B’s Log September 2012

This magazine is late and I’m too tired from drinking cold medicine so this time I just took my cell phone and took pics of the pages I wanted to talk about. \( ^o^)/ Oh well this will further prove that my cell phone is better than my other 2 cameras that I’ve put up for sale on ebay now.

Storm Lover summer post cards (why no Takumi!?)
UtaPri notebook that I’ll probably never use

Meh the extras this time are kinda lame. Actually I’ve really been losing interest in the stuff that comes with B’s Log lately except posters of Quin Rose games 😆

I read the scenario for this image and I’m wondering like is this gonna be R-18? There was another scenario on another page where like some dude’s carrying Mikoto and then she’s having some erotic dream where it sounded like she orgasmed….and the dude carrying her is like….Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Lol yea anyway this whole series is too weird for me (and the splitting of games crap is starting to get on my nerves. I hope it’s a trend that dies sooner rather than later.) Also if you like Hino Satoshi’s yandere rapists, this guy will be right up your alley.

As I mentioned before they’re gonna have Ringo & Ryuuya in the next utapri game. If you think the princes will get “decent” routes think again lmao. It will most likely be like what they did with TYB Jelly Beans where they’re these half assed routes with 1-2 Cgs while the focus will be on the douchebag senpais. Utapri’s really put a bad taste in my mouth after Debut so I am not sure if I want to bother with this. I guess it’ll all depend on the status of my backlog at the time of its release.

Just more characters in Seishun hajimemashita. I admit my excitement(?) for this game kinda died. I’m still confused about the system and how the routes are going to work but my expectations are pretty low.

That lipstick series from Black Butterfly…apparently introduces dudes that will be dudes you CHEAT ON YOUR GUY WITH. LOOOL /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. So I guess technically you are getting 2 characters per game if there’s a guy that you can cheat with right? I want to say this is better than 1 but my moral conscience is like (ಠ_ಠ).

D3P decided to dive into the mobile market and they’re pushing out a bunch of cell phone games (not sure if it will be apps or gree or mobage etc.) I just thought the one called “Stalking Love” was worth mentioning for the lulz. It’s exactly what it sounds: Your stalking turns into romance! Not sure how this is promoting any sort of public decency but whatever floats the fangirls boats 😆

I haven’t been following the Vitamin Z broadway thing but I just wanted to take a pic of how appropriate everyone looked to their characters. Like I don’t think I’ve even saw cosplay THIS PERFECT at Otakon 😆 Kenn especially is basically Tenjurou himself! Look at him man he’s got the face AND the voice! If I lived in Japan I would definitely go see this oh well!

Stop teasing me Custom Drive I’m saving money for all of the Quin Rose limited editions at the end of the year ;_;

No Kanato put that fork away NO. The scenarios actually seemed pretty hot but as always, Yui pisses me off. Her lines/reactions are so nerve grating that it seems difficult to enjoy this game for the dummy head mic parts meh. I’ll probably still play it but only behind any Quin Rose games in my backlog.

Did DEEN hire a real animation team to work on season 2?
キタ━ヽ(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)人(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)ノ━!!

I heard about this before the magazine was released but fuck yea Oumagatoki sequel wooooo! I think that Hino Satoshi’s character may actually get a route this time as well as Yocchin’s. Either way I’m excited that QR is releasing more of these series and it wasn’t just a 1 time thing. (´^ω^`)

More cute Cinderella coverage. They did mention that the heroine is a tsundere and if you played the first game you can imagine what her voice sounds like in your head without trying to picture it xDD (Hatsune Mikuuuuu)

More Diamond alice stuff. They list the story as being Alice decides to stay in in Wonderland but suddenly everyone “moves” to the country of Diamonds just like they did in Clover. However during the move there was a hardware failure and all the characters’ memories of Alice were  lost in time & space along with characters like Gowland Pierce and Vivaldi. The new database contains higher quality artwork and setting but now Alice needs to restore her files to be compatible with herself  so that Quin Rose fans a new can enjoy the Alice series once more. Okay I pretty much made it sound like a sci-fi fanfic but to me that’s what this whole thing feels like :lol:. Peter has no voice actor listed so it’s very likely that he will either be flashback material or a non talking guardian in the door area (like in Clover.)

