Now departing Gamerage Casino, all aboard!

For a while I’ve been falling out of pangya. I’ve tried to keep up with events but only a few kept my interest. I decided I would wait until Lucia’s birthday, since she is my main character before deciding whether to quit once more. When I found out you could get Lucia’s twin tails it was like a dream come true. On Pangya Korea, you could buy them for a few bucks and there was a choice of 6 styles and ribbons. I haven’t spent money on the game since January but I figured for the Lucia hair I’d throw in a few bucks. I was looking forward to it so much but then Gamerage decides to pull this b/s:

Yes I know that Pangya Japan pulled this bullshit too but according to friends, they actually gave their players a free pouch to try with! Also funny how Gamerage takes all the BAD shit out of Pangya Japan but all the good stuff (like Vocaloid/Hello Kitty, all their decent events) they completely ignore and then go “we follow what Korea does.” Lol funny how that works out! So while I was going to spend a few bucks to get the hair style I WANTED instead I am now going to spend $0. You know what Ntreev/SGI/Gamerage:

Eat a bag of dicks with your shitty gambling and your shitting in your customers faces. Needless to say, I will be uninstalling Pangya this evening. There’s just no hope for this ridiculous casino of a game and perhaps I will look into picking up Pangya portable for my PSP instead since I know the $40 or whatever it costs is a lot better value than any cent I waste on the online version.


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  1. sorry to hear that D: its better not to give them any money cause people end up always giving in and blowing gamble money even after complaining.

  2. fuck you ngreed. i spent $40 trying to get this damn hair style i really wanted and ending up with crap items. I will also be leaving gamerage until they learn -.-

  3. hi sorry that this is unrelated sorta but i want to know where u got the pangya 3d model viewer from cas iv been looking everywhere. i hope you can tell me and also while were on the topic, i compleatly agree with u n the hairs and have a podcast on youtube for pangya and we talk about how stupid it is to gamble on a golf game. if u get the viewer for me i can use it for the podcast so everyone would love it. thank you

  4. Man people are such haters. What that person did was uncalled for. I’m still a supporter of ur blog no matter what. I love ur reviews. =)

  5. I just have to say, that tumblr girl is like Fox News or some shit, pulling out like 5 quotes out of the 100+ pages of your tumblr and then spewing her assumptions about those quotes all around lol.
    I like how some of those people reblogging the post are assuming you’re younger than the “typical otome gamer”. 😀
    Anyway, I will really miss your tumblr, it was entertaining and you’re a funny person so I really enjoy reading your stuff.

  6. I’ve kinda revived it on my fc2 blog but I doubt I’ll be wasting my time posting translations. I did it out of the goodness of my heart but it was really time consuming and since that’s the kind of feedback I get for it, I pretty much lost motivation. I may post English translations underneath if I feel like it but that’s as far as I will go.

  7. Noo I liked your tumblr!!! I cant read Japanese so I loved seeing your translated screencaps…now its gone coz of some opinionated hater …Suks*sniffle

  8. yea well I’m busy with otome games anyway to care about pangya so spending money on a game I don’t play makes no sense anyway. In a way this was a blessing in disguise since I could finally quit this stupid game lol

  9. i quit spending money long time ago, if only i could play offline on pc =p

    its better to play old games nowadays, they dont require you to log, to spam your friends on facebook or spend money on useless stuff XD

  10. yea shes nuts and the fact that people agree with her is pretty crazy lmao but oh well shit happens I guess 😆
    My tumblr intended to just be a dumping ground lulzy place to post images that i could then incorporate with my reviews (which are now fulla broken links lol).
    I never intended to be involved with any of these idiots. I was looking around for an alternative but most are just hard to navigate hosting sites so I just decided to close shop all together.

  11. Wow that’s retarded. Looks like she just read your one post and assumed a bunch of shit about you. Also love her going all, ‘Oh I won’t say her name.’ but then shows your user in the screenshot. ಠ_ಠ

    I’ve read that review. It really isn’t any of the shit she’s spewing. Especially when it’s her own offended of all opinion.

    Like really, in most of your reviews with rape you out right say you don’t like it. Hell, you even made a post about how women don’t find it sexy; stop putting it in the 18+ games. But nope, just because you say Wabisuke has a reason for going nuts (he never rapes her as far as I know) that you support rape. Jumping to conclusions much?

    Also just because you won’t do a yuri path doesn’t make you a homophobe. ಠ_ಠ I guess in her opinion since you wouldn’t do Dante/Idiot in Arcana, that means you hate old people?

    Either way I’ll miss your silly posts. 😦

  12. Regarding tumblr basically this pile of crap lol
    Made me realize that
    1. Tumblr’s fulla idiotic fangirls & social justice drama queens
    2. I didn’t wanna be part of such a retarded community
    3. People who I thought I was cool with apparently “hated me so much and finally this gave them the chance to speak up” lol gtfo honestly.

    So yea I’m done with tumblr and I’ll just keep my reviews on my blog to discuss directly with my readers.

    As far as Pangya, I do recall playing the Wii version and completely not caring about the online one because there was a fun story and I could buy and wear any clothing I want. I’ll miss not having Lucia on the PSP version but whatever since I’ll probably forget about the online version when I once again realize how much better the offline version is.

    Also funny but in Japan those who bought Pangya PSP got like 8 outfits for free. In USA you had to pay like $30 per each of those outfits. Gamerage is the best!

  13. As soon as I picked up and started playing Pangya Portable I completely dropped the PC one. It is far superior in my opinion. Even though it does have less areas and characters; it’s more worth your money. Seeming how you only have to pay the initial 20$ (price I got a second copy for this very weekend for my boyfriend) or so and you’re good.

    On a side note, what’s going on with your Tumblr? 😦

  14. yea I saw someone saying how “the price is cheap and the rates are decent and its only lucia items.” To me that’s like getting a piece of shit handed to you on a silver platter while going “well at least the silver platter is lovely and it’s nicely presented instead of being shat out of someone’s ass in front of you!” 😆

    also that thread is a joke. if they want feedback: stop putting shit into gambling??? Isn’t the fucking gacha enough geez man. Well as long as suckers keep throwing their money on this they will keep pooping out these dumb boxes. I have better things to spend money on, like games I actually want to play 😛 And besides it’s been ages since I really posted anything on the forums. Most people who were there back in 2009 are gone or sparse as well. The game’s fulla noobs now or those people who just can’t let go of their gambling addiction.

    If you still enjoy pangya for what it is more power to you but the game was really beginning to tire me out (you can only take so much golf with obnoxious server players).

  15. Here they are, making some thread in the Suggestions forum as if they REALLY care about our opinion on lolboxes, and then they put the hairstyles–hairstyles, of all things–in them as if the thread doesn’t exist and we aren’t pissed at this fowl form of “business”.

    The fact that people like this can stay in a job just…baffles me.

    It’s sad to see you are leaving, but it’s all for the best. I’ll miss your comments on the forums and your blog posts about SGI’s constant screw ups. Now the only people left on the forums will be ass kissers and people who will whine then go against what they say.

  16. yea I imagine it’s dropped in price by now 😆
    yea I was really already losing interest in the game but I was hoping this would bring me back…and it did until they threw a slot machine in my face and knocked me out the window. i think i’ll be going the opposite direction this time. This game has no hope left.

  17. Heck, Pangya PSP isn’t even $40 these days, it’s very cheap now.
    But yeah lol, I remember reading the rant thread about the awful drop rates in Ceci’s bday event, which caused me to skip that event, and now this gambling crap on Lucia’s bday too… Needless to say I haven’t played in a good while now and can’t say I miss these shenanigans or the players who stand for it.

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