Mobage Review: Tsuioku no Kiseki

Haruka decides to move back to her old hometown alone. She gets a part time job at a cafe and runs into three guys which trigger events from her childhood.

Soma – Soma is the first guy Haruka runs into. He made a childhood promise to marry her some day but oh noes not only did our heroine forget the promise, she forgot HIM! He’s tsuntsun to her at first but eventually starts accepting her amnesia and eventually tells her how his mother died before he started university so he’s been working hard to make it on his own. When Haruka comes over his house one time, she finds a ring on his desk and picks it up because it feels familar to her. When Soma sees her with it, he tells her he’s shocked she doesn’t know what it is and then suddenly she ends up tripping and falling down with him toppling on top of her. Haruka apologizes for touching the ring but just then Soma leans down and kisses her as tears fall out of his eyes. щ(ಥДಥщ) He then tells Haruka to GTFO and she runs back to her room bawwing her eyes out as well and then she has a dream about the past. So then Haruka decides to try and talk to him and waits for him in front of his apartment, getting sick in the process. She passes out and finds herself awake in his bed and he’s like wtf woman. She cries saying she doesn’t want him to hate her and so they make up and then go on a date together to the amusement park.

So then a few days later, one of the guys who always come to Haruka’s cafe gets beat up and so she ends up calling an ambulance for him and being late for her date with Soma. When she gets home she apologizes but Soma is pissed because she’s “making him wait again” and when Haruka clings on to him he PUSHES HER AND SHE BANGS HER HEAD INTO THE WALL (屮゜Д゜)屮. JFC dude you coulda given her a fucking concussion! Well apparently this was all for good because a smack in the head is all she needed to remember that she made a promise with Soma long long ago to be his future bride! Childhood promises are serious business! So then it seems like things are going well until that blonde guy from the restaurant confesses to Haruka and hugs her. Haruka tells him she loves Soma and cannot return his feelings so the dude agrees to give up. Unfortunately Soma sees them hugging, his trust issues rise back up and he tells Haruka he doesn’t want to see her for a few days leaving her bawwing at home in bed. And so a few days later Soma then tells Haruka that he’s going to study abroad in a medical school  in America because it will give him the opportunity to heal diseases of people who have the same disease his mother died from. And lucky me I got the “sad love end” where  Haruka ends up bawwing and staying back in Japan reading letters from Soma in America telling her to “do her best.” ( ´_ゝ`) Sigh leave it to me to successfully dodge both the LOVE and HAPPY ends orz.

Mizuki – Mizuki is apparently a music composer but he’s still in college. He’s a rich boy and unfortunately due to this he has a bunch of gold diggers after his money. He always hits on Haruka and flirts with her in the cafe but when she sees him playing kissyface with a bunch of his fanwhores she feels sickened. She’s so sickened by it that she doesn’t want to be anywhere near him and not knowing why Mizuki starts getting all upset. So then Haruka blurts out that she saw him on campus flirting like a manwhore. Suddenly Mizuki’s like “oh damn now you know, and I guess you want to be treated the same way too eh?” He then pins her against the wall until Haruka tells him to fuck off and then he shrugs it off saying he’s just joking and walks away. Eventually Haruka decides to stop moping around, and goes to Mizuki directly while he’s in his harem. She tells all the bitches she needs to talk to him and Mizuki tells the hoes to GTFO since he always prioritizes Haruka first. Haruka then starts to recall a memory when she got lost and a shota helped her and that it could possibly be Mizuki. However she figures there’s no way he’d ever remember that (even though he does trololol.) When they go to the aquarium a few days later, she finally mentions it and is shocked that Mizukis remembers it as well (herp derp.) Haruka then confesses that she’s in love with Mizuki and he says that she was the first person ever to compliment his first song he composed.