I read Jerico’s scenario…father complex the route lmao. Also apparently he’s two faced??? Idk. They cast Koyama Rikiya for him and Toriumi Kousuke for Sidney. I am sick of Toriumi, he’s really in every game. It’s not even a joke anymore. He also keeps getting cast as wangsty bitchy characters most of the time so it’s like always hearing Yusa be cast as some rapist sigh. ( ≖Д≖;)

YEAAA CERO D Baby YEAAA. Also speaking of Cero D:

As I had called it last month, School Wars has been officially announced to be Cero D \( ^o^)/. Quin Rose is prolly like fuck it guys let’s just make it as randy as hell before it gets to just being R-18. THIS IS THE BEST PLACE TO HAVE AN OTOME GAME. Have it be hot & naughty – but not have it go into badly proportioned ero scenes that look like they’re catered to dudes. QR just shut up and take my money srsly. ┗(^q^ )┓三

Confidential Monnaaayy

This team sure loves scenarios of the dudes walking in on the heroine changing or vice versa. Lmao oh well more props to them cause those scenes are funny XDDD

Still on the fence about Asaki Yumemishi sequel thing. The constant delays and the change of artist don’t help things. Good to see that at least she has eyes in some Cgs and not an eyeless disaster like Kimikare.

The final TYB fandisk….I’m lookin fwd to Hammer but Lucy & Yuuto just don’t do it for me (especially Lucy because he just looks like a girl to me meh.)

Some Seiyuu interview pages, I figured I’d take pics of these since I think a few friends of mine like them:

More info on the Vitamin X soine apps. Looks pretty nice but hopefully it won’t be like the Soine Kareshi apps where they are just horrible as an alarm. I guess only time will tell, hopefully it’ll be released in August.

The 3 Kingdoms leaders in swimsuits xDDD Chuubou is so precious ε-(*´∀`|萌|. Is anyone playing the PSP version? Unfortunately I decided to pass over it since my backlog is pretty full as it is but I hope to hear some thoughts from those who did play the port.

Eh that’s really it honestly. I skipped over most of Otomate’s crap because I don’t care for them that much anymore. Hiiro 4 (or 5) looks like more of the same, I heard Toki no Kizuna’s heroine is a helpless log too lmao. Wand of Fortune I’ve yet to get started on so I haven’t taken much interest in that. The rest of the magazine is just BL games and drama CDs. I got a notice that I only have 2 issues left in my subscription but I don’t intend to renew. Maybe I’ll go back to my original plan of “only buying issues if the furoku/posters” are interesting because I feel like having a subscription I’m pretty much seeing the same stuff I see every month (cough trick or rape posters cough).


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  1. Oohhh novel… mmmmmm that changes everything lol I dislike reading vertically as well, not to mention novels written in other languages (aka chinese/japanese/korean) give me a headache after a while LOL. Not sure if that’s worth it, I thought it would be like a real art book full of pretty pictures :C disappointing, but oh well lol c’est la vie hahaha

  2. Friend who got the extra quin rose book told me it was like 5 pages of comic and the rest was mostly novel..seeing how I hate reading vertically I’ve concluded that it’s not worth the $150 or whatever via proxy to order it directly from Quin Rose ^^; It’s up to you of course though.

  3. Wow, that’s a little pricy xD But….SO WORTH IT. Thanks for the proxy, I might try it! I suppose for now I should just ask my friend to do it for me… I’m sure it’s a lot cheaper and my friend doesn’t charge me shipping fees LOL. I haven’t used a site in so long (have been using my friend orz lol) that I feel as if I’ve forgotten how LOL ^^;;;;;; but yeah, I would rather buy straight from QuinRose cause they give you that book rawr /p\
    But it’s all soo expensive… I mean seriously, I think I might have to starve myself to afford all these games 8’D;;;!!!! Lol all my money goes straight to otoges. Such is the life of an otome gamer xDD

  4. I just bought one of their shop doujins via proxy cost me $65 instead of the original price of $31 T_T_T_T

    The proxy I was using is a good one! She was very helpful and very responsive!

