Mobage Review: Zettai Idol ~Love & Mission~

Karen just graduated college and thanks to her childhood friend she’s begun working as a manager (aka house maid) for a group of idols. She cooks and cleans for them  while trying to encourage them as they do their performances. One day though she accidentally runs into a secret room in the house which turns out be a secret SPY BASE!! Turns out these idols are just idol singers as a coverup for their true job: SECRET SPY TEAM. Karen is told that since she found out their secret she now has to join them on missions. So now aside from juggling her house duties Karen has to kick bad guys asses on the side and fall in love!

Funaki Zero – I mean what kind of dumb name is Zero when the kanji for his name is clearly that of REI. I thought at first he was this young dude but actually he’s 28! Anyway I’m going with Rei here. Rei is a super megane tsundere and I mean to the point of template. He even refers to Karen as “Kisama” and then blushes profusely as he denies whatever it would be that would make it seem like he has any interest in her. On top of that, he’s also an electronics nerd who loves cell phones and Akihabara! Man of my dreams!! Fortunately Karen isn’t gonna just sit back and let him tsuntsun all over the place and she often will tell him to calm his ass and work with the rest of his group members instead of arguing with them. Eventually after she helps him get over his fight with Kou (redhead guy) he kisses her behind the stage before going to perform as a thanks. (。≖ˇ◡◡ˇ≖。) So then the fighting with Kou continues and desperate to get them to get along, Karen goes as far as STRIPPING HER CLOTHES in front of them until the two of them are too embarrassed to continue :lol:. So then when she’s tending to Rei’s wounds in his room, she jokingly goes “lol are you guys fighting over me or something” and he’s like “What if we are?” He then grabs her to kiss her but they’re cockblocked by Kuru-chan coming home. A few days later as they are in the living room Kuru-chan wants Kou & Rei to stop fighting and make up. Karen even stays behind to try to help but it only adds fuel to the fire when  Rei asks Kou what kind of relationship he has with her.

Kou says they’re like siblings so Rei’s like “oh so then you don’t mind if I do this right?” and he walks up to Karen and kisses her. Kou of course flips his shit and the fighting continues lol. So settle this once and for all, Rei tells Karen to go on a date with Kou and compare to the date she went on with him to decide who she likes best. After the date, they both get home to find that Rei’s gone off to get drunk at a bar because he was thinking that Kou and Karen would get all ichaicha and rekindle their childhood romance. Turns out Karen is in love with Rei and she drags his drunk ass home and slaps him telling him in tears that she likes him. She then goes to the kitchen to make dinner and starts chopping onions in rage while bawwing all over the place. Rei comes down and apologizes for being an ass and says he wants to start over and never make her cry again. On an upcoming TV program the group is interviewed and the interviewer asks if there’s anyone Rei hates in the group. Rei says yes and he points to their “manager” Karen for being a nag. Afterwards in the back Karen is like “wtf dude you said you’d never make me cry!?” and he’s like “I split my work and private life and you’re a naggy manager” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. But then he grabs Karen and hugs her and when he turns her to face him, she grabs and kisses him. They both realize that this is how their relationship is gonna be  and live happily ever after. Apparently that’s only the good end and as usual I failed to get the LOVE end but ugh whatever it takes long enough as it is to do 1 guy’s route so that’s all I’m gonna settle on! Man Rei was so |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . Glasses? Check. Tsunderella? Check. I kept imagining him being voiced by Fukuyama Jun too for some reason xDDD.

Kevin Butler – Kevin is this British foreigner dude who has only been in Japan for 2 years so his Japanese isn’t so good apparently (though it’s probably better than mine.) He’s the youngest of the group (though he’s 21) and acts like the shota character but well he’s 21. Kevin’s afraid of ghosts so when he and Karen go to the amusement park together, he tries to be manly and go to the haunted house…but both he and Karen end up running outside screaming. After they do their mission, they go to the ferris wheel where Kevin tells Karen that back in England his father was a spy as well but he got killed during an enemy raid. After their date they head back but are mobbed by fangirls and Karen has to be like “oh I’m just the manager” but deep inside she’s upset with the realization that Kevin’s an idol with many many fans. She starts moping around with her feelings for him and then randomly gets kidnapped by the same bad guys as from the amusement park. She’s taken to a circus and tied up and used as “bait” for group. Fortunately Kevin comes to her rescue but in a giant sheep outfit :lol:. He grabs her princess style and carries her out of the circus tent to a park. After this incident Karen decides to do some self defense training so this doesn’t happen again and I guess this turns Kevin on cause immediately after he grabs and kisses her. (。≖ˇ◡◡ˇ≖。) So then Kevin is supposed to go on a date with her 3 days later but instead he leaves her a stuffed sheep and a goodbye note. After doing some research, Karen finds that he’s gone to England to take revenge on his father’s killer at some fancy hotel. Karen grabs her things and flies there and finds him duking it out with the bad guys. So then she punches a maid and sneaks into his room and just then Kyosuke shows up and yells at her for getting into something extremely dangerous. When they come back they celebrate Kevin’s movie debut and he’s headed off to England to shoot for a year. Before he leaves though, he and Karin have some hot secks up in his room to make up for not being able to see each other for the following year. ε(*´▽`*)з That was also the good end (man I suck at this game) but it was still nice none the less xDDD.