He then comes grabs Haruka & kisses her before she can get another word in. Unfortunately he then drops the news that he has an arranged fiance by his family (being the rich kid after all) and when Haruka asks if he loves that person he just stands there in silence. Not knowing what to do with herself Haruka runs from the aquarium. Haruka then decides to talk to him because she does like his music and asks if she can come to his next recital. He gives her a ticket but on the day of the recital he sends her a message on her phone saying “sorry I won’t be at the recital” :?.  She runs around looking for him and finds him drunk as shit saying that he wanted to give talented people a chance instead of winning with “money”. He then starts raging that he’s stuck under his dad’s rule and he can’t choose his path in life nor the person he loves and he hugs Haruka. Haruka tells him not to run away and so he decides he’ll try to convince his father of his musical talents. So then  Mizuki goes MIA for a few days but shows up once again in front of her at Cafe Clover. They go to an amusement park on a date and everything is fun until Mizuki breaks the news that this is the last time they will ever meet because he’s going to America! Yep as with Soma, I got the sad love ending where he leaves you and goes to marry his assigned fiance. LMAO and I thought I’d be ok this time since I had a higher affection with him than with Soma but NOPE! Sigh this game’s choices are too ridiculously confusing.

Yukiya – Haruka starts working part time at the cafe as always but since this is his route, she thinks hes an ikeman and that’s he reason for picking this place. She has a phone conversation with her mother telling her about her moving and starting the job, soon as her mom hears the guys name she freaks out. So then she starts falling for him and he takes her to the amusement park on a date where she gets terrified at the haunted house. Anyway he keeps dropping hints that he knew her from the past until eventually he brings her to  the house he used to live in 13 years ago. Haruka starts having flashbacks of having played with a girl when she was younger in that area. Yukiya reveals that the girl Haruka once played with was his younger sister. He then goes on to blame he saying that if it wasn’t for Haruka, his sister Mai would still be alive today. If Haruka didn’t ask her to hang out that day then none of this would have happened. (yes let’s blame totally circumstantial shit rather than you know….THE DRIVER who killer her.) He then says “I know you like me Haruka but you’re in no position to have a happy life while my sister is dead and can no longer enjoy life.” BLAH this kind of logic pisses me off and is completely irrational. So then basically she becomes like his slave and when she even as much as SPEAKS to other guys at the cafe, he rages saying he’ll punish her sigh. One of his punishments is kissing her behind a corner of the cafe but its not romantic and in fact he even bites her lip. Sadly Haruka’s so consumed by guilt and confusion of love for this dumbass that she lets it ALLLLL slide.  He also goes as far as making sure that Soma “accidentally” walks in on them making out by not letting Haruka go when she hears footsteps =_=;. And despite getting the most affection with this guy than the other 2, I still failed and got the sad ending where Haruka decides she’s sick of this guy’s crap and moves out of that town. Oh well sad end aside, this was probably the most sensible decision that she could probably make. Honestly I guess in a way I’m glad she didn’t stay with this psychopath 😆

Well that game took me a while but the frustrating part is then having 3 endings and in a mobage that’s brutal for those who aren’t blowing mobacoins on affection items. Also most games I’ve played even the “normal ends” were pretty decent but this really sucked a lot. Additionally this game couldn’t decide if it wasnted me to be a mary sue or a strong willed heroine. Some choices I picked that were “self confident” gave me 0 affection and othertimes I’d be miss doormat and that would give me little to no affection either. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Most mobage the “right choice” is obvious but this one I had NO idea. It’s a pity because I actually thought the stories were interesting but after getting 3 sad ends in a row…yea I’m done ( ≖Д≖;). Game is free to play from Mobage as always in case you want to try your luck at it.


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  1. Yea I actually thought the story was interesting and maybe this 3 end thing would have worked out better if it was a PC or PSP game!

  2. Haha… What a luck to get all 3 sad endings. xD The art is nice (I actually like all character designs). Too bad, that I don’t have an i-phone or an android to play it… 😦

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