    If you have a friend in Japan go through that though you can save on fees and stuff. If I have CD Japan points I will use those first but maybe for Diamond I’ll splurge (itll cost me like $140 if I do orz) The extra artbook is a Quin Rose shop tokuten. Like for example Stellaworth gives you bromides, animate gives you some face towel but quin rose gives you an extra comic illustration book so I’d prefer to buy from them but so expensive OTL

  5. OHNAISE hell yeah limited edition or go home lol damn you Quinrose for taking all my monies LOL T^T I wish I owned more Alice dj because there’s some seriously ridiculously good dj out there, but I might just find some scans online and try to buy it later lol and wow a proxy, that’s pretty intense – wait, extra artbook? Please attempt it and tell me if it works so I can do it too LOL
    A close friend of mine lives in Japan though so I might just have her order it for me and mail it to me lol xD

  6. yep it’s all over my twitter this morning.
    there’s going to be a new game as well lol.
    in before people start shipping ikki x kent or shin x toma orz

  7. Is the cinderella heroine Odette’s stepsister? BTW I sorta trolled Belucre although all I really did was say she sucked for making you out to be a bad guy. I mean if your comments were about actual people then I can see why someone would get offended but fictional characters? Pfft besides the plotlines in Gekka Ryouran Romance were ridiculous anyway so I can see why you might get frustrated over all the emo crap.

  8. its the same artist as the movie btw xP
    the art is done by Fujimaru Mamenosuke who did all those extremely hot Alice manga/doujins:

    so yea just for that reason alone I’ll probably buy the limited edition of the game ;A;
    I am even thinking abuot using a proxy to buy the edition from quin rose shop to get the extra art book orz;;

  9. “That lipstick series from Black Butterfly…apparently introduces dudes that will be dudes you CHEAT ON YOUR GUY WITH.”


    Whhaaat the heeelllll lol

    And QuinRose omg. I.. Peterrrrrr (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ I’m really upset that Peter probably isn’t going to be in Diamond… He was definitely one of my favorites from the Alice series (and that isn’t just the rabbit bias speaking lmao) but the new bunny doesn’t look all that appealing to me 😦 I guess I’ll play it anyways just to see what happens, since I like the Alice series quite a lot. It also looks like the artwork leveled up by like x10 (It almost reminds me of the movie really…whichIhavestillyettowatchcoughcough I’m a horrible quinrose fangirl) so I guess it also has that? I wonder why they took out Vivaldi, but I guess I don’t really mind mostly because I want the manses lol \(^o^)/

    But still. Peter (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ uhuhuhuhuu…..

    And awww the Sangoku boys in suits, so cute CHUUBOU <333 lol I love the heroine in the background holding up the sign. So cute xD

    Looks like quite a few interesting games coming out. I can already feel my bank account crying xD

  10. oh interesting when you put it that way. sadly I was a noob and I sat through all of hiiro’s retarded battles feeling that if I didn’t I’d miss something in the story. turns out I missed absolutely nothing except wasted hours of my life (except when I fell asleep on the couch during Yuuichi’s final battle :lol:)

  11. Hiiro’s length was actually pretty decent and not too overly long if you speed-skip through all the overly padded battles, which contains no substance whatsoever and are the most atrociously written THINGS I have ever seen. (Seriously, every. single. time. they use sound effects in prose unironically and Tamaki narrates about how dramatic and exciting and tragic it was, I died a little inside.) Sure, there’s also a bunch of pointless emo in which Tamaki/Guy of Choice angsts over how useless they are and how WRONG their environments are instead of getting the hell up and figuring out how to do things, but those aren’t too long.

    IDK if Toki no Kizuna would be equally skippable-based-on-which-part-I’m-on, but. And anyway it’s not a huge priority; I have a serious, serious backlog this year (my reading speed is pretty fast, esp. if I’m not moe’d by the game enough to actually listen to the voice acting; it’s just that I don’t have a lot of time to game this year). It’s. I DEFINITELY didn’t like Hakuouki and all, and a game Hakuouki fans have ambivalent reactions to might have *something* nice in it. If it’s poop, well, that’s easy to identify nowadays. If it’s not, well, it’s still unlikely to be great and thus not a high must-play, but it’s interesting to see how Otomate tries to tackle something new. If they actually tried and it’s not just the Hakuouki fans whining about how it’s not PureHeartedGirl/MachoProtector#123132144543543.

