Otome Game Custom PSP Themes

I discovered a Japanese blogger who makes custom PSP themes. Not only that, but she makes a lot of otome game themes once along with anime/vocaloid etc.  ε(*´▽`*)з She does not take requests so please don’t spam her asking for any, it’s just something she does for fun. If you like any of her themes I recommend just pressing the clap button letting her know that you enjoyed whatever theme you downloaded.

I figured I’d share this link since I know I always like custom otome game themes and they’re few & far between.


19 thoughts on “Otome Game Custom PSP Themes”

  1. haha well I’m in the US so its cheap for me x3 I had a Tokiya skin made there before but I got a free skin with my limited edition Bloody Call game so I’ve been using that for now 🙂

  2. Any dezaskin available from AmiAmi. i’m not in japan too 😀
    (plz delete my 2nd ‘similar’ comment. its annoying)
    Ooo…SkinIt is good but they ship from US, so it’s dang expensive. Hic.

  3. if it’s any help, there is also pink-banbi.blog.so-net.ne.jp/
    custom sealskin for many gadgets. she provide pattern file and some tutorial. Actually this is plenty work…*heh* buying dezaskin is easier.

  4. ah nope they’re just a little way to either say “thanks” or you can sometimes leave a message (i disabled it on my blog though cause it’s too mendokusai to reply to them xD)

  5. Thank you for sharing Hinano! Kazama theme ftw~! ❤
    I thought web claps were donation buttons…they look like begging hands..lol

  6. Thank you Hinano for sharing. I downloaded some of her PSP theme. So adorable ^-^ Now I can change my SYK to Clock Zero ^-^

  7. Very cool thanks for sharing!

    Not related but I just noticed your tumblr account is gone. Did you move to another one? or you deleted it and left completely?

  8. Thanks!!
    Oh, gosh… There’s one of Fuuto from Brothers Conflict… I’ve had the same Persona 3 theme on my psp for the past 3 years… I feel like I’m betraying the game xD, but… IT’S FUUTO!!! *evil grinn*.
    Forgive me, Minato *changes theme*

  9. Thanks for sharing the link! I’ve been looking for psp themes since game official sites don’t always have them. >_>

  10. I’m actually using the SYK psp theme lmao. I’ve been using it for like 3 months now since I haven’t found anything better but I’m liking the Arabians Lost curtis peropero theme this girl made 8D

  11. Wow, is such a greathings to see alot of otome game related themes www/
    great, now when i turn on my psp i’m just gonna go like ドキドキ(*ノ∀ノ)
    I also saw the theme for Are You Alice?, so fascinating (*´ω`*)
    btw, i also downloaded the theme from Amnesia Later official site, it’s cute as hell as well ^q^//
    thanks so much for the link tho, it’s a such a great gift ;A;

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