Asaki Ayato –  Ayato seemed like he was this really nice guy but turned out he’s a haraguro jerk? He first acted really nice to Karen but then during missions he said she was in the way and that she’s an idiot. I tried to pick the best choices I could but it seems no matter what I picked he had a stick up his ass about everything. He does like snacks & stuff that Karin makes for him which is about the only time he gets dere. Eventually one night everyone got drunk after a mission and as Karen was placing blankets over everyone he grabbed her and pushed her down. He then proceeded to kiss her before falling asleep. Karen thought that he was completely drunk and didn’t remember anything…until a few days later he mentioned like “what are you so scared about sharing food when we’ve kissed before.” Lmfao. The thing is, his route felt unresolved to me. I mean it could be because I got the good ending where he’s like stuffing cake in her mouth but then I was like “wow really that’s it ?” So yea it felt unfinished to me as if their relationship made like no progress compared to the other routes I did which is a shame since I was finally starting to like him.

Shimizu Seina – Seina was a high school classmate of Karen’s but he didn’t want her knowing he’s an idol. Once she finds out though he hopes she won’t also know that he’s a spy…but of course living with them she ends up finding out anyway. His home is a temple and he has a younger brother named Seo. As being the son of a temple owner of course his parents would rather he take over instead of running around being a spy or an idol which is pretty much the drama of the route. When Karen gets hurt, he gets into a fight with Kou saying that he was careless enough to hurt her. Kou just says he’s sorry and the other guys say that it’s Karen’s fault and ever since she got here things have gotten worse between them. Karen starts feeling awkward around the house and Seina notices so he tries to cheer her up by taking her on a zoo date. Seina then gets news that his father is ill and decides to go see him. Before he goes he kisses Karen to get “strength” and when he returns a few days later, the two of them keep bumbling around each other until Kou’s like wtf is wrong with you two? Anyway I guess I kinda kept picking all the wrong choices because voila, I got the BAD end! Man and here I was doing pretty good with the other guys but I guess I just don’t understand his easy breezey Japanesey family problems enough :lol:. Also during his route they’d be at a “zoo” but the background would be someone’s room lmao.

Matsumoto Kou – Kou is a childhood friend who seemed DECENT in other routes but in his own he’s a do-S JERK lmao. I really don’t get it. I mean I saw him get into fights with the other guys here and there but he was NEVER mean to Karen until his route started wut. So after having some arguments with Karen and Seijiro eventually he and Karen visit the amusement park together. Everything seems fun till the go into the haunted house & inside Karen gets kidnapped. Kou freaks out and calls the others for help and they work on a rescue plan. After she’s rescued, Kou starts getting all jelly whenever she talks to Seijiro and at one point when the 2 of them are alone in the kitchen, Kou walks up to her and kisses her. Things are pretty awkward after that and to make things worse, suddenly her photo makes it in the papers the rumors spread about her being Kou’s “childhood friend lover.” Due to this a lot of fans start to lose their faith in Kou and Karen tells him that they should stop hanging near each other to be safe, including her not attending their concerts. So then a few days later, during one of the spy missions, Kou gets stabbed in the stomach and has such a high loss of blood that he needs to get surgery. Kyo asks Karen to watch over Kou at the hospital for the night. And so even though I spammed the crap out of the mini games to raise my affection with this scumbag, I still got a bad end with him! ┻━┻ ︵╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻ Whatever lol I guess I just suck at childhood friends since I had no issues with the haraguro, the shota or the tsundere!

Despite the 2 bad ends I actually did enjoy the game. I liked Karen a lot and had this been a PSP game I definitely would have tried to go back and get the good endings but being a mobage which requires a reset card to start over I had to give up. (Ironically enough I had reset cards for all the characters I got GOOD ends with 🙄 ). Obviously Zero (lol Rei) was my favorite being a megane tsundere 8D;;;.  Only other bummer is you couldn’t get with Kyonosuke! I know he was kinda gay but it could all be an act lmao xDDD oh well. It’s free to play as usual on mobage.


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