  12. The problem is probably the guide… mine stated “you should get this event now if you didn’t reload until you do” so I reloaded and almost always it just had to be once… but usually it appeared by itself so for me it wasn’t as random.
    How long will it take to play it?… if it takes little time I might be able to get it out of my backlog this week and be happy with the rest of you who have played it.

  13. I dunno he looks kinda pissed to me, and I’m used to seeing him in pain when Alice reaches for his ears. Well, QR did say he was supposed to be more badass in this game, which seems to translate “face not as cute”. And last night? With our timezones that was probably early morning over here so I was asleep. I’ll go check it out then, but from what I saw in the previous month’s CGs, it looked good on him. I did like his manskirt though, gives him style without being fabulous max. You’ll probably like his suit in Clover though, no manskirt there, but he has a partially open shirt to how off part of his chest.

  14. haha well they have cheap android phones now so I think you can think about an upgrade! I’ve been using android phones for the last 4-5 years so its worth it 8D
    And yea B’s log is really repetitive. Maybe I will go back to buying like once every 3-4 months instead!

  15. Enjoy Ouma!! It’s a good game XDD
    Cinderella might be good but I am worried about the random friend event system again which gave me grief in the first game :/

  16. Wait he does? I think he looks cute lmao oh well XD
    Did you see the pic of boris I posted on twitter last night with his new uniform? I Love it lmao. I was never a fan of his manskirt

  17. I didn’t bother with DGS ever since they went monthly and were like “lets stuff our magazine fulla manga” like wtf dude lol.
    I’m looking fwd to Custom Drive as well but not sure how interesting it will be doing the same guy with different personalities. Still on the fence about it!
    We’ll see though, it could end up being a lot of fun!

  18. The only posters were 1 for D3P’s random games, 2 the 24 hour cinderella which I hung up (looks like QR’s standard posters) and another trick or rape poster (which they’ve had in every issue bleh.)

    Kyogoku was like one of my favorite characters in oumagatoki. I also agree about Yusa lmao xD
    Glad you’re on the QR bandwagon. It’s about time they got the recognition they deserve!

    I’ll probably post the pic on my Fc2 blog once I get it. I used airmail this time around so it’ll probably take another week or so.

  19. Thank you for the scans!
    Was the posters with the magazine any good?
    I’m so hyped about Hyakki Yakou, School Wars and new Oumagatoki (Playing the first one right now. I’m at the end of Kyo’s true route (ノД`)・゜・。). It’s werid how I always cringe at megane characters voiced by Yusa but Kyogoku is pretty likable.
    Aah, it’s your fault I’m a QR fan now y’know? (  ̄3 ̄)

    Will you post a picture when you get your Bounty Hunter limited edition? I would love to see it and the tokuten.

  20. Thanks for reviewing B’s Log again!

    I subscribed DGS since last month and yeah, all those Otomate games are boring as hell… Luckily Quinrose and D3P and Drama CD’s are having enough pages to make it up for those eyeless and “doormat” heroines…

    It feels like there are only a few good games coming out in the next time… orz
    I will just wait patiently for Custom Drive… 🙂 And your Quinrose reviews. Hell YES, Cero D. 😀

  21. Those diamond no kuni scans….Elliot looks like such a douche, nooooo! Why couldn’t they have left cute Elliot alone? I despise how all the old characters except Boris, Nightmare and (maybe) Julius are all so mean to Alice in the beginning.

