Otome Game Review: Arcana Famiglia -The Phantom Ship Magician-

Things are going the same as usual at the Arcana family home until Ash acts like a bed intruder and barges in stealing the box of tarot cards, taking Felicita as a hostage.  He brings the cards to some dude named Joshua on a ghost ship but suddenly one of the cards chooses Ash and makes a contract with him. It’s the Magician, and in addition to that, Joshua makes a pact with the Justice and turns into a skeleton, making all other skeletons on the ship go nuts. Ash is like dafuq but just then Felicita’s man harem shows up to save her. Unfortunately Joshua creates a massive fog on the ship and everyone gets split up – except Felicita who gets to have a fun time with the guy of your choice while they try to figure out what the hell’s going on. (*ゝ∀・*) Also it is to be noted that this is like a sequel and so its assumed that whoever’s route you’re on, they are your lover.

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