away with your tumblr, but man, I’m probably a jerk but that picture as your response…pfft nice XD You probably already know this, but it’s easy to be liked if you just do want everyone likes, but when you make enemies it’s ’cause you’re asserting your own opinions. And at the end of the day that’s all that really matters anyways so don’t let anyone get you down for just being yourself! 🙂 Err, just had to say that ’cause I don’t think it’s right that something like that happened to you twice ><;

  15. Seems kind of odd they took him out since he seems to be the canon guy along side Peter. 😡

  16. I don’t understand. Why did that cause you to delete your tumblr? I miss seeing your screenshot posts. 😦

    On another note, wow you have some really pushy haters out there. O_O

  17. So pretty much this isn’t a fan disc that continues the romance but a sequel off the truth end? Also, is there not a truth end in this game? I was hoping for more on that since I found that part of the story really interesting. Also why no Julius? ;0; Is he coming back in Joker or Diamond?

  18. hahah yea as Rina said about Joker being Eroi I’m looking fwd to it ;DDDD
    I remember playing Last Escort games and those were Cero D but I felt they were just as much suggestive as the Alice games that were Cero B/C so I guess it just depends on what the company feels is most fit for the rating 8D

  19. おほほ~( ̄、 ̄;) I’ve played through clover and am currently playing through joker, and only now realized they weren’t cero d. In joker there are some scenes so エロイ but I guess they are more heavily suggestive than anything text-wise. Still it’s so weird to think that this is in the same ratings category as tokimeki memorial gs and stuff(・_・ )

  20. oh you played CLover before Heart? XDD
    I think he’s mentioned being an S in both Clover & Anniversary 😆 Though the scene you’re referring to I think was in Clover.
    Cero B for Boobgrab

  21. えろいよ双子エロイよ←黙れwヽ( ・∀・)ノ┌┛ガッΣ(ノ`Д´)ノ since this is my first alice game it had special place on my heart lol by route my top3 choice is twins,peter and Boris XD i just love the scene where alice and peter talks where alice said “i think youre really an M”
    peter:No i definitely an S where in the end peter surrenders to alice lol i dont know if its clover or heart though ^^;since i played this on my highschool years XD こんなCEROBで大丈夫か?大丈夫だ、問題ない

  22. I can’t either I mean maybe instead of being implied secks it’ll just be actual secks and they cut off right before we see the money shot HAHAHA 😆

  23. Told you the Cero B was REALLY WEIRD, right!? I can’t imagine what Quinrose’s Cero D would look like….

  24. Yea some parts are crappy but it didn’t take away from the overall enjoyment of the game. I pretty much like all the characters so 1 or 2 bad routes isn’t gonna make me hate the game as a whole.

  25. I have this game here, but I still didn’t start to play
    Thanks for the review =D
    True, my friend also said the same thing… some parts are crappy, but is a nice game ^^

  26. Wow, this is Cero B? I’m so curious about what Cero D is going to be like then…. yowza! Can’t wait until October 25th and Hyakki Yakou.

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