  22. Aw yeah quin rose take my money hahaha XD Cero D huh i wonder how randy it will be since their Cero B is CeroC lmao Ive already ordered custom drive lol eventhoughThey just hAVE 3 Dudes in the game I think im gonna enjoy it since when i try loveplus i unexpectedly enjoy it Haha ナンテコッタイw

  23. Awww… seeing the CG for the new oumagatoki makes me want to finally get it out of my backlog… I really want to be happy for that sequel it got… But as of now I’m only interested in the cinderella game, probably I will care for the rest once I have it in my hands orz…
    well it looks like diamond will not be the drama fest I expected it will be, it actually looks totally cute and fluffy…for an Alice game that is.

    lastly… damn I might even consider buying school wars after all… it looks like tons of fun… *o* and also… Cero D.

    You are right once you know QR you never go back 😀

  24. A lot of games are getting into smart phones. I still use archaic one and don’t think smart phones would do me good since I’m so low-tech lol.
    But these guys begin to change my mind. (Noooo, I’d rather wanna keep my monthly fee for cell phone for buying games.)
    I see now why you don’t want to renew your subscription. The content seem repeated over and over.
    Thanks for your review!

  25. it’s maybe a little sad the new utapri game only will be sold in akihabara even that maybe not will be good then i have something to play and i can’t wait for the next alice game >w< i'm playing the first one right now and i still laugh at how that are drawed but it's still nice

  26. its the 2nd one 😛 The first one is Hyakki Yakou. But that’s as far as “Quin Rose” firsts.
    First otome game that I played that was Cero D was the Last Escort series from D3Publisher

  27. Yay Cero D with my favourite seiyuu!! (^.^)/ I hope those games are good so that R-18 games could learn a lesson or two. >>

    Anyway,is School Wars the first otome game to be rated Cero D?Or is there else?

  28. It’s been kinda boring every month except when the announce a new Quin Rose game lol. I think Otomate’s new announcements are usually in DGS anyway so by the time B’s Log gets it, it’s old news.

    I guess I love Ero-Rose so it’s really up my alley lmao. I do agree about the hilarity. I am currently on Blood’s route in Clover Alice and only Alice would say “Wait…I WAS INTO COSPLAY!? What kind of hentai am I” LMAOOO プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ It’s hard to hate anything in QR games except some of their older game systems. Fortunately I prioritize story & charactetrs over system ease which is why in the end I put myself through the torture of QR and D3P 😆

    I also heard Toki no Kizuna is a text wall dump like Hiiro so uh have fun I guess? I’ve thrown it into my “Otomate dark corner pile”

  29. This month’s pretty boring, isn’t it? It’s also been a while since Otomate announced anything new, but at the rate they’re delaying things I’m not surprised. (Toki no Kizuna seemed rushed up the wazoo, though. I’ve heard that Yukina has a strong personality despite being somewhat useless in fights, but that seemed to have caused a problem with traditional otomate fans haha. They don’t like the type that puts logic before love, it seems, but that’s what I prefer being myself a 恋愛音痴 kind of person, so I might try it out despite everything.)

    Not sure how I feel about Quinrose’s Cero-D trend. I’m asexual, so reading those scenes tends to feel like reading overly long descriptions of someone eating hamburgers and I’m not sure if I want a focus on them in my non-porn. On the other hand, sometimes those exchanges get SO HILARIOUS in their games and I live for Hilarity. And anyway it’s rare to get sexual scenes where the heroine doesn’t appear to be in a bodice-ripper, so I suppose it’s all good.

  30. lol I’ll get to it, I really do plan to but reading 4shiki’s review the system seems really annoying so I haven’t had the motivation lol
    Once you go Quin Rose you never go back..

  31. B-But.. Wand of Fortune has Kakki.. and he voices a tsundere~ /tries to tempt you

    Actually I don’t blame you for being wary of the series. I hear the first game was terrible to get through. That’s why tbh I skipped it and started instead on the fandisk (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    Anyways, thanks for making this! Not too many games I’m interested in at this point, but I suppose I really need to start on my QuinRose marathon soon..

  32. I want to say receive it in my house but I actually pick it up at the bookstore to save on shipping 😆 But yea it was a 6 month subscription. My last issue is in September (which would be the November issue)

  33. I love this magazine =)
    Do you buy per moth or do you receive in your house?
    I wish I could buy it every month ;;
    UtaPri note *O* waaaaaa
    Love the swimsuits too *3* hehehehe

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